(rock music) – How does it do that? – Well Jeremy and I are dividing up and getting lots of stuff done today. I’m starting off the day
at the gym with these two. We’re going to the gym? – So this morning here in Kansas City they have the Maker Faire. It’s focused on different creations, building and fun for kids. (funky music) Nice. – Well I am all sweaty, that was quite a work out
and it was also hilarious, I couldn’t keep up but I
always on the wrong arm. All I could think of the whole time was if a boxing class had to actually fight anyone in any capacity, how hilarious that would be because I was doing the moves but, yeah, I could never fight somebody. – [Jeremy] Whoa! There you go. (kids laughing and playing) (peaceful music) – Look, they’re all up there! – [Jeremy] You’re making huge bubbles! – Oh, look at that one! (soothing music) – So I’m walking in from my garage and look what I found on my steps. I mean, first of all there’s
a lot of stuff on my steps, but this is the one that
has me really bewildered. This is the stopper to our bathtub and it’s on my stairs. Toddlers. I’m actually getting ready to go somewhere and I’m really glad
that I vlogged right now because I can see myself and realized that I completely forgot my mascara. Losing my mind today and apparently my bathroom stopper. – Whoa, don’t get too close, stand back. Cool, and it dumps it out. So there’s competitions here where the robots fight against each other. (keyboard music) – [Kendra] All right
Laura, where are we headed? – We’re headed to a
birthday party of business. – Come one Na-Na let’s go. So the girls and I are headed to a birthday party for a business which is Nickel and Suede, which
is this earring company. Our friend started it four years ago so we’re having a birthday party celebration at their store today and
I’m just so proud of them. A ton a hard work goes
into these businesses. So to see what they’ve built over the last four years is impressive. She loves the balloons. – Your hair! I just got shocked big time, don’t get too close to the ball. (kids laughing) Look at your hair! It’s still going up. Three, two, one. Getting out of here is the hard part. – They’re serving the best
treat Lilo’s Shaved Ice. What flavor did you get? – Wedding cake. – Wedding cake, yum, Janae is not so sure but she’ll be convinced soon. Did you know there’s ice cream
down there at the bottom? Now that Janae has tried feeding herself she doesn’t want me to feed her ever and I forgot her bib, this
might get really messy. Yeah, is that good? (keyboard music) – [Instructor] Once you
get it wet you’re going to bunch it up into a little ball. – [Jeremy] They’re making Alpaca balls. – [Instructor] Now once you get it into a nice tight ball you’re
going to do this with it, you’re going to roll it like this. – I’ve only had two of the kids today and I’m completely exhausted. I just got Janae down for
her nap so Laura and I are going to spend some
special time together. What do you want to do? – I want to put on this and then play the magnet things. I going to put it on Mommy because I already have some one, see. – Go ahead. (classical music) Laura you did a good job. – [Laura] There not all of it. (classical music) – So I’m going to countdown and I’m going to make an explosion. I’m going to go fire in the hole, three, two, one, action. On action there’s going
to be the explosion. Fire in the hole! Three, two, one, action! Fire in the hole! Three, two, one, action! – [Jeremy] Is that cool? – I’m ignoring my dishes and a bunch of messy parts of my house and all the stuff I need to do because I just want to play one on one with Laura. – First we’re going to make a square. (big band music) – Two, one! Here we go. – Whoa! How does it do that? – [Jeremy] It’s a veggie
pinewood derby track. That is so cool.
– Will they ever eat it? – I want to do robotics. – [Jeremy] You want to build the robotics? Feels like you’re going to fall, huh? Whoa! (rock music) You guys got hammers? – And then got these screwdrivers. – So did Isaac. (fun music) – So we’re making really small drawings then we’re going to shrink them down so we can look at them
through the microscope. Did it shrink? – It was just like (funny noise). – [Jeremy] Did you see it shrink? – How does it do that? – [Jeremy] Oh wow, yours started out tiny. Wow, look at that you guys. So the music we were hearing was actually lightening
controlled by a keyboard but the lightening was
what was making the music. That’s amazing. (Super Mario theme) All right you guys,
what are we doing next? – Getting snow cones. – You’re going to make a snow cone. So one of the cool things
about the Maker Faire is seeing how people do creative business. So some guy created this hamster wheel snow cone maker and he’s sells them and other people run a business doing this. (fun music) You made that all by yourself. Well, with the machine. – It’s amazing. (peaceful music) – We couldn’t find any gluten free options among the food trucks at Maker so we’re going to a favorite
(wind drowning him out) place. (accordion music) – [Kendra] Looks like
you guys tired Daddy out. – Good afternoon, J. House out. – Did you think our day
wouldn’t be annoying here, I was wrong. Caleb be careful.

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