(upbeat techno music) – That’s good. – [Kendra] What are we thinking about it? Next up, hotdogs. Chocolate, crackers, gum, ranch, will it pumpkin spice, – No, no.
– Yuck. (upbeat techno music) – In the spirit of the season, we thought that we would do a
challenge that was focused on pumpkin flavor. It’s kind of unbelievable how many things you can make pumpkin. Here’s the secret sauce. So they have a whole pumpkin
sectio here at the store. There’s pumpkin bread, pumpkin streusel, pumpkin cake, pumpkin
donuts, pumpkin party mix, pumpkin muffins. – We’re doing the pumpkin spice challenge. (upbeat music) – [Elise] Will it pumpkin spice? – [Kendra] Everybody pick
up your thing and smell it. – [Jeremy] Do you guys smell that? – Our first food is cottage
cheese, will it pumpkin spice? – [Jeremy] Alright, go
ahead and give it a try. – It’s not bad. – Yeah, it’s not bad. – [Jeremy] What do you think Elise? – [Kendra] Do you think there’s a real pumpkin spice cottage cheese out there? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – No.
– Yeah. – [Jeremy] Alright so everyone says yes, but Elise says no. The answer is no, we couldn’t find any pumpkin spice cottage cheese. – Yes. – They need to make that. – Next up we have salsa,
will it pumpkin spice. – [Jeremy] Okay, give it a
try, will it pumpkin spice. – I think this is real. – No. – [Jeremy] Laura’s going with no way Jose. – [Caleb] I think it’s real. – No. – [Kendra] Elise is
really thinking about it. – I think yes because it makes it really, really, really spicy. – [Jeremy] What do you
think Laura, yes or no? – No. – No way. – Yes way. – [Jeremy] The boys are for
yes and the girls are for no. The answer is… Yes, it does pumpkin spice. They have pumpkin salsa. – Here it is, real pumpkin salsa. – [Jeremy] We got that at the store. – Jeremy and I were so
surprised, we had no idea. This really exists. – [Jeremy] Pumpkin salsa. – We totally did not think that existed. – We were making a list
of funny pumpkiny things and we’re like- – Oh you can put it in salsa. It’s real. Next up, hot dogs. Chocolate. Ranch, will it pumpkin spice? – No.
– Yuck. – Frosted Mini Wheats. Crackers. Gum. Will it pumpkin spice? If you didn’t know our
kids really love gum. (upbeat music) Alright so what do you guys think? – No.
– No. – No.
– No. – [Kendra] You are correct. What do you think, is there
a real pumpkin spice gum at the store is the question. – [Jeremy] So who thinks yes that this is a pumpkin spice flavor at the store? – Yes. – [Jeremy] Who thinks no? The answer is no, we weren’t able to find any pumpkin spice at our store. – Hmm, that’s good. – I think it’s real.
– Yum. – Real. – [Jeremy] Alright, the answer is yes. It is a real thing, there
is pumpkin chocolate. – I’m so excited about this. I love dark chocolate so
pumpkin dark chocolate. – Maybe. – What do you think, pumpkin
spice salad dressing? – No. – Yes.
– Yeah. – [Jeremy] Dude, that’s a lot
of pumpkin spice on there. Ranch pumpkin spice. – Yes. – Yes. – [Kendra] Do you think it’s a real thing? – Yes.
– Yes. – I think it’s a real thing. – [Jeremy] At our grocery
store the answer was no. (buzzer) – There could be some out there. – [Jeremy] Cereal, does it pumpkin spice? – Yes. – [Jeremy] You are correct. – Yes. – [Jeremy] Crackers,
will it pumpkin spice. – Yes.
– Yes. – [Jeremy] Yes, there are
pumpkin spice crackers. – I wanna eat this last one. – Next up is watermelon,
will it pumpkin spice. – I love watermelon. – [Jeremy] Go ahead and
add the pumpkin spice. Does watermelon pumpkin spice? – That’s good. That’s super good. – It for sure pumpkin spice. – Yeah.
– Uh huh. – [Jeremy] Everyone thinks yes? The answer is no. (buzzer) – But it’s super good. – We need this, it was amazing. Get the pumpkin spice
and get the watermelon. – Next up is deviled eggs. – [Jeremy] You don’t think so Laura? – First I thought these were cupcakes. (laughter) – Alright we wanna know
what you think on this one. Let us know in the poll,
does it pumpkin spice? – [Kendra] What do we think? Will it pumpkin spice? – No. No. – Well I don’t like it but I think it is. – Yes.
– Yes. – No. – [Jeremy] Alright, the answer is no. We didn’t find any deviled eggs that were pumpkin spice at the store. – That is odd. – As normal, I didn’t not like it at all. – Me neither. – I did not like it but
I thought it would be. – Soda, will it pumpkin spice? – [Jeremy] Give it a drink. – [Kendra] What do you guys think? Is there really pumpkin soda at the store. Yes? – Yes. – [Kendra] Alright and who says no. – No, no. – [Kendra] And the answer is
that at our grocery store, no they do not have pumpkin soda. – So we thought we found some
pumpkin soda at the store, but we were wrong. So they had to do an ID
for this pumpkin ale, we thought it’d be
really fun for the kids. Like ginger ale, but pumpkin flavor. But it’s alcoholic, so we won’t take that. – Butter. – I don’t like it, but I think there is. – [Kendra] Is there really pumpkin butter? – Yes.
– Yes. – [Jeremy] Alright, the answer is yes, there is pumpkin butter. – Real pumpkin butter. – Can we try it. – We found pumpkin butter. It seems more like a pumpkin jelly than a pumpkin butter. Popcorn, will it pumpkin spice. – Handful for me. This looks good. – [Jeremy] Alright, put
on the pumpkin spice. – It’s good.
– Yum. – [Jeremy] Alright,
what do you guys think? – Yes.
– Yes. – Yes. – [Jeremy] The answer is no. (buzzer) We weren’t able to find it at the store. Now we do have to say you guys, just because our store doesn’t have it, doesn’t mean there isn’t
pumpkin spice popcorn out there. So we realize that is a real thing but it wasn’t at our store. – When Jeremy and I were
at the grocery store, we were completely surprised by some of the pumpkin pie stuff
that we found there. So let us know in the comments below what’s the craziest thing
that you’ve ever seen, heard of, or eaten pumpkin spice. – [Child] Goodnight, J House out. – Isaac, I have a very
good piece of advice. Don’t listen to your dad. (rock music) – [Kendra] That is the cutest thing ever.

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