10 Proven Ways To Make MORE MONEY On YouTube! ๐Ÿ’ธ (From A Full Time YouTuber)

– How’s it going today guys? Welcome back to the channel. I hope you’re having a great day so far. So today in this video,
we’re gonna be talking about how to make more money on YouTube. I’m kind of making this as
a early Christmas present because I know a lot
of people on my channel have YouTube channels, whether
it’s related to investing, or entrepreneurship or whatever it may be, I know a lot of people that
comment on my videos frequently have their own YouTube channels. And as somebody who’s
been a full-time YouTuber for almost 18 months now, I think I have a fair amount of insight
to share with you guys about how to actually make good
money with a YouTube channel and I’m going to go with you guys, go through that today and tell you guys exactly what I’m doing to be making the money I’m making here on YouTube. So first of all, for those of you who are not familiar with
me, I want to go ahead and cover a brief backstory of myself. I started this YouTube channel
back in October of 2016 and then in June of 2017 I quit my job, quit my full-time job to
pursue YouTube full-time back when I had about 10,000
subscribers on this platform. At that point and time I was
only making $1000 per month. So I was not making a lot
of money at all on YouTube. I had to scale up this YouTube channel in order to replace my income from my job and that is exactly what I
did over the next year or so. So from that point forward, I scaled up from about $1000 per
month to $10,000 per month over the course of the next
six months to one year or so. Now at this point and time, I’m closing in on the $1000 per day mark on YouTube which is absolutely amazing that there’s this much money to be made online. But again, the reason why I share these numbers with you
guys is not to brag, not to show you guys, hey
look what I’m doing out here, not to sell anything. Merely all I’m sharing that for is to show you guys what
is actually possible when you work hard and
I think a lot of people just have no idea how much money you can make with a platform like YouTube. Now you might be somebody like myself where you’re looking to replace your income full-time
with a YouTube channel. Or probably more frequently
you’re gonna find people who are doing a YouTube channel as a side hustle of some kind, you know to look into making some money on the side and they’re just looking
to make some extra money on the side for their hobby
here which is making videos. But wherever you stand, I think
the advice in this video’s going to help you as far as making the most money possible
from this platform. What we’re going to talk about first, is the bad way to make money on YouTube and this unfortunately what
every single person out there does and that is what you
can see here on the right and that is to rely 100%
on ad revenue from Google. So most people think the only
way to make money on YouTube is to upload videos
that get a lot of views and then every single one of those views has ads run on them and
then you’re making money from YouTube from the ad revenue. But there’s a big problem
with solely relying on ad revenue for income
from your YouTube channel and that is the fact that views can be incredibly
inconsistent on your channel. So if we take a look at
the data from my channel, I can’t remember off the top of my head but I know the best month on this channel we were close to two million
views if not a little bit over. And the worst month in this
calendar year was 400,000 views. So if you can imagine there,
my income from ad revenue was also really high in that month where I had close to two million views and it was really low in that month when I had about 400,000 views. So that is what happens
if you solely relied on ad revenue as the income
source from a YouTube channel. Some months it’s going to be really good when you’re getting maybe one
or two or five million views depending on your niche and other months you’re not going to get as many views and your income is going
to be cut proportionally. So you can not solely rely on ad revenue as an income source for your channel unless you’re just doing this
part-time for fun and you don’t really care about how
much money you’re making. But for me personally, I live
off of my YouTube revenue, I live off of this online
business I’ve created, so I can not solely rely on ad revenue as the income for my channel. So on the right here, that is actually if you were to take the
income from my YouTube channel and break it up into segments
where it is all coming from. As you can see, about 40%
of the money I’m making from my YouTube channel
and my online business is from ad revenue paid by Google. Now don’t get me wrong, I
made that mistake before of solely relying on ad revenue and then I realized I had to transition into a much better business model which is when I started incorporating these other pieces here which I’m going to teach you as we go through this video. Without a doubt, still ad revenue is the biggest source of
revenue for my channel and that is about 40% of
the money I am making. Now 30% comes from either
my own digital products or digital products I am affiliated with. A lot of people are not
familiar with a digital product, but it’s something like an online course, an online membership site,
any kind of paid guide or paid resource. It is something intangible that you’re creating and then you are selling. Am I personally selling these courses? I didn’t personally create them, but I am affiliated with
a lot of different people that have their own online courses and when somebody purchases
one of those courses, I earn a commission in the process. So, that is the second largest source of revenue for my channel. It’s either digital products I’ve created or digital products I am affiliated with. Number three, the next largest is other affiliated relationships I have established with brands and that’s going to be
direct relationships with companies within your niche. Obviously every niche
is going to be different and so I can’t tell you exactly who you should be contacting as far as the companies within your niche that are going to have
