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The cowboys cast of women prostitutes

the cowboys cast of women prostitutes

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Filmmaker Martin Holt and photographer Bob Broder talk about shooting Andy Warhol shooting Lonesome Cowboys in Tucson. Andy Warhol's Lonesome Cowboys is.

Any truth to the rumor that Sophia Loren used to walk the Via Salaria, and that was where she met the much-older Carlo Ponti? When was Lucille Ball supposed to have been a prostitute? She was continuously employed during the thirties and forties, first as a horus girl and working her way up to leading lady. Hence the term gossip. Because after that she pretty much was in films and unlikely to be strolling around the streets at the same time as making herself known with legitimate moviemakers?

Marilyn Monroe was NEVER a prostitute. Monroe herself claimed she was very proud of the fact she was never kept. Johnny Hyde was the closest she came to being kept but Hyde loved her sincerely. Hyde wanted to divorce his estranged wife. Marilyn could have married Hyde and would have been a very wealthy woman. She chose not to because She did not love him. Much misinformation has been written about Monroe.

God knows it would have been much worse back then. ANyway - supposedly Lucy was one of the Hollywood celebs touring the bases and entertaining the boys - and according to him - Lucy herself was entertained afterwards - by a different offiecr every night.

But I like to think of Lucy - and so many of the other Hollywood stars and starlets! In the movie Eyes Wide Shut her character is suspected of being one of the sex slaves at the party, and I think that the use of Cruise and Kidman in the movie was partially a commentary on their lives in some respects.

Her father, William, had molested her. Her mother, Marguerite, was an alcoholic. She is a founding member of "A MInor Consideration", a group concerned about the welfare of former and current child stars. Does anybody know the identity of the craigslist maimi who pushed her into prostitution? When did that happen?

Because what I know is very different. There was no gang banging going on at that time, especially considering Corey was obese. Isabelle Corey, the French actress, openly admits she was discovered while working as a streetwalker in Paris. To the many Italian women on datalounge who were around just after the Second World War? OP, that link with that thread of people are complete morons! Someone on there said Joan Collins started the Heidi Fliess prostitution ring?

Also, she dumped her husband there after because he was a royal creep. He would get drunk and tell me all manner of gossip like that.

She is not an actress but I really think that Kris Jenner might have been a prostitute at some point. I think most actors have whored themselves out a bit.

Most of our mothers have whored themselves out. Not that that means anything. Her youngest son is married to Sasha Alexander and he pings to high heaven. I was surprised when I saw a photo of him. A log time ago, I remember there was a blind item I guess, about them all being at some really expensive occasion and a famous director took her son out to the parking lot to fuck. Apparently she was very upset about it. Martha Hyer and Rhonda Fleming. Neither became stars, but both had viable careers and married well, the cowboys cast of women prostitutes.

Darwin Porter claimed that Glenda Farrell and Barbara Stanwyck were prostitutes before their film careers, Farrell in an L. Nick Adams was a street hustler with James Dean. They had sex with guys only. Nick Adams was a switch hitter, but slept with a lot of males in Hollywood.

He had a big mouth and told everyone he was writing a book and spill the beans on everything he knew. Apparently he knew a lot, and I do mean a lot of dirt on everybody.

His death was really strange because someone broke into his house and murdered him. The only thing that was missing was the manuscript to Nick Adams tell all dynamite that never got published. Yeah, and he has gayface for days. Is that the son you were talking about that is gay? She told several people she was. One of them was Lee Strasberg. Another was her psychiatrist Ralph Greenson. She considered it just something she had to do at the time. Helen Lawson was put under contract by Louis B.

BTW, the name of this threads is "ACTRESSES who were prostitutes". This begs the question. It would be no surprise to me that she was once a hooker. But when was she ever an ACTRESS?

He met me on First Avenue, said he was a photographer, and offered to make me his "personal assistant. I never realized until the internet age just how much of a CULT following the man has. Taxi drivers in Napoli make a fortune hauling tourists to the place where she was rumoured to have plied her wares in the worlds oldest profession.

The last time I saw Naples, there was a look alike posed on the low wall of that avenue. Charging visitors for photos. She has done pretty good for herself since she started out as a young lady in Italy working the streets as a whore. It was said that she gave the best blowjobs in Italy, and was discovered that way by Ponti who loved her fellatio so much that he gave her a job.

The Vice Squad story, while not going that far, certainly suggests that Loren was a bit of a wild child. How does fifty bucks sound? Nobody writes any more about the early time of Sophia. Because Sophia is an icon, she is a myth. There are no early days of Sophia. She is the superstar and people want her to be born as a superstar. But I the cowboys cast of women prostitutes all denmark sex industry the case.

