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– Mmm hmm. This is how my filming my new homeschool curriculum is going. Now I’m eatin’. It’s like, this video
may never get filmed. My homeschool stuff for
the 2019-2020 homeschool year has been rollin’
in for about a month. I also have some Misfit Market
boxes and some other things, other videos, other videos
we’re gonna do here. From these boxes on down,
the rest of this table, that’s all a whole lotta,
lotta homeschool stuff. Super excited. I’m gonna tell you about the new curriculum we’re givin’ a try this year. I’m not married to it. As I always say, I’m not
married to anything but Travis, but I’m excited. I wanted to give it a try. A big part of this video
might be me eatin’ wraps and drinkn’ big cup of
Pioneer Woman-size coffee. We’ve been homeschoolin’ rollin’
into our 14th, 15th year. Our oldest kiddo is an adult. He’s launched, he’s independent. He’s runnin’ his own business,
he’s livin’ on his own, he’s fully supportin’ himself
doin’ all those awesome things that you’d want
your grown son to do. Now, our kiddos at home are, let’s see, I guess I can do ages. Benjamin’s two, so he’s gonna be the two-year-old runnin’ around, and all the moms know how that goes. Daniel is four, actually 4-1/2,
he’ll be five in December, so because he lives in a
house where everybody’s doin’ school I just
ordered him his math book, got him some fun stuff, and he’s gonna do some school with us too. We have Amelia, she is 6-1/2. Liam is 8-1/2, then we have
Gabriel, he’s a new 10. We have Naomi, she’s 12, but she’s this close, this close to 13. Solid five eight, workin’
her way to six foot, my husband’s six-foot-six, kids get tall. And then, we have Zion who is a new 16. So we are homeschooling
kindergarten through 11th-ish grade, six kiddos with a two-year-old
runnin’ around for extra fun. I have some things for Benjamin. He’ll sit and, you know,
do some school too, and he’ll also do a whole lotta playing. See all this? See these bookshelves behind us? This right here, friends, is
my favorite way to homeschool. All of these beautiful books. So even though what I’m
going to pull out and unveil here in a moment doesn’t look
like a big stack of books, please know that I am
inserting a big stack of books into everything
and anything we do. Gonna jump in, big unveiling, okay. This video is not
sponsored by Master Books, but Master Books has a whole lotta stuff goin’ on that I really like. I ordered like the whole
Master Books catalog (laughs) pretty much, I feel like. When I got lookin’ at
Master Books this year, I’ve seen this, like this
particular book cover flying around Instagram and
stuff for the past year. And then, I heard one homeschool mom talk about how it was open and go. And I’m like, open and go? I mean, to me that sounds like
you open the book and you go. Can’t be that simple. I’ve used a lot of things, and all of them have been
wonderful in different ways. When I saw that Master Books now has this whole open and go thing goin’ on, I was like, I want to
see what that’s like. This will be for Liam in particular. This is called Math Lessons for A Living Education, level three. Here we go, lesson 26, we’ve
got the lesson on this page. Next page, exercise one,
exercise two, there you go. This is day 126, day 127. I hear the questions like, how’s this different from any
other workbook curriculum? I’ve used workbook curriculum. It was pretty dry. We did not last long in
it, I really, really tried. I was a newer homeschool mom then. That’s honestly the first homeschool curriculum I had ever thought of. I see lots of people
use it and they love it. Just wasn’t for us. The reason I think that we
will enjoy at least giving this curriculum a try is
that it’s all faith-based. This is a Bible-based curriculum. I’m seeing a sentence in the next story, “but we have to trust God because
he sees the whole picture. “He does love us and also
wants what’s best for us. “There are so many times
that we don’t understand it, “but if we trust him, he will
work it out for our good.” So that’s the story in
the math curriculum. I really like it. There’s a Master Books
mom group on Facebook. Those moms have all kinds of different little tricks and things that they do. Some of the moms, especially
if they’re traveling a lot or they take their school
to the park or whatever, they actually take the pages out, you can see where it’s perforated there, they take them out each
week for each subject and have an organized
workbook for their kiddo. That is not my plan. I think that that’s fantastic. What I’m going to do is, you may have seen this in
a recent haul video I did, but I got these book bins,
I got one for every kiddo. So they are gonna have
their name on their bin, and here’s a sample of how
Mr. Liam’s bin is shaping up, and they’re just gonna
have their books in there. I’ve got math, and then, we have Language Lessons
for A Living Education. I got this in the various levels, but again, we are open and go. We have a whole story of God’s plan, Bible verses to go with it. Then we have some sentences, some questions for narration practice. Addresses and helpful, helpful verb usage. This is Amelia’s math book. She was puttin’ bookmarks in it. She is so excited. So you see, you got the
