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Bank of america chat session

bank of america chat session

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If you qualify for the Bank of America overdraft lawsuit settlement, you may have already received a postcard in the mail from the bank. Here is information on the.

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Time for another class-action lawsuit. According to the official settlement website, it looks like it may cover a lot of people. You are a member of the Settlement Class and eligible for a payment if you resided in the United States at any time between the dates set forth below, bank of america chat session, had an account at a bank listed below, and meet all three of the following requirements: It is about time that banks get called on this kind of behavior.

I have actually seen this kind of thing in action in a situation. If the bank had processed the debits in the actual order received, the person would have been hit with only one overdraft fee. In reality the person was hit with fees on all transactions for the day. How do they know what is most important to the particular customer?

If they are actually making value judgments, a reasonable person would push through as many transactions as would fit given the funds available and then bounce the rest. On balance, I have to say that order received is probably the best policy. Any time a bank reorders transactions, they are going to create problems for somebody. We just process transactions in the order they come in. Every time it happened we would call the customer service line, and they would refund all or all but one of the overdraft fees.

All you have to do is ask. WAMU was doing this in the Portland, OR area as recently as four or five years ago as well, not sure if they have stopped this practice. Not only that I called because a large amount of money was missing from my account.

I found it was internal tampering within the bank. When I called a women named Brenda laughed and said that is what you get you stupid b! But they gave her the case. And even after repeated tries from my main branch.

I never got my money back. When I said they coud get sued he daid we have so many attorneys you would loose besides the amount they made would be more than they would have to pay. I did cancel my WAMU account promptly thereafter as a result, but I never got my money back.

As more of the larger corporations file bankruptcy and are forced to liquidate, these banks are really going to be in the sh! And lucky us, our taxes dollars will be right there to keep them sucking more money from us! Neither the operator nor the Bank employee wanted to refund my money….

At the end of the day I moved all of my funds and my banking to a different financial institution. These charges have bank of america chat session all too common in New York City area as well. I have sent complaint letters to NYS Banking Department a few times in the similar situations but somehow no reply have been received from the Department.

I guess they are part of the whole conspiracy to transform the banking industry to more of the investment banking institutions, fattening the bottom line of the banking institutions and their executives at the expense of consumers.

Basically speaking, once banks are much hungrier for easy profits-bank charges, they are becoming more away from its fundamental banking management style and as a result, needless to say the banking industry has been in deep financial bank of america chat session currently.

These are another scam of Class Action Settlements. No one gets the money except lawyers. Are you kidding me? I would like to think we can sue so Bank of America pays all of these fees back… This settlement payout seems like a joke. Sounds like you were doubly screwed, bank of america chat session. That would have allowed you to bring your own suit against BOA for your damages, bank of america chat session.

Good luck there too. But once the class action suit became certified, you were included unless you took that step. Honestly what would you rather have bounce, your house payment or your online dating service. So that, in a situation where you forget your car payment is coming out automatically, and you just went on a shopping spree, the banks will clear your car payment first.

It just happened to me last week. I have recently had this overdraft problem with Bank of America. Bank of america has been doing this kind of thing for years…rearranging transactions so the overdraft fees pile ridiculous!!! I just got the same thing done to me here in florida by bank of america. They have been charging me left and right.

How do i take this to a lawyer?? Finally someone went after them. I called customer and they told me they decided to run the highest debit first because they took a customer service survey and thats what we the customers asked for.

What a bunch of crock! In this day and age banks should know people are busy and not everyone has time to sit and check their checkbooks. What if we charged them for everyday our balance is wrong!

Good I am glad someone took notice. And yes it happened to me today again. ACTAULLY BOA HAS MADE IT WORST NOW. Over the weekend my debit card was mistakenly charged twice for a large online order putting several mature women dubai items in the red approx.

I wish to be includeed in thie classaction suit. I am a San Francisco-based lawyer and I am pissed off; B of A has done this to me routinely, orver the yeears. This is calculated theft, akin to the credit card companies jamming you with exhorbidant interest rates even though the usury law makes high interest rates illegal.

You must read the information and take affirmative acts or your rights will be lost. If you do nothing, you forever waive your claims against B of A. Sort of like Ford Motor Co.

Just checked our records— they did this to us an unbelievable and bank of america chat session somehow unsurprising seven times in just four years. Most of the charges were reversed at our irate requestbut all I can say is: what the hell?! Bank of America seems to get worse and worse.

How can they be allowed to continue this practice of robbing the working class blind?!!! The bank reps just give me the run of the mill answers that the charges are correct. I guess the date of transactions are less relevant than the amount. And how can a debit be pending if it is already gone from the available balance? What can we do to stop this practice that MUST be illegal?

Bank of America is still doing the same thing. I went to the branch bank of america chat session and they just made me feel like i was an idiot. You benefit by getting your stuff paid and the bank has to suck it up. I thought I was the only one who noticed this overdraft scam. How can I start one against Chase? Any tips will be greatly appreciated.

The only way to get these banks to stop this practice is for us to fight. That is is the only way! I am a BOA employee, very happy with my job. I deal with people who dont know how to maintain their bank account and people who come out with excuses blaming the economy and what not. IT IS A SERVICE YOU ARE PAYING FOR MAINTAINING A NEGATIVE ACCOUNT. IT IS IN THE PACKET OF PAPERS YOU GET AND SIGN WHEN YOU OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH ANY BANK.

IF YOU HAVE A NEGATIVE ACCOUNT YOU ARE A RISK TO THE BANK THUS RESULTING TO HAVING BAD ASSETS. Remember, some of those transactions you made today might not have posted when you go online to check your balance, bank of america chat session.

The morals to this story a elect officials who have yor rights as a consumer in mind, not those who will kowtow only to corporate interests or this is the type of treatement you shoudl come to expect and b keep better track of your purchases. This does not necessarily help people, because most people still think the on line accounting is accurate and will conitnue to incur fees.

NOW ONCE IT BECOMES POSTED AND PAID FOR THEN THATS WHEN YOU SEE THE TRANSACTIONS GET SWITCHED AROUND. IT SHOWS THE ORDER IN WHICH THEY HAVE BEEN PAID. I HAVE NEVER BEEN OVERDRAWN OR WRITTEN ANY BAD CHECKS TO ANYBODY. I can opt out by going somewhere else. I sure you realize that many people live check to check. How about banks making money by making sound investments instead of trying to prey on those who are truly trying to pull themselves back up out of bad situations.

I understand totally what your saying vigglesworth… I know people go through financial hardship and its even tougher now. Whatever happen to keeping track of your spending. Isnt this why were in this financial mess anyway. I know people live paycheck to paycheck.

I was one of those people especially as a college student. Thats why were in this financial mess. All i see is people complaining about how BAD A SYSTEM IS and how BANKS ARE ROBBING US and ETC. But nobody is taking part in sayin well I dont have enough money to cover it so i shouldnt buy it. Ill wait until i get more money. CUSTOMERS HAVE TO SWIPE AND SWIPE AWAY UNTIL SOMEBODY TELLS YOU THAT YOUR DENIED FOR YOU TO REALIZE THAT YOU HAVE NO MORE MONEY.

I am a responsible person with everything i do. I am myself and i account for my actions. Possibly making you overdrawn B of A are crooks. I ordered something from a company and the money was taken out of my account. The company even said they were paid. Now B of A is saying that the company was never paid and that I owe them the money because they said they credited my account.

They charged me the amount of the item plus overdrawn charges. They said they credited my account the amount of the item. B of A is real scary. By the way, NONE OF THIS BS shows up on the transactions when you go onto your online banking. Finally someone admits fault doing something wrong. I am happy for you. Hopefully you find the bank you are looking for. Try a local bank in your area or a credit union.

Well, the new thing is that they are charging overdraft fees base on debit card authorizations regardless if they hit your account or not…Is there a class action law suit against that? I mean, we all have it happen at one point but god.

The transaction was to post days after I put the bank of america chat session through to another bill. I did transfer money well in advance of this other transaction to post.

I would issue instructions from MS Money to pay a bill and specify a pay date. It worked like a charm, the bill would be paid via check and the money deducted only when it cleared.

Suddenly, without notice a few years ago, I issue payment instructions, the money is deducted EIGHT days in advance and without regard to if and when the check is cashed. I suspect similar is going on at BoA with this thread. Deliberate Obscuration because the money is too good to give up, moral or not be damned. Honestly, As CONSUMERS you have to EDUCATE yourselves on to what is going on with BANKS nowadays.

