(upbeat drum music) – I’ve got them all stuck in my head now. That one and that one. – We just got some news. (upbeat drum music) – [Man] We got 10 minutes
til we have to be at piano. And then the dentist. Wash your hands. (fast paced happy music) – [Man] Make sure you brush real good, you’re going to the dentist. – Good morning, we are headed
to the dentist this morning. Everybody has appointments
to check on all those teeth. (laughter)
That’s a tongue not a tooth. Let’s make a guess, who thinks they are
going to be cavity free? – I have one tooth that’s
bothering me a little, but that one already got fixed. – [Mom] So hopefully it’s alright? Any cavities? What is a cavity? – It’s a little brown thing. – [Mom] Yeah, how do you get a cavity? – From not brushing your teeth very well. – [Mom] Have you been brushing your teeth? – Yeah very well. – Poor Jennae fell asleep in the car and we had to wake her up. No no, no don’t wake me up. Today the kids are all having cleanings, xrays and fluoride treatments. – [Mom] Do you like coming to the dentist? Jennae found the toy area, she’s building stuff and knocking it over. – [Mom] There ya go you
wanna knock it over? – Yay. – [Mom] Did you knock it over? Isaac’s super nice and
came to play with her. He built a tall tower for ya. – Yay. – [Mom] First stop, toothbrushes. Laura which one’s do you see? – These. – This is Laura’s first
time getting xrays. – Sit all the way back
in the chair for me. – [Mom] Is it so heavy? Do you know what they’re
going to do? What? – They’re gonna take pictures. – [Mom] They’re gonna take
pictures of your teeth to make sure there’s no
cavities hiding in there. And this is a super hero
suit that protects you. – This is my big camera, and it’s going to sit over
here next to your cheek. Okay? And all you have to
do is stay just like that, and open really big okay? – Xrays are cool. – [Mom] They are cool. This is Laura’s bench. She’s ready for it. – I’m gonna watch. – [Mom] You’re gonna watch a show. That’s the best part. I wish the dentist when I was growing up had tv’s on the ceiling. They didn’t. (upbeat flute music) – Yep it’s getting there. – [Mom] There’s not many
teeth to take an xray of. – Most of them are baby teeth. – [Mom] You keep losing
them left and right. What flavor did you choose? – Grape. – [Mom] Do you think your
teeth are gonna turn purple? – No. – [Mom] Probably not. Which flavor did you choose? – Bubble gum. – [Mom] Kay Caleb which
flavor did you choose? – Cookie dough. – The dentist office is awesome and has gluten free
toothpaste options for Caleb. (upbeat piano music) – My kids all love going
to the dentist, do you? – [Mom] Jennae was old enough to realize she did not have a balloon. And they’re so nice
and gave her a balloon. Did you get a balloon? Oh she’s so happy, they tied her balloon to a little toy so it doesn’t float away. So the kids all got tokens for
doing great at the dentist. Elise chose erasers. – I got the one I was wanting. – [Mom] Yes. No cavities guys how should we celebrate? – Eating ice cream. – That would just gives us cavities. (slow jazz music) – I just put Jennae down for a nap. And it was beautiful. She
laid her head on my shoulder. And I sang her a song and
I walked out of the room, and she did great. And as I was walking away from the room, I realized something. So often I notice the
negative things in my life. For example with Jennae’s naps. I notice when she’s hard to put down, and when she won’t take a nap, and when she’s grumpy
and fussy and difficult. But do I notice and pay
attention and feel gratitude, for all the times that she does great? And I was just thinking about that. I’m struggling with some
negativity in my life right now. And I think I’m just putting
my focus in the wrong spot. I see every time my kids misbehave or are rude to each other. But am I noticing all the times that they’re nice to each
other and they are obedient? Like I see all the messes, and the things in my
house that drive me crazy. But do I see all the places in my house that are organized and clean? I think to feel greater
happiness in my life, I need to work on changing my focus. So I was grateful for that reminder as I walked away from Jennae. – [Mom] Isaac has a new
strategy with folding laundry. He times himself. So
there’s a timer going, I told him as long as
it stays folded nicely, I’m down with this. – You’re almost at one minute. – [Mom] So in one minute he
folded three pairs of shorts, and three shirts. This kid loves competition. I don’t know about that one. – [Kid] Almost at two minutes. – Press stop. Now. – One minute and 53 seconds point 35. – [Isaac] Okay. – [Mom] Isaac folded his
laundry in one minute and 53 seconds. – Now I am going to
see, what a hundred and, – [Mom] Are you gonna
try to find the average? – I’m gonna see what 113
