⬆ How to replace faulty / broken PCB mounted cherry mx switches from mechanical keyboard.

hello guys
in this videoi’m going to show you how to dissassemble a corsair strafe rgb mechanical
keyboard then i’m going to change a faulty switch to
a new one first things first
i have to say that i’m doing this because my warranty is void
because i spilled cocacola over my keyboard and i cannot do anything else by fixing it
by myself in order to change the cherry mx switches
i’m going to need some equipment so here they are
the first thing i’m going to need is a soldering iron
also i’m going to need a desoldering pump and the solder of course
and also i’m going to need a screwdriver in order to disassemble the keyboard
of course we cannot forgret the cherry mx switches
these are the ones i ordered over ebay i couldn’t find them anywhere
so i logged on ebay and i found a chinese guy who sold them
the were pretty cheap i suppose i bought ten of them for about 8 dollars
so let’s start first things first in order to do so
we have to unplug the keyboard form our computer
after doing so we have to flip over our keyboard
and grab the screwdriver and unscrew the screws thar are over there
the screws are keeping the front panel of the keyboard in place
so we have to take them off to remove the panel
and have access to more screws underneath it
as you can see from the picture i put over here
the screws you have to take off are 13 in number
and you can only see 11 of them there are two more under those rubber feet
pads behind your keyboard so you have to remove those feet pads before
you unscrew the rest two screws that are over there when yopu remove the screws you have carefully
to remove the top frame of the keyboard it covers some .. you know.. sensitive circuit stuff inside there so if you remove it you are going to be able
to see what’s happening in there after removing the front panel there you are
going to see a white panel underneath it whitch is screwed with 8 screws
so you have to remove them in order to access the soldering joints
and remove them in order to remove the cherry mx key switches so after removing those screws of the white panel
and you turn it over you are going to see the back side of the green board
on this board you can see the joints that the switches are connected to the whole circuit
so as you can see over here on this picture
the red arrows indicate the joints that you have to desolder
in order to remove the keyswitch what comes next is removing the keyswitches
by desoldering the joints using the desoldering pump
and solder back to the circuit board the new switches
now i’m going to show you how this is done so it’s a straight forward
video so just watch what happens next


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