relationships with you and give you commission on the traffic you’re referring to them but what you need to do is
take a step back and say okay, what are the brands in my niche? And you should be establishing
relationships with them but we’ll talk about that more as we get into the details here. The next smallest one, about
10% of my income comes from something totally separate
from my YouTube channel but it’s related and it’s a
separate brand I’ve started, or created called Investing Simple. I didn’t actually create the brand, it was an Instagram page I ended up purchasing back in July of 2018 and that is both an Instagram account and a blog that I’m building out. And that accounts for
about 10% of the revenue for my online business here. And then that small 5% pie right here is just the money I make
from sponsored posts either over on my Instagram account or occasionally I’ll do a
sponsored video on the channel. Very infrequently. I do have one that’s
probably come out already but, very infrequently do I do sponsored videos here on YouTube but I do a fair amount of
sponsored posts over on Instagram. The reason why it’s a good idea to have all these different
components working for you, is because at this point and time you are not solely relying
on any one source of income. If all of a sudden, YouTube
decided to stop paying ads, well that’s only 40% of my income and I still have the other 60% that’s gonna pay for my
rent and pay for my bills. And if all of a sudden my digital products and the digital products I’m
affiliated for stopped selling, well I still have another
huge piece of revenue here coming in from ads and
all these other sources. You know the old saying, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket, don’t rely on one source of income, that is all true here
with your YouTube channel. You do not want to rely
on any one thing too much and if you’re sitting there
and you’re 100% reliant on ads, well then you’re gonna have
a couple of stressful months at some point when your views are down and you’re just not making
enough money to sustain yourself. So I would recommend starting
to build out different revenue streams before that
begins to happen to you. So that being said, I want
to now go ahead and cover 10 different ways you can make more money with your YouTube channel and
I’m going to tell you guys exactly which ones I’m doing and the ones that have not worked well for me. Number one, the very first
thing I did the second income or revenue stream
from my YouTube channel, the easiest one to implement
is Amazon Affiliate links. If you look down on the
description of this video, you’re gonna see links to
different books that I like. I used to link to the
gear I was recording with. I think now I only link
to books that I like. You know, my favorite
investing or business books, but this is by far the easiest way to make more money with your YouTube channel and that is to simply add
Amazon Affiliate links to the description of your video. You can do this as an upload default, that’s how I recommend doing it. That way it shows up in
every single new upload that you post. But what you’re gonna
basically do is link to any products that you use
frequently in your videos. Link to any books that you
discuss in your videos, you could be doing a book review when you’re talking
about a particular book. All you have to do is hold that book and say hey, if you want to purchase it, the link’s in the description below. And then anybody who clicks
on that link and purchases, you’re going to earn a
commission in the process. So Amazon Affiliate
links are the easiest way to make extra money with
your YouTube channel. It will take you less
than an hour to set up. It’d probably take you 10
minutes to be honest with you to apply for the Amazon Associates Program and then toss some links
in your description. For me that was an easy way to
make an extra couple hundred dollars from my YouTube channel
with very little effort. So if you don’t Amazon
Affiliate links yet, I would highly recommend that. A lot of these different points here I have other videos
expanding upon that topic. I definitely have one talking
about Amazon Affiliate links so I’m going to link it up
in the description below. Number two, the second
thing that you should do or the second way that I began to make more money with my YouTube channel is selling my own digital product. I launched my own stock
market investing course, I also had a membership site for a while, and these were great revenue
streams for my channel. Now you might be asking yourself why did I decide to stop
in my membership site? And why did I stop really
promoting my online course and the reason for that is
because I like to focus on passive income with my online business and having an online
course, or a membership site is definitely not very passive. It requires a lot of active effort and I wanted my business to
be as passive as possible. So after having a couple
of successful courses and a successful membership site, I decided to step away from
that as an income source and the beauty of this system
is that I was able to do that because that was only one
small section of my pie here. But being somebody who had
a successful online course, I can tell you it is
one of the easiest ways to make some more money
with your YouTube channel. If you guys are looking to learn more about creating your own online course, I actually put together
a completely free course called Course Creation Companion. It’s about a 50 lesson
course that I put together back in May that walks you
through the entire process of launching, creating, hosting, marketing your own online course. It is completely free. That is linked up in the description below and that is one of the easiest ways to add another revenue stream
to your YouTube channel or any kind of online
following that you have, that is by selling an online course, or selling access to some kind
of private membership site. For me, that is what pushed me through the five figure a month mark
with my YouTube channel, was selling an online
course on the back end. So there’s a tremendous amount of money to be made by doing that and
that is one of the easiest ways to make more money with a
