🎉BIRTHDAY Surprises!

– Turn off the TVs and
let us old folks chat. (upbeat electronic music) – [Jeremy] Any guesses? – Yes, yes! (latin music) (Janae babbling) – [Kendra] I don’t know
if this cinnamon roll can support this much candle. – [Jeremy] We might start a fire. – [Kendra] Double digits. – Yeah. ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear Isaac ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Cha cha cha with the cherry on the top ♪ – Isaac is the best person
in whole wide world. – [Jeremy] Nae-Nae thinks so too. – I’m grateful that
Isaac is my big brother and that he has a great example for me. – I love about Isaac, we can
be funny with each other. We play sports a lot with each other. – I love how sensitive and
thoughtful Isaac is of others. Say Isaac. (Janae babbling) (kids laughing) – I love how loving
and respectful you are. You’re a really fun kid. Like, I like talking
and visiting with you. It’s really fun that
you’re getting old enough to go and do fun big kid stuff with us. So this present is from Caleb and Elise. – You got me the My Top 10 book? – What’s that?
– Thank you. Top 10 greatest TV moments of all time. Top 10 things I’m grateful for. Top 10 cutest baby animals. Top 10 drinks. – [Jeremy] So it’s for you
to go in and list your top 10 of all these different things, right? – Best superpowers? Reading minds. – If you know Isaac, he loves making lists so this journal is perfect for him. It’s a list making journal
about your opinions on everything, you get to rank everything. (lighthearted music) – [Jeremy] Do you like
sitting by the presents? – You gave me candy? – Can you share it with everybody? – Thank you. – Maybe later today. – [Jeremy] Nae-Nae took it. It’s Nae-Nae’s candy. We keep having to distract Nae Nae. Bye everybody. – [Kendra] So these next
three are from mom and dad. – Trying to think of what this is. – [Jeremy] It’s called a Camelpak. – What does it do? – [Jeremy] Do you see a straw on it? – [Kendra] It’s a wearable water bottle. – Wait, so I can drink all day? – [Jeremy] Basically. – If I just fill this up. – [Jeremy] You fill it up,
you wear it as a backpack, and then you drink whenever you want. – I’m really excited to try it. – I’m glad, I think you’ll like it. (gift rattling) – [Jeremy] Any guesses? – Could be Legos but it’s a little heavy. A lot of rice. – [Jeremy] We got you a box of rice. – Wait, is it these things where you put your hands on and it shows? I love these things. Thank you. – [Jeremy] You’re welcome. – [Kendra] That’s your hand. – [Jeremy] Do your lips. (Kendra laughing) – [Kendra] The last one. – Yes! Yes! I’m so excited. – It’s gonna be fun. It’s gonna be fun. So it says that we’re gonna
go to the amusement park here in Kansas City, me and Isaac. – [Kendra] Just the two of you. You guys can ride all the big rides. Happy birthday. Oh wait, wait, I think
there’s just one more thing. – Just one more present. Isaac is coming down for his last present. – Yes! Yes! Yes! I challenge you. – Yes! Yes! (girls giggling) – Let’s play. Let’s go. – Yeah! – [Jeremy] He scored on you right away. Oh, birthday boy for the score. – Ready, set, go. – Laura, hit! – Yeah! – [Jeremy] She’s gonna learn. – [Isaac] Go Janae, yeah. – Go. Good block Caleb, good block. Oh. You guys scored on us. It’s a standoff. – This is the best
birthday ever for Isaac. – I see it. – [Jeremy] Step away. Watch out. – We have a pool table. – What? – So it is foosball, but also there’s pool. And air hockey is on the backside. – [Kendra] It’s a combo table. – Okay guys, I want to play. – [Jeremy] Nailed it. – [Kendra] I think– – [Isaac] I need to get better. – [Kendra] We’re gonna be able
to learn a lot about pool. – It’s a pool ’cause it’s blue. – [Kendra] Nice, that’s why
it’s called a pool table, guys, ’cause it’s blue. (uptempo pop music) – I scored. – Isaac put a lot of thought
into planning every detail of his birthday so next up we
are going to have some fun. (light music) Janae is cheering for everybody. She keeps pointing and saying ball. Ball. – [Jeremy] Nice. Woohoo. (Laura giggling) – Ball. – Ball. Yeah, go Elise. (uptempo electronic music) I think Janae just thinks
we’re at a dance party. – I think Janae’s a little
