🌻 Dandelion Cotton Swabs Painting Technique for BEGINNERS EASY Acrylic Painting

we’re having a party what sort of the materials we’re going to be using in today’s project this is a nine by twelve canvas board it’s Pre-Gessoed and you don’t need to do another thing to paint on this over here i have my materials for making this I have phthalo green ~phthalo blue ~CAD yellow medium titanium white assorted bunches of cotton buds tied together with hair rubber bands a few loose ones I have a little bit of black in some brushes for acrylic painting I have a big wide brush a small bright brush this is a number six bright and I have a little round this is a number six round also I’m painting is on pal paper but you could do this on any paper plate that you have I’m going to grab my large bright brush this is about an inch wide little bigger than an inch wide it’s for acrylic painting I’m going to dip it in my water and drag off the extra water because I don’t want my brush to be sopping wet this is pretty firm so it’s going to really help me move my paint and put it on the canvas I’m going to take a little of my yellow not that much yellow over to my white like this I’m a kind of my canvas on the flat it’s just kind of paint a curved almost smiling stroke this is what gives my painting a fisheye effect in it a little bit of water dip in drag off the extra pull out a small amount of yellow a little bit of the white you can see I’ve just really put on my brush nicely coming right here I’ve got a nice dawn happening you can use any yellow that you have I like that this doesn’t require a lot of colors it’s going to go really well so I’m just making sure all the paint off my brush onto the canvas will rinse out a little bit drag off the extra water and now I’m going to come get a little bit of my blue right it’s still a little dirty with my yellow that’s going to give me almost a turquoise and then add my white to this when we come where the yellow is still wet and I’m just going to go back and forth acrylic paint blends where it is wet so if you go went into wet that’s where you get the blending and you can see that it being streaky makes it look like a really beautiful sky and I’m really fond of this effect I’m going to get a little more blue here more white I want it to be darker but just a smidge because guys tend to get darker as they go up on all you’re trying to do create this beautiful feeling of an easy sky anyone can do this guy you can do this guy this is what you’re doing you’re just rushing back and forth curving sure you’re doing great I’m sure you’re doing okay that’s about all I need of that but I have one last thing to do I’m going to rinse my brush off a little bit take off the extra water I’m going to take a little my yellow over here by my green just get a little bit of green I what kind of a bright color here and where the yellow is above the white bottom of the canvas I’m going to just very lightly put in this bright green that’s what’s going to be peeking out from my blades of grass you know my finger there it’s going to help me it’s going to help you see how you’re brushing back and forth you’re just brushing back and forth now you’re going to rent out your brush we’re going to drive a canvas and start the next layer now you’re going to put in the grass let me show you how you can do that come over to your water this is my number six round so it’s just you can see from relationship to the size of my fingers aside this round it’s for acrylic paint I’m going to take a little of my blue and green it’s going to mix together that’s going to make a really dark color see that all on the brush I’m going to want that mostly at the tip of the brush you can kind of see that I’m going to come here and I’m going to make little graph lines this is real fun I use just the tip of my brush and I let the canvas underneath show through and this create this look I’m going to get my brush a little bit wet come back over to my green fitt grab is a little the yellow there I don’t mind don’t be too concerned about your painting be relaxed how you feel will show so I’m just you can see that this is just all I’m doing is I press in and flick up press in and flick up at all i’m doing this isn’t hard you’re just going crash crash crash crash crash crash crash crash crash crash crash crash crash hey I’m letting a lot of that green show through that’s what you want now I’m going to rinse out a little bit you can see how that’s taking me a couple tries sometimes I have to wipe my brush off on a towel just a little more water pull that out gets in yellow maybe even a little white here making this very bright grass green twirl the brush load up on the edge here let’s make another layer of grass get some more yellow if you need it to brighten it up all you got to do just got raspberries so now you’ve got a couple layers of grass your canvas is covered with beautiful paint take your brush over rinse it out a little bit and now let’s put in the stems real quick so we know where again lion pups are going to be blowing away now you and I are ready to put in the stems let me show you how you can do that so I’m going to come back over get my brush wet again take off the extra water get that dark green which is the blue and the green together putting a little bit on my brush on the edge there reached on the tip that’s real fun there you go and we’re going to curve a couple stems so I’m going to come right here to Castle via grass i’m going to start there i’m going to just make a nice curve little stem going up you needs a little friend is shorter so i’m going to curve a little stem coming back just on the edge of this brush Singh will come over here and I’m going to make an even friendlier little guy over here maybe I’ll start at the top and pull down just using the edge of my brush get some of your yellow maybe some of your white you can come make a little highlight in the stem if you want a small one it doesn’t have to be a lot perhaps some of your yellow right here turn right at the end and we’re going to make a little half circle little button see the button will have circle button another little one right here maybe this one is a little more like a football shape they don’t even have to touch the stem exactly normal football shape and then get just a little of the black my brushes dirty just mix it around take it like almost a dark green down I come and shade the bottom of my button just a little bit to give it some shape rinse that out now we get to do the really fun part together are you ready all right time to get your little bunches of cotton buds and just start putting in the little pops that around the dandelions I’m going to come over to the very clean part of my white over here and I’m going to get some white loaded on see it’s just there on the cotton buds and I’m going to come I want this one to be slightly open just dab down and make a half circle around it the open part right there cotton bud that you can make this as big or small as you want you’re just saying it back open let me get some fresh buds so you can get a little bit and this is 3 now I’m going to make a nice little puffy circle around my center I don’t put my dots actually that much on my Center it can be a little bit on there but not too much Santa just a little bit and I concentrate them the most at the outer edge so I have that there go ahead and do this guy up here I think I want this one to be a little bit bigger remember it’s easy to make something bigger than smaller so take your time this is just a fun painting that you can do or you can make something nice for spring put up on your wall give as a gift too much over that because we don’t lose all the detail right let’s go darkest to the outside make sure to have a nice definition around the outside of this particular one and then I’m going to blow some of these seeds up in the wind and that’s the wish you might have in your painting so let’s get one of your individual cotton buds put a little paint on it and then we’re going to travel a little line the merry little breeze pulling away faraway lands can see that has just drift it off and now just making sure i like the shape with my one bug and if I’m happy I get to do the best part which is sign my painting and you get to sign your painting so this is a really fun project I hope you enjoyed it I hope you’ll check out my other cotton swab projects and other many really fun easy beginning scene two tutorials if you like this go ahead and hit subscribe tell me in the comments below and I want to see you at the easel really soon so bye you


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