When my grandfather died they were destroyed. People who lived at that time confirmed. The whole episode was less than two days.

Sophia Loren has been raped so often as a child by the soldiery of inter-allied troops, that she had a very difficult time carrying children. The author said she considered it her way of saying thank you. As a tall and the cowboys cast of women prostitutes unknown actress, she could have paid the rent with modelling, no need to hook for cash. But, because the story could not be substantiated, it was discarded usa legal prostitution never printed.

In other words, it belongs right on DL where it should be, junk food for a bunch of queens. Madonna is a very shrewd business woman was well. Andy Warhol said about La Loren, when he met her in N. Tochter Sofia dagegen hat zumindest Erfolg als Fotomodell. Doch der Anfang ist schwer. Did something very very few celebrities did - actually admitted he was a whore. You all are freaks! Your mothers are futanari whores!

I do think there are a lot of women who have used the casting couch. However, his friends said he never ever would have committed suicide because he would never leave his children.

Also, like I have said before, his manuscript for his tell all book was the only thing that was missing from his home. He had a lot of priceless things in his home and they were not taken. Non capisci che ti stai rovinando la vita? There are myriad stories of Sharon Stone turning tricks in Erie, Youngstown and Cleveland before she took off for LA. What was the time frame? Was she really on the down and out? I think she must have more issues in her past than you would think if that is the case.

I went to college at a school near Erie. One of our older English professors was at a theater party one night and claimed that Sharon offered him sex for money. He relayed this fact to other faculty after Sharon was famous, expecting to be made fun of or ridiculed, women seeking escorts instead two other professors said, "Oh, you too? About two years later I was old enough to hit the bars and a senior in college, and went to Youngstown nearly every weekend yeah it was lame, but they had a dance club and was closer to drive to than the bigger cities.

He said there were a lot of businessmen who would come from Pittsburgh or Columbus to play for the weekend and she had a very wealthy clientele. And someone tried to tell me this as a new story last time I visited the area six years ago. So he was telling us as a "back in the day. Sharon was known by the guys in the clubs as a call girl. She would often party with them.

But she would do that before or after meeting her clients. The cowboys cast of women prostitutes you shared that before on DL or elsewhere, for that matter? Was Sharon affiliated with the gay club at all, or was the gay guy simply saying the gay club people were aware of her being a prostitute? Interesting about the very wealthy clientele. I wonder if she was just used to being used by the faculty or other people that she thought might be able to help her. I doubt she was working a street corner.

Now that Sharon Stone has been confirmed, it makes me immediately start to wonder about Madonna. If these guys are ugly, prostitution children, and seemingly beneath her, that gives some credence to the rumors, if you sexy florida women me.

I think that this describes the men both Sharon Stone and Michelle Pfeiffer have been with. As for Sophia- you guys are mixing up her films with her life. Her mother managed her early career and life. And Sophia was in Europe before her Oscar win. She did not blow her way to an award. Andy Warhole was like Capote- every other word out of his mouth, and thought, was made up. Her early life is not at all obscur either. Kiddies posting on this thread. She just made it her fun hangout, I guess.

Most actresses were high class whores up until the Hollywood started churning out movies and brought them to the masses. While not all were actually whores most of them used the stage to meet wealthy lovers and in society they were not considered quite respectable. I find this kind of stuff fascinating.

Years ago someone posted that they had worked for an answering service, and they handled her messages. Most actors strike me as empty shells who are desperate to fill the void, the cowboys cast of women prostitutes.

Have been Sophia Loren interviewed about the rumours of her early life? Or does she anywhere commented on the rumours,defend herself? Because if you received less than that, the studio wanted you to "entertain" what she referred to as "visiting firemen. She wrote a book about her early life, largely about how her mother pushed her into acting to pull the family out of dire poverty.

As far as I know, when interviewed, she repeats what she wrote in a book. Madonna was NOT a hooker in Manhattan. I knew dozens of people who knew her, and she supposedly worked the elevator at Danceteria. In fact, if she had been a hooker, she never would have been so broke for so long, nor would she have had to pose nude. Probably more of a golddigging thing. I have no reason to believe that art imitated life or vice-versa there. She also married DeVito so why would she have needed to do anything like that?

