✔️ *NEW DESIGN* Lixada Wood Gasifier Stove – Review

Hello Hello everyone this is Brian with
ZimCo Survival and I am back again! Today time I’m doing a review of
the new Lixada gasification stove. Lixada came out with a new version a few
months ago and I purchased it, and I’ve been using it ever since. I absolutely
love it in my opinion it is a huge improvement over the original version.
now I’ve cooked on this thing probably 15 to 20 times now and I’ve had to clean it
several times because it does get really dirty. To be honest with you the
improvements that they’ve made on this are huge so what I’m going to do in this
video is I’m going to go ahead and walk you through the stove itself then we’re
going to go ahead and set it up, fill it with sticks and I will give you a burn
time on it as to how long it will burn without having to add more wood, and a
boil time on it to tell you guys how quickly it’s going to boil
to boil I’m going to use 16 ounces of water. This is kind of standard measurement for cook time. So
let’s go ahead and get started with the actual stove itself. They do have two
versions the original that I’ve already done a review on that but I’m going to do a
comparison video after this one of the two stoves side-by-side and give you
guys kind of pros and cons of both. But the original had three small
triangular flaps as the pot stand that you could put things on but it didn’t hold
small pots very well and you couldn’t add more wood without taking the pot off.
So, they made some improvements over the old one. it’s about $17 on Amazon, this
one here is $10 more and in my opinion it’s worth every penny of the $10 more. So,
let’s go ahead and get into the review a little bit. It comes with a
really nice very thick stuff sack I don’t know how well you can see but it’s very nice very thick. In all of my use on this and the old one I
have never had a tear or rip once. I’ve never even felt like it was a
possibility so in my opinion the stuff sacks these
things come in are fantastic they’re something you want to keep by far the
best ones that I’ve ever had come with a stove like this. I’m very impressed with
that. Next up, this is the stove itself as you can see it packs down much like the
original Lixada Stove where all the components slide into each other. I do
want to show you something, those of you who do have alcohol stoves in the
original Lixada it was kind of a tight fit to actually put your alcohol stove
inside so as you can see this one has plenty of room in there. Let me close
these little things back up here I’ve got plenty of room, absolutely no problem
at all putting an alcohol stove in here. I really really like that because I like
to keep everything all in one compartment and kind of pack
everything as small as I can. I like the fact this has plenty of room for my
alcohol stove and you could even put quite a bit of other stuff in here too
if you really wanted to. Let’s go ahead and get into the actual components of
the stove so right here, this is your your base plate ring. Alright
and basically i’m going to show you while holding it up how it puts
together really quick and then I’ll get in more detail when I actually go to
start it up. This is a base plate, this is the actual gasification part.
This piece sits on top of the base plate like this. Now right here you have your pot stand.
Those of you who watch the original Lixada know just how different this
pot stand is versus the original. If you want to actually see it I’ll put a link
in the description so you guys can take a look at the original and you’ll be
able to see for yourself just how different this is. Here is the
stand that the piece goes on top of so basically this stand sits there and this
sits on here just like this. Now what you do is you just snap it in like
that and that’s your actual pot stand. I’ll get into the difference with
that here in just a minute they give you an alcohol plate.
One of the reviewers or one of the posters on one of my other videos
suggested adding alcohol to this and putting it under the stove to light the
wood from the bottom. You can certainly do it that way if you want to. I have
tested and it does work, although it leads to a very very hot very rapid
burn so you lose a lot of burn time. Now you will boil water faster, I think it took me
only a little over 2 minutes once it lit for it to actually boil water using the
underneath method because of how quickly the wood burn put
out a huge amount of heat. But then again burning that quickly is it
really worth the the loss of burn time? And the potential cooking time to boil water
that quickly? Considering it’s still going to be very very hot and
you’re not going to immediately be able to pack it up. So, in my opinion I still
like like the top light method. Now that’s just my opinion, take it or leave it. This
is the actual combustion chamber, now if you look in here you can see the dual
wall construction and you can see how thick it is Basically you have your
slits this is where the gas comes out that the wood is creating and lights and
down here that’s the slit where the air gets sucked in to pull the smoke through
the bottom of the grate. Now this right here is the combustion chamber it comes
out you can flip it upside down for alcohol stoves and solid fuel tablets because the stand raise it up closer to the
actual pot. If you want to use it as a wood-burning stove you insert it like this
until it slides all the way through. Once you have that
done you just go ahead and set it like this then you take the stand
itself and you put it on, then you take your pot holder
and you just set it like that on the ring. That is basically how you put the stove
together. Not at all difficult, and the benefit of this one is
that it’ll fit pretty much any sized pot because it
holds a small pot very easily because of the way this is designed. You can
open this up and it gives you a huge surface area to put a large pot on. So, in
all honesty this thing can hold pretty much any sized pot you want. I haven’t
found one that it doesn’t hold, and it holds everything very
securely because it has all four points instead of your standard
triangular pattern. This one’s shaped like a square so it’s very stable. I
put a little Stanley 24 oz pot on here no problem and I have no fear of
it falling over even if it’s bumped. It’s perfectly stable. So, now that I’ve gone
ahead and shown you the actual stove itself and what it looks like I’m
going to go ahead and tell you what is so different with this stove versus the original. And again if you’ve already seen the original stove review you’ll be able to see it right now.
