💥 High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator Review (A Look Inside) Affiliate marketing For Beginners 2019!

As you can see in these latest videos I’ve been doing I’ve been really focusing on high ticket sales and high ticket commissions and the reason I’ve been doing that is because I Realized with the help of my coach and my mentor that the work I was doing to promote offers that were 50 60 even $100 was gonna be the same amount of work required to promote a high ticket offer so why wouldn’t I do that do the same amount of work the same amount of effort and setup and Instead of promoting low ticket offer promote a high ticket offer which translates into higher commissions There is a newly launched program a high ticket program that was launched by my mentor and my friend Joshua elder it is called the high ticket affiliate accelerator I’ve actually done a couple of videos on this program already, but at more than one of my viewers Requests they asked me to show the back-office And give you an inside look on what this program has to offer and the unique way that high Ticket sales are closed that nobody else is really doing the video starts right now Alright guys, welcome back to the channel victory But ëthis here and I want to thank you for visiting with me today on my channel and checking out this new video about high Ticket affiliate accelerator. I’m gonna go right into the back office. I just want to say one thing Don’t forget to subscribe. Thank you so much. Let’s get right into it okay, guys, this is the back office or my back office of the HTA a program and system and this is a quick introduction to the system into Josh and as you can see You’ve got some things you can click on setup to get added to the private Facebook group here Once you sign up you will have access to that You’ll also register for the next live call here and y’all even offers a daily method of operation kind of a written down Day-to-day way he operates from the moment He wakes up to get himself prepared mentally to his health is working out and then how he gets his mindset ready for the business day and so forth and he gives you an opportunity to read that and look at what he does on a Daily basis so you can actually copy exactly what he’s doing. Of course. We all have different lives and Implement a lot of the things that he is doing around your own life. So it’s a great tool already immediately You’ll get a fantastic tool So the first level of the HTA program is called the build accelerator you go to the build accelerator you go to get started Right here. Now. You’re gonna meet Josh elder He’s a seven-figure online marketer and a youtube extravagant now, of course, he’s great up with YouTube He actually handles all of the YouTube training in the system. This is the first step. Okay It talks about why high ticket affiliate marketing it goes into a great video Training and then he gives you the links to his top recommended Affiliate Network just for 2019 and a top recommended high ticket affiliate offers for 2019 and gives that to you here the next step is mindset for success He talks about how important it is that your mind is gives you a goal card So you can write down exactly your why why are you trying to do this? What are your goals and you have them written down? It’s so important to do that actually has a pre done goal Carter you can fill out three markets that pay you passively How to create your avatar this is very very important as well We’re talking about your customer avatar So you can be focused on on getting your offer to the right type of customer because not you know High ticket affiliate marketing is not for everybody. Okay, and it shows exactly how you can actually identify Your right avatar your right customer avatar so that you can be focused on marketing to that group of people really really good value in this video and in this Training gives you a worksheet so you can fill it out as well We’ve already talked about josh’s daily method of operation and kind of goes into that four types of traffic into the traffic the the four types of traffic that you can actually bring in or you can actually go after with an affiliate offer including a high ticket offer and Market where the attention is at? Okay. So what’s trending right now? and he teaches you how to market how to identify those trending things that are hot right now and you can actually Start focusing on those areas and start promoting or offers to those areas as well So the next step in the build accelerator is setting up a business now this is super valuable because he takes you by the hand and Shows you step-by-step how to actually set up your funnel system your funnel software your autoresponder For list building your tracking tool he gets he even buys Domain while you’re watching his video to show you exactly how to do it. He shows exactly how to set up your website Identifies and shows you the ins the plugins that you need to install to the website. You even creates a custom email address and Set up your tracking link, so This is this is stuff that a lot of people struggle with because you know, like myself technical stuff I mean, I’m I love marketing. I love the marketing part of it putting myself out there YouTube videos That’s kind of in my background but the technical stuff setting the things up before the marketing begins is Where I’ve had trouble in the past and guess what he shows you step by step take you by the hand over the shoulder Training on exactly how to do it. Okay, and then you go to the next level which is the elevate accelerator Okay, then Malibu accelerators if we introduce you to Paulo, but also he’s also a seven-figure internet marketer He’s all about he knows all about solo ads and email marketing. He’s an expert at it. Well, he does the full training here We’re talking about some really in-depth training. So your first day after you meet Paulo Okay, after you meet Paulo your first day is gonna be solo ad mastery day one. You’re gonna go through this Intense training then the next step is solo ad mastery day – okay And all these videos do require a password by the way, which you will have as you can see I have a password here that I’m I’m obviously blurring out and then the and then you’re going to solo ad mastery Day three, he goes in-depth with this training guys. We’re talking about hours of training of video training. I’m not kidding very very impressive So from here guys, you go into Facebook free traffic method and then you’re introduced to Fraser McDonald This guy is a boss. I mean this guy knows exactly what he’s doing He has really made a killing on Facebook with nurturing his facebook group with incredible value every day videos pictures everything else I mean he goes into great detail on exactly the strategies on how he’s being able to build Relationships on Facebook. This is all free free Traffic guys gives you an overview of why Facebook shows his results his profile optimization The RVL formula you’ll get into details about that connecting with others building relationships Turning new connections into partners your hub on Facebook. You can see this is in-depth training guys This is another seven figure super affiliate You this I’ve gotten so much out of this because I just started working my way through the Facebook platform I’m not an