Ти можеш да печелиш над 6500 лева на месец от eBay онлайн търговия.

Hello friends, from me Tsvetan Radushev Very often, I get questions from you: “How long can I start?” “What result should I expect?” “What will my profit be?” For this reason, I invited one of my most active students to enroll this year. Rather, at the end of last year, namely Rosen. – Hi Rosca! -Hello! -Just to inform you that I let your monitor record, but for security reasons, I’ll hide your store, in order not to “steal” your products as much as possible to steal the products that you do not have in stock. -Thank you for agreeing to make this video with you! -Before you start practicing the course, did you do any online trading? -Not at all! I was thinking about online trading. -When did you purchase this course as a product? -Late last year. It was actually like a present for the beginning of the new year. I wanted to try something new. For five months, I was wondering whether or not to start. -Yes, as far as I remember, he had bought it at a Christmas promotion. I had dropped it with some bonuses. Then you buy it. It was around New Year’s Eve. -When did you start selling? -In general, almost immediately. Very fast. Almost immediately? For those who haven’t seen eBay, in fact, it’s the Seller Dashboard at the Seller Hub, since there are many options to open eBay orders and statistics, however, we use the Seller Hub as it is required for some of the software we use. -Can you show when you signed up for eBay? I see you have 2500 feedbacks almost. -Here it was registered on January 11. -11 January! So you started nine months ago. Okay, can you show what your monthly turnover is? -Here it is! -This is your monthly turnover. You make $26,000 a month turnover, considering that summer has a decline for everyone. -Yes! So in fact, it will rise even more, because as you can see, there are no sales here in that period. -Yes, you went on vacation and stopped the store, which is generally not very right, but … -What’s your turnover in recent days? Can you show? – Well, for yesterday, actually for tonight, it’s $ 1600 -What is the average margin you sell with? How much is your profit? -From 10 to 15 every day! – So you make about $ 160-200 a day for that $ 1600? -Yes. Okay. Do you work all the time? How many hours do you spend per day? I get asked this quite often! -From 2 to 3 hours. Only 2-3 hours a day? -Yes. Sometimes for 4-5 hours. For example, if there are more than one client message. But in most cases – 2-3 hours. -2-3 hours a day. You, perhaps, work with software that is of course – Auto Order Hero, Lister Hero? -Yes. -How many products do you have in your store? – 200 products. -I see you have 447 feedbacks, which means you make about 1000 sales a month, except for those five days you were on vacation. -Yes. -Thank you very much for this invaluable information and have a great day! Bye Bye. -Thanks! Bye Bye.


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