🌟 Marketing Your Kindle Book without Going Broke in 2019 πŸ“š

– Whoo! Take a nice deep breath. So, gonna pull out the
little bullet point here so I stay on track, in three, two. Are you marketing your Kindle eBook or your self-published books, but you seem to be running dry on funds. Are you wondering, man,
can I actually market these self-published
books without going broke? Well, good news. I’m gonna show you all about
marketing your Kindle eBook without going broke in
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any kind of questions, concern, and comments, as soon as I blaze through the content. In today’s content, we’re
focused on marketing your self-published
book without going broke in the year 2019, and hopefully beyond, because some of these concepts
are pretty much evergreen, and you might have heard me recommend some of these things before, but I brought a few more
things to the table, and I thought it was probably even better, to address who the problems are, where the problems occur
for you as the indie author and the self-publisher. The common problems typically come down to first of all focus. The man who teaches two rabbits gets none is what the old proverb
says, and this holds true. I find so many times that
when it comes to marketing people are just shot gunning. They’re spraying and praying,
and hoping for the best, the hope marketing. Let me go ahead, and I’m
gonna pump $50 in ads in one day on Facebook,
and let me go ahead and, oh I heard that if I put
my cost per click and $1.50 that I will be able to
get first page placement and get some sales on Amazon advertising. Okay, take a deep breath. Pick one avenue and you
need to become a student of the game when it comes to marketing. So if you’re spending money, you need to be extra focused , and don’t expect just to
jump into any advertising, and then just get magical
results right out the rip because it just doesn’t
happen that way, folks. It took me easily a year before I actually fully understood Amazon advertising, and now that I’ve got a good grasp, I’m starting to get some good traction. I’m able to scale it to a certain extent. You can too, but it’s gonna take time, and it’s gonna take a lot of grit. You’re gonna need to get through that, and it’s gonna require focus. Next thing is blind spending. Don’t just throw things blindly. I’m just gonna throw some
money at this website because someone said it was good, or I read this one article,
and it said if I spend $300 over on this service it’s gonna work. Folks, no, don’t do that. Blindly spending and expecting
to get some massive results just is not going to cut it, and what I would recommend is when it comes down to spending, only spend money on marketing
that you’re willing to lose. Let me repeat that, if you’ve never done any kind of marketing, and paid marketing, or successful paid
marketing for that matter, then there’s a good chance that you’re going to lose some money. So blindly spending,
throwing money into it, and going, well it doesn’t
work and walk away from it after you’ve done it for a month, two months, less than a year. Of course it’s not working. You’re gonna have to tweak
some of these variables. The next thing is inconsistent. You notice I said, we’re
jumping from one thing, to the next, to the next. You got to get good on being consistent. Consistency, showing up is 80% of success. So you gotta show up
on a consistent basis. Everybody sees that I
have consistent videos shooting here on YouTube. I keep on uploading these things. I comment to people. I stay consistent with
all these practices. It works the same across all walks of business, and marketing. It’s definitely right there as well. So in scaling unproven concepts. Now I’m just gonna
focus more on your book. Let’s say that it’s not selling anything. There’s no amount of
marketing in the world that’s going to solve a broken book, and when I say a broken book (sighs), is the cover any good? Now I mean if you just did do it yourself, like, oh of course it’s good. My friend said it was good
or, I had a few sales, and they said it was good. You got to really get some peer review and get some people to reflect back on it. The next thing is, is
your book description. Is it dialed in, and lastly,
is your price point reasonable for the value proposition that you’re putting within
your book description? So, I wanted to get these
four common problems right out the way,
because all of this stuff typically is the biggest problems I see. Some people are like, I’m
just not selling books. I don’t understand. I’ve
done Amazon advertising. I’ve done Facebook ads. I’ve done this, and I’ve done that. You have to really be focused, consistent, spend mindfully, and scale, only once you’ve proven
that, that books gonna sell. So here we go, let’s jump on into things, and honestly, I forgot how many tips I’m going to be doing today, but you’re gonna want to
