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– It’s little tiny. (upbeat jazzy music) (upbeat music) – So we’re driving into the fog and fog is really fun for us here because we live in Kansas City. We don’t have any fog in Kansas City. (upbeat music) We’re stopping for some lunch
before we head to Legoland. (jazzy music) – We’re at Einstein Bagel. (jazzy music) – [Kendra] I love bagel sandwiches. – [Jeremy] What’s all
around your feet Laura? – Birds. – [Jeremy] They’re birds. Nae-nae’s loving the birds. Hi birds. (jazzy music) – [Caleb] That’s made out of legos. (techno music) – Caleb, I think you’re on the third one. (cheers) – Checking to see if
the kids are tall enough to ride some of the rides here. – This is gonna be
Janae’s first ride ever. – [Jeremy] She’s clapping. – [Kendra] Oh she is, she’s clapping. – Hi, hi everybody. Hi. (upbeat jazzy music) – Do you see it, say hi. Hi. (cheers) – [Woman] Everyone make some noise. (indiscernible singing) (rock music) – [Jeremy] Are you gonna drive? Caleb, she’s coming for you buddy. Go Laura, go! Steer, go the other way. (rock music) Good job Laura. Good job Cubby. Oh you jammed into someone. Keep going, keep going
Laura, push the gas. So Legoland is set up so half
of the park is for little kids and the other half is for bigger kids. So we’re starting on
the easier rides first. – [Kendra] Do you guys wanna try driving? – [Both] Yeah. – It’s like stop and like real streets. Like a whole city. – [Kendra] A Lego city? What happened to your voice? – I kinda lost it. – [Jeremy] Go get him. Isaac, did you stop at the stop sign? You’re so obedient. (rock music) – My driver’s license. – [Jeremy] Your driver’s license. You’re kind of losing
your voice today huh? – Yeah. – [Jeremy] Do you think you’re ready to drive a real car now? – Yeah. – [Jeremy] Yeah, you can do it. – But I think I might
need a little bit taller. – [Kendra] Do you like driving the car? What do you like about it? – That sometimes I bump. – [Kendra] Oh do you bump into people? – I purposely bumped into people. – [Kendra] This is not bumper cars. Well the car driving is a big hit. – I have two driver licenses. – [Kendra] Yes, Laura what did you do? – I went two times and I won. – [Kendra] You won? – Yeah. – [Kendra] Good job. (rock music) Janae’s cheering the kids on. – [Jeremy] Hey! (rock music) – [Kendra] How was it? – I love you! (upbeat music) – [Jeremy] You’re on the back
row Cub, how are you feeling? – Good. (upbeat music) – [Jeremy] Good job Laura! (upbeat music) Poll question, when’s the last
time you played with Legos? Let us know in the poll. (upbeat music) We’re all lifting Janae up the stairs. She’s directing us. – So apparently the
apple fries is Legoland’s iconic dessert so we pretty
much have to try it right? – [Jeremy] We don’t have a choice. (upbeat music) Big girl. So while Kendra’s waiting
in line for the apple fries, we found this playground for the kids. (upbeat music) – [Kendra] Alright so these
are the granny apple fries. What do you think? – Yum. – [Kendra] We’re gonna share it dude. So I got three of these
for our family to share. We might be back. – Okay, the apple fries are ready. Here we go, let’s see what we think. – I’m gonna have it alone. – [Jeremy] Without any cream first? – It’s like apple pie. – It smells like apple pie. – [Woman] It tastes like apple pie. – Yeah, those are good. – [Jeremy] Apple french fries. – [Kendra] We’re ruined, now she knows where the good stuff is. Jeremy took the big kids to
ride a big roller coaster and the little kids and
I are gonna party it up over here on some of the little rides. (cheery music) (laughter) Oh no! – Two times. – [Kendra] You got to do it two times? – So I got the bigger kids, we’re gonna try their roller coaster here. (rock music) We’re about to do the
roller coaster Leesy! Here it is! (screams) Leesy! Uh oh! (screams) – I loved it. – I wanna go on it again. – [Jeremy] Going up? Laura, how you feeling about this slide? Get your feet all in. Get your feet in. Set go. Go ahead Laura. (screams) I didn’t go very far. – We have had a great
day at Legoland today and we also had a really rough moment. One of our kids threw quite a tantrum and honestly I was super embarrassed. But it happens. I tried to stay calm and we disciplined the way that
we’re trying to discipline in our family. That child was able to overcome the issue. Anyway, just compassion for all the parents out there who