The original stove had a triangular pot holder set like this right up on top of
the actual flame. The problem was because of that you couldn’t put in new wood
without first taking the pot off and putting it through the hole. So what they
did was add this piece and changed up the pot holder a little bit, actually a lot.
Now the pot is raised up so you have room to feed wood into the gasification
chamber while it’s cooking. Now that I can do that I’ve successfully been able to make beef stew or a chicken soup and other things that require long cook times on this no problem at all thanks to that that little slot there because I’m not
constantly having to remove my pot from the heat so I really like that
fact. It just makes the stove more versatile than it used to be just from those
couple of changes. So I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to get the wood
ready and show you guys how to load this up and then we’ll go ahead and start the
testing be right back. Welcome back, we’ve gone ahead and
loaded up the stove. Basically what you do is put all the
sticks in vertically. Just try to fill it up.
Now what I’m going to do is I’m gonna use a lighter and a cotton ball if it
gets this lit because the weather is starting to turn on me and I need to do
this kind of quickly. So basically break up the cotton ball a little bit and
light it, then you just put your sticks on top.
Once you have the fire going really well and it starts to ignite the gasification, you’ll see the flames coming out from around that circle and you
can go ahead and put your pot holder on and it’ll continue from there on its own.
Just add more wood anytime you see it start to go out, Once it’s lit and ready to go I’ll go ahead and come back to you guys and
we’ll do the water boil test be right back.
So we’re back, it’s reached its temperature now so we’re going to go
ahead and put the pot on. Hopefully you guys can see the timer. So lets start the
timer and put the pot on. Now we will be back once it’s Boiling. We’re back, as you can see we have a nice rolling boil,
the total time to boil was seven minutes and well just about eight
minutes. unfortunately I’m gonna have to cut the video a little bit short due to
the fact we have some thunder I don’t know if you guys can hear it but let me
show you, and there you go. hopefully you can see the clouds out
there so I’m gonna have to go ahead and finish up the video but in my experience
this will burn for about a half an hour before you have to add more wood.
But again that’s just in my experience so let me go ahead grab my chair and
we’ll finish talking about it really quick before I have to run inside. We’ll be
right back. Now I love this stove like I said I use it as my
primary stove, I’ve even taken out in the backyard just cooked with it because
it’s fun. I’ve used it on all my trips. we went camping to the lake near us and went to one of the islands. I took the stove with me and used it just fine. I love
that stove and in my opinion for 30 bucks you can’t get anything better than that. It’s
really durable last forever it’s built very well and I have absolutely no
complaints. Like I said the original which is 17 bucks is
still a good stove and is an absolutely fine stove there’s nothing wrong with it
but you will have to go through the hassles of the less sturdy potholder and
the lack of the ability to add more wood without removing the pot but other than
that 17 bucks is still a great stove this one here which is the upgraded version
for like 29 30 somewhere in there is an absolutely fantastic stove and in my
opinion it is by far the best that I have ever used. I still prefer using that
over using one of those butane or propane type stoves, and in my opinion the
ability to use pretty much any kind of fuel that I want in that stove whether I
have a solid fuel tablet with me or alcohol with me or wood whatever I want
to burn all held within one single unit is really cool and I really like
it. So in my opinion 5 out of 5 stars exceptional stove, so go ahead and pick one up.
You can purchase them on Amazon I’m going to go ahead and put a link in the
description it’s an affiliate link to this
particular version in the description so go ahead and click on that and pick
yourselves up one it’s well worth the money but thank you guys for watching
and as always if you liked this video please hit the like button and subscribe
have a good night bye bye


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