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Hi I’m Dan, I’m 26 years old and I have
Asperger syndrome and these are my top ten Asperger traits that you may find
helpful. (#1) number one, erm, sometimes when I’m nervous or [touchy] I flick my fingers and I don’t even know I’m doing it,
my girlfriend seems not as quite… like that just to soothe and it helps me
concentrate and I normally get it when I’m quite nervous around other people.
(#2) number two for me is change in routine so if I’ve got something in my head that
we’re going to do or I’m going to do and something comes in the way of it I get
really upset and nervous if, erm…you know, it’s a challenge like if we’re in a
sandwich shop and we’re going to buy sandwiches and the bread I want isn’t in,
I get really nervous and then I start to panic because I don’t know what I’m going to do because,
I don’t know what, you know, what bread is available and other things like that, so
this can become a problem for me and then I guess routines, are you know, um
quite comfortable to me and everything I do. (#3) foods are really important to me
as in I like eating maybe a small selection of foods I don’t like anything with any
sauces or anything I can’t have the sauce texture in my mouth and if I do have
sauce like gravy it’s got to be warm I can’t have anything cold and I can’t eat
food [that’s been] cooled down like pizza. If it goes cold I can’t eat that and I
like quite blunt things like sandwiches No butter on it and just literally
just chicken and lettuce maybe, I could eat the same thing over over again
forever I mean I could eat Sunday dinner you know like roast vegetables and
things forever. (#4) Erm, smells are quite a bad thing and some, some smells some certain
smells make me really annoyed and-and then I start to panic or I feel, I feel
sick and I get you know nervous and I don’t what to do so depending on what it
is it’s not every smell it’s just certain smells that are really potent
and it goes straight to my head and I just can’t deal with it and I guess this
is to do with hypersensitivity and people with Asperger’s. (#5) Number five,
certain noises and sounds can really affect me and only slightly, only
sometimes, only certain noises and sounds and it’s really sharp and it goes right
into my brain and I can’t concentrate and I get really,
like super annoyed sometimes I just kind of lash out in anger because that noise
annoys me so much I can’t, I can’t deal with anything else you know like
everything gets shut down just because that noise pierces everything. (#6) number six, a
lot of people with Asperger’s syndrome tend to get quite involved in a certain
topic of interest and for me this is definitely true and I have a topic of
interest with social economic and global economic issues involving conspiracy
theories and UFOs and I know everything there is to know about it in great
detail I can remember everything that I read about it. (#7) number seven wearing the
same type of clothing all the time I kind of get into comfortable patterns of
wearing the same thing all the time and so my girlfriend kind of helps me pick
out different things sometimes to spice up my clothes line but I tend to
just fall into the, to a routine of just wearing maybe like three t-shirts in
routine so that’s quite important to to people with Asperger’s syndrome with
routine and I guess I, I-I get really comfortable wearing the same clothing. (#8)
number eight is sarcasm and I feel that this is a common thing with people
with Asperger syndrome is and I don’t get sarcasm with strangers or people I
don’t know that well and the only time I really do get sarcasm is if I know the
person quite well you know if I don’t know them and I it’s hard to pick up
when they’re joking or if they’re being serious this could become a problem
especially if you’re in work or a professional environment so I do have
difficulty to this and I’m sure a lot of you guys will as well. (#9) number nine is
crowded places and busy public places I’m not a massive fan I can’t deal with
myself in big cities I get very scared and nervous and I tend to just
shut down and it’s quite ironic as well because I play music in a band and I
love playing gigs and love to play to big audiences but if it was the other one if
I was in the audience watching myself it’s a different scenario and I can’t I
can’t deal with it with a lot of people around me all the time it’s kind of
overload again and I get really really scared and have to kind of retreat back
to somewhere I feel comfortable with and (#10) number ten last but not least a lot
of people think or tell me that I talk too fast
right now I’m actually trying to talk quite precise and slower than
I usually do but when I get going on a topic of interest or a specific area
that I know a lot about I tend to kind of speed up and talk quite fast and I
guess it’s because my brains running really really fast I’m trying to get a lot of
information out at any one time and I guess people don’t understand that and
they kind of always tell me to slow down It gets really frustrating because I don’t want to
slow down because I’m going to lose what I’m trying to do but at the same time I
guess they can’t understand what I’m saying so this is a big problem and I
don’t know em many other people with Asperger’s syndrome so I don’t know if
this is a common thing but this is definitely something that affects me so thank you for
watching my video, please subscribe to my channel I’m going to be doing more
videos on Asperger syndrome and anything that I can do to help if you want to get
in touch email me below and thanks guys stay tuned


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