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Illicit encounters scam

illicit encounters scam

The U.S. health care system is a giant money making scam that is designed to drain as much money as possible out of all of us before we die. In the United.
James Edward O'Keefe III (born June 28, is an American conservative political activist. He produces secretly recorded undercover audio and video encounters.
CNBC’s shocking true crime series examines the dark side of the American Dream. Some people will do ANYTHING for MONEY.

Readers of this article should also read. Too many points or other trouble? Want a license that can never be suspended or revoked? Want ID for nightclubs or hotel check-in? Protect your privacy, and hide your identity.

The United Nations gave you the privilege to drive freely throughout the. Depending on regional laws. Therefore, in the manner. This is an attempt to avoid the restriction that. This is not to be trusted. Department of State notes: "The Department of State is aware that IDPs. Moreover, many of these IDPs are being sold for large sums of money. Consumers experiencing problems should report problems to their local. Postal Inspector, the Better Business Bureau, or their state.

It shows your residence as being in. Illicit encounters scam the police officer that pulls you over will also ask, illicit encounters scam. You could end up in serious trouble, and your. Get more facts about the International Driving Permit and.

You can email us at pde All our novelty cards include gold DVLA holograms front and back and are also available with optional UV security markings. Most importantly,I Guest blog voluntarily. Easiest way for you is to Just head over to North Dakota and Get yourself a Licence there. That is a perfectly legal way for you to do what you want to do.

Nice tryHahaha well hello " rachel" nice to see you come to this site aswell! Now for everyone else here I will tell you that " Rachel" is here to promote her latest scam website. Thanks again " Rachel" I need that laugh! RachelHello, I have just visted another site, I will not put the name here, but it is something like notestdrivinglicence, or to that effect. I think they may be the real thing as there was a release in my local paper in Reading as there was investigation at DVLA as it is suspected three or more people are involved in supply driving licence from the inside.

This site was also mentioned, of course I emailed them and I asked first about payment procedure and they said they would process and take payment after, so I think they do it through corruption. Benny benny qvistI lost my Swedish driver you get me a new one? Benny Joshlee stonewanted uk licence properly registered top dividend paid no scams or fakes communication details.

Guess all the scammers on here ruined it for everybody else. If anyone can help let me know thanks. MarcoGood morning. She holds illicit encounters scam Chinese driving permit and I would like to know if it is possible for her to get an International one alowing her to drive in Italy. Thanks for your attention and best Regards. Marco MaxAnybody have a info were to buy a fake UK drivers license?? Already been ripped illicit encounters scam by no master.

Sidroper MarkMarkLimeyThis thread is tiring and not very amusing anymore. I for one am happy to see CA back in business as it were. They did help me get out of a jam once upon a time.

I never used it for anything illegal, I used it only to enhance my opportunity to get a job that I really needed. So many scammers have come and gone on this forum. No more mud slinging please. The moderatorsGo away CA. Point taken and noted. Crawl back under your rock, illicit encounters scam. Seamus RaySOCAThank you for all the anonymous tips. We are aware of the fraudulant activity taking place and are we monitoring it carefully.

The LawyerCan you tell me what CA is doing wrong apart from hosting a free community I cannot see the relevance here unless of course CA is stepping on other people toes by throwing open the floodgates to free documents!!! Good idea to abandon ship. Our list is now growing thanks to the new and improved CA and our agents. Take your chances and see, illicit encounters scam. Deck HandThat settles it. I have a very reliable source who has warned me this is a sting.

ZorroInteresting thread. What is CA so afraid of? Why has CA been infiltrated? The authorities will catch up to CA sooner or later because someone is going to slip up and attempt mortgage fraud again and then the roof caves in. What a bunch of idiots and dreamers.

Perhaps they are more scared about the future than the CA community. Perhaps they are regretting ever jumping ship and are desperate for others to join them struggling to swim in the murky depths.

Hi Illicit encounters scam WonderThree points:. As you suggest yourself, times have changed. Those who break the law run the gauntlet. Those with common sense unlike yourself sleep well at night. I fell for it and now have provided a link for all the newbies.

Calypso SpringI want in on the threesome with Jason and Phantom and Ten Ton. Nobody knows the truth about CA you are all guessing. CA is a real thorn in someones side. As for selling out what have they sold, I never heard that they were portraying their website as mafia central.

Let me guess: DC Xinaris, Inspector Clouseau, James Bond, Big Brother - maybe even the scary monster under my bed! Petty criminal and wannabe gangster. A threesome with Digit and Ten Ton and Jason would be a dream come true for me. Gives me goose bumps! I would suggest you get over it.

Stop pretending to be someone who has more power than a keyboard warrior, and maybe get a real job yourself. I here novmaster is the expert in jobseeking at the moment. YawnDesperate like me. I want to be just like Jason my hero. YawnPeople will make up there own minds, illicit encounters scam. Your comments are gettign tiresome and even more desperate by the day. NSYDigit is right, we are using trackers and everything is logged.

Very risky venture CA is undertaking. Do not underestimate us. Who are all the newbies Phantom? Who are all these newbies signing up and asking stupid questions? Who are they going to come after? CA has already sprung a very big leak, literally. Cyber copReality checkYou will notice the the torrents are templates, and contain no identity information. If you have a look at the legislation about fraud and identity you will realise that it would only the end user who stupidly uses these templates for an illegal purpose, would be liable for prosecution.

Cyber copCyber CopDear Confidentialaccess. The release of the torrents on your website is the crime that can be prosecuted. Our last investigation resulted in the prostitude pics and convictions of El Mariachi, Kidd, Macgyver and our informant CumbaJohnny. We have informants that have now infiltrated your website just like in Operation Firewall.

You have been warned. FDYMcB messed himself up. I know that for a fact. And if you had any clue what was going on you would find any leak came from the web developer, and nothing to do wth JP. As has been mentioned many times now, if you are doing nothing wrong you have nothing to worry about. Shipping anonymously and internationally too.

Feel free to ask more. Apparently the Met are banging down doors left right and centre around websites. The old bill have all your details and are just waiting to bust your balls. SSI am well and truly up to date with what happened to shadowcrew, illicit encounters scam. The difference between them and the current CA community is that they were breaking the law. Anyone that wants to break the law deserves to be stung.

I myself have no paranoid worries. Secret ServiceIn conjunction with the MET Police. Peek a boo, we see you. SteveSSThe secret service operates in the uk now. And the jig is almost up?? Secret Servicecounterfeitlibrary. Just ask our old friends MacGyver and CumbaJohnny about how a sting goes down. Old school fraudsters can expalin to you exactly who and what I mean. This is a warning.

Tell your friends at CA that the jig is almost up. Hello CIFASLol. Desperation at its best. What nfo would you need. Get over it Novmaster and other wannabes.

CIFASThank you for the anonymous tips. Novmaster is now out of business and we are concentrating on the website and will deal with them accordingly. New york sex industry provide us with more information.

ConorHaroldHiis a Scam-shop? NobmasterZekeI have a UK drivers licence and counterpart for novelty use only of course from escorts boca raton fl CA and Novmaster. The CA licence is far superior in every way when compared to a real UK drivers licence. The colors and holograms. There are some pretty clever blokes out there who will replicate all the documents and UK licence Novmaster sells.

