­čŹëWatermelon SMASH­čśé

– [Man] Who’s gonna be the first one out? (laughs) This round. – [All] Ooh! – We’re doing the
Watermelon Smash Challenge. So we roll this and whatever
it says, we have to do. (upbeat fun music) – [Boy] Pass. – [Man] Whoa, you guys are getting lucky. – Crack one. – [Man] Ooh. – [Boy] Crack it twice. – Whoa! – [Man] It’s getting close! – Pass.
– What? – [Man] That’s two passes for Elise! Ooh! – Crack it on another person. – Who do you choose? – I’m choosing Elise. – Crack it once. – [Man] Oh! (laughing) – Crack it on another. (playful music) – [Man] Oh, he survives! – Please say I get something
else, I do not want it. – Crack it once. (high pitch squealing) – [Boy] It says crack it three times. Crack it three times! (dramatic music)
(cheering) – Yes! – [Man] Elise had water fall on her head. So now we’re gonna see who will win between Issac and Caleb for round one. (upbeat energetic music) – Pass! – What?
– How many passes is that? – Four.
– Crack it on another! – [Man] Okay. – For sure not gonna dump on me. – [Man] This could be it. – I gotta be ready to (mumble). – [Man] Who’s gonna be the
champion of this round? (yelling) (laughs) He survives! – Crack it twice, ooh! – [All] Ooh! – [Man] You won round one! Issac is the champion so far. (fun music) Okay we’re gonna to try it with milk. Alright we start round two. – Crack it three times. – [Man] Three times! Who’s gonna be the first one out? – Not me. – [Man] Oh! Alright, Elise and Caleb are left, who’s gonna win this round? (upbeat playful music) Oh! – [Boy] The win by crack it on another! – [Man] You got lucky, Lisey wins it! – Yeah! – [Man] Covered in milk. – Mmm, it’s really good.
– Is it tasty? – [Man] Alright so Issac won round one, the water round. Elise won the milk round. For round three we’re using red Gatorade. Alright for the red round we have Laura joining us. Super excited that you wanted to try it. – By the way, I have my swimsuit on so if I lift my shirt up, it has something. – [Man] Okay good thing, we got swimming suits on underneath. Bend down. Ooh! Okay Laura, your turn,
you get to flick it! Ah, good one. – [Kids] Three cracks. – [Man] Three cracks. – Laura, bounce it on
your head three times. – One, two, three! – [Man] Ah, you survived! – This might be it! – Whoa. (playful music) – Pass! – [Man] Pass! – My turn! – [Man] Elises’ turn. – Crack it twice. – This might be the end. – [Man] Oh, okay Caleb spin. – [Kids] Crack it on another. – [Man] Who are you going to do it on? – [All] Ooh! – [Man] What is it? – Crack it three times. – [Man] Three times! – One, two. – [All] Ooh! – You got it Laura! – (laughs) Oh! – [Man] Man I was rooting for you Laura! So Laura what’d you think? – I love it! – [Man] Did you like playing? – Yeah, I got cracked! – [Man] You got cracked. I’m hoping for Caleb on this one I don’t think you’ve one yet right Caleb? – Yep, that’s right. Yep (mumbles). – Yeah that’s me. – Not me. – [Man] We skipping you? – Yeah. (playful music) – [Man] Ooh, man! I was hoping for you to win it. Alright it’s down. – To us two. – [Man] To Issac and Elise. – Whoever wins this is
the ultimate champion. We both won one and got third on one. – [Man] Who’s gonna be
the ultimate champion? Will Elise win? Or (laughs) that’s not a very strong face. Or Issac? Alright who will the champion be? – Pass! Pass. – [Man] Two passes in a row for Issac. – Pass! – [Man] Again, three passes! – [Girl] Being the champion. – [Both] Two. – Pass. – [Man] Another one! That’s four passes! – Crack it on another, yeah baby! – Crack it once. Pass. – Yeah! – Crack it twice. – [Man] Oh, that was close! (group celebrates) – I won!
– Elise is the winner! – I won twice! – [Man] Good job! – Yeah!
– Good job! – We wanna thank Yulu
for giving us this game when we are at Clammer. – Thanks for watching, J house out! (fun music) – [Woman] So I picked out
this one especially for you. – Thank you!

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