– [Jeremy] (chuckles) How
many of those are you wearing? (upbeat music) – Well, I just snuck out of my hotel room. Everybody is still
sleeping, and I am headed to early morning yoga. (chill music) Gotta be here somewhere. – [Jeremy] So Elise,
what have we been doing for the last hour this morning? – Looking for my glasses. – [Jeremy] We came in late last night. We thought we set them down right here, and we have looked everywhere,
or so we feel, and thought. – So the glasses have
to be in the hotel room. The case of the missing glasses. – So I was looking in the trash. Didn’t find the glasses,
but found a binky. That definitely ups the
degree of difficulty when something’s lost,
is that if Janae had got a hold of it, she
could’ve put it anywhere. – Nowhere is safe from the Janae monster. (whimsical music) There they are.
– [Jeremy] We found it. – We got the glasses.
– Thank you! – They were underneath a shirt that had been tossed on the bed. – [Jeremy] Well, I’m glad we got it. – The mystery is solved! There is sight, and we
can now go eat breakfast. – I wanna say hi to Leesey, Dada. – [Jeremy] There she is! – Hi, Leesey! – Hi! – [Kendra] Hi, guys. We love you! – Where’s Janae? – [Kendra] Oh, I know
exactly where Janaenae is. – [Jeremy] She hears your voices. – (gasps) Say, “Hi, guys!” (Laura and Caleb giggling)
Oh, she’s waving! Say hi! – Hi. – [Jeremy] Hi. (chuckles) Hi. – Are you having a good day today? – [Jeremy] They’ve already
been to Ginger Sue’s. – What?
– Hi! (upbeat music) – Oh, that is adorable. Ducks. Well, we found the convention hall. And the kids have definitely
found their happy place. – Here at Clamour, they
have all these different toys and games that the kids can check out while they’re here. – [Kendra] So these things
are called Smashers, and after you smash them,
you can rebuild them, but it’s like a puzzle. So they’re timing the
kids to see how quickly they can rebuild the smash cubes. (upbeat music) – I did it. – [Kendra] You did it! Nice work. Oh my goodness. So what kind of a bird is this? – [Bird Handler] It’s a parrotlet. – [Kendra] It’s a parrotlet. – [Bird Handler] It’s the smallest breed of true parrots in the world. – I like this parrot. – [Kendra] Oh my goodness. Oh! That was so cute! – [Woman] Good morning. (latin music) – [Grandpa] (chuckling) Oh,
you scored against yourself. (energetic music) – [Jeremy] What are you doing? Elise is playing Watermelon Smash. – Oh no! – [Jeremy] Three times! – [Game Host] There you go. One, two, three. Okay.
– [Jeremy] You’re good! You survived! She has three more. – [Game Host] One, two… It won’t break! Oh no.
– [Jeremy] Oh! Oh! Elise survived!
– [Game Host] Nice job. – [Jeremy] You made it
without getting wet. – [Kendra] It’s time for the claw game. (light music) Oh you got one! Oh! So close. (chuckling) Yes! – Yeah! I’ll bring it back for Laura. – [Kendra] There we go. All right, this is a Sling Stix. Isaac’s giving it a try. (chuckles) That was his first attempt. It’ll get smoother. Okay. Whoa! Nice! Oh, that was a good catch. Ooh, you got it! (upbeat music) – [Jeremy] The human claw! What are you gonna get? – I need to go down! – [Man] Okay, see, now stretch your arm. – [Jeremy] Get what you can get! Ahh! (chuckles) (Kendra laughs loudly) – That is awesome! Hang on tight, Leesey!
– [Jeremy] Hold on! Hold on! Ahh! – [Kendra] Ah, hold on! – [Jeremy] Ahh! – She’s got a strong grip. – [Jeremy] Yep. – [Kendra] Go, Leesey! You earned them! – [Jeremy] Good job.