make sure you stick around to the end, because I’ve got a bonus tip, and this bonus tip is
gonna send your eyebrows and you ready for this,
it’s my favorite cost, free. Yeah, baby it free. So, without any further ado, let’s start out with
cheap promo, number one. I mean cheap promo. Some of these things
won’t cost you a dime. That’s my favorite cost,
free book promo sites. Now, just to be clear, there
are free book promo sites that will promote your book that’s on a free promotion on KDP. It’s like Inception, but with
the free book promo sites, they’re actually numerous other ones that will just promote your book for free, and typically how they make the money is they typically have
links out to your title that are Amazon associate links, and so they’ll promote it
on their website and such. If you would like the full list, and unfortunately I don’t
have a link to this, so you’ll probably have
to just Google search it. Tom Corson-Knowles is a former
guests here at the show, and pretty much a legendary figure here in self-publishing business. He actually has a site
called TCK Publishing. That’s Tom Corson-Knowles Publishing. Take a look, search it up, TCK Publishing free book promo sites, and he has a full list, and he actually updated
it not too long ago. I used this quite a bit when I first started into the business. Some of ’em work some of ’em don’t. I just recommend if you’re
looking at trying to be a spendthrift, and find the
most cost effective ways of doing things, then chances are likely, either A, you can spend time
vetting it out yourself, going through each one of these sites, putting some book promos through them, or B, you can either
hire a virtual assistant to do it on your behalf. That way you don’t have to
spend say hours doing that. You could probably be spending
hours writing your next book. So free promotional
sites, take a look again. That’s underneath TCKpublishing.com, and if you happen to get in
touch with Tom Corson-Knowles, tell him what’s up. Next one, this is my favorite one. If you aren’t doing
Facebook groups right now, stop sleeping, wake up. This is one of the most effective ways to promote your self-publishing brand. In fact, former guest here of the show, two time guest, and also one
of the guest expert speakers on the DIY publishing course, available DIYpublishing.biz,
Scott J. Marshall II, is living proof of the
effectiveness of Facebook groups when it comes to a great
book launch and marketing, and he actually has a book
based on his niche topic of raw dog feeding, and
he built enough hype, over the course of just one month, in a group of nearly 20,000 members that he grew over a year time. I think he’s up to
23,000 or 24,000 members, and he was able to launch,
not only his ebook, but his print book into bestseller status. We’re not talking like he’s
really niche down like things, where he sells one book
and it gets bestseller. No, he was at the top, the upper echelon, and unfortunately, it
eludes my mind right now as far as to what the actual rank was, but nonetheless, Scott crushed it, and that was through the
power of Facebook groups. So I would recommend First of all, A, look for any Facebook
groups that are in your niche. That’s gonna be one. You’re gonna need to build
some relationships in there, and you’re gonna get to know people before you start beating ’em
up with your book offers. That’s one of the worst
ways to go about it. Always deliver value, because
when you deliver value, and feel concerned about
helping other people, then it will be reciprocated without you ever even having to ask. Now, I would say, you
can go with that path of least resistance to the niche groups that are already setup. Might I recommend that you take a look at setting up your own Facebook group, and there’s actually the
Scott J. Marshall II video here on this channel. He does an entire hour where he showed you how he set up the
self-publishing books group, and that group is stellar by the way. In Facebook groups,
you honestly don’t need to spend any money on this. It has wonderful organic reach
if you can get it to where you’re having the community
grow, build, thrive. The nice thing is, is when you get ready to do a book launch in
your group, guess what, all bets are off. It’s your Facebook group,
so you can promote your book all you want, cheap, effective,
and here’s the cool thing is if you’ve built enough value
there within that community. they’re gonna go, of course
i’m gonna go get your book. It’s a no brainer. Cheap promo number three,
local libraries and bookstores. So, I’ve said this one numerous times, and I feel like it’s important
that we go back to the well. Libraries are still super
beneficial to your author brand. Anything local within your community is one of the easiest ways to
set up a grassroots campaign that will start to set fire to the world to where people start to know