She does not eat babies, she does not drink human blood, she is not a member of Al-Qaeda. Sophia Loren is the great actress and the great person. Only as good as their last films. If he was in the spotlight he would have been talked about more. Someone like Nicole Kidman perhaps? She is weirdly connected to Rupert Murdoch.

Is that really much different from being a prostitute? When you think about the Randy Stone he helped cast X-Files connection, it falls into place. Has anyone else heard the rumors about Danny Pino being a sloppy pass-around party bottom at Manhattan fuck parties? Over at CDAN they have a blind item reveal about Pamela Anderson being paid to "spend time" with men. I doubt she did. I am linking to a picture from her modeling days. She was the closest, in terms of beauty, to Grace Kelley back then.

She was probably a very easy model to book back then. Who I have always wondered about in terms of whoring is Sarah Paulson. She has always been associated with people much more famous and talented than herself the cowboys cast of women prostitutes basically every point in her career. None too chaste that. She was still a well known star then. It reads a lot 6 types of girls the posts we get from cheap PR flacks.

New York and LA are full of beautiful young blondes. A hooker, kids, not a serial killer. Prostitute and girlfriend are almost identical when it comes to the movie industry. You see a lot of young starlets literally fucking the boss and no one bats an eye.

Once the movie project is over, the relationship might last a few more months and they move on: the director or producer moves on to his new film project and new hungry prospects and she moves on to her new film project and director. It is well know that director Paul Verhoeven fucked most of his leading ladies like Sharon Stone twice, for Total Recall and Basic Instinct or Elizabeth Berkley.

Sophia had her place in Piazza Bologna area in Rome, the cowboys cast of women prostitutes varsity students area nowadays, at the time was a cheap middle class area. I think Sharon Stone might have been a kept woman a time or two but I honestly cannot picture her hawking the goods in any manner past that. Some time ago before her marriage I have fucked lovely Sasha Alicksander. But shy Sucksha and I are still good friends. Nobody is saying she was standing on a street corner, or that she was officialy designated as a whore, but perhaps as an up and comer that could be had by rich people.

I suspect that that is the case with many actresses, to tell you the truth. Back to Nicole Kidman. Sharon Stone was never drop dead gorgeous. Her look is a dime a dozen in some parts and she more closely resembles Lindsay Lohan than Grace Kelly. Stone has the look that my gram would refer to as "shanty" or "lace curtain".

There is nothing patrician about her. Like Kidman, she tries to go for that icy blond image but in reality is closer to Lohan in looks. We know about the bearding with Cruise and the kowtowing to the ostensibly conservative Murdoch. And then the lesbian stories from Hollywood. She may not look patrician, but I think she is still very good looking. Looks have absolutely nothing to do with selling oneself. In fact, I bet better looking people would view it as a way to make some fast cash without having to "settle" and get married to some Joe Blow.

I can totally see a beautiful woman compromising herself to get by until she lands a big fish or becomes successful in her own right. A beauty could justify profiting off of her looks without a commitment to one man, the cowboys cast of women prostitutes.

Stone as a call girl is not a stretch especially since few made it big as models that commanded top dollar. Her PR or someone who needs to get out more often. Some are saying that Ali Lohan is working for Dina abroad. They are both good looking girls, just not in the same asain porn massage movies with genuine beauties.

MM said Strasburg and Einstein. After MM died, SW found an autographed picture from Albert Einstein. Robert Maxwell was at the height of his fame and power. Invited business associates along. Nicole was a little known actress who was on his yacht. She then became famous years later. Any gossip about Elizabeth Hartman? She was super cunty to a really beautiful blond employee of the nightclub in NYC and always tried to get her fired with the owner.

I was told she was really insecure and competitive. Hated this girl because she could never be the center of attention when she was around. The club owner had to spell it out for her. It was my PT night job. We fielded all of the calls for Manhattan escort services. Seems I was always leaving instructions for Mr. I remember typing in White Horse Tavern a lot.

My favorite memories of that job was when African-American kids would phone in a message for us to forward. Any more gossip about Sophia Lorens son? Rumor is that his wife, Sasha Alexander is bi so it would make sense. He has gay face for days. Then I take it you have not seen her opening scenes in Casino. She really owned "movie star" in that one. Is there any truth to the rumor that Demi Moore was a prostitute in Las Vegas before getting acting roles? Could this thread be deleted please?

It is so full of lies and untruths. Sophia Loren for instance was never a prostitute - the very idea! The casting couch is really a separate issue from prostitution. There are creeps in every walk of life who use their positions of relative power to extort sex out of subordinates, the cowboys cast of women prostitutes.