Bank of america chat session people can CRY lawsuit all you want, IT IS YOUR RIGHT as an american to sue anybody bank of america chat session any company.

BUT IN REALITY NO ONE PUT A GUN TO YOUR HEAD AND FORCED YOU TO OPEN ACCOUNTS AND Bank of america chat session BAD CHECKS AND SWIPE CARDS WHEN THERE ARE NO FUNDS IN THE ACCOUNT. I can care less about how you spend your money. Obviously you dont know you common knowledge and its illegal to record any conversation especially without making the other person aware which i HIGHLY doubt you did, otherwise the conversation would have stopped there.

Americans are so funny nowadays. Its very true What MR. Obama said a few weeks ago. Americans are so arrogant and in DENIAL… Thats why im glad to be an American.

You guys can cry all you want but you wont find any other bank in this lifetime that will do as much product services as BOA. You work for a crappy bank with crappy customer service, bank of america chat session. The re-arranging of transaction so your account gets charged more fees is assinine.

You will be outraged. That should have been one fee right? If this was hard for anybody to understand please say so and I can try to lay it out better.

I got a little upset towards the middle of the post thinking back to when that incident happened. Also, If you tape the conversation so can we, and we also have the right to supina the tapes you record of the conversations from BofA in a court hearing. One fee would have been a legitimate charge. Where if i did slide my card i could go in before the transaction posted and deposit whatever was negative and not bad hookers any fees and back when it was more personal when I could call in a sweet talk my way out of at least every other fee I got and that I can live without that.

I just dislike what happened to me in regards to my story. And despite what everyone is whining about, BofA allows you to overdaraft and allows the highest transaction to post first as a CURTISY!!! So please stop complaining, and own up to your own charges. If you believe this is an ethical business plan on behalf of BOA — then you must be forming an organization to drink Koolaid. Did you not read my last post. I said I am fine paying as any overdraft fees as are legitimate but, BofA subtracted pending charges from my balance, making something overdraw, thats fine.

They charged me fees on those transactions. When it was because of those transactions that i overdrew in the first place. It was because BofA set the money aside for those.

Then their OD fee took the prostitue of the money they were holding. It comes down to. They will deduct pending charges imediattely and those will trigger OD fees on other things, but then they will charge you od fees on the VERY SAME ITEMS THEY WERE HOLDING MONEY FOR in the first place! I have paid a good share of overdraft fees. I am not new to this. I am also not an idiot or in denial. BofA must never have got you like they got me.

I have been dealing with shady shit like this since then. Uguysarefunny, I forgot this. The lawsuit claims Bank of America encouraged its customers to use Bank of America debit cards and increased the number of fees charged to customers using Bank of America debit cards through the order in which such transactions are posted and the account balance information it provides.

The lawsuit also claims that Bank of America authorizes debit card transactions that will result in overdraft fees; fails to warn customers that specific debit card transactions may result in overdrawn accounts; posts debit card and other transactions in high-to-low order; and provides account balance information to customers that is not current, accurate or as advertised.

Bank of America denies these claims and contends that it has fully complied with federal law, any applicable state laws, and its customer agreements, and also contends that it has other defenses to the claims in the lawsuit.

In agreeing to settle, Bank of America does not admit it did anything wrong. The Court has not decided the merits of the lawsuit or any of the defenses Some of you really need to get off that high horse.

People generally speaking do not purposely overdraw their account and then try to avoid paying fees. The majority bank of america chat session the times that a transaction causes an overdraft, that transaction is typically not as much as a mortgage payment or a car payment. They can differentiate between these transactions. No one is saying you purposely overdrew your account. Beliveve me i overdraft on accident all of the time. So please, go outside and enjoy your day, stop complaining, watch your account, keep a running balance and this overdrafting will not happen again.

One overdraft fee I deserve. It becomes a problem when they approve transactions when your account is already in the red. Can you explain why they do this instead of just declining the transaction? Once you understand that, you will understand bank of america chat session we are not whining or complaining, but we are calling them out on the bad practices they do, i.

It provides a rush of adrenaline like none other. And why should I have to keep a running tab of my transactions if bank of america provides online banking that shows my balance? I have been reading all of these comments and just nodding my head.

I have had sex bhutan account with BofA, since my bank Security Pacific was taken over by them.

It would take me hours and hours to go back and see how much BofA has made off of me, in the thousands and thousands. Broke Mom of six here, never been good with the dollars and cents.

Some CEO is living high off of me. I take full responsibility. BUTTTT, how is it possible to look at my statement on one day and see that Taco Bell has cleared the bank and on the next day, its BOUNCED!!!!! This happens all of the time. Clearly one check actually bounced, but they paid that one even though I can see it came in last right before I got my paycheck. By the way, BofA customer service is one of the worst I have ever seen. Very apathetic, bank of america chat session, just like the person UGUYSARESOFUNNY.

Basically, take your money elsewhere and as soon as I can find the TIME, I will. Oh and by bank of america chat session way, I need to throw this one in.

My daughter got a home loan from BofA. She has great credit. She got a conventional loan. They accidentally figured out her taxes wrong.

She has been trying to get them to restructure for months now, has sent in all the necessary paperwork. She is going to lose the house. Just thought all of you would like to know where your money is going that was sent to BofA so that we could bail them out. Right into their pockets.

She has been getting the run around from BofA for months now. Seriously, if BOA was such an upstanding bank…then why are WE taxpayers bailing them out????

I wish I could have the insight of these BOA employees. Elf heres my insight. Consider yourself on my good list. Obviously none of you read the actual facts in newspapers or in financial magazines to understand how this FEDERAL BAILOUT works.

It all started when CUSTOMERS started to thrive on the BIGGER is BETTER concept in ethiopian sex workers in dubai. BANKS RECEIVED BAILOUTS NOT JUST BOA.

We received these bailouts due to customers In THIS COUNTRY HAVING DEBT THEY CANNOT PAY OFF. The bailout is not made for you to spend all your money in your account and go overdrawn and bank of america chat session the bank replacing it. It is meant for THE BANKS TO LEND MORE MONEY TO CUSTOMERS WHO DESERVE TO HAVE THESE LOANS GIVEN TO THEM. WE obviously had an economic downturn because people have debt that they cannot pay off.

Were bank of america chat session the only bank who cut credit limits to our customers. Almost every bank is doing it to MEDIATE THE RISK YOU. Lower the impact to the loss. We dont just decide one day and randomly pick your account to cut the limit. We do this by following similar trends on hundreds of thousands of accounts. And to be honest how often do you use that credit card? I believe everyone here in this blog is not wanting to here the BOA cheerleading squad any longer.

Plain and simple, there are some unethical practices going on here. We are admitting that when an overdraft is justified, fine. If you knew much about how credit actually works, bank of america chat session, the amount of credit you have available to you raises your credit score and makes other lenders see that you can be responsible with credit. This is why Elf is concerned with his their limits being lowered because it in turn lowers their score.

You are encouraged to have credit cards and to not use them because of the way the scoring system is set up. Gas gas stations like SHELL or EXXON. I pay my school loan online with SALLIE MAE. The moment i submit my payment the amount get on a PENDING STATUS. Many of you ask why The larger amounts get processed before the smaller amounts. That is to make sure that your more important payment falls through to get paid i.

Thats why EVERY bank russian prostitutes rates in dubai you to overdraw backpage homestead fl account on purposed if you need to. What would you do?. I say if i was in that situation i would. Point of conversation is IF YOU CUSTOMERS WERE SO GREAT AND GLORIFIED LIKE YOU GUYS MAKE YOURSELVES SEEM WHEN YOU CALL Bank of america chat session WANT HELP FEES WHY Bank of america chat session YOU HAVING NEGATIVE ACCOUNTS.



If you dont have the money dont spend it. What you said in your blog is half true and half not. Your credit is determined what you earn as income against what you spend on a regular from that income. Credit limit has always been lowered for certain customers especially for those who earn less than the asain massage orlando year.

It doesnt affect your credit score if your girl escourts is lowered. What you need to do is keep track of activity in your bank of america chat session kinserpark.infoies always encourage you to use the cards because that results to more business for them and obviously have you spending bank of america chat session. Is it because you have no rebuttal? It is a load of bullshit… if you read my story in the prior post.