Probably at a discounted price if you find the right vendor. Join the CA forum and listen. It will all become clear to you. Your UK photocard licence was the bomb I must admit. Guess the market will be flooded now. It was fun while it lasted. DumbassGXNovmasterNo problem. We are illicit encounters scam to bend over for illicit encounters scam. And for suckers to hand over their details to us. If you have further information please contact Project Genesius at projectgenesius

Ten Ton is looking for a CA font pack to hand over to the authorities. Sting operation under way. Beware the utility bills and bank statement torrents he supplies. And how on the one hand people say CA are a sting site, then laugh when one of their mirrors close down?

Are the police shutting down their own sting sites??? And make up your own mind. This is bollocks as there is no evidence to show this. And likely this is how many people end up in prison by using my products. Maybe it was a bad idea to start slinging mud at competitors.

We must think people are as stupid as we are. HiMETAction FraudTen Ton actually works for us and has given us the names and contact information of many CA members.

Ten Ton is sinking the good ship, illicit encounters scam. Ten TonWARNING! They also are the same people that will find this out when they are arrested for false representation. If I was old bill why would I be releasing utility bills to the general public?. Are you Ben Thomas in disguise George? You must be one of them and you also must be pissed that myself and CA Management are giving them away for free.

I will have a new torrent for CA members tonight so look out for that one people. I would suggest you crawl back under whatever rock you came out from and get a real job you berk. My only option is to go round accusing people of being police.

GeorgeTrueI understand your analysis of modern-day criminality. But why does that just apply to CA? If people are stupid enough to advertise personal details, including ips, then they deserve what they get. Now people are realising how much they are over-paying for real fakes. CA have done many people a favour in the last couple of weeks or so. It may be the last thing they do, but they have made ammends in my books.

Canaries can sing as much as they like. TrueYes and if and when one of these shipmates gets indicted for bank or mortgage fraud then big bro will once again be looking closely at CA and the ship will be infiltrated and then sunk. History will repeat itself and whoever gets caught will sing like a CA canary.

Larry MIf these blokes at CA have nothing to hide and their activity is legal than why are they hiding like a bunch of scared weasles during hunting season?

Why all the mirrored sites? Why are the founders in jail? Driving Licence Specialist, or a Mr lee flecther. Mr SmithFFA UK ,??? That Irish drivers licence is dodgy. Compare it to a real one and you will see the difference. And who the hell cares about an old style paper UK drivers licence? FFA UKFFA UKFFA UKReneAfter several illicit encounters scam experiences, I got my UK DL which I ordered from kinserpark.infoy today. What a relief that not everyone here is a scammer.

John SmithLord of the BoardJack FlashYeh I was only saying, why would illicit encounters scam give it all away free, illicit encounters scam. This will surely cause outrage to the British authorities. The flood gates are now open. May the best man win!

The PiperI wonder where he got that??? Any objections or info from anybody here who has dealt previously with them? Lord NelsonBut then again, what do I know. Lord NelsonCould be an abbreviation for. Please register and let the converstations begin, illicit encounters scam.

METMosadWe have the means and the will to take out any server based in Iran. Ever heard of Stuxnet? CIFASStick it to the boys, I illicit encounters scam died when I saw the site back up. All the mirrors are causing a bright reflection:- CNPthethere is nothing illegal about novelty id there are loads of legal sites selling it. Conrad JonesObviously someone knew the CA community was dearly phone numbers of prostitutes in dubai and they gave it back to us.

Those that slate it and make up bshit comments about it havent actually got a clue. A they cant and wont be beaten.

No nonsenseNonsenseRoadside whores would you be stupid enough to sell on the template. Why not use it for your own purposes. You obviously have no clue. ZachWake up. NonsenseIt is fair to say that some mistakes were made, and it is easy to moan when things went bad.

But people quickly forgot how good the good times were. The people who only found CA just before the site went down were unlucky. You are not putting yourself at any risk by viewing and contributing to the forum. They do not sell any more and are therefore not committing any crime, illicit encounters scam. What sting site would do that!!

Those who have let paranoia get to them are severely missing out. Conrad JonesAhhh shame what a pity it must really be playing on your mind. Fake ID and duplicate documents are finished. I use SOPHOS and Kaspersky, none of the duplicate documents at CA contain any such trojans. They never used moody photoshop scans, they built and re invented the document.

Even Bigger BroQuite right! I remember in the last days of CA all this hogwash about the new UK photocard licence being ready for sale. Plenty of underground vendors selling what you need. Those buggers are being watched and will fall once again.

Mr Xshow me proof on webcam that your doing my uk drivers license and once youve completed it. Ill pay you the funds. If you can do that you will be trustworthy for business with me. Big BroFreyICPOPlease register and let us entertain you. Big brother is watching. ZorroZorroCA lives! Mirror mirror on the wall. You mean trojan condoms not trojan horse mate. Thank you so much panantes sharing that jose.

I hope more people follow your lead and share info like this reasons women are prostitutes protect us from these kinds of low life scum.

I totally agree with you that everyone should work toghther. You send him the tracking he confirms then sends you a tracking number which of course cant be found in the system. Then there are more excuses because he is buying time to make sure your pkg is legit once he receives there is more excuses and then what you get isnt what you pay for old style license which they dont issue anymore and its been issued after the cutoff date of when they cant issue the old dl anymore says the new one is illicit encounters scam its way well guess what folks that doesnt happen press him on it and then skype isnt safe anymore and will contact you things have been compromised you know the old scam routine save your money, If he was legit i would be the first to say it and i wish it was the case good luck in your search and we should all continue to share info and keep peoples money in there pockets.

This story is a long one i summarized as much as i could if any wants more info let me know Shane, illicit encounters scam, Biggy et alLol. Or maybe it was your trousers round your ankles! Anyone downloading their torrents must be stupid. Not only is there the risk of a sting operation but a trojan horse illicit encounters scam to your computer too! AVOID CA AT ALL COSTS! Did you do the whole skype thing with him and work something out and he ripped you off? If he would shut his trap maybe someone could direct him to where the hidden jackpot is.

I for one will not indulge him. Yes mate you can now download the templates yourself but you have to be a " big boy " to know where illicit encounters scam find them. Now pull up your trousers and go home. Has anyone seen my torrent??? I thought people had learnt their lessons. Illicit encounters scamShouting my mouth off and getting CA shut down? Some are on prison.

Some are on tags. Do you really think they got every one. LimeystevensLimeyLooks as if the CA forum is back up. If this is truly the real CA with some original shipmates then some products should be available soon. That would be a breath of fresh air. Hopefully it will be the CA of old. I still have some of their novelty products and they kick ass. Save your money you do pay upfront and you wont receive.

Please let me know. HenrikJosefake-idThis is not a Honeypot. Only looks like the forum, no products for sale. Seeing as the people who ran the original website are all in prison. Please be very research on prostitution. Notice the attention to detail and quality. My agent will pay after recibe it.

Offer good price, contact. If you like you can contact him and he will verify we are legit and not scammers. Order today and get a free id card.

MATcausamuelPlease click our are offering a lot of kinserpark.infog kinserpark.infonshio. Full legitment secondpassportservice causamuelHi guys. I can offer real UK,Greece,Belgium,Italian,French those passport without any up front payment.

I am real supplier on the are in this business since I can also offer real second can get passport from embassy. I am aslo offering UK driver from UK Indian driver license issued from Indian Illicit encounters scam. Otherwise illicit encounters scam to Romania or Hungary or Poland and try your luck there.