– [Man] Thank you so much, that was awesome. – [Jeremy] That was fun. (cheerful music) So Elise, what are you gonna go do? – Filming a skit. – [Jeremy] Yep, Elise is gonna
do a skit with these ladies. With Tic Tac Toy. So you’ll have to go
and check out that video of what Elise does. – [Grandpa] Laura, you ready to go? – [Laura] Caleb! Thank you! – Geocache. – Geocache. – [Grandpa] We’re gonna go geocaching? – Yep. Zero point one mile left. (pleasant music) We’re right here. – [Grandpa] How many feet does it say? – [Caleb] 35. – [Grandpa] So is it going
further away or closer? – [Caleb] Further. – [Grandpa] Okay, so then go the direction that makes you go closer. – [Caleb] It seems we already passed it. Twelve, nine, five. – [Grandpa] Did you find it? – [Caleb] Yep. – [Grandpa] Sign the log right there. – We did it. – Well, to say that the
kids are enjoying Clamour would be a big understatement. It is so fun to see them
making so many new friends, and building relationships with people that they’ve already met
before, like deepening those. So I’m glad that we brought them. Jeremy and I went back and
forth, and back and forth. You know, on whether or
not to bring the kids to this conference. And it was definitely a good
choice to bring them this time. Janae was able to get a nap today, which I’m really grateful for. And now we are headed to something fun. I think it’s a water ballon fight, which it is hot out, so
anything wet sounds good. (energetic music) It’s been like an hour. The kids are still going strong. – I love it. (funky music) – [Grandpa] We’re really close. It might be somewhere right in here. Does it have a hole down there? – [Caleb] Here somewhere. – [Grandpa] Do you think
it might be right there? Can you see anything inside there? – [Caleb] I found it. – [Grandpa] You did? Oh my goodness. Whoa-ho-ho-ho-ho. So, how many did we
find today already now? – Two. – [Grandpa] That’s two out of two, huh? – I’ll put it in, Caleb. – [Grandpa] Wait, how far are we? – 29 feet. – [Grandpa] Which way does it take you? – [Laura] It says that way. Nope. (gasps) I found it! – [Grandpa] (laughs) You said nope, and then you saw something. – [Caleb] Great job, Laura. – [Grandpa] So we’re putting our– – What day it was? – [Grandpa] Name down there, aren’t we? – Elise has so many bands right now. We have the official socks,
and we’re ready to jump. I’m so grateful for the
invention of trampoline parks. They are the perfect outlet for kids. They can just run around,
play, get all their energy out, it’s air conditioned, it’s awesome. I wish these things had been
around when I was a kid. Good job, Isaac, you got it! Oh, she’s loving this. Jump, jump! (laughs) Look at that smile. (upbeat music) We’re having food truck tacos. But the best part is that
we are drinking horchata. I love horchata, especially good horchata, and this is good horchata. So here’s my horchata. Poll question, have you had horchata? Do you like horchata? Let us know. I don’t know exactly what horchata is. Cinnamon-y milkiness? – Okay, can we all give her a hand? – [Jeremy] Good job. Try to keep your foot straight. Try to get it all the way up. There you go. – I don’t know, whoa. – [Jeremy] You okay? – How am I turning? – [Jeremy] You just,
it’s leaning one foot up. Did you have fun? – Yeah. – You want one of these? ‘Kay, you put it over here. You put it in. And then you keep shopping. I tried to take this away from her. It did not go well. Looks like we’re taking it home. – So with being on YouTube,
we get reached out to by a lot of brands, and we have to decide which brands we want to work with, and being here at the
convention is really good because we’re meeting
all the different brands, their representatives, and
talking about our values of what we really love
and the type of stuff we want to work with. And so that’s a lot of what we’re doing here at the conference. – [Kendra] So did you ask for a rainbow? – Mm-hmm. This is the rainbow. – [Kendra] That’s gonna be beautiful. – These smell like ice cream flavors. – [Jeremy] What flavor is yours? – I got. – [Jeremy] Like mint chip? – It’s like mint with
strawberry, and, smell it. – [Jeremy] (chuckles) How
many of those are you wearing? – Three. – Three, okay. There’s always a lot of
cameras at these events, and I just think that’s funny
to see the cameras at work. (laughs) (jazz music) – Today has been absolutely epic. We are ending off with swimming. It’s still really warm out,
even though it’s getting dark. – Oh, and by the way, I put
my glasses in the bathroom. Just so I won’t forget them! – [Kendra] In a very safe spot. – Yes. – We are not losing her
glasses again, good point. – And I’m not letting Naenae touch them. – [Kendra] Good plan. – Ever. – [Kendra] Ever. – Again. – Again. Well we’re trying to sneak in this one before we put her down for the night. – [Jeremy] Well, it’s time
for this girl to go to bed. She had tons of fun swimming. – Look at how tired she is. You wanna say goodnight? Can you say J House out? (Jeremy laughs) (Janae giggles) (Kendra mimics Janae) – Ah! – I’m Erin, and I’m from England. I love you, J House. And I made you. – I’m Anna from Hamburg, Germany, and I drew all of these. – My name is Rebecca. I am from Connecticut, and I made this keyblade out of K’Nex. I wouldn’t play fight with it, though, because it’s not really reliable. J House out. – My name is Kim, and I’m from Scotland. This is the desk I made. J House out. – So we’re gonna call and find out if he’s officially diagnosed
with celiac disease or not. – I feel like I’m in Hawaii. – No.

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