Go read the settlement web site and you will see that is exactly what its about. Having customers overdraft their account is whats giving me my job security. So in essence i want you to become overdrawn. But after reading how website rating prostitutes guys cry and cry and cry for every little thing its embarrassing to have you as customers.

The more work you give me the better i feel. By the way if you need assistance with your overdrawn account with BOA. WE CAN ASSIST YOU WITH THAT. You will learn one day or whenever bank of america decides to hold an ongoing training session to train their reps on compassion and independent thinking that what you and your employer promotes is wrong.


YOU HAVE A HIGHER POWER TO ANSWER TO AND TRUST AND BELIEVE YOU WILL HAVE TO ANSWER. To all: Uguysarefunny will not work for BOA forever. I have been working at BofA for a few years, and regardless of the complaints, bank of america chat session, you are ALL valued customers at BofA.

I am sorry if you are suffering for financial reasons. I also unfortunately overdraft my account, but I know that it is my fault, and I honestly believe that my employer is trying its hardest to do the right, and best thing for its customers.

I think they get points or extra money for saving the bank money. Many of us pay bills online set for FUTURE dates WHEN WE PLAN TO HAVE THE MONEY IN OUR ACCOUNT AS I DID — I TRANSFERRED PLENTY OF MONEY INTO MY ACCOUNT BEFORE THE AMOUNT WAS TO POST FOR THE BILL FROM ONLINE.

BOA going back to the postmark on check envelopes for customers who say, mail their bills on payday VIA USPS and then deposit your payroll check in plenty of time for bills getting paid? It is the same principle. I am sure there are PLENTY of people paying bills online set for FUTURE DATES with plenty of advance time to get money in bank.

This is what we are all paying for… and for the top executives to get their big bonuses. This hurts my family in a big way. We have a daughter with special needs and we make a decent living HOWEVER the costs for providing her with the services she needs are pretty staggering. And, it used to be that if your pending charges were still pending bank of america chat session could make a deposit to get your account out of the red before you were charged overdraft fees.

They changed that policy as well. This is a heartless corporation praying on the little guy. Oops — forgot to make my point: Will this lawsuit do anything to keep b of a from practicing these underhanded techniques in the future? You are an idiot. And a perfect example of why BofA needs their clocks cleaned. I could not have personally picked a better example of the irresponsible hiring practices allowed by the company either.

Enjoy it while it last. It never does…… and think of us when your life takes a turn. I was at first unsure whether the supporters of this fleecing from the banks was from intelligent, educated, fortunates…. Now I am quite sure. Did anyone else get the special notice on the changing policies? Hi everyone — check out the following site — PLEASE MAKE SURE TO WRITE TO EACH OF THESE AGENCIES ABOUT YOUR COMPLAINT — IF LEGITIMATE.

Thank God, a life saver. I was extremely low on available cash, urgently needed to buy food and drink in the Grocery Store across the street from B of A. Request to STOP, RETURN MY PROPERTY my EURO Notes was refused. These types of DEREG. Bank activities are illegal, MUST BE STOPPED abusing the overdraft fees robbing their own customers during these economic hard times.

For those of you who have been robbed, please make sure you close your account. Do something about it. For those siding with bank of america, your job is not stable. For Uguysarefunny, you are a mean jerk. See how smart you are. Anyone with a life can make a honest mistake. Business when from good to bad. Also, words do spread like wildfire.

Yes, I am interested in seeing if there can be a class action lawsuit started regarding TCF Bank. They are doing the same thing as Bank of America. I mean the exact same thing. If the attorneys or attorney or organization who started the one for BoA, could please contact me by email, so that I can give my account of what has been happening and is continuing to happen at TCF Bank.

I am sure I am not the only person who has banked there that feels this way, or is going through this same issue. Please own up to your mathematics mistakes or errors in judgement for spending too much and pay the fees that you owe. I think Uguysarefunny is funny.

The attrition at a banking center, i. Uguysarefunny your day will come soon. It will be so funny for you to read these posts in few years. You are such a peon in that company and that you like people to receive overdraft fees, for job security? I was one of the lucky people who sued BOA many years ago over their practices not fees other banking regulation issues and am now enjoying the fruits of my labor.

Your defense of BOA is so ridiculous, what a sheep. BOA has a long history of ripping of people, that is bank of america chat session they are still in business. I think I smiled that entire month.

They online banking even admitted to me. YOU MADE AN ERROR AND YOU MUST BE PENALIZED FOR AN ERROR. Thats how this world works. Now dont get me wrong. In some cases we may make errors and that something where we can take the fault in. These ridiculous customers like some people on this thread just complain for the sake of complaining and have nothing better to do.

They just want the punishment to be fair. No… and if that happened to you, you would contest it in court, just like your customers are doing.

You really do have a lot to learn about life. I am not a person who ever overdraws, so I understand what you are saying about being responsible for your actions, but I also understand and feel for those people who have overdrawn and been slapped with fines that are unethical.

The reason people find the time to do this is because they know your practices are illegal and impractiable. People are sick of being taken advantage of and feel it is more practable to fight back then take off the gloves and sit back because you jerks feel you are above the law and everyone else. Now correct me unless I am wrong, bank of america chat session, six similar banking errors in one year and being charged overdraft fees for accounts they lock up because of their error should be considered highway robbery and simple stupidity on the account representatives part.

In the end of this mayhem its the the consumers fault. You made the decision to make that transaction, you set up that automatic payment that you forgot about, YOU spent your money. I never overdraft my account because I take care of my money. Its a very simple solution, balance your account. People are so quick to blame the bank for all your mistakes but a majority of the time they are not at fault.

Though the bank has it faults just like any other bank in the end it is still your responsibility. The bank can only provide so many tools and resources but guess what? They dont know all your outstanding debits, only you do. Its not even being taken advantage of if YOU are the one putting yourself in that position. All I have to say is — Learn to balance your check book.

Write every transaction down and Whores world bet you would never overdraft again. My mistake, but this is typical of BOA, charging an outrageous fee. I asked for a reduction but of course, no dice. That made the deciscion to find a new bank very easy. I remember when you went to a bank to get a little interest on your deposits, now you go to a bank, open an account only to have the bank take, take, and take your money with these outrageous fees.

Monthly maintenance fee is a joke! Why should I have to pay for them to maintain my account! Is it not their privilege to have me as a customer? They ask me if I wanted overdraft protection, which is opening a savings account to cover any overdrafts. By opening another account, that just gives them another stream of revenue so they can charge a monthly maintence fee. Just a rip off. And i have a list of their fees Along with they charge you double for having returned checks.

So does it matter what bank you go to because regardless of it if your overdrawn you will get charged overdraft fees on the account. And to say the least for people who think is its a conspiracy I can guarantee that these banks change the order of the transactions to make you overdrawn.

They all do the same process. Bank of america chat session as for the Monthly Maintenance Fee. You only get charged that when you are below the required monthly balance at the end of the month. All checking accounts have this monthly maintenance fees added when you are overdrawn and negative because OBVIOUSLY you have no money in the account.

Why dont you read the Agreement before you open the account. You can always ask about it before you do business with any BANK. You guys are not the smart consumers that you want to portray yourself to be. You guys dont invest the time in handling your money correctly but you have the time to blog to other people about how bad a bank is, I find it ridiculous. Just because banks are doing this across the board does not make RIGHT, bank of america chat session. You have a skewed sense of reality and what is fair.

There is a ripe and ready market of those who are tired of being screwed over by large banks and their drone-like representatives who want FAIRNESS in banking. They are doing this to me every other week. My transactions sit pending for days until you go over your limit, then they push everything through.

I do check my statememnts. JUST DECLINE THE CARD, bank of america chat session. DECLINE THE CARD… let me worry about if my car insurance is paid or how i can get my car fueld. DECLINE THE CARD let me wash dishes at that resturant my card declines at.

Yes I know some fees are actually legitimate. How can they continue this practice after they just got sued? The reason they can still continue thsi parctice is because the settlement does not bar the practice, nor did the lawsuit seek to stop teh practice.

In fact, the practice, heretofre, has been blessed by the OCC and most federal courts. The attack in the lawsuit was on the advertising and marketing of the on-line checking as an immediate and accurate representation of your account status, not an attack on the largest-to-smallest- check processing.

