Аксессуары для мужчин и смартфона – посылки с eBay и AliExpress

If you are looking for accessories for yourself, well done, and your fellow life partner – a smartphone, then I suggest watching this video. Today I will review them. I greet the viewers of my channel! My name is Alexander. Whatever popular services would be to return a part of the amount paid for a product, all of them are not perfect. For example, the LetyShops cashback service, which I use for a long time, has its own browser extension, which allows the buyer to keep track of how the price of a product has changed. but this period is limited to 30 days. But, as a rule, parcels with goods are delivered to Belarus longer, so you should not rely on this expansion. On April 30th, I bought sunglasses for $ 6.28 on the occasion of AliExpress. Such glasses under the name “Elitera” from the eponymous store were delivered to Minsk from China only after 34 days, and in early June they cost $ 13.80. But the expansion from LetyShops shows price growth of only $ 1. That is, we can assume that this is the usual price of 12 – $ 14. In fact, this is certainly not the case. The price was 2 cheaper. This means that the goods are packed in a cardboard mail box, which is delivered with a track number being tracked and valued at $ 1. Shop “Elitera Classic” offers 5 color solutions with polarizing plastic green, blue and gray lenses 62 mm wide and 53 mm high in the frame of a metal alloy of dark gold, gray, black and silver colors. I purchased a lot in a gray frame and with gray lenses. The glasses are delivered in such a case, branded, “Elitera”. There is a small lanyard, you can hang on 3 fingers. Very small case with a length of 160 mm. This is a plastic silver zipper. The glasses are packed and completed like this … Complete with glasses is a hard case, a card for checking polarization, a branded label – a certificate of quality and a napkin for cleaning glasses lenses. The napkin is black and quite comfortable enough, it is big. And such glasses. The lenses are very dark from the outside as well as from the inside. Because of this, there is such a feature. Since the lenses are wide enough, then in these areas you can observe the reflection of the skin of the temporal region of the head with side vision. This does not interfere, but such a feature is present. These lenses are much darker, comparing it with my “RockBros” sport glasses. So they sit on the face. And so the “RockBros” sport cycling goggles. These glasses are getting lighter. In these glasses, everything is brighter, although they also clean it up from the bright sun. And there is UV protection. These lenses are even darker. Aviator type glasses were popular with action heroes of the 70s and 80s, such as Sylvester Stallone in the film Cobra. The highest UV400 protection is claimed, that is, protection against 100% ultraviolet with a wavelength of up to 400 nm. The cushions and rims are very thin, so you need to use very carefully. But at the same time, they are light, comfortable. To the nose is not sweating, and ventilated, there are such perforated elastic bands, are inserted here. They are inserted as a cork. Immediately check the polarization. So the fish is visible. I do not know how you can see. Polarizing lenses do not distort colors, and are quite suitable for use by motorists when driving vehicles. The dimensions of the lens, as stated, 62 mm by 53 mm, it is. The total width with arms of about 150 mm, but claimed 146 mm. And the length of the arms even 145 mm. And these are standard sizes for an average adult person. All links in the description. I recommend to buy. Good glasses! Drive on! The new name is for me. I haven’t had one yet, but the brand is quite popular. Men’s watch quartz watches from “Naviforce” purchased on eBay for $ 19.59, which, of course, is more expensive than it could be purchased on AliExpress. Rated at $ 5. The package was quickly delivered from Singapore to Belarus in 18 days. The track number was reported and it was tracked well. The store offers several colors of the dial and bracelet. Packed without retail box. It is also offered there, but I refused due to the fact that, in principle, it is not needed. That’s so pretty packed. This model is 3006 far 2010. And specifically where I bought on eBbay, the color of the clock is indicated as RGBE. O! Zip lock! And I was thinking how to open it? Wow, how cool is everything! Most instructions in English, without Chinese. Warranty voucher not filled. There are illustrations on setting the clock. Some kind of “Naviforce for dream” card – for a dream, “unique design, international”. Warranty card. I do not know why it is needed in my case. These are drugs. And the film is all sealed in this way. Model not specified, price not specified. But all retail is present, except packaging. The body is yellow so here, it is stated that zinc. The back cover is covered with a shipping film. The color of the bracelet is pearl metallic, and here weaving such as chain mail is small-fine. Declared, even here, on the dial it