😂Cookie DROP🍪

– Gingerbread houses? – Butter cookies! – [Mom] Butter cookies? (gasps) Caught ya! (laughs) So you guys get to build a device that can safely carry your cookie. One, two, three, drop! – [Dad] These pajamas make me so happy. – ♪ Come on in! ♪ – So, this morning I
feel really productive and simultaneously like I’m never getting anything done. It’s such a funny feeling. Anyway, my kitchen is clean and it’s beautiful. The dishes are done, the
dishwasher’s unloaded, the floor is swept. It’s lovely; the bathrooms are clean. And then I turn around the corner and look what I see. Front room is a disaster. And with having just gotten home from a trip and prepping for Christmas, and just normal life, my
room is the worst of all. (suspense movie music) Seriously? Seriously, this is so embarrassing. So here’s the moral of the story. What I want to do is deep clean for my entire day, but I what I know I need to do is pause right here and do some fun stuff with the kids. Anyway, now it’s time
for our first activity. Who wants to make… – Drum roll. – What do you think we’re gonna make? – Cookies. – Cookies. – Gingerbread houses? – Butter cookies! – [Mom] Not gingerbread. Butter cookies? We are going to use what’s
called a cookie press. – What? – The heck? – It’s like a little gun that you pull the trigger and it shoots out cookies. (child laughs) Who wants to try it? – I can just shoot it into Isaac’s mouth. (imitates cookie dough spraying) – You guys are goofy. So I used a cookie press
once when I was a kid with my mom and I thought it was so cool. And so I saw one on sale and I had a coupon, so
I got one to try it. – Well, how will it come
out of the little jar thing? – [Mom] So there’s different shapes. These are the different
disks and you can choose which shape you want the cookie to be. Kind of like you choose cookie cutters. We put this piece down here. See? – How do you get the cookies out? – [Mom] We squeeze ’em. So we’re going to learn how to do it. Who wants to try it with me? – [All the Kids] Me! – I wish I got that kind of a reaction when I asked the kids
to do chores with me. We’re just gonna try this recipe that comes with the cookie press. All right, so here’s the different disks. Let’s make the batter. I meant the dough. – Eggs. – Check! – Vanilla extract. – Check! – Almond extract. – Check! – I let the kids gather
all the ingredients. They did a really good job. (upbeat music) – [Mom] It’s the beginning
of a good recipe, isn’t it? – Uh-huh. – We must’ve done three
things of butter crumbs. – [Mom] Think it’s gonna be gross? – No, I think it’s gonna be yummy, because so much butter. – [Mom] It is a lot of butter. These are definitely not healthy cookies. Dump it in. Now we’re supposed to beat it til it’s light and fluffy. (mixer whirring) There you go; let’s let
it do that for a minute. – [Child] Could we go a little faster? – [Child] Pour it in! (bright music) – [Mom] All right, dump it in. – [Child] That looks like boogies! – It looks like boogies. – [Mom] We’re ready to
start adding the flour. Go for it, Lis! Last one! Is the almond extract in it? You’re gonna love this. – And start. – No! – [Dad] What is this
thing called? Cookie gun? – Cookie press. – [Dad] Cookie press? – So I’m supposed to fill
the barrel with dough. – Oh no, she’s taking her revenge! – Now we need a disk! – [Child] Okay, let’s
do the Christmas tree. – All right, I think that goes like that. And then this goes like this. Now it says that my
arrows need to line up. This feels so technical
for making a cookie. Hold press upright with the ring firmly against the cookie sheet. Squeeze the trigger to form a cookie. One click is one cookie. (Classical music) – [Dad] A cookie was born. (laughs) – [Child] Push that thing, Mom. – There’s a cookie! – [Dad] Uh-oh, there’s two cookies! – So it says it doesn’t work on non-stick pans, but I
think all of our pans are non-stick, so I’m
gonna try an older pan. (gasps) It’s a cookie! (all clapping and cheering) (Dad laughs) You don’t have to squeeze hard. There we go. Now try lifting it up. Let’s see. (clapping) – Another one! – [Mom] You did! – It’s kinda smushed. – [Mom] It’s kinda smushed. There you go. Now lift it up. You did it! – I smushed it. – [Mom] Got it. (children laughing) That one… – [Dad] A snowman. – [Mom] Hi, Janay! – Hi! – I woke up from my nap. – [Mom] I caught you. Are you eating? Are you sneaking? – Isaac did it, too. – [Mom] How’s the dough? Is it good? – Mm hmm. – [Mom] We decided to add
some sprinkles, some green. Let’s see how these turn out. Second batch going in. All right, Leesie. Give
it a try. Let it out. Now we’re becoming a factory. Got it! (cheerful music) We decided that this one looks a little bit like spaghetti. I don’t think it turned out to be the snowflake we were hoping for. – That is awesome. Whoa, I know they’re for me. (children laughing) – [Dad] What? What are you doing? (laughter) – [Dad] Perfect. – Oh, that looks good! – [Mom] Even Jeremy wanted
to get in on the fun. – [Dad] It is fun. – [Child] Wow, you’re making at it, Dad. – So the problem with
these cookies is that I think I will eat one and I’m like, “That’s only like a quarter of a cookie” so I’ll eat like three
more, and out of nowhere you’ve eaten 50 cookies and didn’t realize it. – [Mom] So what do you think
of using a cookie press? – I like it more than
making bigger cookies, but there’s so much so
I could just go like (munching sounds) (child singing in the background) – Those look so yummy
I wanna eat all of ’em. Can I eat all of them today? – [Mom] You know what?
