Hey everyone, welcome back! Today’s workout is a 10 minute ab workout that’s gonna target every part of your abs, giving you that defined abs look! This workout is part of my 30 day flat belly challenge program, and I’ve put up a FREE workout calendar for you guys so check that out! Now I’ll be doing this challenge myself, to get back in shape so do join in, share your results #chloetingchallenge, so I can do a before/after video of my results as well as yours! so let’s get started! Before we start, I’d really appreciate it
if you could smash that thumbs up button, drop me a comment, and share this “FREE” workout
program with anyone who needs it. Now lets start this workout with in and
outs. Put those arms to the side and pull your knees into your chest. Remember you squeeze and engage your abs the whole time. the next exercise is Spiderman plank. Get in a plank position and bring in those
knees sideways. Again, we’re engaging the core here so don’t
let your legs do all the work here. Leg circles are next. Get flat on the ground and place your palms
next to your hips. These are really going to work your lower
abs so keep pushing guys. Now turn over into a plank position again
and we’re doing plank with hip dips. This is one of my favourite exercises. This works your obliques so do this slow and controlled and feel that burn. Now swap around again with your hands next
to your hips, we’re got reverse crunch. You’re probably starting to feel it now in
your lower abs, but keep powering through, let’s do this together. Alright stay flat on the mat, we’ve got some crunch with pulse next to work those upper abs. Keep your legs in a 90 degree angle, and crunch
forward with your arms straight. Again remember Engage those abs and use your
core muscles to do those crunches. Next we’ve got some flutter kicks, we’re already
half way through the workout so good job guys. You can crunch up and do flutter kicks at
the same time or you can lie flat on the ground. Crunching up a little while doing flutter kicks is definitely a little bit more difficult. Next, we’ve got russian twists. Have your heels touching the floor or you
can lift it off the floor and twist from side to side. Again, tense that core and do this slow and
controlled so your abs are doing all the work Now flip around and get into a high plank
position. We’re doing some crossbody mountain climbers. bring your knees forward towards the opposite
elbow and burn those abs Alright now flip around onto your back again,
we’ve got just 3 more exercises to go and we’re now doing bicycle crunches. You’ve got a slight recovery in the next few
exercises so I want you to give it your all for this exercise and feel that burn. Make sure you squeeze that abs. And now flip around and we are doing planks
with bunny hop. Hop to your left and crunch those abs, back
to plank, then hop to your right and repeat. We’re almost done. So keep pushing guys Alright our last exercise is high knee so
stand up and go all out here guys. Get those knees up as high as possible, and
engage your core the whole time, now let’s smash this. Great job everyone. Don’t forget to smash that thumbs up button
and drop me a comment if youve enjoyed it. Also don’t forget to share your progress with
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button and turn on notifications because “me love you long time”. See you in the next workout, bye!


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