little piggy on the cover, but then, some of the math
problems in here, it was so cute. Look at that, you got the
momma dog with her puppies and the momma pig with her little piglets. So with Daniel’s for kindergarten, I ordered his and I should
have his in September. There’s some little sheep. I read the stories and
she will do the math. There’s another little piggy, so cute. So in this box, this 101
Favorite Stories From the Bible book goes with the older kiddo’s
language arts curriculum. I also got a whole bunch of
these Answers For Kids books. There is the teacher’s
guide and the student books for some Apologetics
curriculum within the boxes. We shall get there. Right here, these are the, okay, so this is the other thing that I like, that I think I’m gonna like. Again, remember, I’m talkin’ about a curriculum I haven’t used yet, but I’m super positive
because I dropped a lotta homeschool mom budget cash (laughs) on ordering all this stuff. I do always enjoy, though, the
Answers curriculum and books. I just thought that this would be excellent diving into for the
kids and for their momma here. Okay, we have Illustrated
Family Bible Stories. And then, we have Elementary
Bible and English Grammar. This is for the upper elementary grades. We have Adam’s Map of History. I understand it’s gonna
totally depend on your view of creation and world
history and timeline stuff, but in this box, and I can’t even, it is this massive, massive chart. One of the reasons why we
have not opened all this up is because we weren’t
ready to start school yet and I did not want kids
tearing through it. Adam’s Chart Map of History. Classic timeline of world history. A study of ancient, modern,
and biblical history. We’re gonna open it up and it is that, it is an absolute massive timeline. It says it’s 23 feet long
and it’s in this book. I know we’re going to
love opening this up, but it’s staying in the plasic. I’m not even openin’ it for you guys yet. It’s gotta stay in that plastic there. This is probably four boxes of
books from Master Books here. We’re gonna get into Amazon
and stuff I’ve picked up at Walmart, just stick
with me, stick with me. I have a nice collection. I do pass things on, as well. So when I show you this, okay, this is their Foundations
of Phonics curriculum, I have All About Spelling
and I have All About Reading, and I love those curriculums too. I will post a link down
in the description below where you can get some freebies from All About Spelling, All About Reading. I think they’re called
All About Learning Press, that’s their umbrella. Anyway, I also liked the way that this Foundations Phonics looked and I thought, you know what Daniel? Momma can test some things out on ya. Let’s just try this and see if we like it. It’s also consumable. Again, open and go every lesson. I really like that. What lesson are we on today? Okay, week 10, lesson 29, K is for king, King David followed God. We’ve got the K and we’ve
got the lesson and he’s got some drawing there to go
along with the letter K. More reading and lesson activities. Daniel’s 4-1/2, this is gonna
be real light and gentle, no pressure from this momma. Also, in my Daniel stack here I’ve got, this is a Dinosaur Fun book
and it’s dry erase marker. Do dinosaurs take baths? It’s just dinosaurs and dry erase and I’ve got lots of
dinosaur-lovin’ boys here, so I thought that would be
something special for him for his early kindergarten time. This is their Principles
of Mathematics right here. We’ve got book one and then we
have, again, teacher’s guide, that’s the only thing that
confuses my brain a little bit because it’s really the student workbook, from my understanding,
but there you go kid, open up your student
workbook, have your math. And then, here is the curriculum
that goes along with it. It was written by Katherine Loop. I believe you say her last name Hanon now, but I’ve met Katherine a few times and she’s wonderful with math. I actually worked with her online some, so it’s fun to have some math curriculum written by Katherine, yay. For history, now, I love to do history heavily through Read Alouds. We are still going to do
history through Read Alouds. What I have done for years, and you can see this if you
go back to like five years, the beginning of my YouTube videos, I recently had this realization that, wow, I’ve had a whole lot of little kids. And what I mean by that, you don’t always know
the season you’re in, mommas, when you’re in it. But now I’m in a season where
I only have one toddler, everyone else is gonna be doin’ school. For many years the way I
adapted our homeschooling is I would get my two
big boys, Jadin and Zion, and of course, we know,
Jadin’s now an adult, I would get them going in
their schoolwork, right? I would take my whole posse
of four to five younger kids, I would exercise them
heavily, big nature walks, big trampoline time, big play time. When you have a lot of
little kids, and then, you’re gonna sit down and
try to do school with them, I could never figure out
how to do that without makin’ sure everyone got a