who you are as an author, and it all starts with a simple step into your local library, and getting to meet the management there, the people that are you. Hey, I’m an indie author and I would like to know what can I do to better service the library here, and also, while I have your attention, I’ve got a few books that I would like to contribute, or suggest. There are some libraries
that actually have grants, specifically for spending on actual books that are local for indie authors. So you want to look around, you don’t want to go in there
and try to bully your library and say, well you got grant
money, go buy my books. You gotta be cool. Again, be of service. The bookstore is one, this
is an interesting one, I want to give a big shout
out to my brother channel that is K. Wheeler Books, Keith
Wheeler Books, if you will. Keith Wheeler, actually got. He defied the odds, and what he did was he approached local
bookstores with his books that had an Amazon assigned imprint. That means that he used their ISBN, that Amazon gave for free, he was able to stock them
in the local bookstores. How did he do that? Well Keith’s not a magician. He just simply went in
there, introduced himself, met the management, and
was able to broker a deal that put his books on the shelf, and it didn’t cost him a dime. Now what he worked out
as the consignment goes, that’s probably something you’ll have to go visit
Keith Wheeler books about. But nonetheless, local libraries and bookstores, cheap, easy. Book promo number five,
you’re watching it right now, the value of video is growing
incrementally by the minute, and there was some
random stat that I heard Owen Video say once at a
Merge by Amazon conference in Seattle this past year, I think the actual stat was 80% of all online traffic is derived through video content consumption. This means that eight out
of every 10 every people, that’s easy for me to say. Eight out of 10 people
that are online right now are consuming video content. That’s nuts, that’s crazy, and so, get yourself ahead of the pack. Now some of you fiction
writers are gonna go, but Dale, that’s easy for a
nonfiction person like you. Yeah, for sure, I can go
do some fitness videos, or things on self-publishing, or if I’m a self-help person, I can put out self-help videos. But fiction authors, how can they do it? Believe it or not, there are quite a few fiction authors that are crushing it. Jenna Moreci is an excellent example of someone who is just annihilating it when it comes to being a fiction author. You just have to think
yourself through the process of how can I get myself on here. A couple of viable avenues
of course is YouTube. It’s free to upload content, and I’m gonna give you a
little bit of a spoiler alert. Okay, everything,
including keyword research, niche research, as well as titles choice, subtitle choice, channel
name, descriptions, it parallels everything
we do in self-publishing, and all you have to do
is just connect the dots and go, oh, that’s it. So it’s just gonna be something simple, and for those of you that are
on the fence kind of going, I’m not really sure if video’s for me, I don’t want to be on a camera. That’s okay, shoot, as
something that I would like to give a big shout out to Anne Manera. Anne Manera actually is
a coloring book artist, and she puts together
her own coloring books, and she live streams on Facebook to a devoted, hungry following,. They love her content. They buy her books. She’s a prime example of
how you can really do this and here’s the cool thing, no one ever sees Anne. They only see Anne’s hands, because she’s typically working right below her mobile device. She’s typically drawing on something and they can just only hear her. She did a reveal one time, showed herself on camera. People were like, oh, okay. They were kind of thrown off, but you can see how you have
no excuse at this point. Just get it done, get into video. It’s not gonna be perfect. Trust me, my first videos
weren’t all the greatest, they were pretty bad. They’re cringe worthy, and
I’m not the greatest right now in doing what I do, but I’m certainly getting better as I go along. So, I encourage fiction
and nonfiction author, as well as any self-publishers
out there altogether, consider a YouTube channel or even Twitch. Twitch is another excellent Avenue. So take a look at those. Cheap promo number six,
Interviews and Appearances. There are podcasts, YouTube channels, Facebook business pages,
as well as groups. If you are willing to
step just a little bit outside your comfort
zone and approach people, you’re gonna find real
quick that these show hosts are looking for guests. Because if they get guests, you
know what ends up happening? They don’t need to produce
content on the regular, all they gotta do is bring someone in, and they’re gonna chat it up. You know, it’s just this is probably one of the easiest ways
for you to get out, and you just need to approach somebody, and come at it from a
