$100 Outfit Challenge at Target vs. Walmart!

– Hey guys, it’s Sierra,
welcome back to my channel. So today I am gonna be doing another $100 shopping challenge,
the last one I did, I spent $100 at 10 different stores and it was super fun and
super interesting to see. But I saw a lot of comments
saying it was hard to get a comparison because I bought
different items at each store. So I thought for today I would
go to two different stores that sell pretty similarly priced clothes, Walmart and Target. And I would try to buy the
same outfit at both stores, and see how much I can get for $100. So my plan is I’m gonna go to both stores, and I’m gonna try to get a
pair of high waisted jeans, a blouse and some sort of
cardigan, or blazer or jacket to go over the top. And I’m honestly not sure
how much all of that is gonna cost so if I end up having
extra money before I get to that $100 threshold, I’m gonna
try to find some accessories, and maybe some shoes to spice it up. I shop for clothes at Target a lot, but I probably haven’t
shopped for clothes at Walmart since I was in high school. So it’s been a while, I’m not really sure what
their prices are like, or what their clothes are
like but we’re gonna find out. And just like my first shopping challenge, the rules are gonna be the same, I get $100 at each store, and I can go plus or minus $10 from that $100 threshold, so
anywhere from 90 to 110. Because it is nearly
impossible to hit that $100 mark right on the head, and anything that I don’t
wear within the first week, I’m gonna be returning because
I don’t wanna be wasteful. And I also don’t wanna waste my money so, let’s go to Target or Walmart,
which should we do first? I don’t know, we’ll figure it out. We have arrived and by we I
just mean me and my camera awkwardly filming myself in a parking lot, but let’s head inside and
see what kind of outfit I can put together for under $100. (gentle music) Oh my gosh, these pants
are so frickin’ cute! Okay Sierra that’s not
what we’re here for, these are cute with the paper bag waist, love those, that’s an option. No twelves in this one, looks
like they have a 10 and a 14. So I’ma go for the 14, 24
bucks okay Target, I see you. (gentle music) Okay so my cart is full right now, with probably six or
seven options for jeans, and five options for tops, so I think before I try
to figure out a cardigan or accessories, I’m gonna go try those on, that way I can coordinate the
other pieces to match those and then also figure out like
pricing and how much I’ll have to spend on the other pieces. Oh my gosh look at all the cute
kimonos they have right here these are like totally my thing, so maybe I’ll grab one of these and then just do like a
basic tee with it maybe, that could be cute. That little crop top with a kimono, I feel like that could work
with some girlfriend jeans, I think I got a few pair
of looser fitting jeans. Cart is filling up, I think
it’s time for the dressing room. (gentle music) Okay got the outfit figured
out, well most of it, now I just need to figure
out what I wanna do with the rest of my budget, I’m
thinking shoes for sure, maybe some sandals or some
flats or even a little booty, (laughs) booty! Anyways aside from me literally being 12, maybe some earrings, some jewelry, I think after these three pieces I have, I have about $40 left, so I’ve only spent slightly
above half of the budget on the majority of the outfit. Target, the deals are a
lot better than I expected. (gentle music) Okay so here is my Target outfit, I’ve got the little knock-off
Birkenstocks for my shoes, the high-rise, paper bag, kind
of like faded, denim jeans, and I cuffed these at the
bottom to make them capris. Black T-shirt, little gray cardigan which honestly I should put
this on because it is part of the outfit! I think the outfit looks fine and really doesn’t need a cardigan but, it was part of $100 so
we’re gonna include it. Then I have these silver hoop earrings, a little chambray hair scarf, and that is the look
for $105 and 37 cents! I think, I’ll put the
full price on the screen. So I really like this outfit, I think it came together super well, the jeans are definitely
the stand out for me, I have been looking for a pair of high-rise, relaxed fit denim jeans, and I tried like five
pairs in American Eagle and they all were either
too tight in the thighs, so they didn’t look loose fitting, or I sized up so they
fit my thighs and then the waist had a giant gap, but with these I sized up so
they fit my legs comfortably, and have a relaxed, slouchy fit, they’re not too curve-hugging,
but the waist is elastic it’s that like paper
bag kind of waistband, so it fits nice and comfortably, it’s not pushing on me, but
I’m not gonna have to hike ’em up all day, these jeans are
fine definitely keeping these, so I’m actually taking off the tag. The T-shirt’s just a basic but it’s cute and I tucked it in but it’s
kind of like a boxy crop if I don’t have it tucked. Cardigan is nice and loose fitting, like I said I don’t think
this outfit really needs it, but I was able to get this as well for part of the 100 bucks. These shoes are surprisingly comfortable, they’re super soft and squishy, I don’t have real Birkenstocks because I don’t spend a lot of money on shoes. I probably should, whenever I
say I won’t splurge on shoes you guys are like shoes are the one thing you should splurge on. But these target ones, really comfortable, and give the same really
cute, casual look. I think the accessories
really tied the look together, I was excited that I had some
extra money in the budget to be able to add the
earrings, and the bandana. So overall, yeah I’m really
digging this look for 100 bucks, go Target! Oh yeah it’s Walmart time. I am very interested to see
how this compares to Target, ’cause I feel like I
did so well at Target. And Walmart, I usually think
