🔥 VRM Heat sinks for the MSI 970A-G43 motherboard

Hi, for anyone how has a MSI 970A-G43 may
have noticed the there is no VRM heatsinks so today we are going to solve this Welcome to TechNOOB’s channel
My name is Miguel I bought this motherboard with a full system secondhand from a friend But I noticed that this motherboard did not have VRM heatsinks and sins it is able to overclock I found this odd Never had a problem but everyone knows that heat is the electronics enemy And sins I’m overclocking it is better safe than sorry First from my googling I found another MSI motherboard, the 970A-G45 and the G46 with the major difference from mine being that it has HD Audio, so went on a hunt on preferably broken motherboards to salvage the vrm heatsink from one, as from what I can tell they have the same MOSFET layout as the G43 and the same heatsink holes But after some time, no luck, only working
ones and I felt there was no need to buy another sins mine is fine. The alternative was to find heatsinks that
could work. And these where the chosen ones Found them on eBay I’ll live the link in the show notes, It’s and affiliate link if you decide to use it, it helps the channel. They must be 19 by 14mm and with thees dimensions
they are only 7mm tall You will need 5 of them
As you can see they are perfect to cover four MOSFETs They may not be perfect but I believe they o the job… Sins I don’t have means to test if this works,
but believing that this solution is better than nothing If someone has any experience with this MSI 970A-G43 motherboard, please leave feedback in the comment section below As always, thank for watching like, subscribe and see you in the next one

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