I’m not gonna let you eat all of them but we will
let you eat some of ’em. – Aww. – [Mom] Caught ya. – It’s so warm. – [Dad] It is warm out here. – By the way, what’d you
guys think of our curtains? So here’s the curtains,
here’s what they look like. – I like how we have blue
with the white walls. – [Mom] I think our walls
are technically greige, which means half gray, half beige. But here’s what the curtains look like. I love the texture and
I love that we can pull these, and I love this
boy, and this is what Isaac looks like, just
in case you were curious. This is what he looks like. (laughs) Whatcha reading? – The Nutcracker. – [Mom] Let’s see. Let’s see the front. – The Nutcracker. I’ve always wanted to see the real ballet. – [Mom] Ooh, maybe someday you will. – Leesie, when you’re
that age you’ll be able to do that. – [Mom] Oh, you think she’s
gonna be in The Nutcracker? – When you’re 15 years old. – [Mom] Whoa. All right, Caleb, what are you reading? Mortimer’s Christmas Manger. Good pick. I have a fun project for
the kids this afternoon. What do you guys think’s gonna happen if I drop this on the table? – It will crack. – Do we all agree? – Depends on how it lands. – What happened? – It broke in half. – Now, come over here
to the kitchen floor. So what do you guys think’s gonna happen if I drop it from up here? – It’ll break totally. – You think so? – No, I don’t think it’s gonna break. – So you don’t think this is gonna break? (crack) – Oh! – I knew it! – It did, it went to more pieces. Why did it go into more pieces? – Because it was higher,
and then when it’s higher it gets more damaged. – Okay, what do you think will happen if I drop it from right here? – It’s gonna land safely. (all cheering) – All right, so here is the challenge. This time of year, people
send lots of packages in the mail and do you
think they’re very gentle with the packages all the time? – No. – No, they get kind of rocked around. So we are going to see if
you guys can build a way to ship these cookies
so that even though they get dropped they don’t break. So what happens if your
cookie doesn’t break? – Then you get to eat it. – So basically we’re doing
a cookie drop assignment. Kinda like the egg drop. The kids have to package their cookie in such a way that we can drop it from the top of the stairs and it will land without breaking. They also get a point for how cute their package looks. So I got out some supplies:
There’s bubble wrap, tissue paper, and this
is our creation bin. It’s full of all sorts of everything. So you guys get to build a device that can safely carry your cookie. – Gotta make sure it
can’t fall out and somehow tape that on here. – [Mom] So Laurie, you
have to pack a cookie so that it won’t break
when you drop it, okay? – I’m popping my bubbles
so that it can land safely. – [Mom] Oh, so you’re
gonna pop the bubbles so it can land safely? – I don’t think that’s such a good idea. – That sounds very Laura-like. – [Mom] So bubble wrap seems
to be the device of choice. What do you guys think is
better, the larger containers or the smaller containers? – Larger. – Smaller. – [Mom] Whoa, there’s a division. – I’m trying to make
as much layers as I can on the bubble wrap so
then when it goes around, it’s like, boop! Nice and soft. – I’m going to put this over last. – [Mom] So you decided
to put some bubble wrap on the inside? – Mm-hmm. – [Mom] Why’d you decide
