– Oh my – Whoa. – [Jeremy] Oh my gosh. (dramatic music) No, is it a tornado? Kids go downstairs, go downstairs. – I hope our house doesn’t break. – Our trampoline. (gasps) (thunder) – I’m making a cake in a pot. Perfect. – [Kendra] And it’s a cake? What kind of a cake? – Strawberry. – [Kendra] Good, I’m glad
you didn’t say bean cake. – My cake is strawberry. – [Kendra] Is your cake strawberry? Are you gonna make a cake too? – Mmm-mmm. (sweet playful music) (funky beat music) (yelling) – [Jeremy] Keep going Isaac. So how did the game go? – We won. – [Jeremy] That’s exciting. Was that your guys’ first win, or have you won another game? – No we won twice and they won twice. – [Jeremy] Awesome. I’m really proud of you, you played great. – Thanks. (piano playing) – [Kendra] Okay so let’s just do this one. – So Janae has started to
try to lift herself up. It’s crazy. – [Kendra] Uh-oh. Baby sister sees the car. What do you think? – [Jeremy] What are you guys doing? – We’re reading sports books. – [Jeremy] Oh she’s down there. – We’re just reading books. – [Jeremy] Oh awesome. ♫ You know you’re not alone ♫ I’m only one ♫ Come away ♫ I’ll be there to save the day (sweet music) – [Jeremy] Takin’ a nap, big girl? How did you sleep? Do you want to go play? Whatcha doing Laura? – I’m playing outside with this, so that I don’t get rained on, so I play with the umbrella. – [Jeremy] Do you want me
to open the door for ya? – [Isaac] I would close it if I were you. – Made it.
– Good. – [Jeremy] Did you put some
extra make-up on again? – Uh-huh. – [Jeremy] Oh wow, how did you do that? – I painted them. – [Jeremy] Painted them, with a pen? That umbrella totally reminds me of when we were at Disneyland and it started raining on us and we were completely unprepared and had to get stuff. We decided to go with the Disney ponchos and an umbrella, because the rain has picked
up again pretty hard. (uptempo dance music) – It’s fun to get wet, right Dad? – It’s pretty fun, especially if you’ve got an umbrella. (lively music) So in our backyard as
the leaves start to fall, it gets easier and easier to watch the squirrels leaping from tree to tree. It’s super entertaining. The sky is incredible right now. (soaring atmospheric music) – This is going to turn into a pet. – [Jeremy] That leaf? – Uh-huh. – [Jeremy] What kind of pet? – [Laura] A cat. – [Jeremy] A cat? – If it stays in the cup. – [Jeremy] What will
you name your pet cat? – Rachel. – Rachel? – Uh-huh. – Well there you have it. Let us know in the comments
if your name’s Rachel. – [Kendra] Lise I think your book should have a purple color. – I think it should have a pink color. Janae wants pink, see? (Jeremy laughs) No, no, no no! – It’s so fun. (Janae yelling) (dramatic suspenseful music) – Well as we’re getting ready to head on our date night, it has
gotten a little bit more stormy. You can hear the thunder and it has been coming down a little bit. You know what I love most
about your outfit here? How shiny your pants are. – They’re my ballet tights. – [Jeremy] Oh they’re your
ballet tights, that explains it. – I couldn’t find any football pants. – Hey, football players
can wear ballet pants, there’s nothing wrong with that. Show me your moves. There is it. (Jeremy laughs) I was wanting to see your ballet moves, not your football moves. – Oh. – Let’s see your ballet moves. There we go. (classical music) Perfect. – Get up! – [Jeremy] Whoa, that’s impressive. Isaac can you make it all the way? – I can almost. – I can make it all the way. – With the arms a twirling. That’s one of the things that I wish as I got older, that I kept up with was stretching and trying to maintain some flexibility. I need to get back into that. – But I have my own little
sport with the diaper. I like to toss it from the bed into the diaper pail. – [Jeremy] Let’s see if Mom can make it. – Ready? (lively rock music) Oh!
– Oh! – I knew I was gonna miss, okay okay. Ready? – [Jeremy] You got it Mom. Oh, in and out. – It bounced out. – Jeremy thinks he’s gonna get this. – From back in the corner, (thud) oh! (powering down) (dramatic music) (thunder) – Oh my. – [Jeremy] It is raining out there. – [Kendra] Whoa, it is really raining now. – Holy cows, it is coming down. Whoa. Whoa! Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! Is it a tornado? I thought I was gonna die a little bit. (laughing) I had reached a flight or fight feeling in my heart as that came swirling around on both sides of the house. That was terrifying.
