☃️SNOW FUN!!!!

– Because Christmas is over. – No.
– Oy! (laughs) She’s doing it. She wants to come out
and play in the snow. (funky music) – Today we are playing
with Christmas toys, trying to clean up the house, and the kids are working on
writing their thank you cards. – I drawed a snowman. – You made a snowman,
– Yeah. – That’s a pretty cool looking snowman. Who’s your note for?
– For Papa. – Ooh, what’re you gonna write? – (mumbles) – You’re gonna spell your name on it? – (mumbles) – Caleb who’s your card to? – Granny Jo and Papa Keith. – Nice, can you read me the inside? – Thank you for the
cologne, it is so strong. And again thank you from Caleb,
to Granny Jo and Papa Keith. – Nice.
– Thank you. – Who are you writing a card to Isaac? – Granny Jo and Papa Keith. – Here’s some of the ones
they’ve already made. Look at that focus, she’s
concentrating so hard. Laura, Laura, Laura. – I’m gonna do more Lauras. – You’re gonna do more Lauras? What’s your favorite color? – Pink.
– Oh she’s wearing pink pants. A pink shirt, and coloring
with a pink marker with pink nail polish on. – Pink, so what’s your
favorite color again? – What’s your favorite color again? (Christmas music) – You getting ready Laura? – Okay, one more glove. (mumbling)
(leaf blower rumbling) (Christmas music) – Oy! (laughs) You guys wanna try sledding? – Yeah. – Perfect, one, two, three. Whoo, look.
– I made one. – You did a perfect snow angel. One, two, three, look at it. She’s doing it, you made a snow angel. – Yay!
– It’s snowing. – I think it might just be
blowing through the trees. This is such a cool Christmas gift. Nay Nay, she wants to come
out and play in the snow. You wanna go sledding? – Yep.
– Yep. – Can I eat snow? – Of course you can eat snow. What you doing?
– Eating the ice. (playful music) – Hey, ah! (yelling) – I made a good snowball. – You can’t see. (laughter) (yelling)
(grunts) (laughing) Whoa! (playful music) Was that fun?
– Yeah. (Christmas music) She’s holding on. (Christmas music) So I like using the snow blower
but the kids wanna shovel. (shovels scraping) Good job buddy. (shovels scraping) So we cleared our driveway,
but we have some neighbors who are older and not in good health and we decided to clear their driveway and I was really proud of the boys. They wanted to come and help. – They got us our present. – That’s not why we serve though right? – Yeah. – Well our neighbors were
really sweet when they saw the boys out doing the driveway. They brought out a
little like gift basket. A little present for them. You wanna jump on the tramp? In the snow?
– Mhm. (Christmas music) – Ah!
(Christmas music) So normally after we play in the snow Kendra makes us hot chocolate. But Isaac had a new suggestion this year. – Hot vanilla. – Did you read it in like a magazine? – Yeah.
– It is so good. So what are the ingredients? – Four cups of milk, and
one fourth cup of sugar. Put it on the stove.
– Vanilla? – A tablespoon of vanilla extract. – Just a tablespoon, tablespoon? It tastes like drinking
hot vanilla ice cream. And it’s really good, I like it. It’s creamy and delightful. – But it’s not hard. (screaming)
(funky music) – You skating Laura? (funky music)
(yelling) – So some years I’m really
sad to take down the Christmas tree and I kind of
prolong it as long as possible. Like it’s after New Years,
it’s a little bit after New Years and I’m like no,
I just want the tree up. And I love the Christmas
tree, but this year I’m ready. I’m ready to go ahead and
take the ornaments off and clean my room and clean my house and kind of get everything
put back together. I don’t know, I guess
while I loved Christmas, I’m looking more forward
to 2018 and a fresh start. (gentle music) Alright, well I got
all the ornaments down, we’re gonna pack them away. I’ll tackle the lights
and the star tomorrow. – Well hello, you playing ball? (baby talk)
Hello. (grunts) You are getting to be
such a big girl, I know. So how about you guys? When do you pack up and put
away your Christmas tree? Is it before New Years, after New Years? Usually for us it’s right after New Years. But I just got the itch a
little bit early this year so I’m going ahead and getting it done. – Why are you guys taking
down the decorations? – Because we’re gonna
pack up the Christmas tree ’cause Christmas is over.
– No. – Well, we gotta put all the
lights and the ornaments away. – No.
– Why not? – Because those are for Christmas. – You know what, after
Christmas gets packed up then we get closer to your birthday. – Oh.
– So you can be four. (funky music) – So Isaac and I are finally
coming to see the movie Wonder. So Isaac how you feeling
about going to the movies? – I’m excited, it’s my first
time going to a theater. I’ve went out and like watched
a movie on a big screen when I was like four or five
but I haven’t actually been. – We just don’t go to
movies that much so this is a fun experience. And it’s cool that we both read the book. – [Woman] Laughter. (clock ticking)
(gentle music) – So what did you think of the movie? – I loved it. – It’s such an inspiring story, such a good message to be kind. Well we hope you all
have a wonderful night. J House out. Is it a hint ’cause of my bad breath? – Yeah.
(laughter) – Whoa.
– Whoa, different wrap. (laughter) She wants.
(laughter) Yes, this is too embarrassing.
(laughter) (funky music)

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