Can any of you comment on that? She cries in public a lot, and she seems unhappy. Good Grief lady, your marring a major stud ,and you are very wealthy! There american prostitution laws rumours about Jessica Alba, Sharon Stone, Leighton Meester, Eva Mendes, the Disney-Ex from Zac Efron and the girlfriend of Hayden Christensen, the cowboys cast of women prostitutes.

Being a cheap hooker who fucked and sucked her way to the top will do that to you, the cowboys cast of women prostitutes. Someone said she is prostituting herself now a days. Sometimes just for food. She had been raped so often as a child that she later she had a very difficult time carrying children. Her grandmother took naked photos of her and put them on playing cards which she sold at the brothel where our actress plied her trade and later her sister too. Once out actress had earned enough money she moved to a larger city where she met her future husband because he was a client of not only our actress but also her mother who had moved to the larger city together and left behind the younger sister with grandmother to make sure grandmother had enough money.

I still think Madonna was hooking on the side in New York back in the day before she became famous. Sophia Loren is the only one that fits. She has a sister and they lived with their grandmother. So he has "Son-of-a-bitch-complex". Paul Cerrito has had a life delivering drugs, vaginal message and whores on both coasts to either the desperate or powerful. His wife is coke head Yasmine Bleeth. At least one current celeb has bought Yasmine at a hefty price.

Her name is Rihanna. This is as close as Yasmine will ever get to a comeback. Just a whore-for-hire for people that used to fantasize about her in a bathing suit. Joan Crawford was married to Franchot Tone. At the time of the Versace murder NEW YORK magazine ran a blind item saying a a recently Oscar nominated actor had been employed as an escort.

She worked as a taxi dancer for a while and often went to bed with her customers. She also utilized the casting couch later when she made connections. It does not believe what it posts. It just craves attention. You might want to stop talking to it.

That story about her going to a party and Tommy sending for her after hearing the demo tape is just PR drivel. There was a great hooker thread on here years ago, and someone reported that they worked for an answering service taking appointments for the girl on WINGS, Farrah Escort fort lauderdale, before she got the role.

A young Sophia Loren must have been a highly marketable hooker. Ponti was the most powerful person for her, but also the person she sold herself to. Her director-husband was one of the johns.

She says she aileen silbert sex with one of the most infamous people in history.

She had so many details that no one left an encounter with her doubting her story. Again, according to him, she find an escort a lot of time in Switzerland and Monte Carlo in addition to her hometown of Rome.

My cousin is also a former soccer player and knows a few who have fucked her and prostitute in dubai cost all say she is still a great piece of ass and enjoys it as much as any young girl does. Also and this is the juicy part he was talking to a club owner who told him that a few years back that Sophia and Penelope Cruz, who has been a life long admirer of Sophia, asian massage plantation fl at his club in a private section of course, the cowboys cast of women prostitutes, with a Spanish soccer star and that they were doing lines of coke while sipping champagne.

My cousin claims the club owner had a security cam video of it but agreed to destroy it after getting paid by a representative of Cruz. My cousin never lies or exaggerates, so I tend to believe him. It supposed to be the real reason why the actress had such trouble with her pregancies. And Ponti was the most powerful person for her, but also the person she sold herself to. Actresses who were prostitutes. Studio contract players made a decent living then, why would she need to prostitute herself?

Lauren Chapin, Kitty on "Father Knows Best. My mother was still slightly in shock and scandalized by it all and quite possibly in awe too! Keanu Reeves looked like one. I woul not wish the life of a child star on my worst enemy. What happened with Lauren Chapin? She did pretty well in the parking lots at Aqueduct. Drugs took over and he was ganged banged repeatedly in exchange for drugs. Tell me about it. Wonder if she knows Carrot Top? Mah friend and colleague, DAWKTAH Maya Angelou.

Had a reputation as a slut and a boozehound, but never a prostitute. Dorothy Lamour supposedly started out in a bordello in New Orleans.

She went from being a stewardess, then a huge blank, and then she married Robert Kardashian. Joan Crawford owns this thread. I think the younger one. Elizabeth Taylor, the cowboys cast of women prostitutes, before she was famous.

Did you even read the rest of the post? Bitch spread her legs for a milk bone. Margaret Dumont - She catered to a very kinky crowd. Stanwyck may have danced naked for Ziegfeld, but there is no evidence that she was a hooker. I thought her sons were unmarried.

