10 Coolest Gadgets on Amazon That You Can Buy Right Now

Hi, guys! Today on Youfact channel we’ll show you
10 items on Amazon that you can buy as a gift for someone or for yourself. Here are unusual ears made in Japan that can
respond to your mood. The Necomimi ears catch the activity of your
brain. They are raised up when you focus on something,
they are lowered down when you are relaxed and they are a little rotated when you experience
strong emotions. In fact they work on the same principle as
the ears of a live cat. They certainly cheer up your friends both
in live communication and via Skype, and it will be a great gift. A tabletop mini fireplace running on bioethanol
adds a bit of coziness and romance to your home. It is able to transform a dark unlit room
into a cozy romantic area without the cost of electricity. Standing on the coffee table next to the couch
or on the bedside table, a mini fireplace promotes relaxation and provides comfort. By the way, it is environmentally friendly:
in the process of burning it produces no harmful vapors, and it does not form soot on the walls. And this is one of the most unusual bathmats,
which you can buy on Aliexpress. This is the most seemingly ordinary white
bathmat, however, as soon as you step on it with wet feet, bloody traces of a bright scarlet
color appears on it. Then after the carpet dries, the traces disappear. This mat will certainly surprise your guests. This gift is taken from the nature – an electronic
butterfly in a jar. Clap loudly or knock on the jar and the butterfly
starts beating on the wall as a living one. Reassured, it will sit on the wall of the
jar and will gradually move its wings, and then will fall asleep. Original gift for children and adults. In place of the usual magnets for a fridge,
which help us affix a note for our loved ones, there came video memos. Now you don’t need to search for pen and paper
to leave message, just press the button and record video of all that you want to say. It’s so simple that even small children will
be able to use it. This compact camera is able to immediately
print your pictures. It works on the principle of Polaroid: as
soon as you press the shutter, you receive the finished photo. In our days of digital photos this camera
is a very original thing. Do not forget about such useful thing as a
smart watch. With it you will be able to answer calls and
SMS, read email, record photos and videos, and get all notifications that come to your
smartphone. Most smart watches equipped with a lot of
embedded sensors and have a built-in fitness tracker, pulse meter, sleep phase tracker,
etc. And, of course, because this is the watch,
you can choose the dial, so that it will look stylish on your arm. There is a huge selection of such watches
on Amazon. Do you still vacuum the home by your own? Well, the time has come to delegate this duty
to robots. The robot vacuum cleaner will move around
your rooms, sweeping and sucking up all the dust while you sit on the sofa and watch TV. It automatically remembers the perimeter of
your home avoiding obstacles and it does not skip anything. The robot runs almost noiseless, so it won’t
distract you from more important things. This vibro speaker will make a powerful column
of any surface. You connect оne end to the sound source,
e.g. to your MP3 player or smartphone and the other end you should connect to a table,
a cup, a car or any other surface, and this surface turns into a big speaker! This portable mini speaker transmits vibrations
to the surface and you get a pretty good sound quality! This simple-seeming USB device works wonders. With it, you will be able to fully control
your computer by waving your hands and fingers. The controller monitors movement of both hands
and all 10 fingers during their movement in the air between you and your computer. You will be able to destroy virtual enemies
with your bare hands without a mouse and keyboard, and painting fans will be able to create masterpieces
on the computer screen in two-dimensional and three-dimensional space.


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