🔥 Affiliate Marketing For Beginners! (Without a Website)

If you want to start an affiliate marketing business and you’re a beginner and you don’t have a website or You don’t want to make a website Then you’re gonna want to watch this video because I’m gonna show you how you can start promoting affiliate products without a website Even if you’re a beginner the videos coming right up Alright guys, welcome back to the channel Victor Paredes here I want to welcome you if you’re a first time visitor, I want to thank you for visiting with me today And I also want to urge you to hit that subscribe button right now if you are looking for a place where you can learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing and specifically with high ticket commissions and sales even if you’re a beginner and guys if you want to join my team and Join, the program that has actually changed My business and my life because of high ticket sales The link is gonna be down below But if when you join when you click on that link and you decide to opt in and join the system I’m gonna give you two huge bonuses for doing that. The first bonus is gonna be my Instagram marketing Excellence now you’ve got to be relevant You’ve got to be present on social media and Instagram is just a huge platform To really start promoting your business and yourself It’s a full tutorial on exactly how to get involved with Instagram and promote yourself your business and your products successfully on this platform it goes into what Instagram really is Instagram marketing 101 Okay talks about objectives. Talk about creating amazing content for Instagram It also goes into how to take amazing photos. It goes into filters adding filters I mean is a full-blown tutorial on how to promote yourself on insta the second huge bonus that I’m gonna throw in is Something that’s near and dear to me because I had so much difficulty with this because follow-up is key and if I could give you 30 pre-written proven email swipes 30 follow-up emails cell swipes that you can actually use in anything you promote you just have to change around the links change around some of the text but these are proven these are written by professionals and they are proven to actually Work and get people interested in what you’re promoting 30 follow-up email swipes for you at no charge that is gonna be my Bonus to you for joining our team Today in this video. I’m gonna go over how a beginner with affiliate marketing can start promoting Products and start making sales even without having a website So you’ve got to find a product first? And one of the first websites I ever went to when I first started out with affiliate marketing Find affiliate products and to start promoting them was a website called Clickbank now Clickbank is a huge Websites been around a long time very reputable They’ve got all kinds of affiliate products that you could be promoting, you know And I’m gonna go to their affiliate market place, by the way, you’ll need to you’ll need to create an account It’s a free account you just input all of your information and then you can start promoting affiliate products So we go to the affiliate marketplace. Okay, and as you can see their categories, they list arts and entertainment betting systems business and invest in computers cooking ebusiness education games health and fitness parenting and family There’s everything that you could think of Under the Sun that you could start promoting so you can select a category the three categories I would suggest you stick with is going to be make money online niche health and well-being and Also relationships and be health as a big-time niche in a fill marketing with affiliate marketing sales also Wealth trying to build money online how to create that which is what I do, you know, that’s my niche I I started an affiliate marketing business and online business showing people how to make money online and of course Recommending my number one way of how I’m making a full-time passive income and of course Then there’s relationships, you know how to you know? how to improve your relationship with your spouse how to pick up girls how to pick up guys You know body language all those things are part of that niche as well. That’s a big-time niche So for today’s example, we’re gonna stick with the health and fitness Category so all you have to do really is you go into here. Okay, and you can see all of these other sub Categories within the health and fitness category now, we’re gonna go right to diets and weight loss There’s exercise and fitness and diets and weight loss so let’s click on that and it’s gonna bring you up to the marketplace with all of the affiliate products within that niche that can help you start creating an online income and start promoting these products so I don’t usually go by popularity when I go through Clickbank, I always want to go by gravity and what gravity does it gives you the top selections of products? That are being promoted currently successfully right now online In other words other affiliates are selling this and they are making money selling this product and if you look at this gravity score Right here 372 point 95. That’s that’s out of this world. That means a lot of people are promoting this and also selling it Successfully, so I want to look at gravity so you can look at fix, you know flat belly fix Lean belly breakthrough, and you can see the average sale and Commission amounts as you can see here I’ve done several videos on the best way to select products on Clickbank and I’ll refer you to those videos With the links up in the corner here I’m gonna show you how you can actually promote any one of these products without your website Even if you’re a beginner, so you’re going to grab your affiliate. Let’s let’s stick with this in Cinderella solution Okay and if you click on this this is the actual sales page that Your potential customer is gonna go