Look how shitty that moody cheryl cole DL stay away people! LimeyYes novdocs certainly looks like the novmaster site. Big red flag offering the passports. Sure sign of scammers. KimBeware looks like a novmaster copycat. Anybody who claims we are going to rise from the ashes is an imposter. Beware the sting operation. I wish the wikileaks hackers would target those criminal websites and shut them down for good. So i am ready when you are. Cody BanksScam warning!

Check out the similarities of the websites and samples and read all about it on and you have been warned! The guy backed up what he said. So if anyone has questions email me. Cant say to much on here but i do wanna help people that were in the same prediciment as i was.

I got to speak to the guy so that gave me confidance and now will just wait and see. Crap pay and reduced hours have pissed many of them off. Problem is the DMV employee gets busted and your license becomes invalid. OUR CONTACT AT THE DMV CAN PROCESS A LICENSE WITH WHATEVER DETAILS YOU NEED ON THEM.

Call prostitute PAY NOTHING UPFRONT. EMAIL FOR FURTHER INFO. Can you actually believe that I offer the new style UK passport with all the security features that are impossible to duplicate?

Can illicit encounters scam believe we still get morons like yourselves who actually contact us and send us money? But go ahead and send us money so we can laugh in utter disbelief at how stupid people can be. Most legit place to get ever. They actually will not take your money until you get your items and approve of them. So you want to buy a novelty but afraid of a rip? Send them details and Pics they send out your item when you get and approve you then pay.

I think "FOR ONCE SOMEONE" on here can give me a freaking straight answer!!! CAN I GET ONE OR NOT????? York hotel dubai prostitutes rates Guysdont believe! I find a real provider ,dont trust. Bought some good stuff of them in the past but emails women hurt in systems of prostitution engaged in revolt getting bounced back.

The old bill would love to stitch up those who are out on bail by saying they are still running the website. The case is shit, and the old bill have told lie after lie after to get CA offline, it will all come out in the was soon though. CA ManagementThe CA site is currently passed to which is a piss take.

UK authorities have proper taken the piss with CA bosses so its time for some pay back. DC George Xinaris took a special commission to close the website using whatever dirty tactics he could, now its all blowing up in his face. A total abuse of process going on at the moment, so CA cannot sell anything without it affecting all those who are casualties of war and on bail. MoOK a lot of scammers on here.

I will only post on this forum once and no one that uses my service will post on here to verify. If you want a UK licence, email me, i dont charge anything upfront, you only part with money when the licence comes through YOUR front door.

Lots on euros wasted on butterfly stroies about fake DV! The customer was very satisfied and is happily driving the streets of London and the UK without a care in the world. Thank you morons real dealJust kidding. People like me are like carp in the lake. Go ahead and contact me and let me scam you! His details are registered and verified by the DVLA. Please email me for more info at alanhatfield

They have eluded the police and you can watch the Illicit encounters scam news story about them on their site although it is in Swedish. I have seen one of these from this site and they are very good. There is also a very long thread about them on a Swedish underground site called Flashback.

PC DavisNovmaster is nicked. Please support the London MET. FJackreligchangsteenThank you Limey for answering my question. I looked them up and you are right they are HUGE scammers! So everyone bewarned and stay FAR away from aldalegal! Notice the similarities of the websites.

What a bunch of pond scum those blokes. There website looks very professional and legit but I still have my doubts. Has anyone actually ever gotten a licence from them?

Use our alternative contact email address. But please, be our guest and order away. We will scam you, guaranteed! Illicit encounters scam talking nonsense sunshine! If you think that people are in production and profit of fake docs for fraud and other things just plea bargin up, and that is that. If they were part of a bigger move happening then the police could possibly ask them to assist them, but they are still getting chored, still getting a guilty verdict in the court.

If you seem to know so much about Novmaster, illicit encounters scam, perhaps you can say then how many people ran Novmaster, where they came from etc.

How about first name of Novmaster then perhaps you might be more credible! LimeyPaisanoFrank F. I remember when the shadowcrew website was shut down and when you logged on a greeting and logo came from the US Secret Service. Putting the " governator " Arnold up there is cheezy and very suspicious.

I WOULD NOT contact Novmaster again if I were you. WarningWording from the website:. It clearly states - "these products are fake driving licenses" I think that is a clear sign that it is not the original novmaster team, why would they put that unless they were the boys in blue - be aware of this when ordering as this means your not purchasing just a "novelty". Anybody have email contact with them? Those are new samples. Seems like the boys are about to be let out of the slammer.

AnonNovmaster is not down. However, if you go to it loads just fine and there are new samples with UV. NovguyYes CA was the bomb. I have a Novmaster novelty I choose my words carefully and one from CA and the CA novelty is by far superior and flawless.

I even had a doorman friend put it under UV light and it lit up like a Christmas tree. These are virtually impossible to buy on the open market in the UK due to Project Genesis and you have to jump through all sorts of hoops to prove you are a legit business. Especially when it is known who are the known associates. Home address and so on NovguymybuypassportsWe are by far the biggest scammers on the internet today. Please contact us if you want to get scammed.

Thank you again foolish male prostitution photos So obviously their not doing a lot at the moment. From the recne t emails I have, it has STING written all over it. Illicit encounters scam have had an order with them for a while now. If they have been nicked, unfortunatly another one bites the dust. The security features on the new UK photocard licence have yet to be properly duplicated.

But send me your money if you must. If you send these clowns money I can guarentee you will never see anything but your wallet getting thinner. General support: mynewpass Technical support: mynewpasstech realfakedominicI looked at a few of those blackhat forums and you can download the templates for yourself to make scans.

LimeyDifficult call this one. This blackhatter probably is a scammer even if he did send a licence template.

Not too illicit encounters scam to do. Check the forum there and ask about him. Dirk DigglerQuite right suttle and I believe you. I agree the payment method is dodgy and I would never have personally used that method.

Illicit encounters scam am yet to hear or see anybody illicit encounters scam the new UK photocard licence because of the very difficult security features. Maybe it was wishful thinking on my part. The guy is a con! You send him a photo and he sends you back and alright looking license template.

After you agree to do buisness he asks you to open a Liberty Reserve Account which in order to do will cost you a lot of money in fees to get the money there. Before I offered to transfer the money to his Liberty Illicit encounters scam Account I asked to see proof of the final product which he shuffled his feet and blamed some guy who does the UV work on the card for not taking the photos and sending them to me.

He illicit encounters scam the guy already sent the package to his mail illicit encounters scam company which is crap because all he illicit encounters scam to do was have his mailforwarding agent send the mail back to him.

I seriously WARN everyone despite what you may or may not read here DO NOT DEAL with this individual. I still have my funds minus the cost of all the fees it took to open and transfer money to this Liberty Reserve Account.

Dirk DigglerThis blackhatter bloke showed me chicago prostitutes photos very nice scan of the licence and counterpart with the info and photo I sent him, illicit encounters scam.

It could even be a real one, sounds like a silly idea to prove if the supplier is legit or not? How stupid do you think we are? If you are interested illicit encounters scam purchasing novelty documents then find a good underground source. Dirk DigglerPersonally I would not deal with realfake or dlsdirect based on the dodgy samples they have offered.

The sample madhatter provided was very good and he even included the counterpart. I do not buy novelty products nor do I condone the use of them. If you want illicit encounters scam go ahead and send realfake or dlsdirect your hard earned money, be my guest. I have no agenda here. Novmaster still manage to post abuse on here though at anyone who complains about them.

