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(Christmas music) – Hello everyone, welcome
back to my channel, it’s Helen and today is Vlogmas day 1. And I’m so excited for these next 25 days because I’m not really
familiar with vlogging all that much, so it’ll be interesting
to see how this plays out. Today I have a couple of
things that I want to do and things I have scheduled, so later on I’m going to be
getting Dim-Sum with my family and my friends family. And later on my friend Cynthia
and I are going to make a pecan pie. This should be interesting
because I’ve never made pecan pie before and I just recently
made an apple pie for the first time, like a little over a week ago. So, we’re both pretty new at this, but hopefully YouTube will have us covered with an easy recipe. I also need to stop by the
mall to return some things that I got on Black Friday and also clean up my room because I just recently
got back from vacation and I still have yet to clean up my room and unpack from all of that. So, that should be the stuff
that I have to do today before the new week gets started. Before I leave I need
to put on my earrings and these have been my
new favorite earrings since I got them in October and they’re from Mejuri. I actually got another pair of earrings and a necklace from Mejuri
for the Black Friday sale, so I’m excited for those
to come in the mail because I’ve just been wearing
these ones every single day because they’re such good quality and I like how they look with every outfit since I think it’s pretty versatile and it makes it look like I
actually tried for each outfit. So, that’s always a plus. Another thing that I thought
of is that I want to put up the Christmas decorations today. Since, the time between
Thanksgiving and Christmas is so short this year. I think it’s only three weeks. So, I want to have the
Christmas decorations up as much as possible or as long as possible, so I can appreciate the
beauty of the Christmas tree and everything. So, we’ll see how that goes
and if I get to that today. But, hopefully I do and I’ll
have everything set for the next work week, that starts tomorrow. As you can see my room is
kind of a mess right now and it hasn’t been this messy
in a very very long time. So, we need to clean all of that up. (laughing) so this is my outfit
for just running errands and getting lunch and everything today. So, I have a top from Garage,
that I got from 3 years ago and my bag is from Pop and Suki, so, it’s the mini camera bag and I think my jeans are
from Articles of Society. So, I think it’s a Nordstrom brand or they sell it at Nordstrom or something. But, I’ll be changing into
either thigh high boots or my ankle boots, like
my ankle black sock boots. So, either one because my
Air Force Ones are actually drying right now cause I got them wet
when I went on vacation. So, that’s not an option for today. (upbeat piano music) So, right now it’s
raining, as you can see. And you said this is
considered pouring, right? – What are we, Californians? – We’re Californians. – Yeah, I can’t deal with rain. – So, we’re going to make pecan pie, but I forgot the most
important ingredient, which is pecans. So, we’re actually going to
go stop by Target to get some and we might also get Boba too, we’ll see. And roam around Target,
my favorite activity. (laughing) – Yes, favorite past time. – Oh yeah,and this is Cynthia. Say hello, while you’re driving. – Hello. I will be a safe driver. – You get to be featured on Vlogmas day 1. – I’m so excited. – This is probably going
to be the most exciting one for this week cause I’m just
going to work the other days. – Isn’t work exciting too? – No, it’s, I mean it’s exciting, but I won’t be able to show it on camera, so that’ll be interesting. Okay, we’ll see you
guys when we get there. (upbeat piano music) – [Helen] Yay. I’m home, my home…Target – [Cynthia] Target,
where we get everything. – [Helen] Oh my gosh, it’s so wet. Why am I wearing Berks right now Aaaaah. (laughing) – [Cynthia] Californians
know so little about weather. – [Helen] I know, right? Oh my gosh, this is Korea. The, the, what do they call it? They call the, long
padding, padding jacket. You should get it for Korea, yeah. (laughing) Wait, they never sell these
here, that’s what I find funny. How much is it? Oh my God, it’s hella cheap. In Korea it’s like $100. – No one’s going to where this here. – [Helen] Yeah, I’m
gonna get it. (laughing) Nice, so if you’re ever
looking for a long pading, um, here it is, at Target. Wild Fable, amazing. (laughing) This is like the cute section. This is like where they have
all the Urban Outfitters stuff. Did you get those before? – Yes. – Look! They have, they
have the teddy coat. That was so popular for a long time. Oh yeah this is like a long version. Oh! Bruh, bruh (laughing) You good? – No (laughing) – [Helen] Whoa, this is a matching set. This one and this one. – [Cynthia] You’re going to
be a full on pink wearer. – [Helen] I know, it’s so fluffy. It actually feels really
comfortable though. Okay, got the goods, the pecan halves. Only thing we came to Target for. Oh, it’s not raining anymore. Yay! Nice. – [Cynthia] One, two, three Nice. – [Cynthia] You missed it. – [Helen] I know, I missed
it. I know, oops my bad. – [Cynthia] It’s okay. – [Helen] Yay! This is roasted, oh wait…focus, focus. Okay it’s not focusing, whatever. Roasted oolong milk tea
