10 Ways to Promote High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs Online: Up to $18K PER Sale (Tutorial)

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we’re talking about Ted this way 10 different ways you come on high ticket
affiliate marketing programs online making up to at least eighteen thousand
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breakthrough you deserve are my friend let’s get right down into it alright so
hey I’m gonna talk my top 10 best ways in my opinion you could promote high
ticket affiliate marketing programs making big-time money and cash from each
sale hey you may not make a whole lot of these sales but you don’t need one sale
to make a high ticket to make your month right 18 grand it sounds pretty nice so
let’s get right down to it my number 10 is email marketing alright email
marketing is absolutely great way to promote high ticket affiliate marketing
programs why because those people who are on your list or on your list for a
reason they like you they know you pretty well and you can start you can
promote to them hey by simply sending them an email and telling the story
maybe whatever it takes to get them to click on a link and check out your put
your program there one thing I really like about email is that that list of
leads that you’ve had or you get cultivating them turning them back or
content it’s no big thing easy to send them an email saying hey I got this new
thing you might want to check it out because in the end of the day is traffic
that you own what russell brunson calls traffic you own so I really love email
marketing is a great way to promote your high ticket a marketing program number
nine videos alright so I love videos obviously you’re watching a video right
now on youtube videos this thing is going to be taking over the internet
pretty much will be more than 70% on the internet and it’s 15 20 years so why
what does that mean hey videos is an absolute great way to connect with
someone you don’t know right and get them to fill you and then see your past
and see your energy develop that rapport and then develop that trust which makes
them more likely to hey wanted to let you buy your product or whatever it is
that you’re unloading so obviously you can give YouTube YouTube videos on
YouTube Facebook on different social media platforms you
as we mentioned but you definitely videos is a great way including you can
even do video sales letters great way to promote high ticket affiliate marketing
programs and make sales pretty quickly my number eight way to promote high
ticket affiliate marketing program blogging all right so I love blogging
because the same way I love videos is a great leverage activity that you’re
doing okay you can write write out a blog post about the content that you’re
promoting and the benefits that helps your audience why it would help them and
the things that the benefits that you get from it is a really great way to get
people to see hey I might want to check this out and it’s great way to list out
benefits list out other resources guess what blogging blog posts stay out there
forever nobody takes them down as long as you’re out there ranking who as
extremely powerful it’s free traffic that you’re getting and I love blogging
and the levers activity to promote high ticket affiliate marketing programs in
the short term and in the long term but I will say one thing though it is not
always beginner friendly so I wouldn’t recommend getting started with belonging
in the beginning especially if you want to make money now I would definitely
something that would include is your marketing strategy for the in the
meantime but you’ll be doing other activities that can get you some cash
right now my number seven way to promote high
ticket affiliate marketing programs online is with social media all right so
social media I like because it is probably the best place for most
beginners most beginners to get started with basically to do you just pick a
social media platform just play the chief between Facebook Instagram Twitter
snapchat if you’re doing that YouTube and all of these different for the
market LinkedIn you can figure out what the niche is what the audience is there
and cater your message to those people and be consistently there my
recommendations just pick one and just go with it because each one has its own
separate that definition and kind of nuances stick with one go with it learn
flow master it gay generating about 15 to 20 leads a day using those strategies
and then I would then you could go elsewhere but that’s not how are you
making some good money guess what you can definitely promote
high ticket programs on your profiles on these social media places platforms and
be getting generating some interest during these and during potential sales
so on love social yeah and you can even automate it to
this waste automation unit so there’s all kind of strategies you can do
definitely the place to start to really start promoting this stuff and get those
silly marketing programs it’s up there right
my name is six way to promote high ticket Philly market program Z’s with
advertising so advertising is a great way to get your offer out there and
really scale it right so if you start off with social media in the beginning
start getting to know baseline advertising start scaling it up meeting
exposing yourself to more people to who might like you to your brand to your
content really great fans and sleeping you Facebook Ads
right you can do YouTube ads you can even do as I’m pretty much all the
social media platforms Twitter LinkedIn they themselves Instagram they
themselves have some form of advertising I think that Facebook in YouTube and
Google Adsense probably the most popular all right once again I don’t believe it
to be a beginner strategy I recommend just just doing the general social media
free stuff in the beginning to start at least with people eyeballs on your
content and then he’s definitely something to stretch yourself into just
a little bit so they can really get you a whole lot of extra needs and people to
talk to to promote your affiliate marketing program my number five
strategy a way to promote high ticket affiliate marketing programs online is
with networking and prospecting yeah that’s right just simply networking and
prospecting with people is a brilliant strategy it’s a free strategy i love
because hey anybody can do it it’s not very techy it doesn’t require any
special really a lot of skills that you can’t learn to do right it’s just
learning using the social media platforms at your heart how to connect
with people how to communicate with people and I tell you one thing the
trick is to not go in there with the mindset
oh how I’m gonna make this sell this person what am I gonna get this person
my thing I’m gonna get to define click on myself
no go in there with a mindset pan just want to connect with you and figure out
what’s going on with you because if you do that you’ll find an experience and a
whole lot more enjoyable and guess what you building your audience building your
following building if you’re you’re in network of people who will see to know
you were familiar with you and my friend you stick with the consistency with it
you can make six figures and your affiliate marketing programs it
I’ve seen it happen I’ve seen it right it takes consistent effort but never one