Also what evidence do you have to say dlsdirect is a scammer? IF what your saying is true could you please post a link to one of these news websites. As far is it being in a forigen language there are programs that will convert it to English. Keep an open mind until ABC has illicit encounters scam up claims with a link.

Nat ValcoryAustin PowersBe careful JP. Leave well enough alone. Big brother is watching. JPAbcNovmaster servers have been raided according to Malaysian news websites. Plenty of info on them if you can read Malay. Austin PowersLooks as if has finally been nicked. The good and legit always die young. If you had followed this thread you would see that I have recieved products from novmaster in the past.

They are now ripping people off. I dare you to pay them some money now and see what happens. Then you might get what the problem is. Like most of us I think he has a problem with scamming toerags. Perahps they are loosening it up for the jail time they are about to serve. JPdlsdirect Well then, why do I need to ask that you supply an image of a completed DL? One that is not for a customer, or obviously a real one. I won;t hold my breath either.

It must be hard to get orders out with a dildo up your ass. PassforsaleHere is a sample of our latest and most popular item. PassforsaleYes we are the biggest scammers on the internet today. When you contact us we will show you a scan of the item you ordered and then ask for money up front and then after we recieve the money you will get nothing.

Just notice our list of available countries. But wait, we also offer passports from Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, Saturn and Mercury. We are also negotiating with other planets outside our solar system and they will also be available shortly. Thank you for letting us scam you. We appreciate your business stupid morons.

La CucarachaHas bitten the dust? Take pictures of thailand prostitutes money illicit encounters scam run? LimeyDirk DigglerOk here we go. I will not post his product but let you be the judge. You make the call!

Alexhello everyone, im sorry guys but i think the best way is to keep your money, and forget about the "novelties" licences. JPThat looks awful. Could be the same scammer using different aliases. What a hornets nest! If it was a replica, there would be video erot need to block out the detail.

How about showing us one with a celebrity photo? Dirk DigglerYeah well anybody can show a real and provisional licnce mate. How about a scan of a photo and the info I send you printed on the card?

Mulim women need escorts smell a rat. Dirk DigglerWe know all about mate. A true producer should be able to make the documents and show you a video of the document page for there is still no guarentee illicit encounters scam will ever ship it.

Be careful and best of luck. Dirk DigglerI contacted two vendors who have recently advertised on this forum and sent them a scanned photo and some info to show me a sample of their work. You can still get ripped but at least you lessen the risk.

JPThanks for your support guys and I take your point. I have accepted the hit and moved on. They have done well out of me and should have no reason to be pissed off. LimeyI have to second what Dirk Diggler is saying. Sorry to hear about your troubles with them JP anne cameron women who should have been clan mothers became prostitutes in the cities in fact you are being truthful with us.

History has a tendency to repeat itself and this may be the case. Even the most reliable underground vendor has been known to take the money and run and just reappear as someone else somewhere else. Every once and a while a legit vendor does show illicit encounters scam on this forum. They are not hard to spot if you communicate with them and ask the right questions and most importantly a referal and a scan.

JPThanks Nat. Let me know when you get the product, or your money back. Not that I expect that. If they where in proper business they would offer it back to me rather than try and act like kids. I wonder where you got the trannie idea from.

How about fulfilling some real orders for a change instead of acting like unprofessional kids? People can now take their business elsewhere instead of relying on you bunch of monkies anyway. Enjoy your holiday with our cash. I hear Thailand is nice this time of year. Stop being such a sod. They could at least have the balls to post on here as Novmaster instead of acting like kids. LOLJPIm the scammer?

What would you call yourselves? JPRealfakeI need a new photocard UK-DL scan,and we can produce this licence. Oh how I wish I could scam some poor idiot. NatNatNatJP. When did you last hear from them? Has ANYONE had a response recently? At least reply to my emails. All those who are still willing to vouch for Novmaster should try putting their money where their mouth is, and place an order recently. Now they just take your money and run. And I have placed illicit encounters scam through others too, who have had the same problem petehe seems legit thailand escorts 2017 women far.

LimeyThis chap may be legit. Is he doing the new photocard licence? Let us know how things progress pete. I sent that blackhatter fella a message and he is good man! His templates are awesome! The holograms and UV are top notch too, illicit encounters scam, just like that Gareth P said.

Seeing as the sites are all scams I am going to give him a try, he replies real quick with samples of work, and he can make me bots for hacking too! LogoStill say my CA novelty UK licence is the bomb, illicit encounters scam. Holds up at every pub under UV light. NovmaterJohnGareth PThis blog is so funny, took hours to read but worth it for the amusement! Love the arguments about all the sites being good and then being scams. I guess the only way to know is to try?

Not cheap but this sort of thing never is! They provided me with high quality samples of all the work before it was sent, and then after I agreed I paid, but the work was ready before money changed hands. They broward escorts still be doing this work? JohnSenseJerryJerryOk you got me.

Go to laymetowest or use my alternative and go to urtrulystupid JerryLOL. If people are stupid enough to fall for your lies then they deserve to be ripped off. Maybe they will learn in future. JerryWell, i was talking about US ones. If you want real ones go to laymetowest and talked to him. But before you do, shoot the guy an email and see for yourself. Let him explain how it works. Then decide for yourself. And that was sooner than he said cause it came from overseas SensePaisanoAnybody order novmasters Italian DL?

WashingtonSenseillicit encounters scam, This thread was designed to stop people being scammed. If after reading a balanced decent amount of posts, they still make the wrong decision, it is their own fault. If anything this thread exposes the thick idiot scammers, not advertises them.

At the start they were legit. Now they just take the cash, put you off for a bit, then ignore altogether. WashigtonWashingtonJust kidding. Washingtonoh, no. I can assure that NOVMASTER - SCAM SCAM SCAM! My friend was scammed by this guys. Ask realfake for a scan of his licence with your photo and signature and info before sending any money. Beware of all the scammers on this forum telling you otherwise. I want to make order from this company but i read all your complaints before.

I have additional question. Can anyone supply good quality UK driving license? They are promouting each other. I think you have a fish in your ass. Just goes to show there are still a few good ones out there. Most people here are interested in an EU novelty licence. You can get ahold of em at legitdlquick

Might be worth it? Blah blah CA blah blah blah Novmaster blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah Jason Place blah blah blah jailbird blah blah blah CA blah blah never coming back blah blah blah.

ShockedYou just found ir today and discovered it was a scam?? And i was suprised that this guys are stil working on this place, illicit encounters scam. Never trust this site - TOTAL FRAUD AND SCAM! Thanks for yours attention. Full steam ahead then, Hi! We really need some new place to talk about this stuff.

Pogue Mahoneillicit encounters scam, Jay and Co. CA was good in the old days but at the end was their worst enemy by taunting NSY and the London MET. Should be some blokes around operating underground. The current annual canvass forms are the same as ever. It is quite obvious they can eventually get you a DL but are ripping people off on their more expensive items. London: Novmaster are still delivering! I dont understand why ppl are slating them.

Who is the richest black woman in the world 2017I confirm that Novmaster not honesty and lier. He was scammed many peoples worldwide, illicit encounters scam. Ex CAGlad to see people still abount. Do you mean NI number? LimeyMy question was Limey, whether you had ordered anything RECENTLY. I said myself that I had received orders in the past. Call me whatever names you like. And if you have, and received it, you one of the lucky ones, illicit encounters scam.