of as way cheaper that Target but Target prices were so good,
and the clothes were so cute we’ll see, we’ll see how
Walmart holds up against it. (upbeat music) Guys, I think I’ve
found the perfect shirt, we’re gonna have to go with this one. Walmart has a massive plus
size section, that is awesome! And it seems like it starts at 14, so I may be able to try a few things from the plus size section, and then still get most of my
stuff from the straight sizes. That’s one of the cool things
about being a size 12ish is a lot of the time I
can shop in both sections, because plus size
usually starts around 12, and straight sizes usually go up to a 14, so I’m right in that
little middle section. Theses jeans have tie, elastic waist, they’re sweatpants but
they’re just jeans so I think I’m gonna have
to try one of these. (upbeat music) I think we have some good
contenders for jeans, now I’m gonna try to find some tops which I think is gonna be a lot more difficult, I’m not seeing a lot of
cute fashionable tops, I’m seeing a lot of graphic tees, like the one I showed you guys, and that’s not really
what I’m trying to go for for this outfit, so hopefully
I can find something like that and then some sort of
jacket to go over the top. Like graphic tees or maybe
one of these stripe tops would work that’s pretty cute,
I like that tie in the middle the prices here are definitely cheaper but I feel like the clothes just are a lot more outdated than Target, like this is something I probably would’ve worn in middle school but not really now in
2019 as a 23 year old. This piece is on its own,
but that looks pretty cute, I feel like that’s up
my alley, finally found one little section of
cardigans, they’re like no jackets, or outerwear
that I can find anywhere so hopefully this’ll work and I’ll keep browsing and see
if I find anything else to compare it with. Okay wait, there’s some
more cardigans right there, maybe I was just in the
wrong section for cardigans. 15 bucks, oh and it
comes with a shirt too, I think, that’s a good option. Oh my gosh, look at this blatant
rip-off of Victoria Secret. I don’t even like Victoria
Secret but it is just funny how blatant that is. I’m trying my best not to be biased because the prices at
Walmart are really good, I’m just not seeing a lot
of clothes in my style, so hopefully I can find
something that works. At Target, it was definitely
a lot easier for me to find things in my style, but that’s just a
personal preference thing, I guess Target’s style
is more up my alley but I’m going to go try this stuff on and see what kind of outfit
I can put together. (upbeat music) Okay so I have my outfit, and this only brings me to $40 with the cardigan, the shirt and pants. Also I asked one of the employees
if they had any jackets, and they said no so I’m gonna
go look in the men’s section maybe I can find a men’s jacket, but that means I have another $60 to fill with accessories, shoes, maybe a bag. I gotta get to that
$100 mark so this outfit is gonna have a lot of dimensions to it. I found the handbag to
tie my look together. Honestly though I’m tempted, this outfit’s gonna have
so much going on already because I’m buying so
many little accessories. Okay maybe not that bag, but a bag. Walmart your prices are too good, I can’t make an outfit for $100, I need to make like four
outfits for that price! Yes, oh yay. Oh sorry didn’t see you there. (laughs) I hate myself, okay. So, here is my Walmart outfit. As you guys saw I was trying
every little thing I could to hit at least $90, and this is the ensemble that did it! This was, I believe it was
$91 and 30 something cents, I’ll put the full total on the screen. So this entire outfit
was covered under that, that includes these little black sandals, these high-rise dirk-wash
capris, little black belts, striped T-shirt, blue
cardigan, black backpack, gray headband, and my sunglasses. So let’s talk about this outfit because I think it came together pretty well, looking at myself in the camera, I don’t think this looks bad, but the amount of time I spent in Walmart looking for things that fit my style, and then trying things on
that were never gonna work. It took me so long to get to this outfit, that I feel like maybe
slightly above mediocre. So my biggest problem at Walmart was the big sizing disparity, so these jeans I ended
up getting are a 15, I tried on some jeans in
a 13 that were too big, and some in a 15 that were way too small, they have a few different
brands that they carry, and each of those brands
has very different sizing. So I kept having to come in
and out of the dressing room, because I’d try one pair on
in a 13 that’d be too big, I’d be like alright maybe I’m an 11 and grab an 11 in all the other pairs, and then in one of
those pairs I’d actually end up being a 15 or 17. There was such a big difference in sizing it made it really difficult to shop. But once I did actually
find a pair of jeans in a cut and a fit that was right for me, these are actually pretty nice, they’re comfortable, they’re
a little bit stretchy, but still have some structure to them, I think these jeans are
actually a really good find. But like I said, it was a find! It took me a lot of time
to find a pair of jeans that I liked. I actually really like this T-shirt, I think the T-shirt and the
belt are my two favorite parts of this outfit, but most of the T-shirts that
I had were like graphic tees with little sayings and quotes on them, which isn’t really my thing. Although that T-shirt that said my grandma is fabulous
or whatever it said, that was a great shirt. The pricing was so low, it took me a while to actually
get to that $100 threshold, which is why I have the little
backpack, the sunglasses, all the different things. But the end product, this outfit that I eventually put together, is actually something that I would wear. It fits my style. These little shoes especially, I feel like these are such a find. It’s so hard to show ’cause
