🌝Officially SUMMER💦

– Did I get too much? (cheerful music) – So Janae does wake up pretty early. It’ll be just a little
bit and the other kids will be trickling up. Look, Nae Nae. See the bunny. Say, “Hi, bunny.” (Janae mumbles) You wanna touch it? – So Nae Nae was running
into my room saying, “Leese, Leese, Leese!” And looking at me.
– Do you say Leese? Can you say Leese? – Leese. (Jeremy chuckles) – Nae Nae was begging for these goggles. Get back here. (cheerful music) (squeaking) – So the weather today is gorgeous. Like, perfect. It’s overcast with a
breeze, and so we’re going to a park with friends. We were going to go to a water splash pad, but it’s ironically too cold this morning, so we’re gonna do that on another hot day, and enjoy the park while we can. – Can do that. – [Kendra] You are strong, dude. Hi! Janae likes it. Hey, you. (kids yelling and giggling) Whoa. He’s going fast, they’re playing tag. What are you guys playing? – Infection. – Ooh.
– Um, one second, gotta run. – Ah! – Janae’s being so brave, but she’s a little confused. She’s like, what is this? (laughs) Go!
(Laura screams) (upbeat music) So while we were at the
park, there were multiple experiences that reminded
me why we travel with moms to do other fun stuff. Because some kids had
to go to the bathroom, some kids want a snack, I
needed something out of my car, and instead of being nervous
about leaving the kids or taking this group over
here, there were two of us to kind of divide and conquer. So, anyway I’m really
grateful to be able to spend the morning with some
good friends and just chat. The kids enjoyed the shade and playing, and I got to be able to have
fun with my friend, too. – So everyday during quiet
time when Janae’s sleeping, Kendra and Laura read together. – Captured by cowboys,
a wild looking crowd. Their manners were rough
and their voices were loud. “I’m trying to get to my
aunt’s house,” I said. But they carried me off
to their cow camp instead. – We’re going swimming with some family. Hey. How did you sleep? Say, “Good morning, world.” Do you want something? (gasps) It’s Mom. – Did I get too much? – [Jeremy] Well, it depends. Do you want your face
to be completely white? (laughs) – [Isaac] You look like a clown. – [Jeremy] A pretty clown. Here, I’ll take some of that. Let’s try to rub this in. Is this your first time to try to put it on your face by yourself? – Yeah, mm-hmm. – Okay. So I don’t think you’re gonna burn. (Elise laughs) The worst, though, is when you
get sunscreen in your eyes. So we’re really gonna be careful to try not to get it in your eyes. It’s just not rubbing in,
your skin can only take so much sunscreen. (Elise laughs) Elise tried to do it by herself. – [Kendra] She’s going to
become a professional mime, we’ve decided.
(Elise laughs) Off to the pool we go. – Yeah, let’s do it.
– Are you sunscreened? – No, not yet. – [Kendra] ‘Cause you’re a little pale. You might burn. – Yeah. – [Kendra] Nice floaty, Isaac. – What? – [Kendra] Nice floaty. – Yeah, I’m gonna wear it. (Kendra chuckles) – [Laura] Flowers! – Flowers! We’re headed to the pool! (upbeat music) (kids yelling playfully) We found a local specialty pizza place that does gluten-free
pizza, and their crust is supposed to be really good,
so we’re excited to try it. All right, so we ordered
several large pizzas. But we’ve got this one. Special gluten-free for Cubby. This is a chicken cordon bleu one. Here, Lisey. – So being out here right now with Laura, I can’t help but think about
when we were here with her when she was just a little baby. – [Kendra] This little
face says, where am I? – [Jeremy] You’re at a pool! – [Kendra] Show me how to do it. – [Child] You just step on it. – It’s always crazy to
think about how much our family has grown
since we started vlogging. You have superpowers! (smooth music) So we had an earlier dinner, we’re eating a little snack right now. Laura. What was your favorite
part of the day today? – Still thinkin’. – [Jeremy] She’s still thinkin’. How about you, Caleb, what was your favorite part of the day? – Let me think. (Janae giggling) My favorite part of
the day today was going to Blake’s house and playing sardines. – [Jeremy] Blake is our cousin. Laura, what was your
favorite part of the day? – Going to the pool and eating pizza. – I liked doing ballet. – [Jeremy] Yeah, you just
got back from ballet. You have, your recital’s coming up, huh? – In a few weeks I think.
(Janae yelling) – [Jeremy] Oh, oh! You ready to get out? You’re gonna get washed off? Say, “All done.” Oh, get me out of here! There she is. ♪ Walk like a man, talk like a man ♪ ♪ Walk like a man my son ♪ (“Walk Like a Man” by
The Four Seasons playing) – [Kendra] What is Laura dressed up for? – [Jeremy] She decided to put on some beautiful clothes before bedtime. Why not? Nae Nae loves to dance. Boom. – Huggies. – Boom. Well today was a little bit of a rough day emotionally for Kendra. I’m getting ready to leave
for a big trip tomorrow, and I’m gonna be gone for several days, so I was working a lot, and
Kendra was having a hard time. And it’s hard to vlog well
when you have five kids, you’re doing a bunch of activities, and you’re trying to film. And it’s just not an easy thing. So because it’s a shorter video so far, what I thought would be
fun is I’m gonna pick five favorite memories from the past, and I want you to let us know in the poll which one was your favorite. They’ll be short, I hope you enjoy it. (upbeat music) (laughing) (upbeat music) – Oh my gosh! (laughs) Here it comes, here it
comes, let it get your toes! (kids yelping) (screaming)
(laughing) – [Child] It’s cold! – Ready, ready? Here it comes! (screaming) This is awesome. (Elise giggling) (screaming) – Hmm? Is that how you do it? (giggling) – [Kendra] Hey, he did it. – [Jeremy] There we go! Cubby got it. – So you slide it like this. Slide one side. (laughing) – [Jeremy] There it is, Laura. – [Kendra] She did it! – There we go.
– She did it! (Jeremy laughing) – I can understand myself. – Yeah, it’s easy. (Jeremy laughing)
– All right. – Dadda. (Jeremy laughing) – [Jeremy] She’s gonna
be drooling everywhere. Cubby, why do we go trick or treating? – Because we need lots
of sugar in our body. – [Jeremy] Why do we
need sugar in our body? – Because it’s healthy. – [Jeremy] How did you learn that? – I don’t know. – [Jeremy] Why do we celebrate Halloween? – I do not know that. Is it something related to Jesus? – [Jeremy] So why do
we celebrate Halloween? – Because it’s really happy days. – Nothing really happened
on October 31st with Jesus, with what I can remember. – Because there’s candy. And you get to dress up. – [Jeremy] Why do we
dress up on Halloween? – Mm-mm. – [Jeremy] Why do we say trick or treat? – Because it gives people happiness. – Trick or treat. – [Jeremy] What advice
would you give to parents when they’re going out with
their kids trick or treating? – Get candy too. – [Jeremy] The training
wheels are off, buddy. (inspirational music) – [Man] Pedal. Start pedaling! Go, go, go, go, go! (Jeremy laughs) – [Jeremy] He’s going! He did it! He’s riding! You did it, buddy! Good job, first time. He’s riding! Cubby’s doing it! (inspirational music) Whoo! (inspirational music) – [Child] Goodnight, J House out. – What?! (ascending tones and beeps)

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