👶🏻FIRST Hide-and-Seek🙈

(bright playful music) – Nope. – Eight, nine, ten! Here I come. – So our Saturdays lately
have been really busy, running errands, taking kids to basketball and other activities and we just wanted to take some time today and really play together as a family. So today is Janae’s first
game, hide and go seek. Are you ready to be it? Are you gonna find everybody? (Janae babbling) Where did they go? Cover your eyes. That’s your head, ready? One two three four five six seven eight nine ten. Ready or not. Where’d they go? Let’s go find them, where’s Isaac? Let’s go. Let’s go, where are they? Okay. – Dadada! – [Jeremy] Dadada! – Come look. (dramatic notes)
(Kendra laughing) (Janae laughs) – Peekaboo. – [Kendra] Let’s go find the
other kids, where are they? Nae Nae, come in. Come see, what’s inside? Shoes, you see shoes? Are there any people in here? – [Jeremy] Nope. – [Jeremy] False alarm,
but you led her to shoes. – She was very happy about that. – Nae Nae, look under the bed. – [Elise] Hi. – Say peekaboo. Say I gotcha. – I gotcha. – [Jeremy] She found you. – [Kendra] Good job Lise. (sweet playful music) – [Jeremy] She’s a little nervous. (gasps) (laughing) – She noticed the
curtain was kinda moving. – Let’s go find everyone else. – She’s like wait a minute. There’s nobody else in there. (Caleb laughs) Okay Janae let’s look under the bed. Is there anybody under there? (playful suspenseful music) – [Jeremy] She’s looking. – [Kendra] Under the bed. – [Jeremy] No one’s under there. – Alright, let’s go to the next room. So Janae’s a little bit
nervous about the bathroom, ’cause the light’s off. Do you want to go in? – [Jeremy] It’s a little creepy. (gasps)
(dramatic notes) (laughing) It’s Laura. You found ’em all. – Good girl. She found me. – [Jeremy] She did. Alright Laura, are you ready to be it? – Yeah. – [Jeremy] Laura’s turn. – Now it’s our turn to hide. I don’t know how quiet she’s gonna be. – One two three four five six seven eight nine ten. Here I come! – [Jeremy] Do you hear that? – Peekaboo. – They found you!
– They found us. (Janae babbling) – [Jeremy] You got found. Alright, go lookin’. Nope, nobody in here. Nobody under here. Let’s look up here. Nobody under there. Nope, nobody back there. Found you. – [Jeremy] Oh! Okay, now we gotta find Isaac and Elise. Where could they be? Do you want to come help? Where haven’t we looked yet? – Hmmm. There you are! (Jeremy laughs) – Good one Laura. – Get Elise. – [Jeremy] Elise is the last one. We haven’t checked in the bathroom. – Let’s look in here. Nope. Nope, not in there. – Can we not find Elise? – [Jeremy] No. There she was, behind the curtain. – Yep. – I couldn’t find you. – [Jeremy] Alright Caleb’s turn, count. – One two three (playful bright music) four five six seven eight nine ten. Ready or not, here I come. Yeah! (Jeremy laughing) – [Jeremy] You could hear her. – No, no one back here. I guess there’s no one in our room. (blowing raspberries) No (laughs). – [Jeremy] No. – No. Where could you possibly hide? Ah! (Jeremy laughs) – [Jeremy] You looked in
there and didn’t even see her. You were hiding good. Alright who’s left, Isaac and Laura. – No one’s in here. No one’s around, no no. Found. – [Jeremy] Oh! (Laura laughing) Did he find you? – Yeah. – Where is Isaac? – [Jeremy] Alright, Isaac’s the last one. – Where is Isaac? – He’s probably in the bathroom. – What? – Not there. – [Jeremy] Isaac’s in a good hiding spot. Come check harder in here. (laughing) – Yeah! – [Jeremy] That was a great hiding space, how did you fit in there? – I do it all the time. – It’s my turn now and Dad’s hiding. One two three four five six – [Kendra] You’re nice, you count slow. seven eight nine ten. Ready or not, here I come. (gasps) I found you. – She wants a dog. – Pretty sure someone should have hid here. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope, nope. Nope, nope. – [Kendra] Everybody’s having
to get pretty creative now. – I found you. – I was under Caleb’s bed. – Oh my goodness, that was a good spot. – I think someone’s breathing. (dramatic note) I found you. – [Kendra] That was a good one Caleb. – It’s uncomfortable in there, so I didn’t really want
to stay in there long. – [Kendra] Yeah, good idea. – Nope. Isaac and Dad are left. – [Kendra] They’re good hiders. – Ah-ya! – [Kendra] Oh that was clever. – Nope. (laughing) – Daddy scared her. – [Laura] Daddy! – You were right here there, you were just like, nope. And I was right here. – [Kendra] Clever spot,
you scared your baby. – Sorry Nae Nae. Dad what are you doing? – [Caleb] Dad, where were you? – [Jeremy] I was hiding right here. – Now we have– – [Jeremy] Isaac. – Yes! – [Jeremy] We gotta find Isaac. – Isaac is good at hiding. – [Jeremy] He’s really good at hiding. – [Caleb] Looks like no
one’s in the curtain. (dramatic music) – So we can’t find Isaac. All of us are looking. – Let’s look in the pantry. – [Jeremy] Let’s check it. No. – [Kendra] Nobody wants
to hide by the trash. – [Jeremy] Yeah, that’s true. – No. – He’s hid up here before but– – [Jeremy] I looked, I looked for that. This is a good hiding spot. – [Kendra] He must be
laughing so hard at us. I bet he has a handle on how
much he’s laughing right now. – [Elise] Yeah. ‘Cause all of us are looking and we can’t find him. – [Jeremy] Did we check
behind the chair in our room? That blue chair? – [Kendra] No. – [Jeremy] Let’s check, is he back here? – [Elise] Nope. – Maybe behind the pillows? – [Jeremy] No. I found him you guys. I know where he is. Go check in your room one more time. (Jeremy laughs) Shhh. Okay you guys I’m gonna give you a hint. He is in our room. He’s in this room. – Isaac! Isaac! – [Jeremy] Genius. – At first I was like gosh, I gotta not let them see my body, that’s gonna be hard and then I was like
oh, I have clothes too. – [Jeremy] Okay, who would
like to play hide and go seek? – Wherever your family is, be sure to take a moment from the business and enjoy time together
in some simple little way. Good night, J House out. (laughing) (bright electronic music) – Tyrannosaurus Rex is real, too. – [Jeremy] Laura, are
you gonna do some art?

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