10 Makeup Struggles Every Girl Understands ♥ Wengie

So I decided to over line my lips take a photo on [Instagram] now and like it’ll be like [those] instagram makeup things Hey guys, it’s wengie here welcome back to my channel. Today I’m sharing with you guys some of my major struggles when it comes to makeup seriously the struggle is real Even though it looks like I put on makeup Smoothly there’s a lot of editing that goes on in my videos if you guys can relate to any of these situations Let me know down below and give this video a thumbs up if you enjoy these kind of videos And you want me to do more, so if you haven’t joined my family already, here’s a subscribe button [I] make two videos [a] week and do weekly giveaways But some giveaway winners are in the description box below so check out if your name is there if you want this pretty lip gloss But without further to do let’s jump straight into the video Hi, my name’s max nice to meet you. Hi, I’m Wengie! Nice to meet you. Thanks here sis – right. Oh that’s okay Super cute, [so] what are you doing? I’m a vet and I love like helping animals God Was like the best cat in the world and he really liked this dog names Mia. Yeah, [wow] Really like anticipation and [ah] are you are you okay? Like we need some water. There’s something on my face ready We’re just Gonna make it Awesome. Oh honey each [cup] you’ve you just got something in your [teeth] there. Yeah, just just yeah [oh] yeah. Yeah, that’s it Yeah, [right] there right there. Oh No Really take a look this toy commercial the filming is so good all right Seriously, so I can just fix this I’ll just match the other side Are you getting hot? Where did my lipstick Err I? Literally, just put it down like right here I am constantly Losing my makeup.I’d have it one day And then I don’t know where I put it the other day or even in the middle of my makeup Routine. I’d be like uh Where was that you know eyebrow pencil? I have no idea so that is like my major struggle life let me know What yours is down below and if you guys have missed some of my videos I pop them up here for you guys because I made two videos a week you may have missed some so check them out if You haven’t already don’t forget. [I] love you guys so so so so much, and I’ll see you guys in my next video. Bye Oh also I do daily blog So if you wanted to see what happened before [I] made this video and after it’s on my blog channel I post you know every day every two or three days I want to be consistent with this, so please support me over on my second channel And you can see the rest of my life there, so [oh], I’ll see you over there. Yeah, bye Hey, honey. You should have a look at this tire commercial that’s so I just did my [makeup] so I can’t do this [right] now Why shit that [we’re] good feeling? Sorry to your left. Ha ha ha


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