Экономлю на китайцах – инструмент и автотовары из Banggood и eBay.

Hello! Today there are several products that come from Chinese Internet sites. And, perhaps, let’s start. Let’s start with this little one. She was long gone. In English, this product sounds like “Car Key”, like the crow of us … croaked. This is an absolutely free product, because I bought it on eBay on December 9th even last 2018, and, moreover, the speed of delivery from China to Belarus is about 5 months. I note that the seller did not report this track number, and I did not track it. And, of course, based on the results of the open debates I returned all the money I paid to my PayPal account. And in this huge mail package, priced at $ 3, what do you think is? And here is just the body of the remote control ignition key for the car “Volkswagen-Golf”, more precisely it is a 2-button remote control with a folding ignition key tip. It cost almost 10.83 GBP at the time of the order. This is no longer a lot, and the seller is possible too, but if I find such a product, I will leave a link to it. The plastic case is similar to the original. Oh-pa! Is there a battery installed? The red indication LED lights up. There is an unlock button and a lock button. The sting itself is metallic. This hook for hanging on a keychain is also metal. To open the console, you will need a wide-blade screwdriver to fit into this recess. And twisting it, pushing both parts apart. Here they parted. One half of the console comes out of the other. He is like the original. You can disassemble the key mechanism itself. I do not know why I do it. You can change the sting key. For this you will need a thin Phillips screwdriver. Carefully remove. There is a spring installed on such a turn. The spring has a small pin, which should fall into the desired groove. And the remote itself is torn by a screwdriver too. Here is installed such a control board with 2 buttons and some kind of controller, and a battery up “-“, down “+”. CR2032, yes. The key is going as follows. Here it is inserted and clicked. The mechanism is not complicated, it is possible to replace. If the native key is worn out, it is possible to purchase an inexpensive replacement for a period of time. Although as someone lucky, or correctly say who has what hands. The body is so massive. As you can see, some elements of metal. Shift the key stuffing from the original and use on health. I note that if you buy in some auto parts stores in Minsk, then this thing will cost $ 10. Well, in this package for $ 1.87 delivered from Badggood set, consisting of a flexible shaft and collets with a key, for me before purchased in the same store here such an engraver “Dearmel”. A link to his review will leave on the screen. The track number was also not informed to me, but the goods were delivered on time. In my opinion it was necessary to open a dispute. This lot cost me $ 8.23. So open. Everything is packaged simply in a package. So is the designation. This one with eBay. This one is from Banggood. Something they look like. Included here is a flexible shaft, 3 collet and key, yes, everything is as in the illustration. Declared the length of the flexible shaft 107 cm. Wow! Even exactly 107 cm. Here is a rubber sheath. There are wound such springs. And it is necessary for installation, precisely for such a Dremel, for this engraver, a Dremel here is a M19 nut with a pitch of 2 mm. Let me explain how it works. Inside there is such a metal cable with a diameter of 3.2 mm. It is well suited to the collet, which is installed by default in the engraver. That is, this cable will rotate, but the outer shell – this rubber shaft hose – it is fixed, it does not rotate. To do this, we twist this nut and clamp the central cable with a diameter of 3.2 mm into the collet chuck. Fix it. For this, there is a key here. Included with the engraver. And we fix the outer shell, winding here on the case. This nut is aluminum. In this way. Now it will not rotate, but the transmission through the cable to this collet will rotate, and it will already rotate. Well, in this collet we fix … Here you can also change. But here is no longer a button, and in the kit there is such an L-shaped key. He is like a stopper. There is a special hole. Understands, and you can also change here the collet, which is included. This axis is also 3.2 mm. There is no need to change anything. This collet fits. Fix this stone. For fixing with hands there is such a ribbed surface and also 2 notches for the key. Inclusion and adjustment of speed is carried out on the engraver’s case. Everything is working. But there is also a heartbeat as in that cartridge, in the collet, probably. Is it interesting to keep him? No, the flexible shaft does not twist. But the convenience of using a flexible shaft lies in the fact that the hand is like a pen, only a light processing tip, and it is more convenient to use it in hard-to-reach places. But since only 1 white metal collet with a diameter of 3.2 mm was installed in the engraver’s cartridge, these 3 brass of various diameters will of course complement this kit. Collets for fixing drills or some other processing elements with a diameter of 1.5; 2.3 and 3.2 mm. Such a flexible shaft only under the brand “Wortex”, in my opinion, is also Chinese, sold in Minsk in the network of shops “York” for 24 Bn, well, divide in half, about $ 12. Here, $ 8.23, but do not have to wait. Everything is for sale. Everything is probably of the same quality, did not compare, so I can not say anything. But “china” is there, “china” is here. This “no name”, there “Wortex”. By the way, there are also sets of various nozzles, more precisely stones, incisors also under this brand “Wortex”. And the price may well be a bit more expensive. If time does not tolerate, you can buy in your city. Yes, and in the dogonku already show. I did not want to shoot, well, I’ll show you. Already I order, probably, once in 4 – 5. Many did not come, and then they started to come. In short, this key is worth some pennies. Also for the armrest cover “Volkswagen”. All parcels go very long. Well, here she came again for free, it turns out, like this key, which costs $ 10, and I got it for free. 2 springs included, which are installed here. Spring key. This is also an order. A man breaks these keys, says: “Fragile plastic”, but he also broke the original keys. He says – the armrest drops, and this key pops up. How can I drop? So, he has something with an armrest, it should be smoothly lowered. In short, look. Here is a dollar. Well, a little over a dollar. Came for free. Saving. Here it is 10 GBP, about $ 7-8. Consider it saving $ 10. Generally received for free. 10 bucks saved. These products were today on the review. I ordered it myself, it is on order. In short, you can purchase. Inexpensive, even free. Yes, in the future I will also buy such a suspension arm for an engraver, so that it conveniently hangs somewhere, and you can simply use this shaft. So who cares, subscribe to the channel! Good luck to all! Until. See you.

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