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Inte briefing

inte  briefing

Donald Trump is getting a President's Daily Brief on average only once a week, according to a US official with knowledge of situation.
After Intel Briefing, Trump Says U.S. Should 'Aggressively Combat' Cyber Attacks from Russia and China (Updated).
Jan 06, 2017  · The intel briefing will take place in a Trump Tower conference room that has been converted into what intelligence officials call an SCIF.

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AIM CHAT SEX Mellon Auditorium on Jan. In his briefing today, officials said, Trump will hear about some of the key Russian players who have been sanctioned by the U. Sean Spicer says president believes millions voted illegally. Spicer: Taking Questions From Non-Traditional Media on Purpose. Trump administration halts EPA contracts, social media. The Fine Art of Changing the Subject.
Inte briefing Marc Piscotty, Getty Images Fullscreen, inte briefing. Adam Schiff, the leading Democrat on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, said in an email. This Week in Trumpoplexy. Wilbur Funches, AP Fullscreen. Trump was told about the information during a meeting with top intelligence officials last Friday. Matthew Cavanaugh, Getty Images Fullscreen. Click Here to comment on this article.
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inte  briefing