Мой карманный банк – мужской бумажник CHAO RAN на eBay

I welcome the viewers of my channel. My name is Alexander. And today I received a new package from China. At the beginning of my cooperation with the eBay site in 2012, one of my first purchases was a wallet made from leatherette or PU leather, as it is called, under the Fuerdanni brand. For 5 years this wallet served me every day and this despite the fact that it is made of some synthetic materials. The edges here are so melted, smoothened. And then on the 6th year he began to slowly fall apart. The walls of the wallet are glued from the layers, if you can see, at some point they began to crack, and since the wallet itself is not threaded through the entire perimeter, such additional cavities are formed. There is one department here, where I store coins, on a plastic zipper with a metal runner. The lock is reliable, not broken. That is, the brand is qualitative, although it makes its products, like all Chinese, not from natural materials, but from recycled garbage. The separation is made of nylon. And their main trouble is that over time, as I have after 5 years of daily wear and use, the outer surface of the wallet and so it turns out, is stratified in the folds. I also note the fact that before him I used a leather wallet under the brand “PETEK”. This is a very famous brand. It was made of genuine leather, in it only some of the internal partitions of the compartments were made of nylon, as here, this is the option. This is a very bulky purse, it is thick even when not full. The banknotes in it are folded in half, which adds an even larger volume. And, in addition, it is full of hidden divisions, partitions, pockets. It can not be worn in the pockets of jeans, and if you put it in the inner pocket of the jacket, you will have one good chest for the second size. In short, it’s a purse for wearing only in a bag. And four years later, in places of abrasions and fractures, it was the skin on the outside of the wallet that began to tear. That is, it is not important whether it is leather or artificial material, although as you can see, it is artificial material, it even surpasses the strength of natural leather. Well, on average, the men’s wallet lives 4 to 5 years. Well, here is my new purse, which arrived in a package from China to Belarus for 3 weeks. The track number was tracked. As you can see, the Chinese did not bother with packaging. We estimated the package at $ 3. And I bought it on eBay for $ 15, saved 13 cents with the help of the LetyShops cash service. Link to the purse and cashback service in the description of the video. The weight of the package is 103 g. The store offers only one color of this purse, which is called “Chocolate”. Yes, he is exactly the same as in the illustration – one to one. This is a purse for wearing in a breast pocket. It is flat and easily hidden in the inner pocket of outer clothing, whether it is a jacket. 5 years ago I chose this format convenient for myself for most seasons of the year, because in Belarus summer is short, more often it is necessary to wear jackets. In a warm period, I use this cardholder with a clamp for bills, sewed by the Minsk factory “IGERMANN” made of genuine leather, or, more precisely, 2 layers of genuine leather are sewn together. It is compact, easily hides even in your pocket shorts. This wallet attracted me with small dimensions of 168×80 mm and is relevant for a couple of years to Belarus for a small department for coins. Nowadays, citizens do not often use cash bills, mostly bank cards, but the coins I diverge quickly, there are literally a couple of things, so just here is such a modest pocket that closes on a metal button. This pocket is placed very successfully, there is good access to coins. By the way, if you have a large number of coins, they can be stored in this pocket. It is not deep, coins from here are easily also available. The width of the opening of this pocket on the outside of the wallet is 120 mm. In addition, there are only 7 offices for credit cards, here 3, here 4 and 1 is a compartment with a window for some document. Also I like that the bills in such wallets do not break in half. They are smooth, often straight, smooth, they are nice to accept for payment to the cashier, and they are not rejected by the ATM. And, in addition, the wallet looks rich, statistically. Well, I found the currency larger, and as you can see, it still comes in, but the size of the bills is right next to it. But I like him – he’s so tiny. In! With a smartphone. As you can see, it is more compact than my “Fuerdanni”. Due to the lack of an additional internal partition or tab with additional positions for storing bank cards, and because it is smaller in size than my old wallet, this wallet is so thin, therefore the inner pocket of your tuxedo will swell only from the banknotes that you place here, and not because of the thickness of the wallet itself. Standard for Chinese haberdashery is declared genuine leather. The easiest way to check your skin is to fry it on fire. As you can see, it is all melted, twisted like polyethylene, but, you know, there is no smell of smoked leather, but at the same time it does not smoke with black smoke. There is no black smoke. There’s white smoke. Like a genuine leather. And there is no unpleasant smell either. Some very high quality fake genuine leather. Dyed qualitatively, as you can see, the coating does not wear off and will not stain your clothes. I will repeat that modern artificial materials are superior to the strength of natural leather in terms of their consumer qualities, so do not fixate on it. Personally, I prefer black color. Well, here’s my previous purse was more brown with such a picture put on, and this one is chocolate-burgundy. The purse is made in a classic vintage style. Well, I’ll show you closer – everything is sewn here. And, mind you, the wallet, the branches and the lock of the type of lightning are sewn along the entire contour with a thread, which, of course, gives it strength. By the way, the lightning and slider are metal. Well, I hope that it will last a very long time. And it seems to me that it can still be genuine leather. And I like him. Thin, quality, easy to use. There is no disgusting smell, it smells of skin. It does not close to any buttons or straps, which are not very convenient to use, I do not like them. The best men’s purse. I recommend. Comment on your opinion in the comments, but I can not believe it. To the Chinese people began to sell leather on AliExpress and eBay? !! Really smells like skin, well, such a colored skin. Maybe it’s skin !!! And I want to address my viewers. Guys and Girls, you hesitated to upload my videos to your so-called channels without viewers and subscribers. Over the last 2 days, I have sent requests to block 20 of my videos on pirated channels. Youtube has already blocked them. You better subscribe to my channel, add my videos to your playlists, but do not do piracy. Nobody will let you earn money on them. Shoot your interesting author’s video. And I wish you the best of luck in this! See you soon. Fuck who knows what will be in the next video. Well, for now … Bye!


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