prospect is a great strategy is free so it does it but it does take some of your
time but if you’re you’re low on cash funds it’s a great strategy that I
recommend you in fact I recommend you add that into your program of you know
things that you do on a daily basis that’s just part of the thing you do to
connect with people number four strategy and way to promote
high ticket affiliate marketing programs is with authority and branding or aka
influencing I love this strategy some people don’t remember this kind of
forget this but being an influencer is a powerful strategy how you can influence
others with your message is powerful and you do this behind the bread who are you
what you represent and who you talk to right and then you showcase your
authority you can do that simply by being a consistent show upper in the
marketplace consistently delivering value in the marketplace helpful
information answering questions that your marketplace is asking this is why
the network impressed by things important because we’re talking to
people they’ll tell you what their problems are if you’re there just if
you’re there to listen they’ll tell you hey I’m struggling with me I’m
struggling with converting sales I’m struggling building with lists I’m
struggling with this and you can help them if you have answers to these
questions or if you don’t you go find them and you can help people this is how
you build your grant this design builds your authority that’s how you become an
influencer and by doing this consistently over time though you’re
following comes to this to be bigger and bigger and bigger as absolutely
brilliant strategy as you can use to mentally promote any feeling marking
program to promote anything because once you’ve done this you have the influence
to promote to anybody with anything you want right cuz they trust you now super
powerful strategy to promote high ticket affiliate marketing programs my number
three way strategy to promote high ticket affiliate marketing programs
webinars woo webinars are powerful what a webinars are just basically online
presentations of content that’s focused on something that you’re addicted or
promote to your audience but it isn’t in an intimate context where the people are
it feels like it’s a one-to-many conversation so instead of selling to
just one on one person maybe a call or zoom call but now you’re
doing it to blend too many which is extremely powerful as why it’s leverage
right you can talk to 10 20 times as many people at one time then you clean
any it with any other media too it’s very powerful because it lists emotional
responses it’s done right you can satisfy you can bring up prospects
problems and pains and issues satisfy them and then give them a solution all
at one time that allows them to make them want to buy to buy your stuff
what about all extremely powerful all the top earners are using it everybody
usually who wants to make big time income you’ve got to do those webinars
so that’s something you’re afraid of doing it’s something to definitely look
into and start incorporating into your daily marketing plan because like I said
buying is an emotional response and webinars do a great job of putting a
prosperous in that emotional state I don’t want them to feel the pain so they
can make that purchase so definitely I feel to have to have webinars in your
affiliate marketing online strategy portfolio and they’re my number two way
to promote high ticket affiliate marketing programs online is with SEO or
what’s called search engine optimization right which is basically just search so
that would be things like Google Yahoo Bing Google probably the most popular
and then YouTube because YouTube in itself is access search engines look in
fact it’s the number two search engine in the world right
pretty-pretty projecting to possibly overtake Google in the next 15 to 20
years so well it’s again another pull up to why videos is important but what
makes that even special is that you can use videos as a form of search you can
use content that you produce as a form of search so that people can find it
this is powerful because what you’re doing is you can find keywords and
phrases that people are typing into the search engines that are taking them to
the places where they want to buy and what you can do is create content and
that answers the questions and property issues that they’re typing into the
search engine and intercept them right and they’re ones you know how to
generate leads of their businesses or make more sales or lose weight whatever
the case is you have content that answers that
you can put that right in front of them paint because you know they’re searching
it you know how many people are searching this per month it’s popular is
a need in the marketplace you’re the one answering that need
that’s why I love it not only that it’s super leverage once you read that blog
post in that video it’s not going anywhere right it’s
always gonna be there getting free traffic by the way love it but it is a
long-term strategy that’s that time to get those things to get those things
went up right and running the platform let’s get a definite stretch I recommend
adding it to your pull all the overall program and content marketing strategy
that you had to promote your high ticket affiliate marketing programs and then my
number one way right to promote hi to get these marketing programs online is
with good content hey I said quality good content I kind
of hinted on this before but remember all the stress we’ve talked about right
previously they don’t matter if your content is wack okay your content has to
be good and it’s easy simple to do good content you can do a lot of market
research to find out what it is that people are looking for for example
keyword research tells what people are looking for ain’t ask those questions
right but remember to put good effort into your content people don’t know the
difference if you have kind of half-assed your content people will know
they can feel it so put in your best effort give them everything you got
given what you know who the homework and put make it make it so quality make it
so good that people can’t believe that it’s free right may be so good that
people are clicking save I gotta say this favorite is so I can go and come
back to it later right that’s how good you want your content to be I’m checking
out of listening to a book the other day by dr. Kobe and he says that if you put
people first put service first you can never go wrong the big commissions and
high tickets payouts and sale will definitely come if you keep the content
good focus on people focus on service you can’t go wrong right brand so that’s
it my friend hope you enjoyed it hope that was helpful clarify some different
strategies and ways you’ve been struggling trying to figure out how to
promote high ticket affiliate marketing programs online but I just gave you 10
really really good ways but here’s the magic behind them said hey you gotta be
keep a consistent effort with all of them it’s really the magic that puts it
all together can’t try it one day and then don’t get leads you want and then
just dump away gotta keep consistent effort alright so
hope that was helpful hope you enjoyed if you did a that we get the video mark
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