– So Elise has a pretty loose tooth. (laughing) (growling) (laughs) – I’m just doing my squats. – So, as soon as Caleb woke up, he wanted to start playing
with his new Lego set. – It’s fun. – You’re doing a good job, bud. I love that that you can do this without any help from me. – Mmhmm. They got the
perfect level for me. – Wait, Laura, let’s see your outfit. This was a present, right? – I’m going to wear it today. Even for school! (cheery music playing) – Those socks really
add to the outfit too. (rock music plays) It looks like you finished it. – I did! (blender whirs) – Good morning. We had a slow moving morning this morning. I think just coming off the
birthday party yesterday, we’re all kind of dragging our feet. It was a bit much for me so we’re recovering this morning. The kids are playing with
their toys and doing chores and getting going on our day. These two both got different Play-Doh sets at their birthday party yesterday. Caleb’s does this and Laura’s does this. Let’s see if we can figure it out. – Oh, maybe right there. – I think you’re right. Caleb, it looks like this piece goes in the front here somehow. So you choose what shape
you want it to squeeze out. – I’m going to make it these strings. (cheery music plays) (tapping) – You’ve got some strings! Did it work? – Yeah. – That looks awesome. – I’m going to smush it back up so that I can do more. (cheery music plays) – Wow! What’s up there? Are you looking for some birds? Tweet tweet. – (roars) – (laughs) – Alright, so I’m going
to be the moving target. Each kid gets four balls and two shots with the dart gun to try to hit me. We’re going to see who
can get me the most. (old-time music plays) (pop) (laughs) (pop) Ah! – (laughs) Got you! (laughing) (old time music playing) (pop) (laughs) – No Caleb, you’re not winning! (laughing) (suspenseful music plays) – Alright, this version is
called “Save The Princess.” I’m trying to get Laura to her castle without the villains taking her down. (“Flight of the Bumblebee”) (laughs) I died but she made it in! The princess made it. Alright thus far, the princess has made it safely to the castle twice. – I wanted to be a princess too. – Okay, so I’m trying to protect Elise. Ready? Go! I got you! Oh, she made it! (cheers) She made it! She made it! You barely made it! That was awesome! (thuds) (laughing) Are you okay? Oh my goodness! Okay, we’re going to do
everyone against everyone now. On your mark, get set, Go! On your mark, go! (slow suspense music plays) – Where are we going? – To the gym. – Yeah. We’re going to the workout gym. Oh, wow, look at that outfit! Are you going to wear that to the gym? – Yep! – Let’s go. – So this is a light up purse. – Is this one of the
toys you got last night. – Uh-huh, and here’s how you open it. – Whoa. You want to get it dark in here? – Uh-huh. – Let’s close the blinds. – I want to change it to this. – How fun! – Oh, look! I could put it up all day and night. – It’s 30 to zero. – So I tell the kids after
we’ve cleaned up the house, they could all have ten
minutes, playing an app game. So, Elise, what are you playing right now? I think it’s the bubble island one. – Yeah. – And what are you guys playing? – (in unison) Madden Nobels. – So the Giants, they did a long run, and I barely stopped them. – The boys kind of go through different games that they like. Like you guys did Crash
Royale for a long time. – And then we went through bike race and now we do Madden Nobel. – I would love to hear in the comments what your favorite app games are. – Janae just woke up from her nap. Hey! (coos) There you go. Good morning. (jolly music plays) – I’m just doing my squats. (laughs) – Yay! And then she starts clapping. Who’s getting ready for the game? ♪ I got my head on the game ♪ So, Isaac is talking about
how he’s a little bit nervous about the game. And when I was growing up, I would get so nervous
and anxious about a game, I would throw up sometimes. So I’m telling him that’s normal. But let us know in the poll, before you play game or
put on a show or perform, do you feel nervous and
how nervous do you feel? Let us know in the poll. – I’m feeling pretty nervous. Not to the point where I,
like, throw up and stuff, but I feel a little nervous. – When I was scared, my
tummy always felt funny. – Like butterflies in your tummy is the way people explain it. – Yeah. (energetic music plays) Today is wacky wild sock day. – That’s why they have all the fun socks. (energetic music plays) – So the last several
days here in Kansas City have been dreary and overcast. Like, they’re just cloudy, there’s rain, there’s freezing rain. I feel it affecting myself, emotionally. Just kind of feel down. And I was thinking about that today and I found myself looking
through the forecast. I’m like, come on, sunshine! And I realize that I needed
to actually remind myself that this rain, this moisture,
is what makes Kansas City such a beautiful, lush, green place and I love that and so
I just need to remember to appreciate the weather and hopefully that’ll help me get through that. I think that’s so true in my life too, sometimes I get so irritated
with any little hiccup in life so often, those challenges,
those little hurdles of everyday life are what
teach us and help us grow. Instead of being frustrated with them, I feel like I need to practice gratitude and that’s easier said than
done must mean it’s working. – I’m putting the batteries
in for Laura’s microphone. – (sings) – Okay, let’s try this. – Oh, we are the greatest show! Daddy, does it have a phone? – That’s a microphone. It doesn’t have a telephone. It just takes your voice and amplifies it out to everybody else. So you could push that
with your feet, like watch. (singing) And I will always love you. – I’m the children and I’m singing. – Hey, well let me say,
let me say, you’re welcome for the wonderful world you know. – Tomorrow, tomorrow. – You’re only a day away! – Moana. – Janae just signed “shoes”. She saw Elise’s shoes
and she wanted them on. – Yeah! Can you say shoes? Shoes, shoes! She’s trying! Oh you want to show him the movies? She’s like “how do I wear all the shoes?” That microphone. That’s an exciting toy! – You can hear them, singing back there. Good thing we’re heading out. – Yep! – So Kendra and I are going
on a date night tonight. It should be an adventure. – I’m wearing my new shirt
that got earlier this week and I’m really liking it. And I think we have big
plans to eat and plan. I love to plan. I love to bring all my
notebooks and line them up and it’s like let’s figure out life! – So Elise has a pretty lose tooth. – You have no teeth left! – I know! How are you going to eat? – You’ll have to only eat ice cream. – And mashed potatoes. – (babbles) Are you performing? – Good night, J House out.

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