CA OldtimerWell my Q is self-explan. An old CA member should know the terminology without needing to look it up, illicit encounters scam. Caxess OGSome of us still around mate. What do you have in mind? This forum is definitely monitored by our MPS friends and others, illicit encounters scam.

CA OldtimerAny oldtimer CA guys on here? Starting a new pro. Limeyillicit encounters scam, You seem to be the same scammer who time after time is crying about being ripped off.

I have dealt with vendors from shadowcrew, darkprofits, confidentialaccess and carderplanet and Novmaster also came through. LimeyWell i have the same issue id with yourself, Limey. You have always vouched for novmaster in the past. This forum has lost all credibility and is crawling with amatures and scammers. There are some underground vendors producing high quality products and I suggest you go that route at this point.

There are other forums and the contacts are illicit encounters scam by referal if you know where to look. Just use your head and you will find them. SCAMBUSTERWith respect, have you ordered anything from novmaster recently? I agree they were once legit. They seem to be taking money and not even replying to emails nowadays. It is wrong to vouch for people when you are not up to date with what had happened recently.


I want to warn you all! I have sent money and get nothing!!! Be aware from this contacts:. Catch us if you can. Old SchoolGone are the days of Shadowcrew and Darkprofits and Confidentialaccess, illicit encounters scam. The only legit vendor on the block is Novmaster for now. You know who you are. PassforsaleSpot on dave we are by far the biggest scammers on the internet and we are just a bunch of low life russian pond scum hoping some fools like yourselves actually believe we are legit so please contact us so we can rip you all off.

Thank you for your ignorance. Only real site out there. Otherwise you lose your hard earned money. I am sick and tired of people getting scammed so going to do what I can do stop it! Next Step is coming.

Ich glaube du hast ein Fisch im Arsch. AlexHello, alex here. Im very very VERY suspicious when it comes to these kinda sites. Anneat realfake. Im sorry you think its a scam, they genuine. Question is did you make it or is it a real UK DL or a Novmaster or CA novelty? Using a novelty to sell novelties and illicit encounters scam taking the money and skipping off for a pint, illicit encounters scam.

Another scan of a different licence would impress even more mate. Be suspicious dear people. Scammers galore on this forum now! CONTACT THEM BEFORE JUMPING INTO CONCLUSION. STOP TALKING RUBBISH WILL YOU. This website is absolutely legit! They have posted it earlier this afternoon so hopefully il get it tomorrow.

Well i can assure you they are the real deal! Sounds like a new scam site has sprung up. Ive found a website where they can get you a REAL driving licence. LimeyNovmaster Team is not and those scans are from well known scam sites. Good people, just go to the website and use the proper e-mail address or contact form. Novmaster has already been approved by the moderators amd others long ago.

Do not use novmasterr but the proper one novmaster Please note: we have asked the owners of the licence if it was OK for us to upload the licences, and they have agreed, we say thanks. We will certaintly make you happy. And second of all, i certaintly can, give me your email address and i will send it to you.

George CavareeHello and good evening, novmaster asked me to leave feedback so here illicit encounters scam is. Spotless, looks like the real thing! Well done guys keep it up! LolThe irony is that novmaster have turned out out to be scammers like everyone else. No wonder people are confused. IronicNovmaster Teamdo not pay attentio nat the comment below.

We are not the real novmaster but just the scamming lowlife Illicit encounters scam aka hotpants and many other aliases trying to discredit novmaster. Novmaster TeamWe do apologize john and to anyone else that got ripped off. We are still in business,but please make sure that the only email address you use to contact us is the following:.

Dont be fooled by other people asking you to contact us using any other email address, this is the only email address you should contact us on. Thankyou and we hope to be in business with you soon. LimeyScamming amatures posting bogus posts folks. Novmaster is legit and we all know it. Go to the website and use the contact provided.

We have an exchange student from Germany who insists that they have been told that they can get a drivers license here as long as it is with a certified driving instructor. On the other hand they have been told by the director of the program that brought them here that they cannot drive while here. Novmaster Teamsorry guys, someone tried to inpersonate us. WendySorry we are now officially closed. If you have any futher questions with regards to outstanding orders please email us novmasterr

Thank You Wendydo not believe the comment below. Novmaster TeamWendy stop talking nonsense. Sorry everyone we are a legitmate company trying to provide a service to the public. Oh by the way prices have gone down again. Please contact us novmasterrr, illicit encounters scam. Thanks WendyWendythe ONLY way to get pictures of prostitutes in germany contact with us.

CONTACT US ON THE ABOVE EMAIL ADDRESS FOR MORE INFORTMATION. Some facts are wrong however, and there is now a new email address:. Please get your facts right before posting. LimeyNovmaster is legit. Just the usual jibberish posted by the usual scammers. PEOPLE DONT FALL FOR IT LIKE I DID AVOID THESE STUPID SCAMMERS! GET A PROPER JOB U MOFOS NOTETHE NOVMASTER EMAIL ADDRESS WILL NEVER BE CHANGED.

Oh and Alex, I asked about you and it seems illicit encounters scam you tried to scam novmaster by sending dud payment slips but yet they still are processing your order after you getting caught out? Just wasting it for everyone else. Again people bad comments posted against novmaster are inevitable - because they stop the scammers from making money by actually delivery the product.

WendyHave you read our messages below. We have a new email address. I have heard nothing from you. I would be happy to answer your message and sort out your order for you. As you can see we have had problems recently, and I apologise your order has not ben fulfilled.

PLease passthe details over to me, and we will get it sorted. We have many happy customers, and we promise to resolve your issues. Sample scans are available to any doubters out there. WendyAt novmaster we apologise for the current upheaval. We reassure everbody that has orders outstanding that they can, and will be completed. We have reached a position where we no longer need a site that draws the wrong attention. All business will now be done by secure email.

All future contact and orders can be made to: novmaster, illicit encounters scam. Confidentiality is as always secure with us, and again, we reiterate, all orders, outstanding or new, will be fullfilled. All you info is safe and encrypted with us. Whether it be DL, statement or profile. We are still in business guys! LOVE THE GLITTER this ive lost my money?

COZ I PAID THEM! To start with I was put off with the nonsense on here about novmaster being raided etc, illicit encounters scam. Anyway, paid order street hoockers Thursday and received my licence on Friday - totally pleased and yes for any sensible people out there is the only place to go for these kinds of products.

This was not the first time. Illicit encounters scam your story straight and all is well. You most likely will get pulled over by ANPR cameras nowadays for no insurance. EbeneezerHaving got a new provisional license and having a good look around it there is no chance it will be copied.

Too many advanced security features. Even Novmaster wont copy, illicit encounters scam. Just beaware nowadays a simple offence like driving using mobile phone will lead to have your details checked on the national dvla computer.

Gone are the days of showing your license. They will use it to check your surname against the computer and surprise surprise its not there, and you get your car seized because you will have your insurance invalidated.

Like people have said before you cannot buy a registered license especially in the uk. And to go abroad. Get a provisional, take the theory and take the test. The actual car test has I think been made easier with the introduction of the theory test as you have to show some competency before you are allowed to take the test. Plus the government now is publishing so many help and advice on what to expect - mock theory tests, hazard perception.

The cost of all massage downtown miami florida and exams will be cheaper than the cost of a dodgy license.

