100 Per Day With Affiliate Marketing In 6 Steps

hey what’s going on YouTube it’s John
here with non stop affiliate and in this video I’m gonna be showing you guys the
six steps to making $100 with affiliate marketing these are the core fundamental
steps that you need to have down so you can start making me really any money
whether it’s a hundred dollars two hundred three thousand dollars with
affiliate marketing these are the six fundamental steps you need a head down
to start creating passive income with affiliate marketing now if you guys are
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computer and my smartphone alright guys so let’s get right into this video so
the first course step the first fundamental of creating passive income
online with affiliate marketing is self belief now this goes back to the mindset
of success if you really really want to be successful you’re gonna have to
believe in yourself you’re gonna have to change yourself if it’s needed you’re
gonna have to change what you do on a daily basis change the way you think
change the way you view yourself really believe that you’re the next one to find
success because really why now why can’t it be you why can’t you be the one to
start making thousands of dollars per month start making even a thousand
dollars per day really believe in yourself believe that you can do it and
really visualize yourself already having success there’s one thing that I always
go by a famous phrase that I always go by if you could think of a better
tomorrow you could create it it’s all inside your head so really believe in
yourself believe that you’re the next one believe that you could be making the
money that you want to be and believe that you’re you know you’re gonna do
what it takes to start changing your life start changing who you are to start
becoming a leader and start having the millionaire mindset because that’s
really all it is it’s just all inside the my
what you think with the road you create inside your head is what comes out on
the outside so as long as you believe that you’re the best as long as you’re
you believe that you’re next really have some self belief then you will start
finding success online because think about it I want you to stop for one
second and just think what it would be like if you already if you are already
in the spot that you want it to be would you even be able to handle it would you
be able to handle the responsibility would you be able to handle the
questions the daily tasks that it takes to really become successful and become a
leader so the first step is self believe believe that you could become a leader
believe that you could be the next success story
and I guarantee that you will make it alright step number two become a content
creator alright so this is something I always say there’s two types of people
in the world there’s the consumers and there’s the
creators one of them is making all the money and it’s not the consumer so if
you’re someone that’s daily playing video games they need consuming content
consuming videos consuming movies basically consuming entertainment and
never the one creating it then you’re always gonna be at the bottom what you
want to do is start creating content start creating valuable content around
whatever you want to become an affiliate for so whether you want to be an
affiliate in the food niche then start creating your own cookbook start
creating your own recipes start creating valuable content around whatever niche
you want to become an affiliate for as long as it’s valuable as long as you you
create some real posts from the heart showing you guys showing people exactly
what you know giving people is the knowledge that they didn’t have before I
guarantee that you will start getting an audience and you will start getting a
following and you will start making money with affiliate marketing what it
really takes is just creating valuable content now here’s one secret to
creating valuable content and it kind of does contradict itself to create content
you must consume content so like again if you want to be a an affiliate for a
for food if you want to be an affiliate for recipes and food go to consume
that has to do with food recipes creating food vegetables creating up you
know doing anything that has to do with the food niche consumers much content
and value as you possibly can and eventually they turn around and create
content on everything that you’ve learned I guarantee you’re gonna start
helping somebody else out somebody that didn’t know before and you know here’s
the biggest thing that people have a problem with is they say what they
already created the content why should I do it and I’m just gonna be another
person creating the same thing regurgitating the same thing and it
doesn’t work that way there’s tons and tons of people in this world there’s
even more people on the Internet so as long as you create the content you
create valuable content somebody’s gonna find you relate to you and relate to who
you are cuz everyone’s unique and want to work with you and want to listen to
you as opposed to somebody else that’s been doing it for even longer than you
have so again consume valuable content get
all the knowledge and experience that you possibly can and turn around and
create valuable content so that’s number two let’s just create valuable content
for your audience so you could eventually start monetizing and getting
money with affiliate marketing alright guys so number three is add value so
whatever market you’re in whatever industry you want to become an affiliate
for if you’re not adding any value to their market you’re not gonna be getting
any income from that market so one thing you can do is study your market do some
market research and find out what that market is missing what can you
contribute what can you add to that market place that you could separate
yourself from everyone else and start generating an income stream from that
separation because obviously if you go if you turn around and you do just
regurgitate the same thing the exact same thing over and over and over again
you’re not really adding any value to the market you want to be able to
separate yourself maybe you know it’s the one thing that separates you from
everybody else inside of your market find that one thing that separates you
from everyone else so you could really create a valuable audience create some