– What in the world? – Should we check the weather? – We’re in the tornado temperature right now.
– Season. – [Kendra] It was an
intense amount of rain. – [Caleb] Is this a microverse? – This is insane.
– Should we go downstairs? – [Kendra] Tornado watch. – [Jeremy] Tornado watch,
it is a tornado watch. – It is a tornado watch. – [Jeremy] Should we go
downstairs to the basement? – Just a second. – [Jeremy] That was crazy. And it came up out of nowhere. – The sirens aren’t going off.
– Oh did our door open? – No that’s just rain.
– Okay. – Oh my gosh. – Look at our tree. – [Kendra] Wait, let’s just
go down to the basement. – [Jeremy] Let’s go down you guys. No, look at our tree. – [Kendra] Stay strong, little tree. – [Jeremy] We love you tree, don’t die. Oh my goodness. Okay kids, let’s go
downstairs, go downstairs and get in the basement. It was not very long ago that we were outside playing. This is crazy.
– It’s a little tornado, Dad. – [Kendra] Are you guys in there? (deluging rain) – [Jeremy] Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh! – [Kendra] Is that hail? – [Jeremy] Yeah. – [Kendra] Okay, it’s
hail, Jeremy come down. (thunder) Whoa. – When it is gonna stop? – [Jeremy] When is it gonna stop? – Yeah. – [Jeremy] Hopefully really soon. I think we’re gonna be safe, okay? Come in here. – We should, we shouldn’t have We shouldn’t have these
kinds of tornadoes before. – This might be a microverse if you know what it is. – [Jeremy] What is a microverse? – I hope our house doesn’t break. Are we gonna sleep in here? – [Kendra] I don’t think
we’re gonna sleep in here. I think the storm’s gonna pass. Do you guys want to hear something funny? – What?
– What? – [Kendra] I just checked the weather and it says that right now
we’re getting some light rain. – What? – [Kendra] This is not light rain. – [Laura] It’s dark rain. – [Kendra] It’s dark rain? – Because it’s nighttime. – [Kendra] Yeah exactly. – There’s a ton of light rain. – A ton of light rain? So this is probably the most intense thunderstorm I have ever been in and that’s saying a lot, because I grew up in the Midwest and this one, the wind
and the hail and the rain, I mean, it is intense. So the sirens have not gone off, but we’re under a tornado watch right now, and with the hail and
the wind and the rain, I don’t know if we would hear the sirens, so we’re just lying low,
hanging out in the basement until this intense part
of the storm passes. – Well we’re gonna go up and investigate. We haven’t heard the sirens so I think were good to go. – Our trampoline. (gasps) – Oh my goodness. – [Jeremy] I can’t believe it. – Oh my goodness. – [Laura] Oh my goodness. – [Kendra] I’m so glad
we were not outside. – [Jeremy] Yeah. – On the trampoline. – Yeah. – [Jeremy] That’s insane. – Is it ruined do you think? – [Jeremy] Well the bars on
the outside are right there. (heavy rain) – Whoa, the trees are down. – [Kendra] Are there trees down? Did you see it? Straight out from the deck. – [Laura] I’m glad no tree
didn’t fall out there. – Oh yeah, it broke a limb. – [Kendra] So we got a limb
down and a trampoline flipped. So this red – [Jeremy] Is what we’re going through? – [Kendra] This is the storm. – [Jeremy] We’re in the
middle of it right now. – Isaac, don’t go down there, no! – [Jeremy] Are you nervous for him Laura? – [Kendra] Laura, come here. – Everything’s gonna be okay alright. – Come here, come here big girl. Now it’s just a rain storm, okay? It’s just rain. So Jeremy and I are supposed to be going on a date night tonight, but I don’t really feel comfortable leaving the kids right now. The weather’s just too intense for tha. – I want to move. – [Kendra] Where do you want to move? – Somewhere that it can’t catch up to us, and not break our trees, and a house that doesn’t have trees. – Okay, hey Laura, we are safe, okay? – The rain will stop soon. – Yeah, the rain is stopping. – The rain is gone and the wind’s stopped. – It’s like bright out here now, like the sun is coming out. Kansas City weather is insane. I can actually see blue
skies in some parts, the storm is past, we’re grateful to be safe. We’ll check on the trampoline tomorrow. J House out. – [Kendra] Who’s here? – [All] Daddy! – [Kendra] Are you watching
your big brothers goofing off on the other side of that window? – Why do you think
we’re making a skeleton? – Because it’s almost Halloween.

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