$100 Days! AFFILIATE MARKETING (For Complete Beginners) 2019

in this video I’m going to share with
you what affiliate marketing is and how it works if you are a complete beginner
I understand I was a complete beginner too and I get asked all the time what is
affiliate marketing so I’m gonna explain it in this video my name is Rachel
Ashley and this channel is all about affiliate marketing passive income
making money online so if you’re into that kind of stuff be sure to subscribe
to the channel so basically affiliate marketing is someone buys something with
your affiliate link and you make a commission the way the world makes money
is through selling so yes we need to sell something the cool thing about
affiliate marketing is you don’t have to be that salesy you could just focus on
traffic and let the funnel or the sales page or whatever the websites that
you’re promoting do the selling for you that’s actually some of my favorite ways
to make affiliate marketing is just promoting free offers but since it’s
still my affiliate link which is a tracking link I’ll get credit for sales
that are made later the key to affiliate marketing is getting traffic to your
link getting people to click on your link then typically they’ll get cookie
that means the system knows that you sent the traffic so even if they buy
later through email follow-up or if the company’s sending paid advertising as
long as they clicked your link last you will get credit for that affiliate
marketing is great if you don’t want to create your own product your own
training your own software maybe you already use some software’s this is like
for online marketing industry or maybe you already use some certain products
that you buy on Amazon or that you really love some makeup company or some
clothing company or some kitchen supply company some food delivery company you
can get affiliate links for it there is a difference between an affiliate
program and a referral program oftentimes certain apps will have a
referral program but you can also look to make sure that they have an affiliate
program so instead of getting 1 3 by promoting our app you could actually get
cash well not cash but PayPal deposits for promoting it so the main thing is
traffic which I’m going to dive deeper in in this video
you could also do some other things to get more commissions such as growing
following growing subscribers on social media subscribers on an email list and
then sending out your own emails your own automations you can build your own
funnels you can have your own brand that’s what I do that’s how I increase
my affiliate commissions but when it comes down to it the most important
thing is traffic you don’t have to build a brand you can just straight up send
traffic to your affiliate link like some people would be like oh don’t ever do
that they’re probably not watching this video though you can send traffic to a
raw affiliate link there’s better ways to mask your link to track it to make
sure that you’re tracking where the traffic came from because let’s say you
have an affiliate link to let’s say a software like I promote click funnels so
I got a one their dream car abort because I got so many affiliates they
pay for my car and gave me a trophy it’s kind of cool and I send traffic so many
different ways so of course I track where that traffic comes from so here’s
the different kinds of traffic and we’re gonna talk about online traffic not
wrapping your car with one of those car ups and we’re getting a billboard and
saying go to my website this is online traffic so there is inbound and outbound
inbound means they were looking for you outbound means you were looking for them
and they were minding their own business there’s also search traffic and social
traffic search traffic would be inbound people searching they could be searching
on google or on youtube or on bing and they’re looking for something and you
could show up organically with organic methods such as SEO search engine
optimization or paid methods by running ads and then there’s also social traffic
people on social media which is like everybody or even people on apps I think
apps are also somewhat of a social media there’s different levels of traffic you
can have cold traffic people they don’t really know who you are what the product
is or you can have warm traffic or hot traffic retargeting people who have
already hit your site so this is some more advanced stuff most people I notice
that want to start with affiliate marketing and making money online they
want to start with the organic methods because organic methods are free methods
three because they still cost your time and we’re gonna get to a point as you
get better and better that your time is worth more and more money so it actually
makes more sense to work on paid methods or pay someone else to do these organic
methods but I encourage most people to start with organic methods such as
organic social media being active in facebook groups or well my favorite one
is YouTube ranking videos on YouTube organically with titles and descriptions
and tags and keywords and then if you’re ready for paid traffic you don’t only
need money to invest in the paid traffic you still need to learn it’s still gonna
take time to learn it’s still gonna take money to learn how to do these things –
and by trainings something that I like to do is first try to get organic
traffic if my video can rank organically maybe then I would I’ll turn it into a
paid ad if my Facebook post got a lot of organic engagement then maybe I’ll use
something similar and make that into a paid ad a lot of people don’t know where
to get started with affiliate marketing they’re like what niche should I get
into or what offer should I promote do whatever you like but I suggest online
marketing I like online marketing I have to use all these tools anyways for my
online business so I might as well promote them and teach you about them
different software’s different trainings things about funnels link tracking email
automation actually have a free training in the description below
it is a duplicatable system it’s called affiliate business in a box
and it teaches you how to start your affiliate marketing business from
scratch it gives you the funnel it gives you the emails it gives you different
affiliate offers to promote and it’s a duplicatable system you watch the videos
you implement and then it’s set up so someone else can do it too and you make
commissions on from them signing up for the software’s that I recommend and a
lot of people start this affiliate business in a box and they think this is
gonna be their new life and I tell them this is not your new life like this one
funnel and this is one campaign is not your new career it’s a starting point
it’s a great way to start growing an audience growing an email list
establishing yourself online getting funnels online
getting a domain getting a professional email address set up getting link
tracking set up and getting started a lot of people want to skip this step
when they become students of mine enjoy my program daily commissions Club which
has even more trainings and resources I still say hey go do the free training
first so I want to suggest to you guys recommend to you try out this free
training even if you don’t end up attending a ton of paid traffic organic
traffic to it you’ll still have so many assets set up that you will want to have
for your affiliate marketing business so you can find that link affiliate
business in a box or in the description below also have the link for my paid
program it has all my trainings all my funnels all the offers I promote all the
emails just everything we have coaching calls in the group so it’s not just a
course it’s of course with coaching the people that do make money with the
program are the ones that don’t quit the ones that quit don’t make any money and
that’s just the truth about affiliate marketing
some people say like affiliate marketing is dead it is not dead you could make
unlimited money with it you can just keep on growing your passive income mine
just keeps growing and my audience keeps growing and the more affiliate marketing
the results that I get the more digital trainings that I can create and then
that scales and then every time you learn something you can reach it and
make more commissions that way if you want to learn more about this be sure to
subscribe to my channel check out my videos check out the resources below and
I’ll see you guys in the next video you you


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