very small YouTube channel. Number three, the third thing you can do to make more money on YouTube. This is a very easy thing
that so few people are doing. What you’re going to be doing, is adding mid-roll ads to
your longer YouTube videos. Most people who post videos on YouTube are posting very short videos. Maybe they’re three to five minutes, but there’s actually a huge
advantage to posting long videos and that is the fact that you can add multiple ads to that video. So let’s say you post a 20 minute video where you’re teaching a
certain lesson on a topic, you could potentially add
two or three video ads throughout that video
that are going to play. And the more ads that are
playing on your video, the more ad revenue you’re
going to make in that process. So if you’re looking to make
more money from ad revenue, you can go back through
your existing content that’s over 10 minutes,
test out some mid-roll ads, and focus on making longer
content going forward. Now you do want to be careful with this and make sure you don’t go too far with it and just stuff your video full of ads, because then nobody’s gonna watch it, the drop-off rate’s gonna be
high and that’s gonna hurt your search ranking and your viewership. So you don’t wanna go overboard with this but one of the easiest things you can do is drop a mid-roll ad at
the hook point of a video. Now what is the hook point? The hook point is when somebody’s
about to get to the point. So let’s say I was sitting
here and I was gonna say to you the best way to make money
with a YouTube channel is, you’re gonna want to drop
that ad right at that point that way people have to
stick around and figure out what that nugget is that
you were about to drop. That is what you call a hook point. One of the easiest things you
can do is drop mid-roll ads at the hook point in your longer videos. Number four, the fourth thing you can do to make more money with
your YouTube channel is simply to take the
existing content that you have and organize it into playlists. Now this is gonna be
beneficial for two reasons, number one, it’s gonna
organize your content that way somebody who
shows up on your channel is going to be able to say,
okay here’s all of the videos related to this topic, or
that topic, or that topic and it makes your content much easier for the viewer to jump in. So let’s say you did YouTube
channel about golfing, and you had a 15 videos
about golfing for beginners, you can put all of that
right in one series, that way people can click on that and watch through all of those videos. Now what that’s going to do for you, is that’s going to improve the session duration for that viewer and this is kind of complicated. But let’s say that person
clicks on your video and then they watch five
more of your videos in a row, well YouTube or Google
is going to see that and they’re going to
say, well that must be a pretty good video and
a pretty good channel if they watched five videos
after that and they’re gonna continue to recommend
your channel as a result, whereas if your content
isn’t really organized they might click on one
video and then end up on somebody else’s channel because they don’t know where your next video is. Now, the second thing that
this can do to help you is that by creating playlists, and using good meta-data practices as far as title and the
description of those playlists, you can actually rank playlists and get traffic to those playlists. So if you made a playlist called, How to Golf for Beginners, people who are searching for that might come across your playlist instead of a video in the search results and it’s just gonna get you
more views on your videos which is gonna be more ads, more clicks on your affiliate links and
everything from there. So organizing your videos into playlists is one of the easiest things you can do to make more money with your channel. Number five, the fifth thing you can do that I stress all the time is to conduct market research before
creating content on YouTube. And what I mean by that,
is you should simply be subscribed to or following
all of the big channels within your niche and looking at what content they are posting. If you notice they post a particular video that’s doing extremely well,
maybe you should consider doing your own version of that video. I’m not saying you should copy it, but you can kind of take that video and make your own version of it using the same kind of title or thumbnail and it will probably
perform equally as well, or if not pretty well
compared to that video. I have countless examples
of this on my channel. Videos where I’ve taken a popular video, made my own version of it and got a ton of views in the process. So conducting a little
bit of market research before creating content
is absolutely essential, otherwise you could be wasting your time making videos that nobody
really wants to see. Number six, the sixth thing you can do, which is what I did with my channel is to spin off your channel into a blog or a Instagram page or an email list or a Facebook page or all of the above. The way I did this is by
purchasing an Instagram account, Investing Simple, building out that blog and kind of combining
these things together that way I get traffic from
my blog over to YouTube, traffic from YouTube to
my blog and Instagram and all like that, sharing
traffic between them. But you don’t have to
necessarily buy a page, you could start your own
page and build a following on multiple different platforms and then leverage that following
across all three of these. So you can make money
with your email list, or your Instagram page,
or your Facebook page, or you could do messenger marketing. There are so many potential ways to make money off of YouTube, but a lot of that has to do with the fact that you are gathering an audience on different platforms
or in different areas. Number seven, the seventh thing you can do to make money with your YouTube
channel or online audience is to host your own live event. Now you might be looking at me like who’s gonna show up at a live event? But I actually had my first live event back in October this year,