to this is this is where you’re eventually gonna send them to okay? You want to take a look at it? It’s actually really clean and easy to look at and easy to follow It’s got a nice sales video here and look what happens when you try to get out of here See that pop up it comes up. Hold on. Don’t leave this page So it’s actually got a really good set up to where? When your potential customer sees this and they’ve got a pain point of a hey I’m having trouble losing weight Whatever the case is might push them to continue watching the video possibly purchase the product So let’s X out of here and it tells you this right here how one woman discover the female fat loss Code missed by modern medicine and lost 84 pounds using a simple two-step ritual that 100% guarantees shocking daily weight loss So that is a very gripping title makes somebody want to continue watching this video, especially if they’re struggling with weight loss So, okay. So that’s your sales page. Let’s get out of the sales page And here’s where you’re gonna get your affiliate link right here. You’re gonna go here It’s gonna require an email address. So you’re gonna put in an email address Okay, and once you submit your email address, okay it’s gonna this is the actual affiliate sales page to help all Affiliates start promoting this product what’s nice is that it gives you the blueprint on how to sell this product it even has an upsell Within the flow of the actual funnel, so that’s kind of cool. So they emailed me the link already So what you’re gonna do is you can just save your affiliate link So that affiliate link is gonna take your potential customers to the sales page Okay, and that’s what you want that you want them to go to the sales page Which is right here, which is a video that we saw earlier right here. You will have an a unique affiliate link So basically anybody who clicks on it and purchases it you’re gonna get the commission now, how do you promote it without a website? Well, I’m gonna show you the ways. I’ve promoted all of my products and I don’t have a website Okay, so I want you to keep that in mind I’ve been an affiliate marketer for about a year now, and I do not promote it on websites. Okay? So what I do is I go to Facebook. I’ve joined a few Facebook groups With the make money online niche just because that’s my niche, but you can also look at weight loss Okay, so you’re gonna type in weight loss Okay, and as you can see there are Hundreds of groups about weight loss. Okay. So what you want to do is you want to look for groups that have Thousands of members like this weight loss you can join here extreme weight loss weight loss motivation flat stomach and weight loss solutions You want to join these groups and you want to interact you don’t want to just start spamming your link That’s a no-no. You do not want to just throw your links in there Hey guys, I found a great new way to lose, you know weight a two-step process Nobody’s gonna click on it. Nobody’s interested. Nobody knows you So you’re gonna have to create some connections within these groups by commenting by offering value By sharing maybe your story it’s really important that you can with the people in these groups because these groups are all about losing weight and people are gonna be more interested in what you have to offer if you’ve already Connected with them and you’ve already provided some value With some of the posts so you have to be active in these groups again You don’t want to jump in here and just start posting links now when somebody Has a question after you’ve established yourself as an active member in the group and I keep stressing that because you can’t again you can’t just jump in here and just Start throwing links in there. Facebook is not gonna like it You’re gonna get banned and nobody’s gonna appreciate that because you haven’t established any Friendships any connections any relationships online with anybody in these groups? You’re just another spammer trying to get somebody to buy something and that’s not the position you want to be in? Okay, so Which again you create relationships you offer value by posting things. Hey guys, let me show you a video of myself When I was you know, 10 pounds overweight and you offer up articles that you may be found somewhere else on Pinterest Hey guys, check out this new article that I found That shows some steps on how you could lose weight or hey guys Check out these two new exercises that I just started doing to help me lose weight And maybe they can help you. So basically you’re trying to help people in these groups You’re not trying to sell them anything Okay again People are not gonna buy from you because they don’t know you and once you start Offering up value like this and you put in you and you’re an active member of the group people are gonna start recognizing who you are People are gonna start recognizing your name and people are gonna associate your name with somebody who’s trying to help will offers Value every time you post something and people will up start appreciating that and interacting with you then when the time comes you can say guys I Found a brand new incredible way to lose weight Okay, if you’re interested anybody interested in me inbox me right now and I’m gonna send you a link to what I found. It’s an So you can create a post like that after again, you’ve established yourself as somebody who is a person who’s offering value within the group Okay And that’s how you will create sales and that’s gonna be organic traffic because you already know the majority of the people in these groups Want to lose weight? Okay, so if you have a solution to their pain point You know, everybody has a problem and you’re just trying to be the middleman and show them a solution to their problem But you can by establishing the relationships rapport and offering value within these groups That’s how you’re going to create Sales for yourself