divided by 14 equals. It takes me eight seconds per item. Because of the redo. – [Mom] Way to go bud. – I’m gonna try again. – [Mom] You’re gonna
fold your clothes again? You can just wait til tomorrow or fold someone else’s clothes. Isaac just volunteered
to fold Caleb’s clothes, I must be dreaming. (upbeat jazz music) Well this game is definitely mom approved. – Pajamas. – [Mom] So what are we doing? – Organizing my room cause
sometimes I mix em up. – [Mom] Sometimes the shirts
go in the pants drawer, and we end up with a drawer
that looks like this. Kay show me where do your pajamas go? There they go. Nice work. – I’ve got them all stuck in my head now. – [Mom] So let’s see, pop quiz. Where does your socks go? Where do your shirts go? Nice. And look they’re all in piles. Which ones are your
long sleeve shirt pile? – We still have more to do
other than these two messes. That one and that one. – [Mom] Two more messes? – Yeah. – [Mom] Do you think we can do it? For the most part, I try to let my kids
manage their own drawers. But I do check on them regularly, that way we can keep learning
about how we organize drawers. The most interesting item I found in Laura’s sock drawer today was a fork. Do you keep forks in your sock drawer? Kids are funny. – [Mom] This is where
Jeremy’s been all day. – You scared me. I thought
everyone was gone in the car. It’s been a long day making stuff. I’ve been actually, spent
all day going through your submissions for the month of maker stuff. They keep coming in and it’s exciting. If there was anything that we would hope, in you watching our videos
is that your inspired to create and make stuff. I’m gonna get back to it. – We’re doing math and
grammar and spelling, and all the things. You’re doing awesome. – [Mom] Elise is working
on a spelling test. Number four, smell.
And Elise is a doodler. There’s always all sorts of
drawings on her school work. She likes to draw. What are you drawing today? – Last time I drew that
now I’m drawing a four, five layer cake. – [Mom] Nice. Number five, well. – Somebody took such a good
nap. Oh she’s so happy. She’s so happy. She’s so
confused about why the frog is connected to the balloon. I love her just woke up still
a little out of it face. She’s so happy. I mean who’s not happy?
After a three hour nap, and you have a balloon.
She is livin the life. – [Mom] Whatcha doin? – Headstand. – [Mom] How long have you been going? – We’re at four minutes, now. – [Mom] So Caleb has
been doing a headstand for over four minutes. Is your brain okay? – Yeah. – [Dad] Your legs are
gonna fall asleep silly. – [Mom] You have to have blood
flow to all of your body. – So because of a crazy
scheduling thing I had to edit three videos in the last 15 to 16 hours. My brain is like mush, it’s
not an easy thing to do. – He can no longer speak. – [Dad] Yeah. I wanna watch a
movie where I’m not making it. I wanna just veg. – So we’ve been starting to
do some gluten free stuff with Caleb over the
last two or three days. But this is officially the end. This is what he chose for his last supper that has gluten in it. And from tomorrow on, we’re
gonna be gluten free for him. So he chose, pesto pasta, chicken nuggets, his favorite hawaiian rolls,
strawberries and carrots. – [Mom] Tada! – [Dad] Woohoo. – That place has a really good, – [Dad] What are we playing? – I don’t know what it’s called, – I know! Tube ball. – Tube ball. No tube alley. – He is literally against hufflepuff. – Okay hufflepuff goes first. – Now we have hufflepuff. (guitar music) – We just got some news
from the doctors office, about the lab test. And this guy does not have celiac disease. – [Dad] Yay. It’s weird that they didn’t
have everybody else’s results. – Right? We took the blood
at the exact same time, and they only have Isaac’s results, not Elise or Laura’s. – [Dad] Bummer. – Mine was the easiest. (upbeat drum music) – [Dad] So our little car’s breaks were making some crazy noises.
We came to drop it off, it’s gonna get worked on tomorrow. – Caleb and I are ending
off the night snuggling. And talking about his feelings. I was very proud of him
because he came to me and said, Mom I’m having some big feelings. We’re talking about how he doesn’t want to have celiac disease. And about things that he’s sad about. I know celiac disease
isn’t going to be easy, but I know this guy can do it. And we’re gonna help him through it. Goodnight, J house out. – My name is Oscar, I’m from Australia, and I made myself a professional actor. I was in, The Sound of
Music national tour. – I’m Maddie from New Braunfels, Texas, and I sew and sell these headbands. – Hey I made the A Honor roll
this year. All A’s this year. – I’m Oliver, I draw this pokemon ball with catch of Pikachu. J house out. – [Dad] Oh no. – Yeah.

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