10 Preschooler Winter Break Activities (Indoor Montessori-inspired Play)

hey guys it’s melissa here from melissa
shares and i am sharing with you ten wintertime preschooler activities in
time for the winter break we are almost off school we get out at noon tomorrow
so the time has come where I need to be prepared to handle two children for I
don’t know 18 days a lot of time so I am NOT going to suggest today that you turn
your house into a Montessori School but I’m gonna give you maybe some Montessori
inspired activities that you can do with no money using things you already have
in your house let’s jump right into them right now this is a snack tivity snack
tivity snack tivity this is a nut snack but you could do it with tangerines or
any other you know like squirrel type foods I have this fun little nut dish
but you could just use two bowls pistachio nuts my kids love if you have
a younger kid you might want to supervise anything involving nuts but my
girls love pistachio nuts and I even picked up like a fun wintertime activity
is walnuts my girls love if I crack the walnut for them and then they get to
unshelled them and see what’s inside this walnut this is an activity and it’s
a snack let’s go to the next one this I call my inbox outbox activity this I use
for my real mail I have devised a little system where we have actual mail that
comes to the house here’s some holiday cards my girls can open the holiday card
mail that arrives I also have solicitations and I’ve done a video on
this before where my kids love opening junk mail and they get to keep the
credit cards and other coupons and things that are inside and I have
another step to do with this in a moment I’ve also done an activity about how to
use junk mail envelopes and stickers and stamps I’ll link that up for you but
this is like a whole I’m going to go work in my office kind of activity for
kids as an extension of that they also put at this station things like
magazines that maybe you already have at the
this magazine is amazing it’s like arts and craftsy and it has inside has a
paper house and since I have two kids and only one of this magazine we’re
gonna copy it and then both girls can make a paper house I also have old
copies of highlights for children they can go reflect upon their mail and read
their magazines so this is the inbox outbox everything to do with mail once
your child has opened his or her mail they can do the cash register activity
add a wallet and you can make it super fun I give them my club cards from the
stores old used gift cards all kinds of solicitations that come they can add
that to their wallet and they can use this cash register toy that we have this
is a great learning toy if you don’t have one and you’re looking for a
holiday gift highly recommend it hours of play this cash register and wallet
play can then segue into my next activity which is making the grocery
list making the grocery list is so much fun for kids and using the circulars
that come on your doorstep for free every week these will be coming in our
area on Tuesdays they just show up anyway I give my kids the circulars you
don’t need to know how to read give them a crayon or a pen and tell them
everything in here is on sale what do you want to eat this week and my kids
love it and they can also play cash register with one another with an
activity like this let’s move on I have a child who is turning five age five is
the age when tying your shoes become sort of developmentally possible so I
decided to get out these lacing toys that I have yet to actually really see
my kids use I have this one which is a Melissa and Doug lacing toy this is some
cheapy one from the thrift store that maybe my little girl can try using I
also have lacing cards you can either buy these or you can make them with
cardboard and a hole puncher these are like a DIY at home with pipe cleaners
and pasta and I just did that pasta dyeing trick with some food coloring and
some vinegar and I took one box of pasta noodles and colored these over
Thanksgiving I just keep them in a jar and there
you know one box of pasta is gonna last a million years in our house so lacing
and beating activities great for fine motor skills especially if your kid
maybe needs to work on that you may have seen my chia pet video if you haven’t
I’ll link it up for you it is so cute because we did chia pet for our holiday
party this year over here I wanted to set up a nature station to suggest that
you could be growing things over the break and since Chia Pets take about you
know 10 to 14 days to really come into their own it would be a great activity
to do early on in the break here’s a turtle I love all of the chia pet
animals I think the new ones are really stupid-looking so if you can find an old
one great I’ll link a bunch of links below they’re still made and available
for around $20 I have chia seeds follow the directions
and let them mix with water and sit for 30 minutes smear them on here and you
can grow a little friend over the holidays we also grow things like these
are the tips of green onions that I bought at the store these you can put in
water I have a paper towel to support the bottoms but I just cut about a half
inch from the bottom of my green onion and these are growing inside on my
kitchen counter and they will actually grow into full-blown green onions again
and forever as long as you can keep them alive so this is both a practical and
interesting sort of science experiment this is probably my favorite activity
your little garden turns into a jungle you can use figurines a pie pan or cake
pan or any dish like this and these are household seeds and grains that you
could get out of your pantry some suggested items might be quinoa beans
corn for popping popcorn all of these things can grow your chia seeds you
don’t need a chia pet you can just put them in a flower pot or in a saucer so
this is a really rich station and I highly encourage you to do it for your
winter break over here we have button sorting you may or may not have a button
jar but you probably have some loose buttons you could buy these at garage
sales and teak malls or go find one at your grandma’s house I bet you your
grandma’s have them already these are just pickle jars all of the loose pot
are from clothes that you buy that have a spare button or something that gets
moth-eaten and you cut the buttons off I give my children a jar of buttons and
just you can do so many things with egg cartons but an egg carton makes this so
interesting for sorting separating by color separating their favorite ones
making little patterns this is a great activity if you’re nervous about buttons
you could substitute like a jar of pom-poms or some other craft material
that you have that comes in different colors get out some new books for your
kids these are books that I happen to own that I hide from my children we have
a neighbor who read gifts us or hands us down really nice books I’ve board books
lift the flap a mem Fox book so I put out a new basket of books periodically
you could also do this by going to the library and getting a bunch of fresh
books checked out I also have a few slightly older books for kids and this
one’s you know a longer book but reading aloud is something that if you are at
home with your children you might give a try for me it can like bridge the age
between my children it’s not a picture book but it’s something I’m gonna try
with them this break and my kids are five and two next our bird feeder
activities I’m sure you’ve seen these before and I’ve shown them on my channel
before you smear a pinecone with peanut butter and you can stick birdseed on
that sticky peanut butter and hang it in a tree collecting the pinecones are
their own activity so this is like a two-in-one
plus it feeds the little critters over the winter time I love this one last but
not least you may have high-energy children who needs something to do I
always have our CD player and CDs I have a fun Barenaked Ladies this is a teacher
from their school who does music class and just add on to that something fun
like a shaker a musical instrument or a scarf that they can dance with and you
can have a dance party at home I hope you’ve enjoyed these 10 different tips
for indoor winter break activities I am definitely making a schedule for my
kids so if you want to hear what I do with my calendar over the break let me
know in the comments below let me know what you liked the best here and
this video a thumbs up hit subscribe if you haven’t already and please share
with a friend who could use a little bit of help over the break I know we all
could use a little bit of help which is why I make these videos for you thank
you so much and I hope you have a great holiday bye bye

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