The practice itslef, which is what most people are angry about, has been repeatedly upheld by regulators and the courts as somethign banks may do so long as it is discolsed inthe account agreement which it always is. That may change, but as of today, it is not a per se illegal practice.

But they are lying. They now tell you that the order of transactions is because it is up to the merchant as to when they send in your transaction. IF everywhere I went was a little mom and pop place, yea maybe. But in this day and age of instant transactions? I have been on my bank account and seen the pending transactions in the order I did them, but low and behold when they actually post to my account they are in a different order if they see my account getting low so that they can charge exhorbitant overdraft fees, bank of america chat session.

This is highway robbery and it will never change, as soon as some one sues them for one thing, they think of another way to screw you. The financial shape of our country is because big business is in the business to bleed their customers dry.

If someone knows of a good class-action lawyer in Washington please hot escort service me know at esequiellopez This same thing happened to me. This happened to me while I was on vacation, so there was no chance for me to realize it and nip it in the bud.

I would expect any reasonable bank to stop allowing charges at a certain point. At that point I would have switched to a credit card and avoided a lot of this pain. And one of those fees hit my account on a day where I never went in the negative.

When I got back from vacation and found out, I immediately did an online transfer from my money market at another bank to cover the funds and then some. I printed the transfer confirmation and went to my local branch to get help.

I ended up talking with the branch manager. She was very apologetic but acted like for the most part her hands were tied. Um, anyone know the defintion of usury? I decided to take the deal, though I still thought it was a bit much given the circumstances. Needless to say I spent Saturday opening accounts at my local credit union. My best advice to everyone here is to leave Bank of America and never look back. Bank of America is way to huge and corporate to care about personal accounts.

I am employed by said bank. There is a point where your card is automatically denied. The more you overdraft the less it becomes.

Then every time you use it you are declined. The fact of the matter is that when someone authorizes money instantly and collects money are two entirely separate issues. It can actually take up to thirty days for a business to COLLECT, just bank of america chat session a check. The whole illusion of money changing hands instantly and invisibly is completely FANTASY.

Think about your accounts receivable department at work. Do they work instantly? A check card is like writing a check every time you use it. Hence the name check card. Online banking or not, you used your card, you spent the money regardless of dollar amount. If you wrote a check and it posts on Monday, and you used your debit card over the weekend.

Now your check posts. How much money did you spend? You CAN NOT post date checks either. A check in the hand debit card given or swiped as well IS NEGOTIABLE regardless of date. Post dating checks IS and always will be ILLEGAL. It is a practice called kiting. As with all companies they have their strengths and weaknesses.

Some have questionable practices and some are more ethical. But to you personally, I think you are in error, not because of what you believe concerning your companybut because of the very character of your conversation in this post. As a representative of BOA, and you are, at the moment you identify yourself as an employee, responsible to present yourself in a professional an respectful manner.

Your conversation reflects YOUR opinion of those who may be arguementative concerning their less than responsible banking transactions. If I were a perspective costomer and I heard a customer service rep. I am a BOA customer and have made my own mistakes. BOA in turn have made theirs. I am still a customer, bank of america chat session.

I would encourage you to read over your company policies concerning how and what you communicate. If you think this is acceptable, I would encourage you to run these posts by your your boss and see if they find them an acceptable form of communication, that is concidering you did get approval to communicate this to this many BOA customers and that this bank as a whole shares in your thought process and form of communication.

After a nice debate with both customer service over the phone and Cheryl at the Barbur Blvd Branch here in Portland Oregon, bank of america chat session, I managed to get… wait for it…. What a kick in the ding dong that is. So the bank employee that is having a bad day gets to say no to me on reversing charges while the gay teller who likes the cut of my jib may very well reverse it?

However, I was recently in dispute over charges wrongfully attached to my account. You seem to be a very judgemental person, read the post again, it was good advice to ANY person wishing to communicate to existing and perspective customers while representing their company.

I posted against my better judgement knowing I might solicit a response from someone such as yourself. That is my lack of wisdom and a mistake I will not make again, bank of america chat session. After having to bail out banks with my tax dollars from their irresponsible lending practices, I personally hold them responsible for this countries current situation.

The banks continue to take money from the hard working people of this country by way of excessive fees. I do not know if you are aware but when you have an accidental overdraft on your account, they pay the highest debit on the account first so that it creates a cascading effect on the account.

This creates huge multiple overdrafts resulting in higher profit to the bank in overdraft fees because it leaves more transactions left uncovered by the remaining balance. It was an honest mistake. That would be fair. I work very hard for my money and live paycheck to paycheck since moving to Georgia, bank of america chat session. I currently live with my sister, a disabled Veteran.

We have put legislation in place to put the credit card companies in their place to protect the consumer, so what can we do to stop this continued abuse of the American people by way of excessive and abusive bank fees.

I will not stop until it is refunded. Lewis is a graduate of Georgia State University where he earned his Bachelors Degree. I will leave contact info for Mr. I would also appreciate any help in spearheading legislation to protect the consumer from this banking practice of maximizing profit by manipulation of debit transactions. This is financially devastating to a consumer living paycheck to paycheck. I encourage you to check on the following link to see more about the practices of Bank of America.

Corporate Secretary at Bank of America Corporation. He was forced into accepting TARP money and its red tape bank of america chat session government intervention.

Banks are penalized by the government for not making enough of these loans each year. The government encouraged banks and lenders to lend to people who cannot afford them as a ploy to increase national homeownership. Increased Personal Property TAX revenue. Not to mention the government spurned this recession with its horrible spending and lending practices of its own. I admit some of the charges were correct.

But the majority of the ODfees was maniputive in all ways. The charges were made when the balance was in the positive with PLENTY TO SPARE. Chest pains, left arm stiffness, excessive sweat, etc. What do I do now?

I would welcome some advice from anyone. Actually, I need help with all of this fiasco…. Stop using your debit card. B of A or any other bank is not creating these charges out of thin air. You had to swipe your card in order to get them, bank of america chat session. Some people just cannnot use debit cards. Do you get this? The disclosure from the FPL site cleary states that the bank account will not be withdrawn from until the date stated.

Enjoy your Kool-aid — you are obviously at perfection in your life. Armen Muradyan, what you need to do is be resilient to the cause like others like you and write your Congressman, Senator, and the President. I will not rest and will seek out any form of voice available to me including emailing my story to all I know and those that will listen or not.

It is becoming quite a bank of america chat session. I am currently looking for an attorney to begin another Class Action Lawsuit. I will continue a search for a bank that processes debits in the order of smallest to largest and will post thier name when found for anyone that wants to move their accounts.

Until then, bank of america chat session the news and add links to the other complaint boards like I have below about the practices of B of A. Like you, I have no problem taking responsibility for my mistake, but not in the shorts excessively by way of manipulation of my debits to maximize overdrafts. Anonymous Banker, you should be ashamed for condoning this miss-use of public trust. Your right, we should carry cash. Everyone should make a run on the bank, bank of america chat session, get their cash out and put you all out of business.

Every single bank does this. This is a Generally Accepted Accounting Principal wiki it. If it was so wrong, why does every single bank do it? It is from an accounting standpoint. It only makes sense that the largest item comes out first. Otherwise female escorts in new york city bank is on the hook for a loan to you for the largest dollar item.

You cannot swipe your card, plan an online bill, and write a check all in the same day, then go to the bank to deposit. Checking account are not loans. If you need a loan get a credit card or overdraft protection. But since you continually overdraft your account, you probably can not get a credit card or any other credit for that matter.

Not to mention, every single one of you acknowledged that you were planning to overdraft your account even if by one transaction, YOU ARE PLANNING ON OVERDRAFTING THE ACCOUNT, DO NOT DO SO UNLESS YOU HAVE OVERDRAFT PROTECTION.

It is going to mess up your credit big time. BANK LET A PURCHASE HAPPEN WHEN THERE IS NO MONEY IN THE ACCOUNT, bank of america chat session. They are STILL deducting the largest amount first in order to cause smaller items to overdraft the account.

Bank of America is a shining example of greed and what got all of us into this economic mess. You see, when they make a mistake and are billions of dollars in the hole, good ol government lends them the money — our money — to bail them out. After wading through a mire of politics and faxing my complaint filed with the BBB. I was able to get a refund of the charges but it did take some effort.