You might think you are a safe driver and will never get stopped. But all it takes is one slight lapse of concentration. If anyone wants to send money via western union to asain massage bellingham ma contact on the otherside of the world needs serious attention.

You might as well chuck the money out of the window. Theory test on Tuesday and will take it from there, illicit encounters scam. No doubt will get a few comments but hey ho, I dont mind as will never look at the forum again. Time to move on. Ebeneezer Gary Glitter:aughableillicit encounters scam, Frank F. D, as long as you are not using It illegally, like driving with It.

German ID cards with the rihgt biometrik-code for traveling. As if the police would come on here talking about a raid - come on people. NOTETHE ONLY VALID NOVMASTER EMAIL IS LISTED ON THE WEBSITE - DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE ANOTHER EMAIL UNLESS THIS IS INCLUDED ON THE WEBSITE. EbeneezerHaving examined a friends new black and white DVLA photocard I am confident no-one will be able to reproduce it, not even close. The surname is in raised lettering, the photo is laser etched and the expiry date is now in the form of a hologram which changes to a reference number as well when tilted.

Hi there I still have not yet received the a level cert from them. Wendy did say on the cert, there is a heat spot like the original one. Im still waiting for a reply as well. I sent you an email today regarding my order. Have you read it yet because its quite urgent.

NovmasterJust to inform you. Wendy Novmasterwe were experiencing problems. And please be honest. There defintiely has something illicit encounters scam wrong recently. Why fontaine, do you think that just because you get a reply to an email that novmaster have not been raided?

Lets put a couple of things to rest:. I have not known Novmaster to post on this forum. What has been posted by Novmaster does not sound like what Wendy would say. I would illicit encounters scam it with a pinch of salt. I can hardly see a baton raiding police force shouting hand over your copy DL or we will search the house!! Have any of the old CA customers been raided - no.

As long as they confiscate the equipment thats all the police are bothered about! EbeneezerOk, if its true Novmaster may be shut down but its not illegal to own a "novelty id" to use it is a different matter. Novmaster will be targeted for reproducing an official id. Unless you are using a fake id to gain access or do something - ie stupidly drive on a fake DL then thats an offence.

If you hold a A level certificate which they produced for a course you never did then its not an offence. Me personally thinks they will have all their equipment seized, cash seized and might spend some time behind bars.

They must have had hundreds of order details on the servers which I doubt they will investigate everyone. Hizisimonnovmaster has been shut down after being raided by the police if you have brought a replica dl off them be very worried wont belong before you get a knock on the door Frank F. Hi, bei fragen bitte an. Greetz EbeneezerI was asking a question about if they could do a certain certificate.

Normally Wendy answers within a day or so of emailing. Did you order something from them? Du hast recht mit dem was du da sagst. There are loopholes and workarounds, but they work for only a few. And ALL licences, maybe Moldova and Belarus excepted what do I know are on national registries.

Because they brought up the file for her paper licence on computer. But if I want to exchange my real, paper French licence for a Vaud one I have to prove my domicile. And that would subject me to Swiss federal, cantonal and communal taxes! In the case of any real dispute an accident, a serious traffic violation, a question of misrepresentation making insurance void checking on the validity of a licence and whether a road test was taken or the licence obtained by exchanging another illicit encounters scam just a few minutes.

All the licensing agencies communicate with each other. A better idea: bribe the dictator of some tin-pot dictatorship to make you a diplomat in some EU country, and then get a diplomatic licence.

An even smaller number use the IDP blanks for special purposes, such as diplomatic driving licenses. So they drive on their Mexican, British, etc. But their passport shows that they are temporary visitors. AFAIK only Florida issues licenses to temporary residents, and then mainly to Canadian snowbirds. Anyway, there is a central registry of DUI and other suspensions: Moving to Canada might, or might not, help: a suspended license in one state might or might not preclude driving in another state or province with a Canadian provincial license, depending on relevant law, which varies.

Im still waiting for them to reply back. I dont wanna think that they are scammers cos I got what I paid for before. Now that my anger has cooled down i like to illicit encounters scam why i was NOT happy with the Novmaster product, i ordered a Northern Ireland DL this time and i expected the same good quality as i received before from Novmaster when i bought a UK Driving Licence!!!

As a NI was new to Novmaster the first resault was NOT satisfactory compared to the UK one, when they replaced it the Photocard was almost good as the original BUT the Counterpart was not! I was just fedup and angry so that i binned the COUNTERPART! Anyway if you are looking for a good quality UK Driving Licence and Counterpart then Novmaster "is the one" you want.

Hopefully they will sort the NI Counterpart problem illicit encounters scam just do what they do best a NOVELTY UK Driving Licence and Counterpart. As for CA i am happy they good what they deserved and hope they NEVER will come back.

I got them with recorded delivery and the quality was spotless! The best escort 4 you named Wendy was very helpful.

Now that they are all in jail thank god they can stop bullying people. People are like a broken record in here - we know that novmaster are genuine so why bother with these other scammer as i just loses your hard earned. Frankillicit encounters scam, Received my order from novmaster. Remember anyone can post on here with any name saying anything they want - usually negative reviews are coming from other sites no doubt.

The fact is novmaster deliver just as they did before. Unbelievable really that people still fall for it. The ImpalerVladimir. Get your thoughts together. The IP is mostly likely proxy. If anthing the IP is run by russian gangsters, and therefore the seller could be any tom, dick or harry.

VladimirFakePassports are scamming Russian gangsters who will laugh all the way to the bank the IP server is located in Moscow. They would probably want a cut if anything.

Stay away from this one. Maybe a wise move. Offering a UK novelty licence is a sure way to get nicked and I think they know it. LTUncle are legit and not scammers. Strike while the iron is hot! If you want to see a proper uk DL contact me and I Will show you.

LimeyFrank F. Bad copy,look the picture on the UK-dl. Nice little youtube video for your viewing illicit encounters scam. Frankillicit encounters scam, fonyaine what is the different? HenryJust found this site after spending good money on a fake licence from novmaster. A total waste of time and money.

I cannot understand how anyone woul be happy with the quality, I could have done better myself with a photocopier in Staples! Dont waste your money tooyou have been Warned avoid novemaster. Is the quality going suffer more?

No problems with email contact. Recieved the novelty licence and illicit encounters scam within one week although this was right after they had appeared again. The quality was not as good as CA on the photocard but the counterpart was nicely done. Novmasters holograms were a bit dull but the quality was good nevertheless. The same BAD QUALITY like i already got before none of the mistakes has been changed! YES Novmaster deliver eventually but the quality illicit encounters scam no good.

The Counterpart especially i can do it better with corel draw or photoshop. NOVMASTER you dissapointed me! SCAMBUSTERJames and Joseph are lovers its seems and I understand that Ebeneezer and LT are board is now beyond a joke. Still looking for that elusive novelty new style UK photocard licence. Somebody must be working on it. I guess the new security features are tricky to duplicate. Unfortunately our scam has been exposed on this forum and our attempt to fool all of you has failed as you can see by our ignorant attempt to imposter Ebeneezer and SCAMBUSTER.

Thank you for making our dream come true. EbeneezerSCAMBUSTERSCAMBUSTEROkay Okay, I do work for Novmaster. I know its illegal to reproduce a government agency document such as a DL but stuff em.

I love selling rubbish to suckers. Thank you for your support suckers. Jameshaha how am i scamming limey you muppet im not recommending anything.

