– [Mom] Happy Birthday, big girl. Here they come. – [Jeremy] Shoes. – The main event! – [Jeremy] Whoa! (upbeat piano music) (kids cheer) ♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪ (upbeat piano music) – Oh, it’s your birthday. – [Jeremy] Who’s one years old, big girl? – [Kendra] That was fun, huh? – [Jeremy] We’ve done
this with every birthday, for every kid we have ever had. So Isaac calculated how many children birthdays we’ve had in our family. What is this number? – 28 – [Jeremy] Can you believe that? – We’ve done 28 kid birthdays. – [Jeremy] You guys have
had a lot of birthdays. – [Kendra, Jeremy] Peek-a-boo! – [Girl] Peek-a-boo! – [Kendra] Here, here come
see what’s around the corner. Happy Birthday, big girl. (light upbeat music) (Janae squeals) (Kids clap) – [Jeremy] It’s your first
birthday, it’s for you. (Janae squeals) – Yeah! (Janae mumbles) – [Kendra] Yay! (Family cheers) – [Jeremy] You guys. Come on, come try this. (Janae squeaks) Yeah! (Kendra laughs) (Janae squeals) – [Jeremy] Yay! – This is the first time
we’ve had a child walking on their first birthday. (Janae squeals) Yay! (Janae mumbles) (upbeat piano music) – [Kendra] Whoop! Sometimes, on first birthdays, it can be hard to go at the pace, of the child. Because they’re just discovering
and exploring so much, and you want to show ’em,
look at this, look at this! But she’s enjoying each
little moment of this. – And that’s how the
whole day is scheduled, is for little moments that we knew she would enjoy the most. (upbeat music) (baby mumbles) (family cheers) – [Jeremy] You gonna
show her how it’s done? – Janae, you have a chair! – [Kendra] Huh, there we go! (Kendra laughs) – [Jeremy] Let’s see if she can get down. How do I get out of this thing? – [Kendra] I’ll help you get up, ready? You did it! (family claps) – [Jeremy] Oh wait a sec, I
can just sit on this thing? I’m gonna step into it, with
my feet, like it’s a step. I’m gonna lay in it. – [Kendra] Aw. – [Jeremy] You can like turn around, and just scooch up there. (Janae cheers) – [Jeremy] She’s dancing,
she’s dancing in her chair. – [Kendra] It’s so cute how this like, little amount of being up can
be so nervous making to ’em. (Janae slurs) – [Jeremy] Yay! – [Kendra] Dancing, dancing,
dancing in your chair! Dancing, dancing like you just don’t care! ♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪ – Yum – [Jeremy] Yummy! – I love that Nae Nae is so cute and she’s learning so fast. – I like that Nae Nae’s beautiful. She is so cute, she is
superdee duperdee cute. – I love that Nae Nae brings
so much joy to our family when she’s happy. – I love when we have her entertained and then, she see’s us,
like the bigger kids, doing something and she walks over, and she wants to do what we’re doing. – [Jeremy] She likes
to play with you guys. (baby squeaks) I love how adventurous Janae is, she’s just kind of fearless and willing to go an explore and to try things, and just keep up with the big kids and it’s fun to watch and be a part of. – So for Janae’s birthday
breakfast this morning, I tried to think of things
that she really loves, and so we’re having German
pancakes and strawberries. What I love about Janae is everything like she’s been such a joy to our family, but I think, mostly, I’ve enjoyed her cheerful, happy nature. She just is full of joy
and she spreads that joy, to everyone in our home
and everyone she meets when we’re out and about like just seeing how happy she is and how she
shares that happiness with others makes me really happy. Happy, happy, happy! – [Jeremy] Presents time, yeah! (Kendra claps) – Yeah, oh, what is it? (upbeat music) – [Jeremy] Whoa. – It’s like the size of you! (Janae squeaks) (upbeat music) (Janae speaks indistinctly) (Kendra laughs) There it is. (Kendra laughs) – [Jeremy] Boom. (playful music) (child laughs) She so clearly loves this toy. (Janae squeaks) – [Jeremy] Yay! Nae Nae, what is it? – [Girl Child] Shoes! – [Jeremy] Like how do I get these. (Janae squeals) – [Kendra, Jeremy] Shoes! – [Kendra] Shoes! – [Jeremy] Get out of the box. – [Kendra] Shoes! – [Jeremy] There you go. Huh! – Peek-a-boo! – Here they come. The main event! (Janae squeals) – [Jeremy] Shoes! Shoes. – [Girl Child] And some glasses! – [Kendra] Want to put
those glasses on you? Oh yeah. (family laughs) Give a hug and say thank you. There they are! She’s trying it, there she goes! Janae loves shoes, but
she doesn’t feel confident walking in them, so she
sees them and she loves them and she loves them and she
wants them on her feet, but when they get on her feet, she kind of freaks out
’cause she’s like I’m stuck! Mama and Papa. What is it? – [Jeremy] Doggie? – [Kendra] Hi doggie, hi doggie. So this is a walk-a-long puppy, – [Jeremy] Oh I think she’s
really gonna like this one. Oh! And walk, wait, I wanna
walk towards the dog. (Kendra laughs) – We’ll keep working on this one. It’s a book! One dog, woof, two dogs,
woof, yip, yip, yip. – [Jeremy] Alright,