is written, moisture protection 30 m depth, or 3 atm, but it was specifically explained that you can wash hands in them, nothing more. The real weight of the watch coincides with the stated up to mg – 76 g exactly. The case diameter is about 40 mm. Stated 42 mm. We believe that it is. Thickness about 10 mm. The size of the bracelet is stated, if taken without a lock, it turns out 75 mm. Here the bracelet is here. 105 mm. It was stated 245 mm. Width 20 mm? Yes, 20 mm. So they look on hand. I took it specially for wearing with a shirt. A sort of office hours. There is a lock under the head so that the clock on the road does not go. I take the lock and click on the clock adjustment head. The second hand went. Dial dial. There are hour, minute and second hands. Roman numerals indicate only 4, 8 and 12 hours, the rest are marked by risks, but the risks and the figures themselves are embossed. The calendar here is presented only on the day of the week, as I see here, in English, “monday”, and the number, date, but the two-digit number is so small, even in the depth in this window, that you can see, just look at the clock and see which date is very complicated. We must look at. Well, pay attention to the end of the second hand on the reverse side, this is the logo of the manufacturer “Naviforce”. Some veiled swastika. The logo is also presented on the buckle. The dial is simple, but the color combination is very pleasant, not flashy. I also liked this option in the black color of this watch model. And originally made the head adjustment clock. To adjust and adjust the clock, it will take a little to get this head all the way, and turn it up, set the time. And to adjust the calendar, you need to slightly tamp down the head and rotate in the opposite direction. I will change the date. In if I rotate up, I switch the day of the week. Yes, only English. And today we have Wednesday, “wednesday” some. To change the battery in the mechanism, it is necessary to use some kind here … There is such a small visor here. You hook it up like this. I have already removed it, so as not to open it 2 times. A small rubber ring for sealing and such a simple standard mechanism. Do not be surprised if this is again Seiko-Epson. I remove the white plastic frame, and you can change the battery. Here is a battery installed here. Regular stopper cap. Once and for all. Well, there should be 2 cheap silicone cases for my relatively new smartphone, it hasn’t yet a year, “Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra Dual”, which was delivered to me for free, because there was 107 days delivery to Belarus, and I already had this money dispute results are returned to the account. Well, the money here is small, only $ 3.31 for both bumpers. They valued at $ 1.5. There was a track number, but it was not tracked at all. At that time I ordered a more expensive bumper, somewhere for the same price of $ 3.74. This one here. I already did a review on it. Leave a link. Let’s see what has come here. So there are 2 bumpers. “XA2 Ultra”. Nothing is written here. One bumper simpler, the other a little more abruptly. Here is this abruptly. That’s how I posted them. Well, let’s first evaluate this one, which seems to be more abrupt. It is packed simply. It is silicone transparent. Holes like in place. He strengthened these corners here. There are also buttons soldered on top, not holes. And for the convenience of holding slightly convex and matte. Each bumper was worth $ 1.30. The bumper sat down well. all holes, as you can see, also coincide. This is a tray. All holes match. Yes, in principle, normal. Turn off / turn on. The case does not hide the color of the case of the smartphone, like another case. There are no complaints about this case. It is very beautiful, especially free. Although inexpensive – $ 1.30. I will leave a link to the store. You can also choose something for your smartphones. This bumper is simpler. It’s just silicone. Very so simple. If there are separate holes for the flash and the camera, then here the hole is like that of a more expensive case. The case is also silicone, inside is not slippery. The outer side is glossy. Also, the buttons are duplicated here, and all the holes seem to be also present. This bumper sat even denser. You can appreciate. Everything coincides too. It is for my smartphone. Once, once. That message came. I also note that the edge of the bumper protrudes slightly above the display, so when we put it on the table, it is not the display that is scratched, but the bumper. As for this bumper with protected corners, then here these edges even more protrude. These are the same, and these appear, probably, even by 1 mm. A sort of suits for a smartphone, so that he was smart, protected and original every day, looked different. Here is such a gentleman’s set was presented today on the review. Links to all products placed in the description under this video. Thank you for watching! Subscribe to the channel! And see you soon! Until. See you later.


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