whole lot of exercise first. We’ve actually transitioned
to where it may be a quick like 30 minute
get outside nature hike, and then, school time, get
heavy school done first. And then, we have more
free time in the afternoon. So it’s not really that
big of a deal anyway, just a different season. Okay, so this is our American
history, American history one. They have on here third
through sixth grade. You can adapt it and
scooch it to cover more of your grades however
you need to do that. This is my book that I will be reading. Whoops, excuse me, reading to them. I’m sure I will match
more Read Alouds to it. And then, these are the student workbooks. So for the kids who will be doing this they have their own workbooks. Heroes of the Abolition Movement. As an author, Frederick
Douglass will need a book cover. Sketch Frederick Douglass
for the cover of a book. So they would do that here. This is day 149. It says Frederick Douglass
became a famous author. He fought for women’s rights
and was an abolitionist. As a child he was a slave. At the time, there were
strict laws making it illegal for slaves to learn to read. Why? And then, the children
who are on this level will write about why
was it illegal to teach a child who was a slave to read. Very hard topics, topics that we, obviously, need to all
discuss and learn from. Then it says Frederick
Douglass was very famous in his lifetime and is still very famous. Why do you think he is well known? And so then, the child
will write about that. There’s a map of Texas there, yep. We’ll be able to do lots of great reading. Here’s My Book of Prayers for My Country. Looks like that’s, oh, that’s
nice in the back there. Okay, so with the science I
got a little confused here. Their kid books, well, here’s the individual test and quizzes. Science Starters Elementary
Physical and Earth Science. I just wanted to, it’s the earth, its structure and its
changes and forces and motion from high-speed jets to wind-up toys. Yeah, so we have, we have worksheets. This is the teacher’s
guide and student journal. We have different books and observations and things that we will write. And then, here’s for
the forces and motion. All right, so now, this
is older kids’ stuff. World Literature, okay, and then, we have the teacher’s
guide, which has, oh, objectives, daily concept
builders, weekly essay and test. Yeah, lots of world literature
stuff goin’ down in here. So when I was looking
at the Jensen’s Grammar, which each level counts as
a high school English level, just all looks so interesting. I had Zion look at it with me. I just decided to get all of it. It looked like good materials
to add to my collection. So this is the Jensen’s
Grammar DVD Supplement, and there’s the format writing. And so, what’s nice is it
gives you in every book, no matter the subject, it’ll say like, this particular grammar is approximately 30 to 45 minutes per lesson. Benjamin has now waken
up, he is talkin’ to me. Five days a week. It is designed for grades nine through 12 in a one-year course. It’s pretty much like
that for each of these. It’s in-depth courses on these topics, and I wanted to have ’em available for different kiddos as they need them. And then, we also have
some more science books. The Ocean book, we have
Astronomy, we have Weather, and we have Mineral. For this we have the teacher’s
guide 7th through 12th grade depending on what
grade you are usin’ it with. With the Master Books
there’s still a few things. I put my last little
order in the other day. That would mean I’ve put
a total of four orders in. So I have a few more
things comin’ for Naomi that aren’t here, but besides that, this is what I’ve ordered for homeschoolin’ six kids for this year. Plus, like I say, some of
these are to have on hand and I will have kids
that move on up in them. Ah, important stuff, important stuff here. My kids love stencils. Slowly over time, our stencils
have dissipated (laughs). So I went on Amazon and I’ve
ordered a lot of stencils. I’ll open one pack. But I ordered packs of like 50 or so, but I ordered ’em from
different companies, and I ordered many different types. So you see, they’re simple, but my kiddos will use stencils for hours. I’m still showing you, I guess you had to, I’m just chatting and showing you these, you see these, even more stencils. Jamerrill, you got a lotta stencils, okay. I’ve proved my point. I bought the little bit more
expensive dry erase books. I thought we might get
couple years out of these. And so, these are for Daniel and Amelia. Now, Amelia is going
to, I mean, she’s got, she has the fine motor skills to write these letters and words. Daniel is going to be a
stretch, but that’s okay, he can still see the
letters and work on tracing, and it can look like a scribble. At 4-1/2 I’m totally fine with that. Then here was the second one. And really, I was just
looking for books that had letters and numbers and basic tracing. So this book actually
says three-plus on it, but I think it’s also fine for a six-year-old to be writing in this. It’s no big deal. So last year I bought
three tape dispensers. You see the state. Like we’ve lost the little insert. So I bought a big thing of tape refills, I’ll show you what this looks like. Again, this is all from my Amazon box. Think I’ve got four,