Passive Income Master Class and it was actually a really awesome time. We ended having around 25 people come, my friend and I taught
people for the entire day at this location in Dallas. It was a really cool, basically
a shared workspace we rented and we had our first live event and it actually ended up being a really great experience for everybody and a very profitable
experience for ourselves. So don’t think that you
have to be anybody crazy. You don’t have to be Tony Robbins in order to have a live event
and have people show up. If people value your information,
and they want to see you, they would be very willing
to open up their wallets and pay for a ticket to come see you. So yes this may be something that is way down the road for some people but don’t rule out having your own or hosting your own live event because it can be an excellent way to make some money with your channel. Number eight, one of my
favorite ways to make money with a YouTube channel
or any following online, is to establish affiliate relationships with different brands within your niche. Now, I did a three part series
on this with ODi Productions. He has a YouTube channel where all he pretty much talks
about is affiliate marketing so I’m not gonna talk
about it in this video, but I’m gonna link up
that three part series in the description below and
I also have a 5000 word blog that’s all about affiliate marketing. Like a beginner’s guide that I’m gonna link up as well in the description below. But understand that affiliate marketing is simply getting paid for referrals. What you want to do is align yourself with the different
businesses within your niche or companies within your niche and ask them if they
have affiliate programs. Amazon Associates, Amazon Affiliate links, that’s one of the most basic and simple versions of affiliate marketing but with that the margins are very low. You’re usually making
anywhere from, I don’t know two to five, maybe 6% of that sale. You can make a lot more
money by establishing relationships directly with these brands and that is what you would call affiliate relationships
that you’ve established. Like I said, every niche
is going to be different. The companies that I affiliate with are not gonna be the same
ones you affiliate with but what you wanna do is figure out the biggest companies in your niche and try to establish
relationships with them and leverage affiliate marketing. This has been huge for
my channel and my blog and it’s one of my main
focuses going into 2019. Number nine is one on one coaching or even group coaching if you want to. This can be a great way to make some extra money with
your YouTube channel. There’s a friend of mine
who also is a YouTuber, I’m not gonna name his name. I’m sure he knows if he’s watching this but he told me about how
he frequently has to drive 30, 45 minutes maybe even an hour. And what he’ll do is
while he’s in the car, he will do a one on one call with somebody from his YouTube channel and do a one on one coaching session and they usually pay him about $150 for one hour of his time. He takes time he was going to
originally spend in the car, jumps on the phone with somebody for a one on one coaching session
and makes a quick $150. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that. But you’d be amazed how many
people are willing to pay you for that personalized attention and have some of your personal
questions being answered. Of course if you are
doing something like that, you wanna make sure you’re transparent about what it is that
you’re showing people, whether or not you’re an expert. You’re not gonna obviously
wanna jump on there and be giving somebody tax advice if you’re not a tax advisor
or anything like that. So you, again wanna use common sense. But if you’re talking to
people about a certain topic and you are an expert, then
there’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing one on one
coaching, or group coaching. It can be a great way to generate some extra money from your channel. And then number 10, the final thing which I haven’t really had
success with either of these is selling merchandise on your channel or setting up a Patreon account where you have members only content that only people who pledge
money to you can see. I don’t really have any
experience with that. I know a lot of people do use Patreon. Usually it’s people who are making, I don’t know $500 to $1000 per month. I don’t think there’s
any huge income potential with Patreon, but it all
depends on your niche. One of the niche’s were Patreon would work exceptionally well, is if you are an artist
or a graphic designer or a musical artist and you were basically having people pledge to see
songs or drawings or something that you’re not sharing anywhere else. All of these different methods
of making money on YouTube some of them are gonna work
better for certain niches. That’s just the way that it is. And then as far as merchandise goes, again, depending on the
channel, depending on the niche, merchandise makes sense for some people, it doesn’t necessarily
make sense for everybody. I’ve tried selling merch on
my channel about a year ago and it just wasn’t a big seller because what I am is a personal brand and so I was trying to sell shirts that had Bitcoin logos on them and different investing slogans and people just weren’t
really a fan of them because they weren’t really tied to me, but I’m not exactly gonna take my face and put it on a shirt either,
so my niche is not really one that works well with merchandise, but some work better than others. Anyway guys, that’s
gonna wrap up this video. I hope you enjoyed it. Like I said, I have a bunch
of great resources linked up in the description below of
my Course Creation Companion full length course, I
have that 5000 word guide on affiliate marketing and
all kinds of different videos I’ve done on these individual subjects that you guys might enjoy
so make sure you guys check those out in the description below. If you have any questions
about making money on YouTube, building a following, any of that, drop me a comment below
and I will do my best to answer those but thank
you so much for watching, and I will see you in the next video.


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