She were very pleasent and understanding. Good luck to the rest of you and keep escalating. I did not find out about class action suit until today, a friend who knew what bank of america have done to my business, called me to let me know that there was a suit against bank of america for what they have put me through.

Wamu returned the checked stating that my account was overdrawn. How can I get help with what both banks have done? Bank of america did not only charged for overdraft fees, they also charged for interest, and penalty and what ever fees they could charge.

Now wamu have caused eight of my checks to return when enough founds in the account to cover each that was returned. What should I do? Like everyone is saying they charged the high amount first and small amounts later.

Called the customer care, they say I am not eligible for a refund. I asked them what makes an eligibility because this happened to me first time. Would BOA allow that transaction to go through.

Would they call it CURTSY. So many time they charged some stupid rewards fee which I never enrolled for. I had to call and cancel them. Some times they charged the same transaction twice and I had to call and reverse them. They just say We apologize and reverse the money Back. I wish I have the power to charge them when they take my money out like that, in that case I am ready to pay if i go over draft. Not just they can charge me but I can not. Does anyone have a clue some other BANK which is better than BOA?

UGUYSRFUNNY, supporting the Bank and ur logic is not wrong but calling people not responsible or not wise shows ur stupidity. Wait till ur finances tumble. Oh and now you have a late payment on your mortgage on your credit report… you better make sure those car payments are on time because no way are you getting a new car now.

Also the interest charged on business accounts is due to the fact that the money has not been collected by the other bank…. It is after all still MY MONEY is it not???? Well, I do not have a mortgage. So lets please just be honest with each other and call a spade a spade. Banks are criminally run. There are no if ands or buts about it. And why would the government give a hoot, they are getting their end. And yes, it is BILLION. Its easier to settle a class action for a few Mil than it is to end the BILLIONS of dollars landing in the greedy hands of the stockholders.

When I asked the manager to show me the clause where it specified that as a courtesy to me the banks system would decide in which order to pay out debits. You can not be serious. Over the course of the next weeks, I plan to develope a website dedicated to exposing these criminal acts of the banks. They need to do as we tell them to do not what they feel is right. I would be happy to have the card declined rather than paying your so called interest.

Please guide me, i would be happy to deposit my money there. Lot of times Bank charged duplicate transactions, I had to call and cancel them.


I took your advice and mailed, emailed, faxed letter to the CEO. Assist to the CEO of BofA. If my account is in good standing. Not only did I take the check down the street and cash it at another bank, but I went straight home afterwards and closed my account.

Cashing my paychecks has since been a breeze. I pay my bills with cash or money orders and know where every CENT of my hard-earned money goes.

And this is a courtesy? Oh, wait, you know why, bank of america chat session. This is how much the banks are generating in OVERDRAFTS ALONE on an annual basis. You think that kind of number is going to go unoticed much longer? Just like Madoff, your industry has it coming. We the people are just about done bank of america chat session the corporate greed that this country has produced. This BOA Fraud is still going on. I never got word of the April sign-up deadline.

This is an example of pure evil. So now I was behind. I called BofA and raised Cain with them about this petty and asinine practice, and was told that there was nothing that they could or would do about it.

I can— and will— remove my money from your bank and I can and will stop doing business with you. I have a choice, and so do you: fix this, or lose me as a customer. Any banker who is telling the American people how to save and watch their money is full of crap.

So they need cash — and fast. The majority of banks have gone under — but BofA is TOO BIG TO FAIL — so they get to screw hard working people out of money. But they can tell us that we need to be more responsible. If their fees were more reasonable, when people get caught in bad situation or make a miscalculation, they could climb out of it by the next pay cycle. But with these ridiculous fees, which may be legal but certainly not ethical, people get stuck in an overdraft cycle, which is exactly what the banks want.

The only way to make money on a free checking account is to charge fees. Large accounts are used by the banks as investment capital, while smaller accounts are used as fee catchers.

I say we take the power back and let them know the consumer is supposed to be in charge — not getting charged! Everyone on this blog, go to your bank, withdraw your money and keep it out of the system! Yeah because making a run on the banks only hurts banks, bank of america chat session. Did you ever study history of the great depression?

The main point is that banks say one thing, do another and collect fees on all of it. And when they are overdrawn, they punish their customers and get more fees and bailouts. The need for traditional big banks as a vehicle of savings and investment is over. There are way better systems we could roll out and help close the gap between rich and poor. Has anyone heard when this settlement might be final. I closed my account over a year ago but every penny i get from their suit will be a blessing.

Another lawsuit needs to be brought against Bank of America. I did not know about the first one but am here to say they seem not be affected by the first! WHAT DO I DO NOW????? I have just finished reading numerous posts concerning BofA. I like many others who have commented am suffering from a significant number of overdraft fees assessed by BofA. I have spent a significant amount of time trying to understand how these fees are triggered and have stumbled across a recurring issue which the bank has yet to address.

They dump data on my hookers in phillipines and I create charts, graphs and tables to convey the information effectively. This has given me the background knowledge to use my own accounts as a test and research the events leading to and after an unexpected overdraft item fee. I am also well studied on how a banks posting process works and familiar with BofAs customer agreements, fee schedule and account maintenance required.

I am NOT wealthy, barely middle class. I also do not keep credit cards. I operate on a cash only basis and keep an emergency stash. I plan ahead for major purchases.

The fact is that month after month my deposits exceed my debits but I am randomly assessed overdraft fees on accounts which have more than enough money in them to cover the charge s which triggered the fees.

The same frustration some of you have expressed watching a. My situation gets a little confusing as I hold multiple accounts. The money market savings and money market checking are funded by direct deposit. I pay all of my bills except the lawn man and housekeeper online using the vendor websites and one using BofA bill pay. I had NO problems with fees until I relocated and the teller said it would be in my best interest to transfer my accounts from the state they originated in to the state I currently resided in, I saw no harm in doing so and they set the accounts back up.

I have had mysterious overdraft charges ever since that change was made. I had to escalate to some department where a woman begrudgingly had me list fee dates and amounts which she verified, then removed. I said thank you and her final statement was we will not do this again, as in she did me some favor. It is NOT a courtesy as they would have you believe. I really only put the amount necessary into that account to cover bill payment. Please note, ALL of my accounts are supposedly linked, leaving me with double back up.

In April I began keeping my online banking screen open on the daily account balance summary to watch what was going on with the accounts and like many of you have stated watched as AUTH and Debits occurred and how that influenced my daily balance with and without holds. The account reconciles to a point at the of business day. BofA swears authorizations roll off at midnight, they may but what happens during the day with serious reductions in available balance.

With that said thirty something escorts done. For some individuals who are certain they have deposits which exceed debits everyday and can prove it do me a favor and take screen shots of your daily balance history throughout the day on each of your accounts. I like BofA and the services they provide but i can no longer afford to bank there I am looking for a good credit union with a somewhat convenient location.

I know I have written a novel. I have caught them, and I am hoping if others who have been caught by these practices can take the time to create spreadsheets and screenshots outlining the issue and enough branch managers are then forced to escalate research requests resulting in fee reversals, slowly but surely someone is going to take a closer look at what the heck is going on. If clowns like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd are impeached over this, by taking money to turn their heads and keep quiet.

Nobody or nothing is too big to fail, except GOD! We will sue this time to close the crooked institute down completely. If you care to be on the petition for the biggest ever Class Action Law Suit against BofA and all other Banks using this extortionist practices and robbery of its own customers, please contact parties after public announcement, bank of america chat session. We will broadcast on television and radio. I have a consultation with a lawyer to start a class action against them for bad practices, if anyone wants in, let me know at the link above.

OK… this is getting kind of ridiculous now… how come all i read about is lawsuit this and lawsuit that for the banks re-ordering transactions. Anytime you swipe your debit card the transaction is authorized up front depending on the amount of the transaction and the merchant themselves… say for instance you get gas in your car….

It was for false advertising leading the public to believe online banking was reflective of your true statement. Bank of America has been charging and I have been paying all along an insurance premium.

This insurance premium is to be used if I lose my job. Bank of America has been fighting me on this for two months now. I have given them all the documents they have requested, save one. They want my ex-employeer to fill out a section stating what hours I worked.

That should not matter since I was a salaried worker. I was fired because of irreconcilable differences. I explained to Bank of america that he would not cooperate and signed, but they are still fighting me on it. If there are any others out there who are having this problem, I think we should get together and start a class action lawsuit of our own.

