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– All right, Janae. (upbeat music) What are you doing, buddy? – We’re checking if the
flowers have bloomed. – [Kendra] Peek-a-boo. – [All] Bye! – [Kendra] Have a good day at school. (upbeat music) (bird chirping) (babbling) – [Jeremy] Some of these. Leesie, it’s time to get up, big girl. Isaac, it’s time to get up, big man. (cereal rattling in box) – Dad, you should wear your pajamas today ’cause it’s a pajama day. – [Jeremy] Is it a pajama day? – Mm-hmm. – So at school we do a pajama day. (Classical music) – It’d be really weird to go to pajama day and everybody else is in
just their normal clothes. – [Jeremy] Like you go
dressed up on the wrong day? – Mm-hmm.
– [Jeremy] That would be funny, hopefully that
doesn’t happen today. – So when I drive the kids to school in the morning, we actually listen to a Spanish talk radio show. Jeremy’s brother Brent
does this radio show in Spanish and we love listening to it. It’s fun to hear Uncle Brent speaking in Spanish and it’s good
Spanish practice for us, but I just was getting
in the car realizing how random that is. We listen to a Spanish radio
show on the way to school. What do you listen on the way to school? (speaking Spanish) ♪ Voy a cantar esta canción ♪ ♪ Con mucho cariño de mi corazón ♪ – [Kendra] Big yawn? – Mm-hmm.
– [Kendra] For pajama day? – Yep.
– [Kendra] You ready for school? – A little bit. (laughs) – [Kendra] A little bit? You feelin’ tired? – Whenever you wear pajamas at school, you’re always a bit tired. – [Kendra] We’re in the car line. – [All] Bye! – [Kendra] Have a good day at school! (upbeat electronic music) Laura can’t take her teddy bear to preschool with her, so she’s buckling it in to keep him safe while she’s gone. What’s your teddy bear’s name? – Teddy. – All the big kids are at school, so Janae and I are
gonna run a few errands. It’s windy out today, but at least it’s sunshiney. I love that. (upbeat electronic music) Hi, are you shopping with Mama? Aren’t those so pretty? They’re flowers. Did you find a pretty blue one? Janae absolutely loves coloring, and so I’m trying to figure out what kind of options I have for her since she still wants to eat everything. Has there been something invented that little kids her age can color with? Did you find a stuffed animal? – Yeah.
– [Kendra] Does that doggie have a nose and eyes? – So we’re testing out
a little life jacket. – [Kendra] Laura’s old one. I wanna see if it fit Janae. – [Jeremy] Let’s see if it works. Can you still walk around? (gasps) Who is it? She’s wearin’ it like a pro. You ready to go swimming? – [Kendra] Yes, so fun! – [Jeremy] Why is
everything she does so cute? – ‘Cause she’s little.
– [Jeremy] Look at that face. (laughs) – Peek-a-boo! Peek-a-boo! (laughter) That’s for swimming. (garage door creaking) ♪ There’s a bright golden haze ♪ ♪ On the meadow ♪ ♪ Oh what a beautiful morning ♪ ♪ Oh what a beautiful day ♪ ♪ I’ve got a beautiful feeling ♪ – So when the big kids are at school, I try to make sure to spend some extra one-on-one time with this girl. (laughs) So what’re we gonna do today? – I have a new coloring book! – When I was at the store, there was this sale on coloring books, and so I picked a couple new ones. They were 29 cents. Can you believe that? These are both new coloring books for you, but I’m gonna color the
Doc McStuffins one today. – [Laura] The lips are gonna be red. – [Kendra] Ooh, that’s beautiful. (upbeat music) Here’s Laura’s picture. I like the blue hair.
– Mm-hmm. – [Kendra] Oh, there’s your next one. I like her lipstick. It’s looking good. (laughs) – Her red mustache. (laughs) – [Kendra] Does she
look a little bit silly? And here’s mine. – [Jeremy] So how was
pajama day at school? – Good, I feel asleep in the car. – [Jeremy] ‘Cause you were wearing jamas? – Mm-hmm. – [Jeremy] What are you doing, buddy? – I’m making it so we have a deeper place. – [Jeremy] For the swings? – [Caleb] Yeah. – [Jeremy] We could also raise the swings. – [Caleb] Oh. – [Jeremy] We don’t have to dig holes. – Whoa, look at all those colors. Should we dump it out?
Ready? On Sunday a friend of mine had this toy for her kids at church and Janae loved it so I had to make one, which is super easy. So all you need is an
empty coffee creamer. You fill it up with these and the kids can dump it up, dump it out, and put it back in. (Classical music) – [Jeremy] You helping me make dinner? – Mm-hmm. (mellow music) – So we decided to make cabin tacos, also known as double decker tacos. They smell really good. – [Kendra] So there’s a flour tortilla with refried beans. – [Jeremy] Yep, and then you
just make a taco inside of it. – [Kendra] Dinner. – [Jeremy] Of champions. – [Kendra] Is done. – Tacos are kind of fun to make. I’ve enjoyed making dinner tonight. – Well, thanks for doing it. (babbling) So today is yet another sign that Janae is growing up. She is moving out of her infant car seat and into a big girl car seat. She’s still gonna be rear-facing for quite some time, but still, this is a step. She’s not gonna be in
the baby seat anymore. Nae Nae, what do you think? Are you ready to be a big girl? Do you wanna see your new car seat? – All right, Janae, we’ve
got something for you. – [Kendra] That’s for you. Go check it out. It’s a big box. (gentle music) She’s trying to see in. (scraping sounds) – [Jeremy] What is it, Mom? – Cardboard. (babbles) – She’s like, “Get me in there!” – [Jeremy] Look at our big girl. Oh, I have a cup holder, yes! (Kendra laughs) I can put Goldfish in there. Welp, goodnight everybody. I’m just gonna hang out in here for the rest of the night. (Kendra laughs) – [Kendra] Wanna get out? (babbles) I know, I know, I’m working on it. – [Jeremy] I think she’s
saying, “Don’t get me out.” – [Kendra] Oh oh oh. (Jeremy laughs) – [Jeremy] She did not
want to be unbuckled. – [Kendra] Janae’s car seat
transformation is complete. – [Jeremy] You’re a big girl. – By the way, update: Janae no longer screams all the time in her car seat. It’s beautiful out and the grass is green and it definitely feels like spring today. – We’re checking if the
flowers have bloomed. – [Kendra] Well, they haven’t bloomed, but have they grown? (gasps) They have grown! – [Elise] A ton! – Oh my goodness, I’m so glad. I was worried the snow would kill it. So we planted these flowers in the late fall and it’s our first time doing bulbs and I’ve been so nervous about them this spring
with how cold it’s been, that they were gonna die, but they’re still growing and I’m excited to see them bloom because I don’t remember
what color they are. And so it’ll be a surprise. – One Mississippi, two– – No, dude, it’s not– – So I’m watching Isaac outside and it’s amazing to realize that he’s more than halfway done living in our home. In probably eight years,
he’s gonna be heading out away from our family, away from our home to go on his adventures and begin his own life. Remembering that truth is something that helps me to cherish every day and every moment and to really
appreciate and love them and hold onto them while we have them here because I think time
is gonna go by so fast and I don’t want to waste
any of this time with them. – [Laura] Good night, J House Out. – What?
This is heavy! I can’t lift it! (upbeat country music) – [Kendra] Laura, you
are rocking the eggs! (upbeat country music)

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