Блестящая гарнитура “G2”, нержавеющая винная пробка, велосипедный звонок на Bangood и eBay

Hello! My name is Alexander. And you are on the channel “The Belov House.” In this video, we extract 2 parcels with the 3 goods. One product was purchased in the store Banggood.com and 2 goods was purchased in the eBay site. With one product you can find right now, Here is the headphones, or rather this headset wire, 2-Driver. That’s how they look in the ears on me. These 3 goods came to me for free, because the Guaranteed delivery times parcels already long gone, and I recommend to its subscribers and viewers pay for goods using PayPal payment system. With this system, You are guaranteed to return the paid funds in the case of non-receipt of goods or poor quality goods. Well, we just move on to the desktop and proceed to unpack. Go! Gray package arrived 80 days later. The track number is not tracked. appreciated $ 3, weight 38 grams. This product, I ordered a pre-paid, have such a service in Banggood store. The buyer pays for the goods, which is then delivered to a warehouse store, that is, it was initially not available. The price of goods typically lower than it could be offered the presence in the store. I product, as you can see, cost free. But originally I was paying $ 8.49, applying there any coupons but then he returned the money, because the goods are not delivered in a timely manner. I reveal. Here, in principle, are gaining popularity 2-Driver Earphones. “G2” model. And here’s a brief their characteristics. Recently saw them in the proposal for a review on the site AliPrice.com under a different brand for $ 14.72, but they Banggood even cheaper now than in AliExpress store. In this case, there is such a package. There is a round plastic packaging box-ike. Included earphones and I see 3 pairs two separate, not wearing different size ear cushions-gags. No separate instructions None, but, in principle, everything is represented here, that is, it is initially set. There is a control panel. And the appointment of a button. One multifunction button and built-in microphone. The transparent plastic case Each headset 2 installed on the dynamics of 6 mm diameter. What is thus achieved sounding result I’ll tell you after listening. Stated Headphones weight 15 grams. And the outer edge here metallic, that such inserts. cable length 1.20 meters. Here, at some distance 25 centimeters there’s a metal, No plastic still separator. And on one of the wires installed remote controller. In this key negotiation mode answer the call or call release a single press. In music mode, press once on the button puts the player in pause mode or reproducing in subsequent pressing. 2-fold depression will switch to the next track. And 3-fold by pressing a button transfer the player to play previous track. To connect to the source phonograms used 3.5 mm stereo connector. Stated dynamic headphones range 110 dB. Frequency range 20 to 24,000 Hz. The resistance of the left and right headphones to 8 ohms, for a total of 16 ohms. Well, now I offer connect headphones to the source of phonograms and to evaluate their sound quality. On the headphones themselves is a mark “Right left”. And besides, it is located on the right earpiece Now this improvised remote one multifunction button. Headphones in-ear attached very reliably and comfortable. Now playing turn. And once there is a very high-quality sound, very balanced sound. Very powerful low frequency, almost at the same level of average and at the same level high. Very balanced sound. And it is very clear division between channels. If only at the highest volume, perhaps, some mixing occurs channels. No. Wrong. It is depending on the track. I suggest you give a listen through a microphone, but I think that the microphone This quality does not show you. Where the microphone? (Sounds a piece of music). Well, something like this. And it remains to estimate the quality of the built into the remote microphone, so I call someone. That he expressed his opinion about quality of the headset. One telefonchik I held the microphone so that you have heard. (Dial tone). “Yes, Sanchos! Hail! – Denis, hello! In short, I’m testing the headset such wire. Headphones. And I would like to know how you make me
hear. 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, and yes. How do you hear me, quality, poorly? – You know, that feels a little bit not to the microphone, and so normal. – well! Only a slight echo, is not it? Somehow, yes, that’s a little bit … If you had not said, I thought, on the phone can, you know, somewhere in the corridor. As usual in the hallway … As well okay. – Good, then. Thank you. – Well, what about you? Well, I told you then. A bit of work busy. Then we’ll talk. – All pious. We agreed. – Vecherochkom. Come on. -Good. Till.” Well you heard, excellent quality of the built-in microphone. I mistakenly believed that the task of these headphones attracting appearance, that’s so original, transparent body 2 driver. Silver-golden is decor, that is, someone’s ears will be decorated, and probably in the sun it will gleam. But I was wrong. Developers have invested even here sufficient quality speakers, and the sound is excellent, very smooth, good, deep bass. Superiority of Driver 2-headphone over 1 Driver, that is, having two speakers inside, somehow I do not feel this is already serious, meaningful such superiority. In principle, if the speakers themselves quality, and the sound … Speaker 1 or 2. It does not matter. It’s such design course. Under silicone ear pads, plugs They are still here are metal
mesh. Yes, it seems they really are silver metal. The only drawback, but it is probably inherent most headphones, As used herein, the cable represents, it is not thick enough, perhaps 2 mm, and the cord, it sort of in appearance like a metal wire and covered with a transparent silicone in tube. And here expense of silicone, because it does not slide, like that’s normal lace cloth. Here silicone he clung to each other bad unravels. And of course missing any box or bag for storage or transportation. But very low price and a very attractive price, so these headphones I consider worthy a buyer. So it’s quite a high-quality production, attractive design, excellent sound, not good, and excellent sound headset, which I I recommend to buy instead of the original, which came into disrepair. Here this headset will just be the way. My Subscribers who looks closely video on my channel not so long ago, when there was much warmer in the street, already I know what I ordered someone cycling electric bell. So here is the premise for a long time was, and I did not wait, acquired an additional 1, but on eBay. This assumption made it to Belarus 66 days. So I got the call, both free of charge. Thank sellers, who for a long time … or maybe post services that deliver a very long time packages whether from China, or like here in the Netherlands to Belarus. And this same seller I addition to the electric bell has acquired such reusable bottled wine cork. The track number is also tracked. Just then a set of numbers. We assessed the package 3S. The weight of each of the products to 47 g for a total of ’94 Too, shall open and see. Bung and call. This time the call came without The original shipping carton, just in a bag, Well, he looks the same, and it is in my experience, probably already third call of this type. I’ll just check its performance. Power required for 2 batteries, or AAA type batteries. Here the battery compartment. Need a screwdriver crosswise very thin, to open the lid. It is necessary to something sharp to pick up it. And with the correct polarity, install 2 batteries. This is true, This is true. The polarity is indicated here on top of the lid. Check. Everything is working. Very loud, piercing sound. Well, and now estimate plug reusable, Well, that’s all brilliant – it’s metal, all that black – it is plastic. Here there’s a lever. And here some rubber seal, which is compressed when closing. Well, let’s check how this tube. Just put on the neck and press the lever. Well, now I’ll try to take it off just by hand, and it can be easily removed. That is not very tightly corked. The same function is performed and the native plug. In short, I was not thrilled with the metal tubes, although it is beautiful, so that’s nice, as a cup of stainless steel. It has some weight, but not heavy. In short, if someone is not a fan of to empty wine bottle in one gulp at a time, You can buy a cork and so keep leftover wine. Links to all of today’s products look in the description under this video. I say goodbye to you. See you soon. We will meet for sure. Good luck to all! Bye Bye.


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