confused about what bowling is. (Janae and Jeremy yelling) Isaac wanted to try laser tag. – I love laser tag. – [Jeremy] It’s fun. – If you have any issues… (eerie music) – [Jeremy] Oh no, you got me. Alright, let’s see if we can find Isaac. (lasers shooting) Get her Elise. Isaac got me. Good shot Isaac. Ahh, you got me. Good shot. Go get him, go get him. Get Isaac. Get him. (lasers shooting) What’d you think Elise? – That was super fun but also creepy. – [Jeremy] What’d you think of that? – It was awesome. – [Jeremy] You did good. – What score did we get? – [Jeremy] We’ll have to see the scores. I won. Star screen. Trigger happy’s not a good one though. But I got most accurate too. – [Kendra] It’s a ball. There she goes. Laura’s up. Woo. You did it. – [Jeremy] Aw. – I got a spare last time. – [Jeremy] Ah, one left. – How does that one pin stand up? How does it do that? (funky electronic music) – [Jeremy] A strike! – Apparently the granny
style works better for me. Nice. Spare for dad. Oh. – No. – [Kendra] One left. One ornery pin. – [Jeremy] Let’s do it Isaac. The push ball. All of them. – So these kids are flossing. I’ve never actually tried flossing before. I don’t understand how you do it. – [Jeremy] I think you just wiggle back and forth really fast. There you go. You got it, you’re flossing. Kendra thinks she has it. – [Elise] I never knew
a mom that could do it. – Is that flossing? – [Jeremy] I don’t know. (“Watch Me” by Silento) She’s doing it. So Kendra and I are getting old. We don’t like that bowling
is so many screens now and like music videos all the time. – We’re like turn off the TVs
and let us old folks chat. – Turn off the loud music. That’s how we feel. – [Kendra] Here’s our final scores. We are clearly amazing bowlers. (video game music) – [Jeremy] Get him Elise. Go Isaac. We’re racing. But he did a full 360 spin
flip, that was amazing. Finish! Oh, it was so close. – Elise beat me by– – [Jeremy] Like a hundredth of a second. (bass heavy electronic music) Good job. – While we’ve been driving,
Isaac’s been filling out some of the lists in
his new top 10 journal and he just did the top
10 ice cream flavors. He also did one of the top 10
worst US states to live in. It’s made for some really
fun discussions as we drive. So here’s his ice cream flavors. This is what he loves. Dude, there’s two different
kinds of vanilla on here. – So I can tell a big difference
between French vanilla and vanilla bean and French
vanilla’s honestly better to me. I think they might add
a tiny bit of caramel and on vanilla bean, I think
it’s a little more dry. (swing music) – Isaac wanted to come to Dairy Queen. So what Isaac really
loves about Dairy Queen is that there’s a TV right
here with SportsCenter. – It’s amazing. – [Jeremy] What flavor did you get? – Cotton candy. – Cotton candy blizzard. (clock ticking) So I’ve already taken Isaac home. I actually left Dairy
Queen and left the camera sitting on the table. Luckily, someone was
honest in the restaurant, saw the camera, and took it
up to the people at the front and I came back and got it. So I’m so grateful that
somebody was honest. They could have walked away with a camera and all of our footage from today. Feeling grateful for honesty. Well, the whole time we’ve been home, this is what they’ve been doing. – Wait, was that a goal I shot? – You gotta see Janae’s nails. Watch, look. – [Jeremy] Did you get your nails painted? – And I did her toes, too. All by myself. No help. – Alright, it’s Kendra versus me. I’m losing by one point
and Laura is our announcer in gibberish. Okay, three to two. (family cheering) You’re like, adrenaline here. She’s excited. We found Laura’s calling. (Laura yelling) To be an announcer in Swahili. (boys giggling) – It is eight to five, mom’s winning. – Kendra dominated. She won. – I won. – [Caleb] Me and Isaac are playing. (bluesy country music) – [Jeremy] There it is. Sweet. We got ice creams for everybody. – [Waitress] How old are you turning, 10? – 10. – [Waitress] Happy
birthday, double digits. (waitstaff clapping) ♪ Happy happy birthday on
this your special day ♪ ♪ Happy happy birthday ♪ – [Jeremy] Yay! ♪ Happy happy birthday may
all your dreams come true ♪ ♪ Happy happy birthday
from Red Robin to you ♪ – [Waitstaff] Happy birthday. – Thank you. – Thanks Laura. – [Kendra] Nae-Nae was begging for a bite. But she’ll accept a spoonful. – Where’s my sundae? – So Janae tried to take
matters into her own hands. She likes to feed herself now. – [Jeremy] She’s pretty good at it. – She is actually remarkably good at it. – [Waitress] Janae, is that yummy? – Good night. J house, out. And no burping or farting. – [Jeremy] No burping
or farting in your room? (electronic music) – Does anybody want to
come to my little house?

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