to put some on the inside? – So that it won’t like bounce around. – I have to make it a little bit better. Pull that out. – I’m actually sending a package, folks. – [Mom] Who are you gonna send it to? – I’m gonna send it to you. Look what’s inside of it: Bubble wrap. – [Mom] Nice. Did you put a bunch of paper in that? – I just put two in there. – [Mom] Did it break? (gasps) It didn’t break? – Can I eat it? – No, not yet. We’ve got to drop it from the top of the stairs. Laurie, you’re doing a great job. – I’m still taping it. – So Janay just woke up from her nap and there’s so much going on down here that I won’t let her out of my lap, and she’s like going crazy. She’s like “I wanna play with everything!” Hi, are you stuck right here with Mama? – [Child] Janay-nay! – [Mom] Are you gonna use a bag? – Yep. – [Mom] Nice. – And tape it in. (relaxing music) – Watching Laura participate
in these kinds of things always just makes me really happy. Like, it’s fun to see her creativity and her problem-solving skills coming out even though I thought of it
as an older-kid activity. Caleb, what do you think? – I think it’ll do good. – [Mom] It looks awesome. All right, Caleb, are you ready? – Mm-hmm. – [Mom] Set? Drop! – [Caleb] I think it’s safe. – [Mom] You think it’s safe? Run, run, run. Go see. Bust it open! (tearing) If the cookie survives, he gets to eat it. – [Dad] It survived! (cheering) Good job! – [Mom] Did it work? Show me the cookie. Yes! Here’s Isaac’s Christmas cookie package. What do you think your odds are? – Right there. I think it’s gonna make it, for sure. – [Mom] On your mark, get set, drop! – It landed not good. – [Mom] I think it’s safe. – [Dad] Open it up. There it is! It’s broken now. – [Mom] Merry Christmas! – I don’t really know
how to spell Christmas so I just sounded it out. – [Mom] One, two, three, drop! – [Child] Go down. – [Dad] And it survived! Good job. You get to eat it! – Sorry, Dad. – [Dad] You can have it. – Sorry that you don’t get any. – [Dad] Yeah, that’s okay. – [Mom] All right, here’s
Laura’s final project. All right, Laura, you ready? One, two, three, drop! (children laughing) – [Dad] That’s something. – [Mom] All right, go for it, Laura! Let’s see! – [Dad] How’d it do? Let’s see, how’d it do? (gasps) It survived! The oatmeal box was super heavy, but it was inside of there. She had it all safe. – [Mom] She did it all by herself. I did not help her with one single thing. (upbeat music) So we got two different kinds of burgers and then we’re sharing ’em. We’re definitely food-sharers. – [Dad] Yep. – Or at least I am, so
Jeremy puts up with it. – [Dad] We got the Bonsai Burger and… – This one’s called the Mad Love. We haven’t tried it before. – Well, I ate way more food
than a person should ever eat. It hurts to move. I’m struggling. So we’re picking up a couple
potential Christmas gifts. I don’t know why, but these
pajamas make me so happy. – [Mom] Those aren’t pajamas! That’s like a coat with pajama bottoms. – You would wear that out? Like somewhere not just
laying in your bed? – I wouldn’t wear that. This is for a baby. This is like their warmness. – The polar bear outfit. – Yeah, it’s their little coat. We had one of these for
Elise when she was born. – [Dad] They crack me up. – [Mom] When Elise was born it
was in the middle of January in Utah and it was really cold. Oh, look at these shoes! – [Dad] They’re sparkly. – Do you know who would
like sparkly shoes? – [Dad] Isaac? (Mom laughs) – [Mom] That was a funny laugh. (Dad laughs) It says “Little Sister.” – So when we were coming in here, Kendra said my job is
to try to make us leave before an hour of time passed while Kendra wanders around looking
at every single thing. – There’s just so many cute
things and they’re little! – Okay, let’s go. Good night. J-House. Uh-oh. – Mom plus Dad equals Me. – That is really cute. Okay, J-House out. So we were invited out by one
of the local news stations to come and show the kids around to see what happens at a news station. (laughs) – Jacob farted! – That’d be a good anniversary gift. – He got the curtains hung up.

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