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we’re gonna use one of my favorite
keyword research tools SEM rush and we are going to figure out how to use this
tool to identify a niche now when you log into SEM rush you can use my link
inside this video for a free trial this is an affiliate link and I do benefit if
you wind up making a purchase what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna look up an idea
for something that we might want to do a niche website for so let’s just say you
are thinking of doing Pet Supplies this is a popular niche and we’re gonna go up
here we’re going to type in Pet Supplies we’re gonna take a look and see at what
kind of action these terms are getting in terms of search volume and we’re
gonna see if we can narrow that down to a niche so I’m going to click view full
report now if you were gonna do a pet supply let’s just say you want to build
a website around pet supplies you’re really gonna be building kind of an
authority site you’re probably gonna be blogging about dogs and cats and and
their wellness and their nutrition and their food and you’re really gonna have
to create a massive amount of content and you’re gonna be competing against
some major major stores right that are going to be in this space for example
let me go over here and look up Pet Supplies alright using my key words
anywhere tool I can see that there are 60,000 500 monthly searches so I might
go oh that’s excellent because so many people are searching that term right but
the problem is it’s got its hike it’s very competitive high competition so if
I scroll down here here’s how you I would be competing against Pet Supplies
Plus Pet Supplies com Petco 1-800 pet meds pet land and of course this is
custom to my location right now Amazon chewy dot-com oh my gosh this is going
to be very very challenging to do that so what I’d rather
do is laser target this down to a much smaller niche so let’s take a look so
pet supplies all right let’s keep looking pet supply stores
all right chewy pet supplies you can see how popular that one is this is kind of
just a keyword tool to give me an idea let’s look at related searches what what
what might be related to Pet Supplies ok pet shop equipment supplies for pets dog
and cat supplies alright let’s say we want to narrow this down to cat let me
go back to the top portion here let’s type type in cat supplies alright now
we’ve narrowed it down to 3600 look at this cat party supplies oh my gosh
that’s a niche I know this sounds funny let me go over here and look cat party
supplies I can spot them when I’m looking but watch this it’s all gonna be
party plates banners oh my gosh that is hilarious now who are we competing
against Party City Amazon Oriental Trading Oriole trading Etsy yeah there’s
a I think there’s a spot here for this party city cat themed supplies I know
this is funny but I just accidentally discovered that niche I think that could
be a website a Pinterest board and not required too much and there’s a
difference between an authority site in a niche site we’re not trying to create
a big website all around health and wellness and products for all pets we’ve
now narrowed this down to or all party supplies this is now cat party supplies
right very very niche focus but I know that’s a funny example I just spotted it
and thought that was interesting okay so I might look there now here let me
show you another way I could I could generate some more ideas so let’s look
at Petsmart cat section alright let’s see we’ve narrowed
it down we went from pet supplies now we went down to cat so we’re just gonna
build a website around cats cat supplies so what I do now is I take a look Pet
Smart is the number one ranking website for that term our tool just showed us
that and I’m gonna look and see what pet smarts ranking for that I might like so
I’m gonna click view all organic keywords this is one of my favorite ways
to find opportunity is by looking at top web sites in that space and narrowing
down an opportunity okay so cat accessories 1692
oh that’s their traffic there’s 3,600 monthly searches for cat accessories
okay so that’s an opportunity kitten supplies now look at that you guys we
just went from all things cat and now we’re narrowing it down to just kittens
so it’s gonna be kitten food and little things are gonna appeal to just kittens
so that could be a niche website in itself okay
cat callers there’s another one cat callers could be a niche website in
itself oh my goodness cat diapers well I haven’t had to deal with that myself but
that absolutely could be a niche site cat sweaters oh my gosh cat sweaters
that’s absolutely an opportunity for a niche now what the difference is is that
you would build a website and everything on that website would be cat sweaters
now let me tell you how easy this is I am part of a an affiliate forum
called wealthy affiliates and I’m putting a link here to in this video and
in this article to the wealthy affiliates forum and you can join for
free and then if you decide to upgrade to a website or to some of the tools
then I would benefit when you use my link now I have a wealthy affiliate
account and I have their site Rubix websites and for your Premium Membership
you actually gain access to 50 WordPress websites it would be as simple as you
creating one WordPress website that you like and they
come with all kinds of themes or you can customize your own theme and then all
you do is run that each time so you might have cat sweaters calm you know
obviously those .com’s are probably going to be be taken but something like fuzzy cat
sweaters my cat sweaters fun cat sweaters cat Gideon sweaters calm and
then you would have cat collars calm and you and have such and such and the
entire website could be an Amazon associate store or you could have other
affiliate products and maybe you’re going to do reviews on these cat collars
you can’t just take Amazon reviews and take them but you can write your own
reviews you can have other people write your reviews but maybe that’s really
where you’re going to focus maybe you do write an article called the best cat
collars or why such-and-such cat collars are better than other cat collars and
you’re going to do a series of you know anywhere from one or two blogs up to
maybe I don’t know if you could do 30 blogs around cat collars or things
related to cat safety maybe identifying your cats you know if you think about
why people would put on a cat collar you know they’re they’re wanting to locate
their cat so maybe you can have links to engravable cat collars and your whole
website that’s the difference between building a we went from pet supplies to
cat supplies to cat callers and now you build an entire website around cat
collars now that the challenge with that people often say is well I can’t scale
up then you know if I just build all cat collars and I can’t sell you know cat
treats and cat food well that’s probably true you don’t want it to loot your
website with things that aren’t cat collars but there’s no reason they
couldn’t quite simply register a domain for the next thing and create a website
just around that in my opinion it would be better to have 10 niche websites each
with its own specific focus to rank on Google than it would be to have one
thing that’s all cats know if you’re going to drive your traffic in through
pay-per-click marketing Facebook Ads other social media ads that
might be a totally different story but if you’re specifically working to rank
on the search engines for that item the smaller you go the
better that’s today’s training on how to use SEM rush to find niche opportunities
I’m Lori Ballen and I earn six figures on affiliate income and I appreciate you
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