– [Dad] Caleb’s flip flop just broke. – Just broke. (upbeat music) – I did a back handspring
and landed on my feet. – [Dad] Set, go! (baby babbles) Do you want something? You wanna get in your seat? – So Isaac’s birthday is in just two days and I’ve already got all
of his presents figured out and this morning I went
to go grab his presents and I can’t find them. I know I stuck them away somewhere ’cause I didn’t want Isaac to see them but now I can’t find them. I can find all of them except for one, but I still am wanting that present so hopefully I can find it. Janae is on her cell phone
with a baby and a bottle. Looks like this girl’s ready
for mom life in like 25 years. Are you the momma? So Nae Nae’s got a calculator that she uses as a cell phone,
and a baby doll and a bottle. (fun piano music) Are you so excited about the baby? (baby screams) (energetic music) – [Dad] What’d you guys build? – A fort.
– As always. – [Caleb] Dad, watch this. Step on this, then fall down onto there. – [Dad] Just in case anybody tries to sneak into your fort? – Yeah. – [Dad] So where we heading
this morning, big girl? – Gymnastics. (calm electronic music) – [Dad] She’s been making
that noise quite a bit lately. It’s adorable. Nae Nae, you wanna come
with me to the store? Come on, let’s go. We’re trying to go into the store but Caleb’s flip flop just broke. – Just broke. – [Dad] See if you can
stick it back in there. – Ha! – [Dad] Elise saved the day. Let’s see how it does. – [Caleb] Yep. – [Dad] Good job.
(playful guitar music) – Oh, the broken heart. – There was a huge sale on yogurt. – We now are done shopping. – I did a back handspring
and landed on my feet. (upbeat music) – So, one of the things that we just can’t conquer is clutter. It just keeps growing,
it keeps coming back, it’s hard to stay on top of
with five kids, busy life, things get put places and not put away. So, this morning we’re
gonna crack down on it, we’re fighting a war against the clutter. – Hopefully it doesn’t come
back right after we declutter. – [Dad] Well, that’s up to us,
we gotta start making changes so that we actually put stuff away. All right so here’s what’s gonna happen. I’m gonna give each of
you a bag like this, I’m gonna give you 15 minutes. Where do you want your
clutter stuff to go? – [Isaac] Right here. – Caleb’s spot is over here. Okay so this corner is Elise’s. Poll question, do you like to clean? Let us know in the poll. Ready, set, go! (energetic music) Isaac quickly went for all
of the clutter in this room. Caleb’s going for all the little stuff, he’s just grabbing it. You’ve been looking for
that watch, there it was. – [Isaac] Oh yeah! – [Dad] Isaac has found a
goldmine underneath the couch. Elise. Oh, there it is. The piles are growing and growing. (energetic music) Look at how much clutter we have. And look there’s something
even up here at the very top. So, Kendra’s at the gym
with a friend working out. She took Janae and Laura,
which made this a perfect time to clean so that Janae can’t
get into all of this stuff. Elises making a move for
the shelf game clutter. You guys, in five minutes do
you realize how much clutter you have cleaned up, this is unbelievable. And the washer always gets cluttered. What’s this, your shirt
doesn’t belong here. – [Caleb] That’s Isaac’s. – [Dad] It’s clutter. 10, nine, eight, two, one. One final thing you got in. In the left corner, Caleb
has gathered a bunch of junk. Isaac has amassed a bajillion clutter. And Elise has gathered a lot. – [Elise] Even got the candy bowl! – Even the candy bowl. Now with these piles I’m gonna
bring a trash can up here and anything that’s trash goes in there. If you have a question
about that, let me know. If you know where something
goes, go put that away. If you don’t know where it
goes, we’re gonna put that stuff in a separate pile to deal with last ‘kay? So we’re gonna deal
with what we know first. (triumphant orchestral music) You’re putting everything
away, I really appreciate it. Isaac has made it through his pile, of course here’s the I
don’t know pile is growing but we’ll deal with this
stuff, of where to put it. Laura did you have fun at the gym? – Mmhmm, Nae Nae did. – [Dad] You feeding Nae Nae now? – Yep. – [Dad] Thank you. She likes it, she wants more. – Caleb’s drawers have gotten
a little out of control. We still have winter clothes
in here, he’s been growing a bunch so there’s clothes he doesn’t fit, so we’re going through it all today. I need you to try on those ones over there and see if they still fit you. – [Dad] Well, we decided
to further deep clean by separating all the toys out. Every time we further deep
clean it means you make a bigger mess first, but
we’re going through it. So, this morning, Kendra said
that she had been looking for a present that we
had gotten for Isaac. – Can’t find it, I still haven’t found it. – I put it in my office in
a hidden place down there. – You hid it down there? That was sneaky, I didn’t
even know where it was. – Have you ever had this
happen where you hide something and then you actually
lose it, like you forget, and then you can’t find it. Anyway, it’s a dangerous
thing when you hide something ’cause you might not ever find it again. – I’m having a salad for lunch
with cottage cheese on top. (relaxed guitar music) – [Dad] She loves the trampoline. – So I was slicing a zucchini
and it totally broke. – [Dad] I’m glad you’re
okay, that’s scary. – It is, it made a big sound. – [Dad] Maybe we should get a new knife, just throwing that out there. – [Mom] So we’re trying
something new tonight, we’re grilling zucchini with our steak. – Let’s try it. – [Mom] Smells good. – It does smell good, what
did you season it with? – [Mom] I did some garlic
powder, some Italian seasoning, some fresh basil, some oil,
is the steak about done? – [Dad] I think so. – We’re still new to
grilling so everything we try is a little bit of an experiment
but I am loving the smell, it smells amazing. Here’s my smothered steak,
grilled zucchini and potatoes. – So we had the house entirely clean and we did dinner, and the kids
just left for play practice, and the house is a disaster again. – Hopefully it doesn’t come
back right after we declutter. – [Mom] It happened so fast. – It’s deflating, it’s demoralizing, it’s like you put in so much effort and then life continues
to happen and meals happen and kids have to go, so
we’re gonna clean up again. – We’re gonna do a little workout. We’ll see how this goes. – [Dad] I don’t know if
Janae’s gonna let us. – Mom, let’s do it again.
– She’s been a little clingy. – Ready, yeah, she’s doing it. We walk this way, and push up, you walk to the middle and push up. (laughing) – [Dad] She’s doing it with you. – Aww you’re lucky you’re so cute. Oh, double whammy workout. (laughing) – [Dad] How do you stay so fit? Nae Nae’s working out now. Lift those legs, lift them up. There you go, there you
go, Nae Nae’s doing them. – In case you were wondering, this is why I usually work out at the gym. – Goodnight, J House out. (lively rock music) (laughing)
How does it do that?

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