and what did you get? – Hmm honey brown rice coffee. (upbeat music) – So this is the pie
crust that we’re using cause we don’t want to make our own cause that’s too much work. – [Cynthia] Agreed. – Way too much work and this
tastes really good anyways so. Yeah, I made apple pie with it. You just like unravel it
and put into the dish, so this is a nine inch
pie dish that I got from, actually I don’t remember. TJ
Maxx? Somewhere, like that. So you can see. I find it so strange how like, like mom you watch YouTube videos, it’s just people like doing this. – Yeah – And then people watch it. – Yeah, I mean it’s
fun, it’s entertaining. – It’s so strange though,
thinking about that. It’s like, if someone watches this, they’re just watching
me on their computer, you know just chillin’. – I mean, that’s like T.V too. You need help? – T.V is like produced, it’s good. – [Mom] You are your own producer. – Yeah. That’s why influencer
marketing is a thing. So, basically they said you
crimp it a little bit like this. It’ll look a lot better when. – Ah, so cute. – And then after you pour
all the stuff you put like the pecans in like a pattern. – Aaaaah.Yeah. Is that enough? – Yeah and then you mix it. (slow happy music) – [Helen] So, this is the
pie before we bake it, it’s so pretty. Wow. Hopefully it tastes good. I think it’ll taste good.
It’s just sugar right? – Mm-hm. – [Helen] Okay, time
to put it in the oven. Hang on, I need a photo. (YouTube videos playing) – [Helen] That really looks good. – Woo-hoo. – [Helen] Wow – [Cynthia] It looks so pretty. – [Helen] Wow, it’s beautiful. Look at her, she’s nice
and golden. Nice and tan. The Pecan pie is not actually done yet (laughing) because, I don’t think the
inside filling has set yet, cause it’s too gooey and liquidy. So, we’re going to bake it
for like another 15 minutes and see how that goes, but
it’s still good though. – Hey guys, so I’m back
from Cynthia’s house and we baked the pecan pie
and as you can see from the clips beforehand, it was
actually pretty good, but it was super runny, so we decided to bake it
for a little bit longer and I actually had to
come home to eat dinner and I didn’t want to stay for too long, but she’s actually coming
to drop off the pie at my house tonight since she
has to go somewhere else, my house is on the way.
So, I’m just home now and I am going to eat dinner in a bit, but before I eat dinner I
wanna do like a quick at home workout, maybe do some
like Blogilates videos or something. I think she actually posted up like, uh Christmas, like challenge,
like a squat challenge. If you guys remember
the “Call me Maybe” one that was iconic and I always
did it in high school. But, maybe I’ll do that, just do something because I haven’t exercised
the entire week that I was gone on vacation, so I feel like I need
to get back into that. I also need to finish cleaning up my room and that’s gonna be quite
an adventure tonight, so maybe I’ll do the Blogilates videos now since I don’t want to do
exercising or any sort of like physical activity after I eat. Since usually I don’t feel
too great if I do that right after I eat. I have to wait like a couple hours. Before we do that, I need
to take off my contacts and change into some exercise clothes as well as take off the makeup
that’s on my face right now cause I don’t, personally don’t
like exercising with makeup on since I feel like it clogs my pores. (upbeat alternative music) – [Helen] So this is dinner today. Eat it with rice and that is dinner. Yay. Hi guys, so it’s been a
couple hours since the last time I vlogged, so after I checked in with
you guys about what I wanted to do for the rest of the night, I actually, after I exercised
and did my Blogilates episode or, not episode, but video I went to go put up the Christmas tree and I could only put up
the Christmas tree half way and not put on any ornaments
and other decorations and stuff because it was
time to eat dinner already, so after I ate dinner I
went to wash the dishes as well as take a shower, so I’m in like my pajamas
and like my home clothes now with my glasses and everything. And after that I wanted to clean
up a little bit of my room. So, my room is not fully clean yet, there’s still a couple of
other things that I need to do. Like, um, kind of declutter
all my clothes and like fold and put clothes away. As well as kind of like wipe
everything down and surfaces and sweep, mop, you
know the whole shabang. But, I think I’ll let myself
do that a little bit later. Maybe like tomorrow or
something because right now I need to finish editing this
video that I’m gonna post up tomorrow, so today’s
video, day 1 is going to be up December 2nd and it’s going
to be like that for all of the other videos, um, coming
to you for like the next 25 videos. So, except for the Christmas one, I’ll probably cut that one short and post that on Christmas day. So, get excited (laughing) and this will definitely challenge me in order to like edit well,
like edit how I usually do and like add more other
like effects and such, but, also learn how to edit quicker. So, I need to learn all
of the different shortcuts on Final Cut Pro, so that I can edit more
efficiently and everything. I actually haven’t found
like a style of editing that I really like just yet, so I’m just trying a lot of things out. Let me know if there’s
