– Two big news. (lively music) We are all so happy to see your face. Alright Caleb, one more. – Then can I stir it up? (suspenseful music) (cracking) Oops I think I did hit the wrong way. Woo, now I can stir it up. – [Kendra] Caleb requested
eggs this morning. – I know how to make eggs. I learned how in San Diego. – So I’m at the dentist this morning and I love that my dentist
has this in the waiting room. I’m getting my teeth cleaned now. (uptempo music) – [Kendra] Where’s Nae Nae. (Janae squeals) Peek-a-boo. Peek-a-boo. Our little window sills
are just the right height for a little bench for her. (uptempo music) – No cavities, feels good. – So tomorrow morning at
almost exactly this time, Caleb’s gonna be having
his procedure done. It’s an EGD, which is a scope, meaning they’re gonna put a little camera down his throat and into
his small intestines and take a biopsy. So that’s what we’re going
to be doing tomorrow. Why are you having this procedure done? What are they checking you for? – If I have celiac. – [Kendra] One of Janae’s favorite foods is scrambled eggs. Yum. – [Jeremy] So tell me
about your outfit today. – Shirt, shirt. – [Jeremy] And it looks
like it’s all inside out. – It’s inside out day. – Wait Laura, is your skirt a shirt? – [Jeremy] Yeah it’s actually a shirt. – [Caleb] How did she actually do that? – [Jeremy] She tucked it in here funny. Alright, hop in the car, you have piano. (playful music) Whatcha makin’? – Beans and rice in this and that’s vanilla cakes. – [Jeremy] Vanilla cakes? They baking in the oven? – [Laura] Uh-huh. – Here’s Janae’s book for
today, oh she’s backing up, she wants me to read it now. Lise’s been reading it to her. The dog is hot, Mom is not. Go play dog. Are you done? – No wait, dog. – [Kendra] Janae keeps
wanting us to read her books, but she wants to be in charge
of how the book gets read. She found this specific book about a dog. – Chilly dog. – So I’m having a kind of
unproductive day today. I just feel blah, not like depressed, just tired. Anyway, so I’m still in my pajamas and that actually feels
kinda good, kinda liberating, like yeah, I’ll just stay in
my pajamas, ’cause I want to. I’m also staying close to my phone today, because I’m enjoying updates about my dad and how he’s
recovering from surgery. He’s doing really well. They said he’s already been up walking, he’s gone a couple of laps
around the cardiac unit, which totally sounds like my dad, but I’m also waiting for text updates about the house we put the
offer on in Puerto Rico. I feel like I’m in this limbo land, are we moving? Are we not? Are we going to that house or are we going to start over and look for a different house? Are we gonna rent instead of buy, what are we doing? So that’s what I’m feeling today. – [Jeremy] Are you playing with the box? You want to get in with him? She’s so happy. You’re so glad to be in the box. Oh, I’m gonna close it on you. Schoo. Peek-a-book. (Caleb laughs) – I’ve got two kids! – [Jeremy] Congratulations. (Janae cries) – Crazies are packing me in a box, oh you want to get back in the box. – [Jeremy] Mom how dare
you take me out of my box. So I heard you were thinking
about showering today. – I have big dreams today and showering might be on the list. – [Jeremy] May all your
wildest dreams come true. Janae yells) – Hey! Ahhh! – [Jeremy] Are you saying hi to them? – Hi Nae Nae.
– Hi! – I’m totally sneaking a bread stick. – I saw you! – [Jeremy] It’s a pizza night. – It smells delicious. (dramatic classical music) – [Weatherman] What does this all mean? Our forecast is coming up next. – So we’re already put on tornado warning, but major storms are gonna
hit in about two hours. I figured I would move the trampoline to prevent what happened to it last time we had a serious storm. – Oh our trampoline.
(Kendra gasps) – Oh my goodness. – [Child] Oh my goodness. – [Jeremy] I can’t believe it. – Oh my goodness.
– Oh my goodness. – [Kendra] I’m so glad
we were not outside. (bright music) – Well I’m hoping with the tramp right up against the house, it won’t blow away. – Right now it’s a tornado watch. – [Jeremy] Yeah. – We’re gonna be sleeping
in the basement tonight. – [Jeremy] Yeah, we think that’s easier than trying to move you guys if there is a siren that goes off. Caleb what are we watching? – The incredibles, the making of. – I love showing kids the making of or behind the scenes
of movies or cartoons, so they can really
appreciate how much work goes into the creation. So they had to write every song, draw every picture to make the movie. Isn’t that incredible? – Two big news, number one, I finally
got to take a shower. – [Jeremy] Yay! – That’s pretty exciting today. And number two, we heard back
about the house in Puerto Rico and they counter-offered, so they didn’t accept our offer, but they didn’t reject it either, so now we have to decide
what we’re gonna do. Look guys, it’s Papa. – [Elise] Hi Papa, how are you doing? – I’m feeling better now. – Say hi guys.
– Hi Papa. – [Papa] Hi kids, Nae Nae. – We are all so happy to see your face. Do you feel like this was a lot harder than the stint surgery? – Yeah, there’s really no comparison. Hi Janae. – Tomorrow I’m going for my thing. – Hi! – [Papa] Are you gonna be a brave boy? – Just like Papa, huh? – [Jeremy] Time for prayer. – [Kendra] Time for prayer. She has learned to sit
down during prayer time and fold her little arms. – [Jeremy] It’s really adorable. – You can come over here and join us. Okay, fold your arms.
– Fold your arms. – [Kendra] Fold your arms for prayers. – Nailed it. (uptempo music) The storm has begun, you can hear the rain coming down. (heavy rain) We’ll see what happens. (tender music) Goodnight kiddos – Goodnight. – [Caleb] Goodnight, J house out. – Hi I’m Lindsay, I’m
from San Diego, California and I made this tutu. J House out. – My name is Simma, I’m
from Surry, Virginia and I made this little
turtle out of seashells. I’m Monty, and I made this dinosaur. – I’m Taryn Roy and I’m
also from Kansas City. I made the cheer team at my middle school and J House out. – I’m Sandy from the UK and I made this sock monkey. – I’m Ashton from Indiana
and I made this air fort out of two box fans and
two chairs for stability. J House out. – Mom, don’t I have gymnastics tonight? Uh yeah, yeah you do in 10 minutes. (funky beat music) (laughing) – [Jeremy] Oh oh oh oh!

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