because people are gonna start to like you they’re gonna get to know you and then of course They’re gonna trust you and people buy from people that they like know and trust That’s why it’s so important that you establish yourself at the very beginning within these groups So this is one way that I started promoting Products from Clickbank when I first started out and I continue to interact with a lot of the groups that I’m a part of okay I’m a part of several make money online groups and I interact with a lot of these folks we message each other we talk to each other So I’m considered kind of established and a lot of these groups and a lot of people know who I am and know my name Okay So that’s one strategy to start promoting products as an affiliate even as a beginner Without a website now Here’s gonna I’m gonna give you the second way and this is my favorite way and this is the way that I’ve always done it and have been able to create great success with my affiliate marketing business Creating a full time income online With just using this one strategy and one platform and that platform of course is going to be YouTube This is my youtube channel. Okay, and my youtube channel is all about mindset marketing and motivation. We talked about making money online I create content four to five times a week all about making money on I’m offering value showing people how to make money online how to build a sales funnel for beginners and as you can see I’ve got hundreds of videos that I’ve offered up to my viewers so that I could create value for them and of course within Every one of my videos okay, if you click on this one here my latest one Go ahead and pause that you’re gonna be able to see My affiliate links right here Okay, that is organic warm traffic people that like me already people that know me My viewers are looking to me for recommendations well, if I give them value within a video and I give them great content and they know I’m gonna be there consistently day in And day out offering value and it’s the same idea as Facebook I want to offer value because I want to help people learn how to make money just like I’m learning how to make money online so whatever I learn I try to teach that to my viewers or anybody’s interested in watching and That’s where the value comes in. Okay, and I’m also going to give them a call to action. I’m also gonna ask them. Hey, listen, I Have found a way to where I can make a full-time income using Specifically high ticket sales and it’s great for beginners and if you’re interested in doing that, I want you to click on this link right here and I will show you exactly what I’m doing Step-by-step on how I’m creating a full time income online and you can do the same thing too. Ok So YouTube is a very powerful platform You don’t even you don’t have to be on the videos if you if you’re not interested in getting in from the camera You can just do what I’m doing right now I’m actually just recording my screen and now I think being on camera Establishes better relationships with your viewers they get to know who you are. They can see that you’re a real person And they get to get familiar with who you are what you’re about and hopefully they have a connection with you So if they have a connection with you and you’re offering value on a daily When it’s time to recommend something like how you’re making a full-time income online? your audience is going to be much warmer to the idea of checking out what you are promoting and checking out what you’re recommending because again, I’m establishing trust. I’m establishing a relationship with my audience Every time I do a video by giving them value Hopefully they see the value in the videos that I offer and it is a powerful powerful Thing to do because that’s human nature. We want to connect with people. We want to feel like people Understand you understand what you’re going through understand what you’re trying to accomplish Understand the struggles that you’ve been through Let’s say in trying to make money online and if you can connect with people on YouTube it is them one of the most powerful platforms to start creating your affiliate marketing business This is really the only way I’ve promoted my affiliate products. Yes. I’ve done solo ads before. Yes I’ve done paid advertising and of course, you’ve got to test those things out to scale up your business However, if you’re a beginner, I highly urge you to jump on to YouTube it’s free do we have millions of people going through YouTube on a daily basis millions tens of millions and That is that is a market and an audience that you can tap into if you have Something that they want to hear or see if you’re offering value if you’re offering an answer to what they’re looking for They will find you and then you’ll start creating those relationships Creating that value offering them up You’ll start getting subscribers and the best sales come from warm traffic guys I hope you got great value out of this if you are Interested in exactly how I’m creating my full time income online using specific strategies with high ticket affiliate sales Then click on that link in the description below and it’ll take you to a really quick video of me saying hi and Congratulating you for taking that step and then I’m gonna show you exactly how I’m doing it if you’re interested in doing that yourself So guys, I really appreciate you watching the video today. I am looking forward to the next one Give me a thumbs up If you got value out of this video and leave your comments down below if you’re a beginner and you have a specific question on the facebook strategy or Creating YouTube content leave those comments in the comment section down below I will get back to you because I’m very active on the YouTube platform and remember guys It’s time to invest in your business and it’s time to invest in yourself

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