We try and warn illicit encounters scam you of the scams out there, the hints panantes en miami dodgyness, if you are not happy with the results then MOVE ON.

When it fails you can call the Police and say that you tried to purchase a dodgy driving license and you want a refund. Joseph is ranting about his amazing site even though he has got his "license". James is feeling for his money he should have an inch perfect exact replica and has a grudge against Novmaster. Look at it this way - no one checks asain massage kirby and poplar quality of a license.

The police will only use the license to get the address. Whenever have you heard a copper reading out a license number to check. He will read the postcode and address to check against the national computer for being wanted, no insurance, no tax etc. He wont feel the paper of the counterpart and go mmmmmm.

The license is a physical copy not a duplicate. Lets move on and have some decent conversations and to share experiences, and I say share, not rant and rave and defend them to the death. JosephJamesso SCAMBUSTER is a illicit encounters scam as well. HE WORKS FOR NOVMASTER SCAMBUSTERJOSEPH IS A MORON. THE POLICE SHOULD HAVE THIS ONE WRAPPED UP RATHER QUICKLY.

JosephIllicit encounters scam have nothing to gain at all from saying what I received was what I paid for. My licence also had a London address not my own. Since I called the DVLA and got confirmation the licence was fine I will now send it off to get the address changed.

Jamesi think scambuster works for novmaster. Ok you have praised them and most people would just leave it at that. That business owes you no favours, to them you are someone who paid them money. You are not on commission. It appears you are trying to combat my theory about why the license would be sent by courier if it was a DVLA registered license. Errmm, no rocket scientist but if they are whore house vancouver a mock up doesnt that suggest its not done by the DVLA????

Funny how the comments are minutes apart. DO NOT INSULT OUR INTELLIGENCE PLEASE GO AND CRAWL UNDER THE NEXT STONE YOU FIND. For anybody viewing this forum for the first time YOU CANNOT GET A DVLA REGISTERED LICENSE BY BUYING IT. For identity purposes use NOVMASTER - I have tried like many others and happy with their service.

They even suggested improvements to the photo as it wasnt coming out right and to do it again. For a registered license you can still probably find a dodgy eastern european country who will accept a wadge of notes but dont expect to do it from your armchair.

You will have to physically go to the country and present the notes yourself. Then use the UK DVLA exchange system to get a UK DL.

If you can find someone who looks like you and willing to sit the test for you then another idea, illicit encounters scam, but if you get rumbled you will pay the price heavily. Check out the names of websites on the internet, check them out, ask questions, ask for scans, try and catch them out. If it sounds cheap, its a con.

All looks good to me so far the licence does not have my addy on it, it has a london address, they say i can change that later. Sorry if that upsets you LT : Europe-DLLicence Information for both EU AND SWISS Licences. What do you get from us if you order an EU OR Swiss Licence?

WHAT DO I DO TO GET TO THIS LICENCE? Signature-small as possible with a black felt pen on separate paper. Strict privacy of Switzerland. In a control in Switzerland, nothing happens because they get a genuine Swiss-registered FS.

Fully protected legally and officially. ADVANTAGE IN THE SWISS FS. Only interesting if both DL are required. Please, go and find another forum to frequent. That link should work. Thank you for your enquiry. We are able to obtain and supply a DVLA Swansea issued UK Full Drivers Licence, illicit encounters scam. The licence is the new photocard and paper use a process unique to ourselves. PLEASE NOTE this is not a copy or similar it is a genuine licence. If you wished illicit encounters scam proceed we would email you a payment slip to use at any post office.

You would be issued with a receipt. You would need you to supply a photo passport size and a copy of signature via email jpeg. You can be assured that our contacts and ourselves use the utmost you wish to proceed please email us with your. Address as to be shown on Licence. A Photo of yourself MUST be passport quality. As soon as we receive these details we will email you the payment details and payment slip. Refunds - Important- We do not under any circumstances offer refunds of the deposit.

If you decide you do not wish to continue the application for any reason a refund will NOT be made of the deposit. Slight flaw I can see. If its a properly registered DVLA license with your address on it, issued by the DVLA why would this scam license firm charge a courier to deliver it to you.

If DVLA issued, it would come straight to your house by Royal Mail. Why would it be sent to an unknown address the scammers which the DVLA wouldnt do to forward onto yourself??? Money down and the rest upon delivery.

Absolutely impossible for that price. Nobody at the DVLA would take that risk for that price and if they did craigslist singapore massage will be big news soon because they will get nicked pronto.



HOW NAIVE CAN ONE BE? Cannadian-girlI have nothing to say you. I just decided to express my gratitude to these people for help me to start a new life. EbeneezerAs long as you are not driving on these licenses and you have your own legit one then I would plead innocence and claim you thought there was nothing wrong in as thought they wanted it for ID to get into pubs etc.

Me personally depends what this so called friend is after. Is he reporting you or has he already? Is he after some money back. And you can pay by Western Union. EbeneezerCanadian, nationality canadian or whatever you want to call yourselves next. Can you translate your last comment into English please?

Stop promoting your own scam,anybody who falls for it deserves to be had. EbeneezerSimon, if you were caught with say a fake Student Card then the Police wouldnt be bothered. However as its a replica of the UK DL then they probably would get involved.

What do you want to say? Surely you can think of a better username!! How can you get to Kelowna Airport in Canada when it serves mostly internal flights and flights from USA.???

So how did you get into the USA past their ultra strict entrance policy where any slight discrepancy on your passport will result in arrest. AIRLINES serving Kelowna International Airport YLW. THUK licence, will cost you a fair bit but only money upfront is for DVLA and DSA fees.

Both parts and all seems fine as mine is. That is why the feds were successful with shadowcrew. They actually hijacked the place. I have now doubt that CA want to make a comeback. How they will make ammends to the people they left in the cold and prison however is a different matter. SCAMBUSTERI will think youll find i have been on this site years trying to point out the scammers as novmaster and anybody else will tell you.

As SCAMBUSTER quite rightly pointed out, a genuine UK DL on the database could not be bought for a few hundred quids, illicit encounters scam. There is no site that is flogging real UK DLs, FACT. Official SpokesmanWho made you official spokesperson, SCAMBUSTER? Everyone else is a ripper. I have no affiliation with either site but I have used the services of both and they are both genuine and decent quality. Admiral, stop talking BS. Jay is in the slammer so why are you using his username on here?

Seriously, stop being a plebian. You have no profiles for sale and you are just another ripper. JamesJosephI have checked with the DVLA in Swansea today! I asked for clarification of some of the Cats on the back etc what I could drive and they illicit encounters scam very helpful. They asked for my drivers number etc.

Admiral if you can offer what you say give me an email address i can contact you on and show some samples. I will report back Admiralany body who was a member of CA we no the service i can provide is genuine. USA, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Italia, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Mexico, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom. This list is not full, illicit encounters scam.

Beware THE TRUTHTRAGAS WAS FBI, JOANNE KOLOMBAKOY. There will not be another CA site appearing, if you believe that then you deserve to get chored. The rest is history, and if you want a drivers license, go to crete, its the easiest test ever, then send into DVLA all legit. LimeyThis whole scenario reminds me of the whole shadowcrew FBI sting. AdmiralTheres alot of rubbish on here about what happened at CA and we did get too big for our boots.

But we will be back VERY SOON aaabbbBitter? There is a possibility that what you say could be right, but I have my doubts. That then leaves your ex CA mod theory, which, if true, means that CA had a rat in their higher ranks and quite probably contributed to their downfall.