four of these in here. I think it was 36 rolls of tape. And then, I bought three
more tape dispensers. Now, something else I ordered,
and I’m not to the box yet. I think it came in a
separate package and I didn’t open it yet is I got more
of these little cassettes that go in here that the
tape goes on so that maybe, just maybe, we’ll end up, I
think I bought a 12-pack of ’em, they were like three or
$4, we will dig them out, so that maybe we’ll
have five rolls of tape. It could happen. And then, we’d have
the little replacements and we’d just have
like, have what we need, wouldn’t that be amazing? Okay, so let’s see what’s in this one. More stencils, yes. Now, these are smaller, but they’re a thicker quality plastic. A dozen plastic dinosaur stencils. Tape dispenser replacement. This is what I was talkin’ about. It’s called a core, not a cassette. Way to go, Jamerrill. There. Our life is changed by this. It’s gonna be amazing. This looks like it’s more
stencils, let’s see here. 18 piece, but this one came
in this nice little pack here. This is everything that was in here. We got some smaller ones. Lots goin’ on with that. Fillin’ up our stencil
basket, okay, okay, Jamerrill. Also, some other random
things that I picked up were another pack of just extra markers, never have too many of those. And then, another new
fresh thing that I got is The Organized Homeschool Planner. Now, this is made by my friend Kim. Her site is NotConsumed.com. She is awesome. Kim just did a fantastic
homeschool planning teaching, I will put a link to it down below. She taught moms how to plan
their entire homeschool year. In just a few days of working with her through her teachings, haven’t done any of her
teaching videos yet, but I know they’re available ’cause I talked to her about them. Honestly, I am probably
just gonna have to jump in. But this thing is beautiful, and it’s unlike any
other homeschool planner. So I’m gonna flip through. I love that it’s got Bible
verses all through it, that’s very nice. When I’m looking at this
planner my first impressions are this is pretty
creative, and I like that. Similar to Bible journaling,
only homeschool mom journaling. So we have here, look at this graphic. You got the graphic of the house. And then, she has a plan on
building your homeschool. She’s got thoughts for the attic. It says the attic is the
top level of your home. Don’t think of it as dusty
old place to store stuff. It’s a vibrant hub of information, connections, memories, and education. In this section of the house list the things you’re putting into your attic. What subjects are most important to teach? She’s got information on the windows. The windows are special
things that define our family. Then we have building
blocks, which are values. And we have the foundation. So this looks like a wonderful
exercise to do as a momma. We can go through each child and evaluate them for last year. And then, we’re talking about each child, what they need, what their strengths are, what their weaknesses are, what
their educational needs are. What will we teach? We’ve got early elementary,
late middle school, high school, we’ve got the annual plan. So some states you’re
required so many days. What days of the week we will teach. So you can do it where
you do 10 weeks of school, take two weeks off. You can do eight weeks of
school, take one week off. I think we’re gonna do
six weeks on, one week off pretty much for the whole year. That will mean that we’ll get about eight weeks off sprinkled throughout, and then, we’ll have another eight weeks to sprinkle throughout
the year as we need it. So of course, that’s givin’ us
our 16 weeks full of breaks, but we’re taking them as
we want and need them, not at the majority at one time, which just works well for us. Annual plan, got our curriculum plan. So then, she does talk a lot about training children to
work for independence. She has a lot of good resources for that. Thanksgiving and praises. Oh, look at this month,
what we’re grateful for, what worked well, what God revealed to me. Somethin’ I’m coverin’ in
prayer, what I might change, what I need to say no to, how
I saw God working this month. Wonderful at-a-glance look at the month. This month’s memories, I always love that. I feel like this particular homeschool planner can work for a lot of styles. I also ordered a Bible journaling Bible. It’s not here yet, I was
hoping to show it to you guys. I ordered it on Instagram. Let me see what her name is. The Salty Biscuit,
that’s what it’s called. The Salty Biscuit. She’s got an interesting story on why their Etsy shop is called that, but they do custom journaling Bibles. I’m picturing myself in the
morning here in my rocking chair and I’ve read my Bible
and I’ve read some of my Richard Walbran or whatever
book that I’m reading. I’m doing some in my Bible journal, then I pick up this
Organized Homeschool Planner and I’m doing some notes
and thoughts in it. I’m picturing that as being
part of my morning time, so that’s exciting. (upbeat folk music)


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