are dealing with tantrums. Great kids have rough moments, great parents have rough moments. Let’s just all remember
to be really gentle and understanding about
that with each other. – That looks fun, you’re
pulling yourself up. – [Kendra] So do you think
you’re gonna be strong enough? – Yeah. I’m over 40. – [Kendra] You are over 40
inches so you get to ride. Who’s gonna help you pull yourself up? Papa! Have we showed them your shirt? – [Caleb] I’m not retired,
I’m a professional Papa. Me and him. (laughter) – [Kendra] Whoa. They’re going. (cheers) – [Jeremy] Go, pull up, pull up. Pull up. They got it. Okay, let go. (rock music) Princess. You’re Mary Poppins? Let’s do a picture. – She’s getting tired. (techno music) – [Jeremy] Cubby, you ready? – Yeah. (techno music) – [Jeremy] Cubby. Cubby got the highest score. – But I got- – [Jeremy] 110,000. – So Caleb just came up to me and he said, I wanna do something other than Legos. – [Jeremy] We’re at Legoland. You guys gonna build
the fastest Lego cars? – [Both] Yeah. – [Jeremy] Oh Elise. Oh no! I won! What are we doing now? – We’re going on the dragon. – It was like closed all this time. – [Jeremy] It was closed. They said it might not open today. – But it opened. I’m so excited. (upbeat music) (screams) (upbeat music) – [Kendra] She’s dancing,
she’s feeling the beat. Oh you wanna come to me. Oh she almost let go. First steps. Just kidding, it wasn’t her first steps, but she’s thinking about it. Oh yeah, she knows her moves. – [Jeremy] She’s dancing. – [Kendra] She found her
place, she has her jam. Hey. Hey, I’m up here. Hi. – [Jeremy] Do you wanna ride a train? For the final ride of the day, we’re all as a family riding the train. Front seat for Laura. – Real choo choo train but little. – [Jeremy] It’s a real train. – Yes, but it’s a little teeny tiny. – [Jeremy] Nae-nae’s on the train. – Oh she likes it. – Wave to Papa. You turning? Now make it stop. Well done. Legoland is actually premiering
a 4D movie right now. And we just happened to
be here on this night and so we’re gonna go watch it. One of the PR people here at Legoland actually watches J House
vlogs and she saw us and invited us to this little
premiere that they’re doing. They have like popcorn and
cookies and hot chocolate. This is their new 4D movie. Where’s the best seat? The show is starting. – Do we get to see it again? – 4D movies are cool because they include so many of the senses. You have the 3D look, you can feel things, there’s water on you and they just involve a lot of the senses. So we got a picture
made out of Lego bricks. It comes apart like a puzzle. – [Kendra] Yeah check
it out, like this one. See, isn’t that awesome. – [Caleb] How did they print it? – [Woman] Machine in the
back and it paints it onto the Legos and it’s made with paint that is what we like to call play proof. You scratch it, you guys can do- – [Jeremy] Can I put it
in my mouth and suck on it like Laura will? – As long as you don’t
stick it down your throat. – [Jeremy] No choking. Caleb’s like, where’s the
machine and they’re showing us. – [Kendra] So it paints it on
there just like your picture. – [Jeremy] Kinda like a printer. We walked out of the
parking lot with Caleb on my shoulders and we’re
walking back into it with him on my shoulders. Well Legoland was a lot of fun. – J House out. – [Kendra] Wait, you didn’t say goodnight. – Goodnight, J House out. – [Kendra] How would
people know to go to bed if we didn’t say goodnight? – Yeah, especially when they
watch it at two in the morning, afternoon. – [Kendra] Two in the morning,
I hope they go to bed. Okay, just to be clear,
if it’s your bedtime and you’re watching this, good night. J House out. – [Jeremy] You guys just chilling? – We’re just chatting. – Jeremy] You can’t see it in the fog. There’s a river. I mean imagine if you were
flying down as an alien. It’s like they have a
river of red and white, but the river runs in opposite directions across from each other. Wait, it’s not water,
it’s little moving people. Those aren’t people, those
are like machine devices that carry the humans. The people on Earth. You guys just chilling – We’re just chatting. We’re just chatting. – [Jeremy] What do you think
sushi’s gonna taste like. – I don’t know. I’m kinda nervous. (upbeat music) – [Man] That is a goodbye hug. (upbeat music)

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