– Have you been using this, and he was like, yeah, Caleb
and I use it as hair gel. What? – [Jeremy] Go go go go Isaac. – The parade is almost starting Dad, we’ve got to go quick. (laughing) (uptempo dance music) – [Jeremy] Okay Isaac, go play hard. – Yeah. – [Jeremy] Have fun. (cheering) – [Man] Nice job, way to
push up Isaac, good job. – Go Isaac.
– Come on Isaac, kick it. – [Jeremy] Go go go go Isaac. You watching Isaac? – Perfect job Isaac. – [Jeremy] You enjoying the game, Laura? Are you super excited? (mellow music) – [Man] Spread out, spread out! ♫ Show how you feel ♫ It’s adorable well it’s nice to see – [Jeremy] Where are we heading you guys? – To the parade. – [Jeremy] Yep, it’s our fall fest parade. – Fall festival. – And there’s gonna be candy falling down and I’m gonna see who got the most. – [Jeremy] Ooh who’s
gonna get the most candy. – Guys, let’s begin. (bright piano music) – The parade is almost starting Dad, we gotta go quick. – Let’s go. We just made it for the very first thing. (police siren) This is the very beginning of the parade. (marching band music) (Jeremy laughing) – They’re making my tummy weird. – [Jeremy] Are you excited? – Look , it’s the flag bearers. – This is basically like Halloween for the kids with the candy. – Thank you. – Thank you. – [Caleb] So much candy. – You’re so welcome.
– She’s so excited. – I got a toothbrush Dada. – [Jeremy] Yeah, do you see the dancers? – So these places are getting smart. They’re handing out fans and toothbrushes. – Genius. (laughing) (marching band music) So my nephew Blake is in
one of the marching bands. It was fun to say hi. (clock ticking) It’s Blake! I see him! (lively music) – Janae has no idea what’s going on. Hi you, hi. (Jeremy laughs) Do it again, moo! (mooing honk) – [Jeremy] It moos. (laughing) – [Kendra] There’s a chicken. (cheering) – So one of these parades we were at, I think Caleb had to go to
the bathroom really bad, right in the middle of the parade, so I actually went to one of the houses on the parade route and asked them if we could use their bathroom and they were very nice, they let us go in. – This is about the time when I start singing my favorite song. ♫ This is the parade that does not end ♫ That goes on and on my friends It’s fun. (street sweeper motoring) In conjunction with the parade, they have a festival,
a fall festival up here on the square, and so we’re heading there to check it out and see
what there is up there. (upbeat guitar music) We just got back from the parade and the fall festival. And it was fun, but it was so hot. It is hot and humid out today. I’m sweating and anyway, I think we need to hydrate, drink some water and rest in
the air conditioning for a bit. Look at how much candy those kids got. So I just walked into the bathroom and I found Laura using this on her hair. I was like, Laura, what are you doing, that’s not hair gel. And then I realized, it’s
down from the closet, probably because somebody else has been doing this. So I come out and I show Isaac this bottle and I’m like hey Isaac, have you been using this? And he’s like yeah, Caleb and I use it as hair gel. What? So Caleb, what is that? – It’s a gel. – [Kendra] Have you been
using it on your hair? How long have you been
using the aloe vera gel? – About a week. – I can understand the confusion though, because I mean it looks like gel and it says gel. Guys, aloe vera is not hair gel. So it is nap time and what do we do before nap time? – Um, we eat lunch. – We did eat lunch. And now what are we gonna do? – Um, do a nap for me. – Yes, but what do we do together before you take your nap. – Read, I’m gonna read three, Mommy’s gonna read three books to me. – Three books? – Yeah. – We come in here, and she’s like, can I have three books today, please please please? And did you already pick ’em out? – Yeah. – So Laura wants me to read her this one and this one and this one. I want to read you this one too. It is so fun. Have you ever read it before? – I don’t want to read that. I want to read this one
and this one and this one. – [Kendra] You think you
can read three books? – Yeah. – [Kendra] And then you’re
gonna take a nice long nap? Pinky promise? (Kendra laughs) Deal. – I’m gonna read three stories. (bright music) – [Kendra] The kids each
chose one piece of candy. What did you chose Elise? – Warhead. – [Kendra] Isaac went with Skittles. Caleb, what have you got? – And Laura got the same thing. – We both have the same thing. – This is a very bad choice. – [Kendra] So Elise this morning is starting to work on
this paint by number. – Well it’s not really morning. Afternoon. – [Kendra] Oh that’s true,
it’s totally afternoon. Laura, do you want to paint too? – Yeah. – [Kendra] We can get
out some paint for you. That is a pretty intense paint by number. – Yeah it is.
– Is this what it is? – [Kendra] Laura are you ready to paint? – Yeah. (lively classical music) – [Kendra] Laura, what are you painting? – A picture. – [Kendra] That makes sense. Elise is starting out with the white, so it’s a little bit hard to see. But you’re doing a great job, that looks tough. – When I do the blue, you’ll see. – [Kendra] She has moved on to some blue. – I kind of got bored with the white. So I decided to do blue. – [Kendra] What’s that? – You’ll see. I need a little bit more of this and a lot more of this, I need a little bit more of this, I need more for this. – [Kendra] This is gonna be
a long project, big girl. I thought maybe you could paint it, while you were listening
to books on Audible. – Yeah, but this cannot be on carpet. – [Kendra] That’s probably a good point. – Because what if I
spill it on the carpet. – But Alexa could come in here, and read to you in here. – Mmmm. – Okay, but we’re coming
up on the last chapter of the first Harry Potter book. The kids are really loving it. They’re sad that we’re
not finishing it tonight, but it’s late, we gotta get to bed. – I want to finish it, even though it’s over 20 pages. – It will take way too long, it’s already past your
bed time, little stinks. Aright, we’ll finish this tomorrow. Good night, J House out. – [Kendra] Are you
trying to go cross-eyed? – Elsa! – [Jeremy] Whoa.
(mower starts) (Jeremy laughs) (yelling) ♫ I am a sticker girl

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