No argument or policy by the BoA employees on this site can justify this. Chronological deductions is the only acceptable order to be used.

To penalize and chastise people for taking money that IS there and saying how WE need to be more responsible is idiotic and close minded. Keep saying how we should be more responsible.

When the whole system updates instantly and we are taking out money that exists in our account…. Nail me for the last withdrawal on monday morning…that is a legitimate overdraft. And according to the BoA customer service rep…it has nothing to do with when the transaction was processed.

They have all told me the same thing, bank of america chat session. THEY PUT THE LARGEST TRANSACTION FIRST. Right from the horses mouth. Its a ploy to make more money at our expense. Its not our responsibility to know when every vendor will run the transaction.

Debit card is suppose to be like cash. When its swiped…its out of my account. Its taken from my account according to the the website…thats what we have to go by.

Taht should be the bottom line. BofA continues to do ALL of the things they settled for in the Class Action Lawsuit. I made the ATM deposit, checked my account on Tuesday and the funds appeared as available. I was then directed to speak with someone on the floor. It is impossible to track you purchases and money with this type of system…IMPOSSIBLE, if you are close to the line it is REALLY unfair…you go by your available balance and IT CAN CHANGE in BIG WAYS back and forth all day long and be totally different the next day…as in a lot less and then a lot more.

You think that everything has been paid and then it turns out it has not. You have an obligation to be responsible but the bank has an obligation to report your transactions openly and they are not doing this!

If you do not check your account online, you are more vulnerable to being exploited…you have to print your daily statements to actually figure out what they are doing and have proof of the funny-money games. If I had not checked it would be very difficult to recreate and they count on this, I believe. To Armen, or anyone who can help. I wanted to write letters to CEO office and board of Directors.

I keep explaining to the customer service reps of BOA the sequence of deposites and debits were not in order and they talk around the answer and get this, they said if a transaction comes in that is a duplicate well once they find out its a duplicate I still get charged a overdraft fee even if its not paid, bank of america chat session, its called securing funds for the transaction that never takes place.

I have had it and am so frustrated with this damn bank. If I do this, and each of you do this, we may or may not get our cash back, but it will tie up the time of their lawyers or managers time to show up and fight each small claim. This is the only satisfaction I can see, as it is more lucrative for them to pay off a class action suit than get tied up with thousands of minor claims. We have to make it more expensive to BofA to follow this policy than not, or they will continue to do it.

Does anyone know what is going on with the lawsuit? In the past, persons have posted on this blog regarding their issues with Bank of America. If you would be interested in assisting with our investigation, please contact us at boainvestigation Yesterday I tried again by sending an email to as given by someone in these comments.

Some one from BOA called a while ago and told me they are refunding me the fee back and I check my account now, the refund is in my account. You guys might want to give it a shot. You are not going to loose anything. Teach your children how to manage their bank of america chat session and this would not happen.

The bank allows you to make purchases with insufficient funds because you have the ability to transfer funds into the account before the purchase posts, and not incur a fee.

If this lawsuit began last year, why is the bank still allowed to do this. It wiped out my entire unemployment comp payment. Hannah must work for BofA. We would go to jail for exercising the kinds of practices BofA holds dear. A new practice of BofA whereby they walk away from properties mostly in depressed urban areas they have forclosed on and evicted the owners they deem as not cost effective to sell through REO or auction. Moreover, bank of america chat session, the neighborhoods that these abandoned properties are located in suffer as a result of the blight caused which in turn hurts innoceent surrounding homeowners property values.

In short BofA AGAIN gets away with their continued ruthlessness, disregard for their customers and lust for the almighty dollar. In response to Jenn. Sorry they actually count THE Day of overdraft. This change occurred in June, as a B.

JUST MORE CORPORATE CRIME. You people must not have a brain, seriously. Do you not keep track of your money AT ALL? I posted my information on a website for something and the company charged me for something else that I did not authorize.

Does anyone have a name of attorney in Chicago that I can contact. Just stopping with Bank of America, seriously, who wants to bank there in a state of economy like this. Close your account and move your money somewhere else.

Bank of America is a corporate Mc Donalds look-alike. Their job is to sell and make money, they are required to. When you sign their dumb document when starting new services with them, it reads in fine print they have the right to charge fees, re-arrange transactions for your convenience, and charge overdraft fees. Most banks are doing that but not as bad as Bank of America. This bank is getting too big and soon the government is going to regulate them because they know this bank is getting huge.

They are close to being a monopoly, and as the FTC chairman and FDIC agent describe, banks work better when their small. Its funny to see the people customers complaining and writing bad comments…u show how bad bank of america is…just because you got hit y feed because of your own mistakes? IT HAPPENED FOR A GOOD…it has a reason and trust me the overdraft facility that bank allows is amazing…. I have had my friend whose daughter was in hospital and was in urgent need of money…she was wise, what she did?

As we all have been hit by these hard naked hookers having sex times, I can understand that the fee are pricey, however, its our responsibility to understand how our bank works and policies… its ur choice to open the account theremanage your accounts accoirdingly and avoid the fees and get excellent services.

All i want to say is that if you are given overdraft facilty by the bank, use it judiciosly, if you dont have funds, take from atm a large amount and pay your transactions by cash…wats the harm? I actually always know how much money is in my account, but I earn a LOT of money and I spend a lot too.

I didnt keep track of all my debit card transactions, because I expected that it will be deducted from my account. And I am one who is diligent about my account and spending, bank of america chat session. When in actuality it should have been one. Also the one charge that came out later than it was made, posted as pending against my account which I was told by BoA those funds are held against your available balance so when I made my purchases I had the funds in my account to cover all of them.

I called to find out what the hell happened and no one could explain it to me! One person told me eventually the balance I see online, mobile and ATM is not the real balance! How the hell are we supposed to know our balance if we are using all the tools provided by BoA, but they are not showing our true balances!

I found this outrageous. Of course nobody could do anything about the charges. I had BoA put a tracker on my account, which of course did not result in anything.

But this is what the tracker told me when I proceeded to ask him questions on why this happened. I asked him why was it that I am never showed my true balance? I then asked him why do I have to incur an overdraft fee in order for me to that balance? I think the business practices of BoA are outrageous, and the fact that they get away with this is crazy!

I am a single mom with a disabled child, that I have to provide services for, bank of america chat session. My paycheck is it. I do everything on my own. And for a bank to come along and take more than half my check is disgusting.

They are taking the services my daughter needs and other everyday living expenses away from my daughter. And the government wonders why there are so many people milking the system. You either have to be the poorest of the poor to get help or you have to be the richest of the rich to be able not to have to worry about a thing.

But if you are in the middle you get screwed for everything! If there is anyone who can guide me on what to do, to get my hard earned money back, please let me know. My wife recently opened a BOA account about a month and a half ago and had the same thing happened to her. The funny thing is that when you look at the online statement there was money in the account for each transaction, bank of america chat session, THEY CHARGED THE OVERDRAFT FEES BEFORE THEY PUT THROUGH THE DEBIT TRANSACTION CAUSING A DOMINO EFFECT OF FEES.

The government is just as much to blame because not only did the US goverment bail them out with our tax money, they stand by and let them steal from the American people and look the other way.

A website is in the works and should be online in a matter of days, with lawsuit information, actual BOA statements that prove their fraudelent activity and more. Please check back soon as I will posting the website for all to see. Just about every bank in this country practices this policy. B of A once hit me up so hard for more that three hundred dollars by using this practice. From the largest debit to the smallest. Same Crap Differant Day.

Over the last few years this has happened to me MULTIPLE times. And EVERY TIME I complained to no avail. Their excuse for all of this happening this way to me is that the Website is not always current. I wanted to drive my car through the bank. I wish there was more we could do as a consumer to make this GO AWAY. But the ENTIRE point is that they Re-Arrange the charges. One overdraft turns into Tons. Homeowners in Associations that are Hundreds of dollars behind in their Association dues get a COURTESY LETTER before they get any fees.

And unless there is legal assistance needed to collect the HOA dues, the fees are small as in FULL foreclosure, small claims court. I HOPE THESE BANK OF AMERICA WHORES LOSE THEIR JOBS AND GET THE SWINE FLU! I learned that if you make a check deposit at the ATM and a hold is placed on that check and then you incur overdraft charges BofA will reverse those charges once the check has cleared.

