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(bright pop music) – Hi ladies! It’s Erin and welcome back to my channel. So, I’m outside right now because, I’ve already recorded this video once, and it was totally out of focus. So, I’m doing it again. I’m doing it outside, because, I just didn’t wanna set up lights. The light was nice out here, and I thought, why not? Mix it up a little bit. What I want to talk to
you guys about today is how to tie a blanket scarf. I’m sure you’ve seen lots
of YouTube videos about how to tie a blanket scarf. I’ve seen them. I’ve deliberated and contemplated whether or not it was worthwhile
to do one of these videos, since there are so many great
options already out there. But, I thought, maybe, it would be nice to reinforce some ideas, and, also, talk through
how you do them, exactly. So, I’m gonna go through
10 really quickly. The first way, is what
I call Cowgirl Chic. Basically, you take this
square blanket scarf, you fold it in half so it’s
in the shape of a triangle, and with most of these styles, that’s exactly how you’re gonna start. You’re gonna fold the blanket scarf in the shape of a triangle,
and then, actually, style it. You do that first, then you
take the point of the triangle, the V part, and you put that in the front. Then you wrap around the
two sides, around your neck, and then just let ’em,
kinda, hang in the front. And, that’s Cowgirl Chic. Next, I wanna just talk
about Lettin’ it Loose. This is a really nice, easy, way, it’s kind of California Girl ish. It’s a great look when
you have a longer coat, maybe a duster, maybe a long
line coat, or a long line vest. All it is, is you’re, basically,
doing that same thing, where you’re taking the
square blanket scarf, and you’re folding it into
the shape of a triangle. Then, you’re twisting it,
so it’s just one, long, spaghetti noodle, basically. Then, you just put it behind
your neck, and let it loose. Along the same lines as
the Let it Loose style, is just the same concept,
but instead of just letting both ends in the front loose, you take one side and throw
it over your shoulder. So, I call that one Over the Shoulders. You take the blanket scarf,
you fold it into the triangle, you twist it into the spaghetti noodle, and then you put it around your neck, and you take one of the sides, and throw it over your shoulder. That’s it. Next, is the simple knot. This is, again, in the shape
of the spaghetti noodle. You’re gonna take that
long, skinny, scarf, that’s shaped into a twist,
and you’re going to just, simply, knot it in the front, that’s it. Just knot it in the front
one time, and let it hang. So, you take the blanket scarf, you fold it in half so
that it forms a triangle. You twist the scarf so it becomes thinner, and then you take the scarf,
put it behind your neck, and just, knot it in the front one time. Then, you can adjust the height, according to your comfort level. Next option is The Coat option. It’s sort of wearing your blanket scarf as a little wrap, or coat. This is just lovely, ’cause
it really does keep you warm. I, sometimes, just throw
my blanket scarf on around the house. It also looks really chic. It looks like, you know,
a Pashmina wrap or coat. So, all you do is, you
fold the blanket scarf into the shape of the triangle. You put the triangle, the
pointy part, in the back, and then you take the two ends, sling them around your
shoulder toward the front, and that’s it. Along those same lines, you can also, take that coat style and belt it. So, again, you fold the
blanket scarf in half, into the shape of the triangle. You put the triangle, or
the V part in the back. You take the two ends and
put them in the front. And then, you take a skinny
to a medium size waist belt, and you belt the scarf down. And, what that does, is it
really locks it into place. It also creates a waist. It’s also quite elegant and chic. This would also be a
fantastic look over your coat, not just over a sweater,
but over a coat as well. I definitely, would give that one a try. I love Infinity scarves, because they do keep things really simple. So, you can, really,
turn your blanket scarf, into an Infinity scarf. All you have to do is, again, fold your blanket scarf into
the shape of the triangle, and once you’ve got that triangle shape, then you are going to twist it, again, like we did with our Let it Loose styles, and also the Knot Style. Then, once you’ve got it
twisted so it’s, again, that long, thin, spaghetti noodle, then you’re going to, just, tie the ends, knot the ends, and then
wrap it around twice. So, you wrap it once around your neck, and then loop it, again, around your neck. Then, just sort of play with the shape, and that’s the Infinity scarf. When you want to take your scarf, and make it look much
smaller and not so huge, what you can do is, again,
fold it into the shape of the triangle, and then put the… You know, back to the Bandit Style, put the V, or the front of
the triangle, in the front. Put the V of the triangle in the front, and then, take the two ends,
and loop them around your neck, around the back of your neck. Then, just, knot it in the front. Now, you can leave that knot,
either, underneath the scarf, or over the scarf, where
you could try both. They both look really chic and elegant. And, what that does, it
really makes that scarf look much smaller, much less
voluminous, than it actually is. It makes it look like a lot less fabric. So, that’s a way to
make that blanket, huge, oversized blanket scarf, look much more streamlined and smaller,
more like a typical scarf. The next one I call, In the Loop. So, what you’re gonna do, is, again, fold the square blanket
scarf into the triangle. You’re going to twist it,
and twist it, and twist it, until it’s one long, thin, scarf, the spaghetti noodle, as I call it. Then, you’re gonna take the center, with one hand, and the two
ends with the other hand, and you’re gonna put
the center of that scarf behind your neck, and then pull it down. You can shape that, you can
fluff it up a little bit, but that’s a really simple,
lovely, way to wear your scarf. It’s, also, very warm around your neck. It’ll keep your neck and chin, and also, even, nose toasty warm. Lastly, we have The Braid. This is, probably, the most complicated, although, it’s really
not hard to do at all. All you’re gonna do is,
again, fold that blanket scarf into the shape of the triangle, and then, you are going to loop it
around your neck one time, so, you have one complete loop. And, then, you’ve got two
loose ends in the front, kind of like that, initial, Bandit Style, except you’re keeping that
scarf in the shape of a circle. So, you’ve got that loop, and then you’ve got your two loose ends, and then you’re going
to take one of the sides and stick it underneath,
and out of the loop. And then, you’re gonna
take the other loose side, and stick it over and in
the loop, and pull it out. So, it creates this,
sort of braiding effect. That will look very similar to the style I just talked about, that front knot. It will also make the
scarf look much smaller, and less fabric, more like
a typical, normal, scarf. I know, I feel your pain,
it’s a big piece of fabric. You’re like what the heck
do I do with this thing? So, these are just some
really easy options that, hopefully, you can recreate, no problem. You know, just let me know
if you have any questions. I can always Snapchat you a video if something isn’t quite clear. If you need more clarification
on one of the styles, no problem at all, I’m at
BusbeeStyle on Snapchat. You can also just comment below. I’m always happy to respond to comments. Let me know if you have
any questions at all. Thank you guys so, so, much for watching. Don’t forget to give a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel,
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