Johnamazingidsolutions are thiefs DO NOT send any money to Emmanuel Oranu, London, illicit encounters scam. You will get NOTHING be aware!!! Are they any real ones out there who can provite?? Get your facts right aaabbb, before making wild guesses. So why do we even need CA anymore? The rest of the stuff they flogged can be sourced elsewhere and all the old members worth any salt are all in touch with each other via email sharing their tips and tricks, illicit encounters scam.

As for sc, I am reliably informed that it is either CA behind it or the feds. LimeySounds like this bloke Joseph is just an amateur with a novelty licence who has been scammed himself and his mate as well. Are you doing this out of the kindness of your heart? Some of us on this forum have been in the game a long time and know a scammer when we see illicit encounters scam. BradJosephThe fact is LT you are one of those people that always thinks they are you a bully at school??

LTJosephOh well whatever. I know mines a genuine one not a copy etc. I would have never recommended a mate where to get one otherwise. EbeneezerI think gone are the illicit encounters scam when someone at the DVLA can press a few buttons and issue a full DL!!

In this day and age of technology the examiner will enter his pass certificate onto a computer, the driver gets a piece of paper he sends in which the DVLA cross match with the records the examiner put in and then issue the license. You will never be able to get a full UK DL by buying one. The only way you can get round it is getting a mate to sit the test and theory for you but he has to look like you and not set the alarm bells ringing.

If you are so sure that your DL is genuine then ring up the DVLA and make up a question about your entitlements on the license - illicit encounters scam will soon find out. JosephYes it is a real one and no its not a photocopy or something like that.

There maybe firms or people ripping some off but I was lucky not to be. LTA real registered UK drivers licence? MR TJosephLT also, I paid half up front not by wireor western Union or what ever there called. They said they always did this but I did not know and still dont know why.

JosephLT err No! I would not recommmend one to my mates friend if I had been scammedthat would be a little silly dontchathink!!.

We paid for ours in the Uk. I have been stopped once by the police and must admit was nervous but all was fine, illicit encounters scam. I am reading all sorts of stuff on here but it was not the experience I have had. LTJosephI know of a company that supplies real Driving licences. I actually got one off them a year ago but the site vanished. I needed another one for a friend of a friend no names and I just emailed the contact I had and she got back to me.

If anyone wants the email address let me know. I am not sure what all this sending money overseas thing is I read here, I paid for mine in the Uk. BuyFakeIDWe are scamming bottom feeders and will take your money and run because we are unscrupulous gangster types who lie and cheat and have no morals. Please send us your money and let us make a fool out of you today.

LAUDEEbeneezerFrom fake site:. How much time will you need to send my document after the moment I paid? Answer : It depends on the payment method you used. Wire transfer usually takes several days to arrive to our account.

Webmoney, Western Union and Massageporn methods are fast and we can check them at the same day. Do you really want to send a Western Union payment to the other side of the world. You might as well flush your money down the loo!!!!!

Would you trust these guys, if you cant find a few decent reports on them - steer clear. Novmaster seem to be the only ones that deliver - they do UK and Italian. LTScammers offer multiple EU licences only legit vendors do one or two. Alway ask for a scan with your info and photo.

LimeyLooks like the scammers are back this time Carlos and John. How many times do we have to go through this before someone gets scammed again? Otherwise will do postage UK special delivery or international signed worldwide via Royal Mail. Promised several times to get a replacement NOTHING so far til today!

Will i use Novmaster again? MartinCA got a little too big for their britches and were involved in id theft and mortgage fraud. Power corrupts and in the end all the " good " members disappeared or were banned and it ended up being a circus. Kiss your money goodbye if you were one of those people who put in an order before they were busted. I would be very suspicious of anybody claiming to be a relative of Jason Place trying to resurrect CA because they would be shut down ASAP.

There is no new statement since J as arrested in Gibraltar, and I would be very wary of dealing with anyone who is reposting old info and not making new statements. If the CA is coming back the first thing they could do id refund the money to those customers who paid in the final few days. This was when J had been arrested, but his brother still collected money, knowing that the products could not be supplied.

The word out there is that J has done a deal to get a lesser sentence. JohnThanks for that. What I need confirmed is that they can actually pull up the photo at a roadside stop. I know they have access to all the other stuff. ClaudiuJohnLTWelcome to the world of novelty ids and the scamming nature of some people tonyc.

The only legit naked message still operating is novmaster. EbeneezerTalking of loopholes. For example if someone tried to exchange say a Novmaster UK dl to a Polish license would the Polish authorities send it back to Swansea to check out????

CarlosLike I say, leave your contact illicit encounters united states and I will contact you with all the details you need.

Not sure who has been selling Fake Espana Licenses,but I can Assure you mine are genuine and not a fake. Espana karlLimeyBeware the infamous Spanish drivers licence scam.

Many people were nicked by the police when they were stopped or by the driving authorities when they tried to exchange it for a real one. Carlos is probably a scammer. LEAVE YOU EMAIL ADDRESS HERE I WiLL GET BACK TO YOU WITH DETAILS AND PRICE.

Dirk DigglerReally? I have a novelty licence from both Novmaster and CA. Both are very good and I have compared them with a real UK drivers licence. But I must say the CA novelty licence is better because of the color and the DVLA holograms are more reflective.

BatmanMonty VierraGoogle had a "sponsored link," so I checked out Their webpage advertises "International Driving Permits," but once you click on that page, they call it an "International Driving License," with the IDP logo overwritten with IDL.

They give a Texas address. I say kudos to the site that can duplicate the much needed newer UK photocard licence. Hope that will be the case. CAjays in jail im a relative we will be doing a two tier membership on basic you can access limited content.

Remains to be seen but most welcomed indeed! Dirk DigglerMarkEbeneezerSCAM ALERT. However wants people to use Epayarea which claims is an escrow service for your security as will only release monies when you are happy but in fact is an equiv of Paypal and once its sent you have lost it. Probe any offers further un prostitution offer to use a proper escrow service like - those with anything to hide will run a mile.

Never ever use Western Union - the biggest scam of the lot. The ongoing vendetta by the UK authorities against a legitimate corporation, can only serve to make us more determined than ever to continue serving the needs of our customers, illicit encounters scam. We have asked the authorities directly, what it is that they are looking for and what specific charges they feel should be levied upon CA, but to date, these questions have not been answered.

Due to this silence we can only surmise one of the following has occurred:. The unfortunate results of the paranoia and unprofessionalism of the authorities involved, has been a disruption to our members and the good people we serve on this great ship. It has done little actual damage to CA, other than to give us all a few days off in order to regroup and restructure, ensuring that the integrity of our framework is stronger and more impermeable than ever before. CA has tired of the intrusions and the pitiful efforts of these overpaid, over-rated and deceitful public servants who have perpetrated thefts and seizures, from which they believe they can gain information.

We have told these people that their efforts are wasted and constitute a grave misuse of both civil funds and public trust. We are not prepared to alter our M. We are back and we will continue to strengthen and solidify our structure to allow us to rise again and again no matter how illicit encounters scam times we are attacked.

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I am having a very hard time accessing my account. I have now doubt that CA want to make a comeback. I feel the same way, except its purple and for Pancreatic Cancer. Martin , CA got a little too big for their britches and were involved in id theft and mortgage fraud. I won;t hold my breath either. So many scammers have come and gone on this forum.