valuable content and really start getting your following going by adding
some value that others are not adding so really just study the market study
you can add to add a value to that market so you can start making more
income inside of their market because again if you don’t add any value to the
market you don’t make any income from that market all right guys so that’s
number three is add value that you see other people aren’t adding find out
what’s missing inside the market so number four is implement SEO on your
content so what does this mean implement SEO on your content so that means
whether you’re making the content on YouTube you’re making a website content
on Google or you’re making content on Facebook use proper SEO which all it
means is use the right keywords use effective keywords use keywords that
others are not using so people could actually find your content because as
you can see with every single platform like YouTube Google Facebook there’s a
little search bar at the top of every single platform right there’s a little
search bar where if somebody types in a keyword things start popping up pages
are popping up articles content starts popping up you want to be part of that
pop-up and the way to do it is by using proper SEO on your content so if you’re
making a video on how to tie your tie you know obviously that’s gonna be the
headline of your videos kind of tie you know how to tie a shoelace making sure
you’re using those exact keywords that people are searching for that way they
start to find your content so again number four is implementing SEO on all
your content make sure you have a proper SEO strategy add the right keywords add
keywords that other people aren’t using longtail keywords so for example how to
tie a tie in a button-down suit dress up shirt you know longtail keywords that
other people are not using inside of their content that you could use so you
could get found more often now one thing you could do is actually go and use the
Google Keyword planner which is a tool again called Google Keyword planner and
inside this tool it’s gonna tell you all the keywords people are searching on
Google for specific keywords so if you type in shoelace on Google it’s gonna
show you all the related keywords that have to do with shoelace you know shoes
shipped on shoes so everything that has to do with shoelace so again guys number
four is to implement SEO on your content some more people find you and more
people start to consume your content share it and eventually buy from your
affiliate offers alright so number five is gonna be build an email list so this
is the biggest thing when becoming an affiliate marketer is building your
email list if you’re not building your list you’re not making any money so when
it comes to building your list what you want to do is create a lead magnet
create a free offer or creative free content that you could give to people in
exchange for their email so for example going back to the food niche you could
create a free recipe book so when people subscribe to your list you can send them
a free recipe book either to their email to their doorstep however you could
possibly do it all just to collect that email address once you collect their
email just think about it you have Hanahan connections to them you can send
them an email whenever you want send them an email about anything you know
whether it’s the next thing you’re gonna be an affiliate for the next product or
more importantly your next content this is the best strategy to have more people
create your content it’s start building your email list and just send your own
content back to your email list the more they click on your content and view your
content the more people are naturally going to be attracted to your content
because more people are viewing it more people are clicking on it more people
are sharing it so all your content whether you’re doing YouTube videos blog
articles put those and emails and send it out to your email list subscribers so
again the first thing you want to do is create a lead magnet either give away
your free guide or free e-book on whatever niche you’re an affiliate for
and after you create a and after you collect the email start sending our
content to your email list subscribers what you can obviously also do is start
sending out offers to their email when you send out offers it does make it a
little bit more personal so it is likely that they will buy from you more not
guaranteed but a lot more likely so again just create a lead magnet and
start sending your content to your email list so the last
and final step number six drive traffic to your offer so obviously you know you
want to create content you want to create a brand you want to establish
yourself on a platform but you always want to remind people to check out your
offer so my soon as they land on your article
as soon as they land on your YouTube video you can leave a little button you
can leave a little sign that says check out the offer at the bottom check out
this next offer if you’re looking for this check out this course right here
check out this product let’s drive more traffic something you can also do is
start doing paid advertising so you could either do Facebook ads YouTube ads
being ads YouTube ads that plenty of different ad platforms so you can start
driving more traffic to your offer and eventually start getting more sales from
your offer giving you guys more Commission and obviously more money so
again drive traffic and all you have to do is like I mentioned bring attention
to your offer inside of your content so again you could create a video on guitar
lessons right so I’m going to teach you guys how to play the a chord but before
you play the a chord check out the course if you want a complete guide on
how to start learning guitar again just reminding people where the offers that
how to buy the offer you know what’s the offer going over and just adding the
offer and presenting it to people inside of your content and that’s really all of
this is driving more traffic to your offer all right guys so I hope you guys
enjoyed these quick six steps to making money with affiliate marketing if again
if you got some value from the video hit the subscribe button down below if you
guys liked the video make sure you go hit that like button and I’ll see you
guys on the next video

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