expert at it and this has helped me so much I mean he tells you exactly what to do step by step and I love what he said It’s not that don’t make it more difficult than what it is. It’s not that hard okay, so this guy is the reason Lee 28 years old and he’s a Seven-figure super affiliate traveling the world making a killing. He shares all of his secrets He shares all of his strategies and he shows you step by step in exactly how to implement them So after you meet Fraser, you’re gonna go to chat bot profits and you’re gonna meet Brian Dixon This guy is an elite 8 figure earner. This guy knows exactly how to create a huge online income using Facebook Ads and using that type of traffic and also Utilizing chat box on how to make huge profits using the chat bot system He goes in to set up a lead generation campaign Facebook ad set up how to build a massive list Retargeting your audience advanced Facebook Ads training. This guy knows exactly what he’s doing we were on a call the other day a Live call a group of us and he was on here and he said this he said he placed one Facebook ad with one page one post and with his paid advertising strategy He was able to bring in over 1.8 million dollars within two years with that one post and that one ad Incredible you guys want to ever pick this guy’s brain? If you ever want to know what his secrets are and how he does it Well, he walks you through it right here in this training You see guys What I’m talking about is for super affiliates coming together to create one super affiliate program called high ticket affiliate accelerator after that you go to the Transcends accelerator and then we talk about tube traffic selling system. This is Josh This is Josh elders baby right here He talks about how he’s being able to create a huge following on YouTube that has gotten him over 50,000 subscribers Okay, as a to this day, he’s got over 50,000 subscribers. He talks about the YouTube overview Okay, you click on that and then you start going into the video. That’s an hour long He talks about tools. You need to start creating videos Goes into all the details talks about all the tools. We all need tools to start promoting screen recorders, things like that He goes over all that information intention for your videos Identify your ideal customer. Okay. He’s even has a worksheet on that you can download how to create your brand another big deal here My niche is YouTube. I’m promoting all of my Affiliate offers I and my main offer which is high ticket affiliate accelerator all through my youtube channel So and everything that he’s and I’ve been doing it for about a year He’s been doing it quite a bit longer and I’ve gotten so much value out of these videos That I have I’m probably gonna go back and watch them again Great great great value in these videos does about channel graphics setting up your channel tools. He uses to hack YouTube understanding keyword research how to use Google planner Google tremie as you can see, it’s just a talk about thumbnails on page optimization Analyzing competition cards and screens backlinks keyword. I mean there’s all kinds of stuff in here guys. It’s incredible It’s in-depth and it is powerful stuff. So as you can see, it’s very in-depth training Then you go to the next of extra bonuses talks about launch jacking Okay Which is a cool technique where you can get ahead of the game with promoting products that haven’t even been launched yet He goes into the details I know he’s made a killing off of doing this by the way, and then he goes in to get sales today Talks about a simple funnel offers. He’s promoted and Promotional emails gives you the email swipes for those sales that he has gotten with ace it with the system that he has promoted Then he gives you they done for you funnel funnel X ROI And then easy one up then he goes into other training like affiliate training seven-figure Messenger bock funnel now, this is the first time I’ve ever messed with a messenger bot He actually walked you step-by-step on how to set this thing up and also how to use his Proven chat bot scripts that he is currently using to remote this product at and you will have access to all of these things okay, so incredible training as you can see guys if you want to click the link down below because you’re interested in learning more about this program this incredible program that I think is gonna change the way we promote and Close high ticket affiliate offers, then go ahead and click that link. There is a disclaimer I want to say this program is not for tire kickers Okay, this program is not for freebie seekers. This is a legitimate online business a Long-term sustainable business that you can create a long-term Sustainable in come for you and your family for years to come So if that’s what you’re looking for this is the program to look into I will put a link down below that you can click on of course and there is a pre-qualification that we go through to make sure that it’s a good fit for everybody not just us and you but for for the whole Group, we want to make sure that we’re bringing people on who are serious minded about Starting creating and building an online business Where you can start earning? $10,000 per month and More and then grow from there if you’re one of those people that are Interested in knowing more about this programming if you think it’s a good fit if you have the right mindset Okay, if when you click that link down below it’s gonna take you to this page right here You need to watch this video right here This is a free training but it’s gonna answer a lot of the questions that you might have about this Incredible program that Josh and it the other three super affiliates put together when you’re done watching this free training here I want you to click on this link right here and If this is not gonna take you to a sales page It’s not gonna take you to a checkout page where you gotta you know, put your credit card in it’s gonna take you to my facebook chat where we can have a discussion about what your goals are and what the program can offer and just to be sure that it is a great fit for all of us if You want to move forward from there? Then I’ll send you a link to get you more information on the program Guys, this is the real deal. This is the back-office you saw the training and I do want to say this That every one of the super affiliates all four of them are very accessible They’ve actually helped me personally. They’ve answered my questions I’ve had contact with them Josh elder Bala all those guys, you know Frasier McDonald Brian Dixon, these guys are super affiliates for a reason they all came together to put this program together and launched it and is Blowing up guys when you have four super affiliates proven guys that have huge followings They per may come together to create one super affiliate program a high-ticket program like this People are gonna listen So again, if you’re serious minded guys, you got to work you got to come to work man that there’s nothing free here There’s nothing you’ve got to put the work in but I promise you if you follow the step-by-step Direction and if you follow all the training you will start creating and building a business online That will get you life changing income, but you got to take action Right away


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