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– You’re going to Hogwarts! Gryffindor. (sewing machine whirring) – Whoa.
– Yeah. – [Kendra] Hi. – This is so weird. – I didn’t make it to Hogwarts. – [Kendra] You didn’t make it? – Yeah. (adventurous music) – So little Miss Janae is
definitely getting sick. She’s all boogery and snotty, and she’s having a hard time. Anyway, she’s had a little
bit of a rough night and a little bit of a rough morning, so hopefully she’ll take some good naps. Hi. Can you say hi? There’s a smile. I got something new that I’m excited and a little bit nervous
to try with the kids today. So this is what I got. Laura, what is it? – It’s a sewing machine. – Have you used a sewing machine before? – No. Maybe you can help me. – [Kendra] Yeah, maybe
we can do it together. – Can I try it out? – [Kendra] Maybe, let’s open it up. Good job team. – Avocados. Avocado avocado. Tomato tomato tomato. – I’ve said it before,
and I’ll say it again, it is so nice having kids
that are big enough to help. Ready set go. (sewing machine whirring) Did you guys see? It’s taking the thread from here and putting it over here. – Dude. – [Kendra] So we’re supposed to clip this and then rewind this until it’s full. (melodious music) (sewing machine whirring) – Whoa.
– Yeah. – Well the first thing Isaac learned when he learned the violin is all the parts of the violin. So that’s the same thing
we’re gonna do with this. This is the upper thread guide. See how the thread is going through there? I brought it down here and then up through here and then back down here. It’s called the presser foot. Do you guys see this
white lever right here? This is the presser foot lifter. Watch it lift.
– A long name. – Well I forgot the camera. I’m at Janae’s well child check and I don’t know why I always forget the camera when I come to these things, so I’m videoing on my phone real quick. Hey you. (atmospheric music) So Janae, it looks like she
weighs almost 16 pounds. Well she had to get her
shots which was so sad. But you did great, didn’t ya. (coughing) Yep. Should we go home now? (coughing) Oh. (cough) Are you fake coughing at me? (cooing) Hi, hi Janae. So the doctor’s office is really close to the fabric store. I don’t even like to sew and I think I could be a fabric hoarder. This is beautiful. I just love it, it’s
so bright and colorful. I love this fabric right here. It’s a flannel and it’s so soft. I think that would make
a great gender neutral little baby blanket. (upbeat jazz music) So Caleb had a little bit
of a rough afternoon today. His finger got jammed
pretty good in the door. And it swelled up right away. I was really nervous there for minute, that it was broken. But he can move it. We iced it and some of the
swelling has gone down. He’s been telling me that he’s nervous about eating and writing. Since we’re busting out
the sewing machine today, we’re doing a little unit on quilts. I got some fun quilt book read alouds. I’m letting the kids look
through quilt patterns and choose some of the
ones that they most like. Not ’cause we’re gonna make them, but just to open their eyes
to what a quilt can be. Hi. Did you find some toys down here? That’s quite the maneuver there. Are you just gonna stand up? Jeremy’s working hard today. When he’s working hard, he’s often is in his sweats. – Stays in his pajamas. – [Kendra] Yeah (laughs). She loves the play food stuff. – Uh-oh, Oh. She is so precious. And makes me so happy. (bright music) – [Kendra] So I want
everyone to try three designs before you glue it down, okay? Mama read us Papa’s letters from places like Antietam Creek and Gettysburg. At last the war was over. – Hello. – How are you doing? – We have a special movie
that we saw just came in that we’re gonna watch
tonight with out kids. – Cool. – [Laura] Dad, tell them
that it’s Harry Potter. – Should I tell her? Okay. – [Laura] That it’s Harry Potter. – Harry Potter. – Harry Potter? – We just finished reading the first book with our kids. Are you guys excited to watch it tonight? – Yeah.