this is from the girls. – [Kendra] What did you find? – [Girl Child] Touch it. – [Kendra] It’s a book about doggies. Nae Nae, there’s one
more thing in the bag. What’s in there? Huh, what is it? – Binkies. (Janae squeals) – [Jeremy] I want it. – Kay, there you go. Take a binky, or two. – [Jeremy] Can I put two in at one time? – She’s trying to get it. Huh, you’ve got it! (baby mumbles) – So Janae loves stuffed animals. And so for her birthday we
decided to get her puppets. Hi Janae, hello, how are you? – [Jeremy] It’s like a
living stuffed animal. Kisses! (monkey screeches) (elephant roars) My nose! (Janae giggles) – So Janae’s favorite
thing in the world is dogs. We’re not in a place to
really consider getting a dog, for her birthday, although
that would’ve been adorable, so instead, we did the next best thing. We invited a dog over, for a play date. – [Jeremy] It’s Henna. (Janae mumbles) (Jeremy laughs) Hello! Do you see the doggie? – Henna! Hi Henna, hi! (Janae razzes) – [Jeremy] Henna! Henna! – Henna – [Jeremy] Henna! – Did she just say Henna? – [Jeremy] I think so. – [Henna’s Owner] Hi. – [Jeremy] That tongue. – Henna! – [Jeremy] Henna, she
is definitely saying it. – [Kendra] I know. – [Jeremy] Henna! – I’m excited, I think I’m
as excited as the kids. – [Jeremy] We have a dog. – [Kendra] For, a day. We’re just borrowing
their dog for just a day. – [Jeremy] Henna’s never
had so much attention. (upbeat music) – So this is our friend’s dog, Henna and whenever we go over to their house, Janae loves playing with Henna and Henna is the most gentle
dog in the world, with kids. And so we asked if she
could come play for the day. – [Jeremy] I love that when
Kendra is planning birthdays for the kids, she’s really deliberate about thinking about what they would love. And having Henna over
was something we knew, Janae, would love. Woo! Wuh. (Janae squeals) Hah, woo! Wah! (Jeremy murmurs) (Janae laughs) – So our kids have never
actually taken a dog for a walk before, and so we had to go out and have a little adventure. (banjo music) – [Jeremy] It’s a little chilly. – [Kendra] But she does
not want this hat on. – [Jeremy] Oh! (banjo music) – [Jeremy] Good walking, Henna. – [Kendra] Is she drinking her water? – [Jeremy] This is one thing we would love about having a dog. Help cleaning up, when Nae Nae’s eating. – [Kendra] Janae just woke up from her nap and she was so excited to
see Henna was still here. – Hello, hello – [Kendra] Hi. So when we talked about Janae’s birthday, we were trying to think
of some place super fun where we could all go together and then, Jeremy and I were
talking what Janae really likes and Janae likes, getting her naps and she also just likes
playing with all of us and so we decided to keep it simple and stay home and we are going to play some family games together. Games like, peek-a-boo,
chase, hide and seek, and ring around the rosy, and
roll the ball, classic games. ♪ Ring around the rosies ♪ ♪ Pocket full of posies ♪ ♪ Ashes, ashes, we all fall down ♪ (Janae laughs) – [Kendra] She’s like what was that? ♪ Ring around the rosies ♪ ♪ We all fall down ♪ (family claps) – [Jeremy] So side note, Kendra found this adorable shirt for
Nae Nae for her birthday. ♪ Birthday girl ♪ – Did she just pose? – [Jeremy] She’s posing. – Whoop, whoop! – Alright. – [Kendra] Is Janae
gonna be on dad’s team? – Yep, throw it. (Jeremy laughs) – [Kendra] You got it! – [Jeremy] Lauren got it. (light playful music) (children laugh) – [Kendra] She used, the backwards throw. (family cheers) Here you go. That’s a ball, can everybody sign ball? – [Family] Ball. – [Kendra] Ball, can you sign ball? – [Jeremy] I can do a headstand. – [Kendra] Downward dog. When you don’t know what
to do, do a downward dog. – [Jeremy] Henna’s having a ton of fun. (Kendra laughs) – The next game is build with blocks and let Janae knock them down. (playful music) – [Jeremy] I just want
that one and that one. (family cheers) (Janae murmurs) – So we’re going to play chase with Janae, that’s one of her favorite games. So, two of us at a time,
are gonna try to get Janae. – [Jeremy] Come on Nae Nae, this way. – Oh no! – [Jeremy] She’s running! ♪ Happy Birthday dear Janae Nae ♪ ♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪ – [Lauren] Cha, cha, cha,
with a cherry on top. – [Jeremy] Can you blow it out? Blow it out, go. (Jeremy blows) – [Kendra] I just wanna eat it, I’ll blow it out for you. (children cheer) Janae, do you like this cupcake? (Janae mumbles) It’s yours for the eating! – [Jeremy] First, I’ll squeeze it all. (family laughs) – [Lauren] She’s like
gonna eat small pieces. – [Jeremy] Well, this is good. How am I gonna get this stuff off? (Jeremy grunts) – [Kendra] Thank you Henna. – [Jeremy] You know we didn’t realize, what a good idea it
was to have a dog here. – [Kendra] No, no, nope! Hey, Janae, can you say
goodnight? J House Out? (baby murmurs) (upbeat music) – [Kendra] Peek-a-boo! (Janae squeals) – [Jeremy] Do you guys wanna go exploring in the fort in the ice? – [Kids] Yeah! (family cheers)

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