like a particular style or like kind of thumbnail that you like or if you don’t like or if you have any other
sort of feed back for me, like leave them in the
comments down below, I’ll love to hear them. I’m definitely open to feedback. I’m still trying to learn,
so any feedback will do and if you guys have
any requests on videos, I’m still going to make regular videos, but my focus is gonna be
on making vlogs right now since this is vlogmas, for example. So, I do have some skin care
reviews on products that are coming in the near future, so stay tuned for that and if you’re just here for
the vlogs then they’ll be one every single day of this month or most of this month. (happy music) – [Helen] Okay so, I got lot
of progress done with my room and cleaning it, so it looks a lot better
than it did this morning, but I still have to
wipe down the desk area and all the dust and everything, but I think I’ll just
save that for tomorrow since this is pretty good for me for now since there’s like no clutter
on the floor or anything. Still need to wipe that
before I put it away and yeah, I don’t think
there’s that much else to do besides just doing a little bit of wiping and like dusting and everything. Yay! Good job me. (laughing) Okay, so I thought I would
end today’s video by showing you guys my current skin care routine. Actually, I don’t even think it’s changed from like the video that I
uploaded a couple months ago, or like maybe a month ago or what not, but I just want to share with you guys, again if you guys haven’t seen the video I’ll link it right up here, but, this is basically
the same thing as that so. I already brushed my
teeth and washed my face as well as put on my
Invisialign retainers, so we’re all good to go in that. I also changed in my pj’s because it’s time to go to bed soon, it’s already like 11:30 and I
actually have to wake up at 7 tomorrow to go to work, so
need to get in bed on time. So, I start off with the “Then I Met You” Burch milk refining toner. I also have a review on
this product specifically, so if you guys are interested in that make sure to click up here for
my first impressions review. Up here? Or is it up here? I forgot, but click somewhere up here
and I’ll have a link up above. (happy music) Next, I’ll be using this Glow
Recipe avocado melt retinol eye sleeping mask. This is so cute, it’s so tiny. Its a tiny version of the
regular sleeping mask, the avocado one. So, I’m just going to
take a little bit of this and apply around my eye area. (happy music) For cream, I’m gonna go in with the Mamonde enriched nutri-cream in the, and it’s like with the
flower evening primrose and I’m actually gonna do a specific um, product review on this cream specifically, did I say specific twice? SMH. Sorry about that and my lisp, but I hope to see that and
edit that in the near future so it can go up within this week. If not, maybe next week, but probably in the next or
like following couple of weeks. My non-vlogmas video. I never really hear people
talk about this product. They always talk about the
Moisture Ceramide Cream from Mamonde. Which I understand because I
really like that cream too, but I guess this line is not as popular or maybe it’s like certain
products are popular. I think, when I searched
this cream up on Google, the eye cream popped up
first within this like evening primrose line, so it might just be the
eye cream that’s popular instead of the regular face cream. (happy upbeat music) Last, but not least, make
sure to moisturize your lips and right now I’m just finishing
up LANEIGE lip glowy balm in grapefruit. Really gotta squeeze
every last bit of this. (upbeat music) And oula, I’m done with my
evening skincare routine. It’s been pretty simplified because in the past I’ve been known
to add a lot of serums and essence and what not, but I don’t know recently I’ve been more into
a more simplified, sort of products that serve multiple purposes, like the toner that I’m using
it serves as both a chemical exfoliant as well as well as a toner, so like hydrate my skin and what not. So, I do like that. I think I’ve just been
getting more lazy just because I’m kinda tired at night and
I don’t want to go through all of these steps, but if need be or if I feel
like my skin needs something that night, I’ll choose some
of my serums that I have and I have a lot of
serums in like mini forms, so I’ll just use that depending
on what my skin feels like it needs for that night. So, I think I’ll end the video right here. I’m already on my bed and
ready to go to sleep now, but I still need to finish
editing the rest of this vlogmas, so I can schedule it and have
it up by tomorrow morning, which you guys will be watching right now and I hope you guys enjoyed this vlogmas. I hope it was interesting
and for all the other weekday vlogmas’ or like vlogs on week days, I’m going to be at work,
so I won’t be able to film for most of the day, but hopefully I can
film snippets of before and uh, film more things after work, so I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did make sure to
keep up with me on Instagram. I’ll have a link down below and any sort of products
that I talked about also linked down below just in
case you guys are interested and with that, thank you
guys so much for watching and I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Bye! (Christmas music)


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