PINTEREST BOT – How To Automate Pinning on Pinterest!

Rolling with Pinterest, it’s going to be very important
that you are super interactive. Now let me tell you that it can be a full
time job sitting here pinning all day long and it takes more than one times
of pinning a pin to get it actually gaining any traction. So I use a software called Tailwind
and if you look down in the description in this video I’ve included a link It is my affiliate link and I do
benefit if you wind up making a purchase through tailwind. Now one of the things that I do a
tailwind is I build with Tribes, which I show you in another video But another great strategy
is called smart loop And what smart loop does does it allows
you to take your pins and schedule them to filter back out where your boards So I’m just starting this when I just
pinned all of these to a fitness board. And then I have a board called
Women’s Fashion over 40. And what I do is once I pin my pants to
a specific board and make sure their search engine optimized for Pinterest Then I also go schedule them in a
loop to filter out through tailwind So there’s a couple of ways to do this One, is you can actually
just schedule it right here once you’ve set yourself up for tailwind you click that little icon there and you
find a pin that’s maybe performing well or that you want to be
added to a certain board it certain loops on a board
So in this particular case I’m adding all of these to my
Women’s Fashion over 40 loop but you can add more boards So this particular one
happens to be fitness wear So if it fit into fashion trends, which
had actually could because it’s metallic I can add it to fashion trends If I think where else might this apply? I want this to loop in fitness. Then I can add it to my fitness board So now this pair of pants here is going
to loop through these boards so that it’s constantly staying fresh and active If somebody is following your boards you’re going to want them not to
just see the same thing all the time Now Tailwind has different
membership options for you when you need more pins you need more availability
and your smart loops they charge you based on
how many pins are looping when you reach a certain pivotal point
you can click to add more loops So for example I just went for on one
of my boards or accounts I just went from 250 pins in my loops
and I upgraded to 500 pins and I think it was $59.95 a year or something like that There’s also options that you can really
say that you do a large upgrade and you’re going to buy it by the year and
you’re going to buy more tribes and more smart loops and more power ups, which
I’ll get into all those in another video. Then you can’t save by doing it one time
and then having it renew every year So this is a great opportunity
to keep your boards fresh to keep her followers
seeing new things as they are watching your boards
and you’re building up your Pinterest business account Keep in mind that Pinterest
is just like blogging Search Engine Optimization, Instagram building your followers on Facebook.
It takes time. It takes discipline, it takes
focus. It might take money. If you don’t have the money to
purchase something like tailwind, then you need to make sure that you’re
continuously pinning it throughout the day and keeping this fresh.
And in my case, I’m doing individual pins
with affiliate links. I’m doing blogs and trying all kinds
of things and testing and measuring, and I’ll keep bringing you the best of
what I believe is working with affiliate marketing and Pinterest.
And that is my tutorial today. Please comment below if you found
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Every time I make a new video. I’m Lori Ballen. I earn six figures in affiliate marketing
and I am a teacher trainer at heart. Thank you for joining me today.

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