value based perspective. Don’t just go in there and say, well, my niche is Wear Bear Shape Shifter and you’ve got the Wear Bear Shape Shifting podcast, so book me. Obviously they’re gonna be put off. They’re gonna be like, no,
I don’t know who you are. You need to first of all
step forward and say okay, I tell you what, I’ve been building this particular brand here
for the past three years. I’ve got an email list of 2000 subscribers that are very active. I have a Facebook group
that has 10,000 members. I’m gonna do my best to
promote an appearance on your podcast. I would love it if you would have me on for an interview where I can
discuss my recent release of the Wear Bear Shape
Shifter Strikes Again. So, you see how simple that is. It’s just approaching them. Chances are very likely you’re gonna get a lot of nos at first, but eventually you’re gonna get that breakthrough of a yes. So really, I just implore you, that you keep asking, keep
asking for these things, and it’s gonna take some time, and eventually, here’s the cool thing is the more appearances
that you have on a podcast, on a YouTube channel, maybe
even a guest blog post of some sort, you will have assets that you can come to the table with. So when you approach say a
podcast or a YouTube channel, you say, I have appeared x, y, and z, and give them links to
each one of those things, so they know that first of all, you’re a guest that’s reliable, that can speak for yourself, that’s articulate, that
can share something that their audience is going to want. It’s gonna seem nerve wracking at first, so if you haven’t done
an interview before, you’re gonna probably either
A, get really nervous about it, or B, you might start to
speak really, really fast. Ask my brother about that. We did a an interview not too long ago, and the guy was a mile a minute, but either way, he definitely
took the bull by the horns and he did that interview. So this is the easiest
way that you can just literally go on to a podcast, and you just are promoting your next book. Hey, what’s happening? Darren Powis, my recent
book is called Walians, and I definitely would love to talk to you more about this. It could be like a science fiction one. Also, kind of going
back just a little bit, is really, what it comes down to, is networking, folks. Networking, meetups, conferences,
collabs, and masterminds. The more people you know, the more you start to
chat with other people, the more your brand’s gonna grow. I try to work with as many
people as I possibly can. You guys have seen the number of people I’ve had here on the channel including the likes of
Chris Fox, Michael Lauren, Johnny Andrews, so many names, and even people like Riley Morrison, or even book editor James Ransone. They’ve come on here, and these are networking opportunities, and here’s the cool thing. By me working with some of them, that’s actually afforded me opportunities beyond this YouTube channel. So think about that for just a second. When it comes to
interviews and appearances, and tying it back into the
actual video end of things, well, I do have what I like to call and I almost did it too
soon, the bonus tip. So today’s bonus tip. All right, so this one’s
actually a free one. Actually, I really kind
of like this feature, wondering about where
you can go for podcasts. Now one of the recommendations,
I would say is, whatever your niche is, just type it in. So let’s just say for instance,
you’re a herbal gardener. You just type in herbal gardener podcast, herbal gardener YouTube channel,
herbal gardener blogger, and any type of things you bring up you can be able to find
’em so much quicker, and just do your due diligence. Make sure it’s a good fit, but the easiest way to do
things, podcastguests.com. Now I’m not being paid to say this. I have no working relationship
with podcastguests.com. I’ve just had the experience
of actually getting quite a few podcast appearances
through this service, and they have a premium service and they have a free service. I use the premium premium service, and I gotta admit to you, I probably did it for three four months. I didn’t see any difference
versus using the free one. The free one they send out an
email newsletter every Monday. They never spam you, they don’t send a bunch of extra things, it’s always every Monday
they send out something to where they have guests
that are looking for podcasts. So, if you’re gonna be doing
a podcast or YouTube channel, you can get guests rather easily, and they also have podcasts
featured every week and it’s typically about a
half dozen or more podcasts. Not every newsletter is
gonna be applicable to you. You’re gonna look at some
and go, ah that’s it, and just delete it, get rid of it. Numbers, I need to make
sure it’s a good fit before we go any further. All right, here we go. I’m going to see about doing it. Here we go, pausing. Now that you have some of
these more cost effective. Why am I doing this? Sorry folks.


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