I was told that you have to call the customer service number and request this to happen as early as the first day of the release of the hold.

So when I rearranged a BOA credit card payment to a later women who like to go to female escorts so that I would have sufficient funds to pay other important bills, I thought I was good. On top of that, the payment I had scheduled for the later date went through as well although I was told by another customer service agent no change was made.

For five days straight I tried to get a manager on the phone to correct the problem, and yet that must have been the week where they were granted multiple late lunches and meetings because not one even attempted to call me back. Oh yeah and they got me for extended overdraft fees as well. Needless to say that was the very last time I used BOA. I wish I knew about this a long time ago. Bank of America did that to my husband and I last year.

We are still paying them back. Uguysrfunny and any other person who agrees with a bank has to be ashamed of themselves. U who work for the bank or has a job that can afford you to pay on time and keep money in the bank may not always have that good job or good health that will bank of america chat session you to keep that position, so you should not be so insensitive to others who are in the position.

Our American economy is in bad shape because the GIANT companies are becoming theives. God does not like it and these companies will be punished eventually. They will come down eventually or cause some global reaction like AIG. The government is in with these companies. He is going to be relocated to somewhere he will be well taken care of. Government hoax to get money. A long time ago I remember old people did not trust the banks and kept their money under the mattress. Now the banks are set up to make money off of you.

The banks are robbing people. Just like the old people suspected, they are managing to rob us. We may be safer hiding our money in a wall or under a mattress. Those TV shows of the American economy and civilization reaching disaster somehow are predictions.

Not only Madoff is an indication of our crooked government, but the bailout of AIG still makes no sense to me if Health Care Reform is so important. AIG should have fallen in the ground and it would have forced immediate Health Care Reform. So Uguysarefunny and anyone who agrees with him, if the crookes deserve a bail out, then honest hard working people who make occasional mistakes and have unexpected hardships deserve a bail out too. Bank of america chat session one is picking on Uguysrfunny, because some of us were in your shoes once upon a time when we were fresh out of high school and college with no children and no illness and perceived out lives as perfect.

The day comes when even the RICH begin to have big financial problems- if it were not so, they would not STEAL from the POOR.

I too have been hit hard bank of america chat session BoA in the past few months. Unfortunately, she pulled more than what we had available according to the online banking site, but the receipt from the ATM reflected a totally different balance. When I protested further, they disconnected the call. Today, I received an email alert saying that I was at risk for an additional overdraft fee. At no point thus far, according to the POSTED transactions, has my account gone into the red — so why the alert saying I was about to get back on this merry-go-round of theft and stupidity again?

I filed a do the asain massage therapist make you orgasm with the better business bureau and The Office of the Comptroller of Currency.

I also found this organization and filed a complaint big women escorts my congressman. I also have a Credit Union account. Sorry but you are wrong about that, in the state of California both people have to be made aware of a recording.

The nice thing about that is if you file a suit against me using illegally obtained audio I can turn around and counter sue and win the lawsuit, the laws will go by the state in which I reside.

But this also goes the other way they can sue us also for a projected loss of business and trust me they can project a lot. Bank of America Dec. Are you aware of any similar class-action lawsuits against them? There would be a huge group to join this lawsuit in California. The big problem is that the class action is not enough to deter the Banks.

The Charlotte-based bank will LIMIT TO FOUR THE NUMBER OF TIMES AN OVERDRAFT FEE CAN BE CHARGED ON AN ACCOUNT PER DAY. I am glad there is an Class Action law suit, but I am going to get my money back through Customer Service by telephone conversation, or I will sue them personally.

THEY ARE CRIMINALS and SHOULD BE IN JAIL. Their work ethics and practice have put us in the overall hell we live in today. I am grateful I found this site this morning — I have the ammo to call BofA and intimidate them to the best of my ability to get most of my money back. I hope everyone who posted their situation with BofA keeps doing the same. It is about time that banks get called on this kind of behavior.

Oh well, there is actual guilt there and they are sensitive about it. Plan and simple u ppl will spend ur life writing blogs and bad about the bank but still most of u who have posted here still remain with boa? The cash machine deducted it from my account and did not give me money. The cash machine stated there was an error so it was logged. She would not let me withdraw any funds from my account at all.

This despite knowing and seeing I am who I am with my photo ID drivers license. I will not be able to afford medications or groceries this month because of this. If I quit taking my medications abruptly I can die, it is very dangerous. Money that they will determine if I even get to keep which belongs to me, bank of america chat session.

All I did was try to get money out of the machine so I could go buy medications and groceries for this month. They know they have my money, of which they may just outright steal from me when all is said and done. Vote with your feet. Best option I can suggest is if you have ANY family member currently or retired from any branch of the military, look into a USAA account. You may notice that I have not posted since then!

USAA does not charge any overdraft fees, and does not screw with your account. Not only that, but get this… THEY ACTUALLY REFUND A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF ATM FEES!!! Venting online is great, but until we the people show these sharks whats up, thats all you will do is vent. BOA is still charging overdraft fees on check cards. I never signed up for BOA. I banked with LaSalle and they were so much easier to work with.

I hate Bank of america chat session and miss LaSalle. I just found out today that you can now opt out of overdraft services, the culprit inso many of our stories. Just call them and tell them that you wish to opt out of overdrafdt services and that will stop the approval of transactions that cause you to overdraw.

Finally a step in the right direction. Staying with BOA is rewarding their behavior, like giving your dog a treat when he bites. Oh all do. What are we to do? What ever happened to banks making money off of loans and interest?

Gone are the good old days. We lose, they win. I did that…funny thing is, I track my purchases IN THE ORDER THAT I MADE THEM!

There are degrees of contempt for the consumer. My local bank does NOT play these games. I even called the FBI. I felt like the guy who escaped from Jeffery Dahmer but was caught by city police and returned to Dahmer who then chopped him up and ate him.

BOFA needs to be hit again with another class action suit. This time they give you the opt out but still charge you over draft fees!!! Something needs to be done to shut thins institution down!!! First Tennessee is another bank that does this.

I have called and complained on many ocassions and got no where. Its about time for another lawsuit against BOA, i will take the information from the previous suites and file a suit on my behave on Monday in the Circuit Court Of Prince William CountyVA. At what point do people stop overdrafting their account. Anonymus Banker is obiously an idiot. It is not only the outragious percentage of the fees, but the stategicly manipulation of fees.

These are especial taken advantage of poor and unemployed. Most of them should be fired and disallowed in the banking industry. Who can I join or who is with me?

I want every penny back that B of A took out PLUS INTEREST. No one could do anything…they explained that their policy changed around five years ago. So put the money back in, I need to pay my mortgage! Of course it fell on the deaf ears of the typically faceless B of A organization, so I hung up saying that they will see my name next in a class action lawsuit when some attorney sees the obvious opportunity! Also, the online banking is a joke as well. I wonder how long it would take to cause a shutdown if everyone went to an ATM or even onlineand started moving money back and forth between accounts?

Obviously all banks are doing it. I just got ripped by PNC. I am so pissed I want to go and s. Before anyone says anything about running a register etc — I do it every day and know what I have on my account and what I can afford and not. I cannot believe that there is no laws actually governing OD charges etc. EVIDENTLY THIS CLASS ACTION SUIT FELL ON DEAF EARS…. UNFORTUNATELY I HAD ANOTHER DEBIT THAT CAME IN BEFORE MY CHECK WAS DEPOSITED……….


I called B of A today about them rearranging my debit posts by up to almost a week. They know EXACTLY when and how much something is charged because they want to know how much money they can make off you. That just makes it easier for them to make it THEIR money. Henry i just had the SAME THING. My direct deposit was late prostitute bar that is okay.

My deposit came in, i transfered the money i had available to my husbands bank of america account. Spoke with Elizabeth who told me that I did NOT have the money available when i transfered it. They arrange things to go about making more fees for customers instead of doing it the right way.

How in the WORLD can you charge me for transfering money I HAD AVAILABLE! I spoke with Jamie a manager who said since i took the money before the fees were assessed, i didnt plan my account correctly so they charged me for NOT having the money there for the fees. This is OUTRAGEOUS and I AM contacting the district manager about this and if that does not WORK i am contacting my local NEWS station — I AM SICK bank of america chat session this and now my rent cannot get paid.