– Yep. – [Kendra] So this is
an Origami sorting hat printable that I found
from Harry Potter online. What do you think you will be? – Hopefully Gryffindor. – [Kendra] Yeah, how about you Lise, what do you think you’ll be? – Gryffindor. – [Kendra] How about you Laura? – Moana. – [Kendra] You think
you’re gonna be Moana? – I’m old enough that now I don’t have to be buckled in one of these. – [Jeremy] I don’t know, you
better buckle to be safe. – That’s true. (lively rock music) – Well I think Jeremy got enough fries. – [Jeremy] It’s the family one. There’s nothing worse than
not having enough fries. – That’s true. Okay fish sandwich, you right? I got a cheeseburger here. Chicken. (yells) – Okay so poll question, what would you choose if you had to eat our dinner. Would you get a cheeseburger, a fish sandwich, chicken or
the mushroom Swiss burger. Let us know in the poll. That’s one of the best. ♫ Oh the Lord’s been good to me ♫ And so I thank the Lord ♫ For giving me the things I need ♫ The sun and the rain and the appleseed ♫ The Lord’s been good to me ♫ Do do do do do That’s such a good song. – [Kendra] Okay Laura,
show us how you like it. – I like it like this. Dum dum dum. – You are a dipping master. So I love reading family read a loud books that also have a movie, because it makes for a perfect celebration at the end of reading the book together. And we’ve really enjoyed
reading Harry Potter and I wanted to pull off a
super awesome celebration today, but it’s just not happening. But we’re still gonna have a lot of fun. So just this morning an owl came and left a note on our front door. And it said that you guys are
supposed to get your stuff and go to platform nine
and three-quarters. You’re going to Hogwarts! Go. (enchanting music) (laughing) – I didn’t make it to Hogwarts. – [Kendra] You didn’t make it? – Yeah. (enchanting music) – He’s waiting for the cat. The cat is someone. – [Jeremy] What are you guys eating? – Every flavor of beans. – [Jeremy] Yummy. Hopefully you don’t get a booger one. – Are you ready to be sorted? Alright, first you have to choose one of these pictures. The potion? One two three. Now choose one of these words, Seeker broom hat or lumos. – Broom. – Broom. B-R-O-O-M. Choose one more. Lumos. Gryffindor! Brave at heart. – [Jeremy] Congratulations. – Alright, you may go
to the Gryffindor table. Oh thank you. Pick a picture. – This one. – The snitch. One two three four five. Alright, are you ready? Hufflepuff! Patient and true. – I was wanting to be in Gryffindor. – You’ll be an amazing Hufflepuff
though, patient and true. That one. One two three four. You want this one? Ah you’re a muggle. – Muggle! – That means you can be Moana. – Azkaban. – Alright, seven, one two
three four five six seven. – Padfoot. – Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun. Gryffindor, – Yeah! – brave at heart! – [Jeremy] Okay back to the movie. – We’re gonna make butter bear. It’s supposed to be just like the stuff at Harry Potter world. Alright, these are supposed
to be frozen ice cubes, but we didn’t have enough time for them to all the way freeze. – [Jeremy] They’re slushee ice cubes. – They’re slushee ice cubes. Alright, so now we need
two cups of ice cream. – [Caleb] That’s so much ice cream. – [Jeremy] So that’s slushee
cream soda on the bottom. Vanilla ice cream. – Now comes the flavoring. – It seems like caramel. – It is a lot like caramel, it’s called butterscotch. – [Jeremy] And this is
some more cream soda? – This is one more cup of cream soda. (blender whirring) – That is so weird. (jazzy playful music) (whipped cream spraying) – Alright. – [Jeremy] Give it a try. – Yuck. (record scratches) – Whoa. – That’s strong. – It’s a very strong flavor. – [Laura] That is strong. – [Jeremy] No one likes it. – That is very strong. – So it reminds me of eggnog. Like it’s such a distinct flavor that you’d either like it or you don’t. And if you like butterscotch Jeremy, I bet you’re gonna love this. – [Jeremy] Yeah, of course. Hopefully none of you like it, so that I can drink all of yours. It does taste like eggnog. – [Kendra] What do you think? – Wizards don’t drink eggnog, so this is like eggnog to them. – I don’t really like it, but I would rather have
it, than not have it. (Kendra laughs) – [Kendra] What do you think buddy? – Tastes kinda weird. I think you might have
put a little bit too much of the butter stuff. – Well the butter beer turned out to be not anybody’s favorite flavor, I think Jeremy liked it the best, but it was also super sweet, so we’re not finishing most of it. But it was fun to try. Even when something isn’t our favorite, I love to try new things. Like it’s just cool to experience it and now we know. Anyway, we’re gonna finish up the movie and go to bed. Good night. J House out. Have you been using this, and he’s like yeah, Caleb
and I use it as hair gel. What? – [Jeremy] Go go go go go Isaac. – The parade is almost starting Dad, we’ve got to go quick. (laughing) (lively music)

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