my camera can only go back so far, I would say that
Walmart does have some things that work, it just takes a
lot of digging to find them. So let’s do a comparison
of the two outfits. The Target outfit and the Walmart outfit. So at Target my jeans were $24, and the jeans I got at
Walmart were $14 and 98 cents. So Walmart definitely
wins on the price but I would say for quality
and just general style, the Target ones are definitely superior. I definitely think the Target
jeans are worth an extra $9, I’m actually really
exited about these jeans. Like I said, super
comfortable, super flattering, and I think that $24 price
point is definitely fair. And then the tops, my Target shirt was $7 and my Walmart shirt was $9 and 92 cents. The Target shirt wins in price, and I think the fit and the
quality of the Target shirt is better but it is just a
plain black boxy crop top, whereas the Walmart shirt
does have that striped pattern on it, and I love those colors. Then the cardigan, at Target
this gray cardigan was $24 and 99 cents, and at Walmart this blue cardigan was $14 and 98 cents. There isn’t anything
particularly special about either of these two cardigans but I
do think it’s cool that the Walmart cardigan also came
with another shirt underneath. Especially for that
price, I feel like that’s a really good deal. So for price Walmart wins,
and again for quality and fit I’m gonna give it to Target. I just think the Target cardigan
is a lot higher quality, and I think it is worth
the extra few bucks. And then sandals, my Target
shoes were $22 and 99 cents, and my Walmart sandals
were $8 and 44 cents I’m honestly surprised at how comfortable both of these pairs of shoes are, for price obviously Walmart,
you’re getting the better deal, and I don’t think there’s a
huge difference in the look and the quality of these two pairs. I guess the Target ones are
slightly more comfortable, but with that price
difference I’d definitely say I’d go for the Walmart shoes. And then I have a headband
from Target for $9.99 and a headband from Walmart for $2. Obviously price, Walmart
wins, and for a headband, I don’t think there is a huge
difference in the quality. I like the little chambray
polka dot look of the Target headband better, but with
that price difference, I am gonna choose Walmart
over Target for the headband. And then in addition to those
items I got at both Walmart and Target, obviously I
got more stuff at Walmart. So I had this black belt
for $6 and 50 cents, this black backpack for $19 and 97 cents, and these sunglasses for $7 and 94 cents. Also I totally forgot
to mention I also got those little hoop earrings
from Target for $7.99. So after this comparison,
Walmart clearly has lower prices, almost all the way across the board except for those T-shirts. But the Target items are
definitely cuter and feel and look more high quality. And it was definitely a lot easier to shop in the Target clothing section, than in the clothing section at Walmart. The price difference
between Walmart and Target isn’t as big as it should
be for the difference in quality and style. Personally I am definitely
willing to pay an extra five to 10 dollars per
item for something that feels higher quality, that
is more suited to my style, and to just have a better
shopping experience in general and more to choose from. Obviously not everyone has the
flexibility in their budget but if you do I would say that Target is definitely the winner here. And looking at these two
outfits side by side, I think the Target outfit
is definitely cuter, definitely more flattering
and definitely more my style. And the items at Target
weren’t even hard to find, I had four or five options
that I really liked for each piece at Target,
whereas at Walmart I felt like I was scraping
the bottom of the barrel just to find something that
I even moderately liked. I’ve seen a lot of people
saying that Walmart has upped their style game lately, but from my experience
shopping today I would say that’s not the case. It’s pretty much the way I remembered it when I used to shop there in high school. Really low prices,
difficult to find things and not a lot of clothes that are
really in style right now. But Target on the other hand, Target has absolutely
stepped up their style game, every time I walk in,
I’m surprised at how many cute options they have, and I feel like the fit is
good, the quality is good, Target (claps) I’m a fan. I did try to give Walmart
the benefit of the doubt throughout this video because I really wanted to like their stuff, anytime I can get a good deal on clothes, I think that’s great. And you definitely don’t have
to spend hundreds of dollars on clothes to look cute
and feel confident, so I was rooting for you Walmart but you let me down. But let me know in the
comments what you guys think. Do you think Walmart was better? Do you think Target was better? And do you think the
slight price difference with Target being a little
more expensive is worth it? I personally do, but let me know what you think in the comments. And if you guys wanna see
another video like this where I compare two stores let
me know down in the comments, this is the first video
I’ve done like this, I really enjoyed doing
that $100 at 10 different stores video, but that was obviously really expensive to make. I wanna make another one though. I was thinking of doing outlet
stores versus full price stores and comparing $100
at each of those places. I think that could be interesting, so let me know down in the comments if that’s something you’d wanna see. And make sure that you subscribe. Join the family, I make new
videos every Tuesday and Friday and I will see you guys next time, bye. (upbeat music)


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