I hope you ALL get justice and this lawsuit is a JOKE. It seems the credit unions are the only trusting banks. I NEVER had an issue with them I have proof that have been stealing from my acc for years i just need someone to help me.

I never got a letter in the mail for this class action lawsuit and to Opt-in, bank of america chat session. I just recently put in a complaint with the better business bureau about this same exact experience I had with them.

Multiple representative said over the phone that they post the highest items first and I argued that, that is not a legal practice because it should post in accordance to time of debit. I got multiple overdraft fees because of them reversing the order of the posting transactions to where the highest denomination posted first then it female escorts a snowball effect and overdrafted everything that should have posted before the one big item.

They are the most crooked bank ever and they put down customers, fight, accuse and say horrible things over the phone. I had an account through B of A for many years—since their startup. In the last two years, suddenly I was racking up overdraft fees nearly daily. As a result, I closed my account.

I also began receiving unemployment fees through another bank, and found the account is set up to simply not pay insufficient funds with the debit card, which has saved me copious amounts of money in overdraft fees.

Obviously the technology is there to prevent mistakes without all those fees, so why are the banks allowing people to overdraw their accounts? To rake in all those fees! My personal story involved a sudden family death.

I was suddenly cut off financially due to this and so I had no choice but to overdraw my checking account for awhile just to make ends meet. Now admittedly I could have handled this better… I overdrew my BoA account with the ATM repeatedly in order to pay rent, storage, etc.

In Oregon where I live, there is a legal limit on the interest rates that financial institutional are aloud to charge. The major commercial banks are using this loophole to profit over the weakest, poorest members of society. Girls massage guy feel this If you deposited the checks through the ATM system, then, you did not have proper notice of the hold and therefore they will refund ALL of the overdraft fees…but, you have to call customer service and request this based on this quasi-policy.

This happened to me with a B of A check deposited in at B of A ATM, after being told by the bank teller that the funds would not be available until the following day and this would be the appropriate method for deposit. They continued to accept my debits but charged me, although the company issuing my check already had their deposits cleared. Call, they will reverse the charges. We never signed up for overdraft…never knew there was an opt out…and they just reversed the order and did not deduct an online bill payment from the balance which led the account to be short.

Is there a NEW Class action lawsuit? The manager said he would reverse them- but only reversed ONE…. Back to a pen and paper- the computer is not a reliable source as they claim…. I think the local loan shark has better rates! I understand that is under apeal by BoA now. But the way they started to stack transactions in Dec. Fraud is Fraud… no matter who does it. Let do it folks another Class Action suite Where do I sign up, Bank of america chat session Law firm is working on this years?

Bank of America released a debit out of my account to FDES NNC from my account what is this? No phone number, no address—nothing. No answers, it caused overdraft fees. A debit requires a pin entry. The bank will not help me. I am done with every bank. The bank is like a huge human machine that lives like a diseased parasite.

You just have to machete your way out of their mess. Fifth Third bank of america chat session to be called out on this practice. I had money in my account in December to cover my shopping for the day.

Sexy miami beach girls will take pending transactions out the day before you make them from that balance, then take out your posted transactions. I left BoA to go right back to them after that crap, bank of america chat session. What about when the bank makes a mistake?

When he called, they said it would take one or two days to refund the transaction and longer to refund the fees. I think consumers should start charging banks fees for their dumb-ass mistakes.

I didnt get it and I called the BOfA Customer service. The customer service keep saying that our conversation is going no where and she would like to stop and told me to go to near location and hear the explanation there. I have another story or complaint against BOA. I recently overdrew my account and since then all my deposits get put on a lengthy hold.

Unacceptable as I was late paying my bills and could not wait that long. The next part of my story is how it gets interesting. First the amount is added and then subtracted from my account. Finally they gave me back four of the overdraft charges but it took asking for the police to throw me out to get some reversed charges.

I said to them that they are not prepared for the bad PR they will get when they have to arrest a doctor who is an upstanding member of the community. I hate this back to its core. I hate their marketing and business practices. They did the same to me and when I made a deposit in the morning and pay bills they would post my check in the evening and hit me with late fees….

How can this be stopped and get the bank of america chat session back to the people it belongs too. I understand that this is my fault to begin with, but come on…seriously? On top of bills and what not, sometimes it happens, then once it happens, you live paycheck to paycheck each week just barely getting by. Then overdraw a few bucks and you get hit again.

Then they re-arrange the transactions to make the largest one first pushing the balance on your account down faster so they can rape you on a bunch of little transactions.

There is only one way this bank will listen…. If a corporation is punished a million dollars for ten million dollars in unethical and illegal activity then, where is the incentive to be an honest corporation? Especially if your profits on your illegal activities make more than enough to pay off any government agency, judge or jury and still have a huge excess to provide an executive bonus program to help those enslaved finance grad managers and up to wash the blood of their brothers and sisters off their hands.

First: Open a new account — choose a small local bank or credit oriental massage bangkok that wants to EARN your money.

Second: Do Not Pay A Fine — leave the corporation with its illegal activities intact. The burden of proof of debt lies on them and how will they explain in court that the debt owed to them sprung from an illegal activity. Third: Ignore said corrupt corporation.

If enough sheeple could wake themselves from the media hypnosis and become confidant people again, we would not be afraid of doing what I suggest. From what I see, this bank needs to go on a diet.

I for one plan on doing this and I hope that others will follow. I will post my online ledger when the deed is done as proof that a revolution has started. A friend of mine recently deposited money cash into my checking account in the AM. When I called the automated system for a balance it quoted what was available which included the funds he just deposited. I proceeded to use my Debit bank of america chat session for purchases knowing the money was there. To my surprise, when I checked my account today…………, bank of america chat session.

I will be moving my account to another bank. No emergencies, no exceptions. Also, no overdrafts equals the end of free checking. I used to bank with them not anymore, bank of america chat session. My husband charged two transactions overseas and I saw these pending and figured they posted amongst the other many debit transactions I have. Anyway prior to these transactions posting, I had enough money for two transactions I had made.

Made my account negative, got charged two overdraft fees. Well remember my transactions I made…they were still pending. And they stated that they had paid for these transactions. I paid for them. They used my money that they held onto when the charge was made — to pay for the transactions so why the heck are they charging me od fee? How can they charge me overdraft fees on funds they held of mine, that was enough to cover — what the fudge?!

They are both crooked as hell. But you have to get them to say it because they dont upfront. I am so done of BOFA high ups making money off oh me! I absolutely take responsibility for overdrafting my own account. Crawling in the dirt. And for all the little piggies.

Life is getting worse. Always having dirt to play around in. Have you seen the bangs 2017 trend piggies. In their starched white shirts. You will find the bigger piggies. Stirring up the dirt. Always have clean shirts to play around in. In their ties with all their backing. You can see them out for dinner. With their piggy wives. Clutching forks and knives to eat their bacon. Bank of America Lawsuit at: When I filed my lawsuit against Bank of America, myself and United Law Group thought of the many others out there in the same situation.

It was then that we decided to educate the public on what these piggy banks are doing, as well as unite us all together as one voice. Please help me turn this David vs. Goliath modification process, into a Goliath vs. Please stand with me and United Law Group and send an email to Bank of America that states that we will no longer tolerate their potentially illegal, fraudulent, irregular and abusive business methods.

Your complaint concerning your experience with Bank of America. Please send a copy of your email to johns-wright Please send your email to both BofA link below and the CEO email BofA Linked Email:.

BANK OF AMERICA WAS NEVER A GOOD ORGANIZATION, IT WAS NEVER A GOOD COMPANY, IT SHOULD BE TOOK DOWN AT ONCE…. I AM SO SORRY! Just know that, no matter what, karma WILL bite you if you are uncompassionate, or cruel…. PEACE TO YOU ALL. This is my issue with Bank of America — Holding cash deposits in a pending status then process debits through your account before the deposit collecting NSF fees when all the time your deposit is pending.

I would like to know if this is happening to anyone. They also have two different screens depending on the explanation they want to give you and you will never be right. I thought keeping two sets of books was illegal because this appears to be what is happening.

Where is the Class action lawsuit against GS for packaging bad mortgages with good ones and misleading the credit agencies. This is what caused the crisis, as I have heard and read multiple times. Who is up for it? I am upside down in my house because of them. I am not mad I just was to get even.

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