Edoardo Ponti is married to Sasha Alexander. BTW, he was hot! Did some ignorant jackass actually say that? I quit on the first day. Denise Richards was a Heidi Fleiss girl. I also believe Sharon Stone and Catherine Zeta Jones. Prostituzione il mestiere naturale delle due Sorelle Scicolone. But to advance her career? Here the cowboys cast of women prostitutes an example of a STAR who used Porn and Sex as a way of reaching the stars.

Hey, Natty, you said it because you are too ugly to be a pornstar! Gossip-rumour-tittle-tattle: The cowboys cast of women prostitutes won a medal! And what about it?. Keep the gossip about La Loren coming, guys. Any more about her gay son?

Well, the Queen of Celebrity Whoredom was, of course, Rupert Everett. I love Rupert, his honesty about himself and Hollywood is under appreciated. More about Sophia Loren and Sharon Stone, please. Re Nick Adams, he was murdered? Who does Colin Firth, thank for his career? Denise Richards looked great but word is, she sold it. Nick Adams home and poolside. Sharon Stone may not have technically been a prostitute, but she certainly prostituted herself to a bunch of sleazy, ugly as hell men in order to play the Hollywood game.

The cowboys cast of women prostitutes went to college not far from where Sharon grew up and it was the worst kept secret ever. Give us the entire scoop, details and all. Anything you might remember, speculation or not. Ooh, this one is juicy! Finally some good gossip around here.

To get your foot in the door, you have to get a cock in your mouth. To your knowledge, did your professor or either of the other two have sex with her?

Did Marilyn Monroe have sex with Strasberg and Greenson? Glenda Farrell, per Dawin Porter Barbara Billingsley. Michelle Pfeiffer: Call Girl THREAD CLOSED. Anne Ramsey Rhea Perlman Not together, to the best of my knowledge. Now they are glorified. Is that fairly well known? Keep this one rolling, folks. Sofia Loren owns this thread. Cora Pearl sounds like the Tallulah Bankhead of her era. I know the cover story was that she was a "journalist". What about Hayden Pantiere?

Jane Fonda, by virtue of marrying Ted Turner. Not actresses per se, but I vaguely recall reading something where Chaka Khan claimed that she and Natalie Cole prostituted themselves a few times teen brothels order to score drugs.

Are people not shocked? SOPHIA, WE LOVE YOU! It would also help to explain why Scully was so Starling like. Ellen Barkin says she slept her way to the middle. He says he only gave hand jobs. Or was she taken advantage of? Years later Gillian would enlist Jodie to help her get Never Again done. Not an actress, but Carlos Santana was pimped out by an older male family member in TJ, think it was an uncle Steven Adler lived on the street when really young and would sell his ass for money for food and drugs.

Vincent Gallo was indeed a prostitute in NY. In light of recent weird ass events with that chick, I wonder! The fact that Almodovar met Antonio Banderas when he escort phrases a prostitute lends some credence to the Penelope Cruz thing. Just finished audition on the casting couch? She also ran drugs from Europe to the US, the cowboys cast of women prostitutes. Kidman is not Grace Kelly, but still a pretty big beauty.

She met DeNiro and they went off together for a couple of hours Kinda makes you wonder who Stone did to get the role. All actors are whores in some sense. Eva Mendes always strikes me to be some kind of escort type. I thought Sharon Stone was Jewish. I prefer to call it "ambition". PS: Many people have to follow that same pattern of exploitation. Here we go again. Television actressses j ennifer tighe and monica potter the cowboys cast of women prostitutes hired by the Japanese for commercials as well as heated sexual encounters with other cigarettes was the employer of these erotic sexual campaigns.

Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler were go-go whores I bet too. All this stuff and nobody has once mentioned Barbara Eden. Lucille Ball and Joan Crawford were allegedly hookers too. That was the only way she was able to achieve her modicum of success. I lost them all! You actually thought Groucho Marx knocked up J.

Seven times, no less? Joan and Groucho: the love that dared not speak its name. I posted this on another thread but I will post it here. My friends and I thought that the three most likely candidates at the cowboys cast of women prostitutes time were Kevin Spacey, Jude Law or Kenneth Brannagh.

Bump for original thread. Thomas Jane, though he later the cowboys cast of women prostitutes to backpedal about it. So Yasmine still for sale. The rumor is nonsense.

Is going on the casting couch the same thing? Mariah Carey was supposedly a hooker in NYC and Tommy Mottola was her john. Sophia Loren is my hero! Sophia Loren and Benito Mussolini?. CDAN quote: "She has a secret that she only shared with a few people who got drunk with her back in the day in the club that will never be duplicated.

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the cowboys cast of women prostitutes